10 Best Proxy Services 2023– Residential & Mobile Proxy Providers

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Are you stuck and messed up by waiting to gain access to your favorite and desirable shopping website?  Or tired of the activities of social media? Tired of searching for the best proxy services in these upcoming years?

Want to know in detail more about the best residential and mobile phone proxy providers! I also wanted to have a clear review of the services and that’s why here I am, presenting you today a detailed review of 10 Best Proxy Services 2023. 

Privacy of online activities must be protected and this can be achieved by utilizing proxy servers.

These proxy servers act as a gateway in the middle of your data and the internet, when you are using the proxy server you must know that the information of your internet activities from visiting the websites to the whole data history is securely saved in the proxy server and not in your desktop. 

In this article, we’ll give you the 10 best proxy servers like SOAX, smart proxy, Oxylab, Luminati, and many more proxies and also the services provided by them in detail.

Their features, pros and cons, and the other details like Geo-targeting services, residential IP address, speed limit, and other services you must know. 

So let us begin. 

Top 10 Best Proxy Services 2023

The following article exclaims mainly about the prominent and the renowned proxy services, there are some of the refined and most suited characteristics, which one is going to unveil throughout this article.

Mainly these proxy services are brimmed with benefits and features like- coder-friendly, fast uptime & speed, flexible pricing plans with an amazing interface, and wonderful capability of location coverage 

Yet, let us dive deep and ponder upon it in detail.


Overview of Soax

SOAX is one of the most popular and prominent residential proxies. It is highly flexible and convenient. It renders and offers effective mobile proxies, they’re truly reliable in every way.

It will even help you to buy and let the users access the websites without any major problem.

Soax- proxy service platform

Features of Soax

  • Reasonable and flexible pricing plans are available.
  • User-friendly interface and a good choice for amateurs with no background knowledge.
  • Soax provides an authentic and trustworthy proxy pool that offers a 99.99% network working time and a super-speedy response rate. 
  • Soax provides both mobile as well as residential proxies and they cover the exact locations of the areas they cover.
  • Targeting – It offers the feature to use geolocation as the basis for selecting sites, nations, or even service providers, being entirely independent of the pricing package that has been chosen.
  • Flexible proxy packages – The package you wish to choose is flexible, which means that you can select your choice of proxy based on various categories such as type, nation, duration or amount, etc. 
  • Free trials – All the packages offer a one-hour free trial before buying so you can choose the best for yourself.
  • Data scraping – Good performance in data scraping for the most strict and rigid websites as well.

Pros and Cons of Soax

  • Soax has excellent location coverage and said they have amazing providers. Availability of IPs residential in most the countries worldwide.  
  • Availability of dynamic Proxy networks which has more than 8 million residential-related IPs and gives you access from any corner of the world. 
  • Soax comes to an infamous proxy server in the market which has the most important and excellent performance in Web scraping and crawling. 
  • The speed connection of this proxy server is pretty good when compared to the other proxy servers in the market. The connection speed after testing proves to be good with its average and analytics data. 
  • Being in this advanced technology, their dashboards come out to be an amazing feature in the server. They are easy and interesting to use when compared to the other technical dashboards.  
  • Payment options are flexible, you can even pay daily while using or going with the weekly and monthly payment basis. No restrictions on payment options. 
  • I agree that it has the most flexible payment options, but the proxy servers are quite expensive to afford, but the features are amazing, so the expenses are worth spending for better results.  
  • Customer support always delays when asked for help. No quick responses when the complaint is done or have to wait for the responses if stuck at any phase. 
  • It’s the best proxy server and acts as a security, The proxy but the server has monitored you by constantly keeping a check on you. 

Pricing of Soax

The pricing plans as mentioned and incorporated under SOAX is as follows-

Starter wifi
  • Pricing– $15/month
  • Storage- 5GB
  • Ports- 300.
Regular wifi 
  • Pricing- $700/month
  • Storage-100GB.
  • Ports– 600.
Business Wifi
  • Pricing- $2500/month.
  • Storage– 500GB.
  • Ports- 100.
Enterprise Wifi
  • Pricing- $4000/month.
  • For further queries, the user can contact sales.

Customer support SOAX

SOAX offers 24/7 customer support through email, Telegram, and Skype. They also have the option for a live chat in case you are stuck with an issue and require immediate help from the team. Customers have rated their support team as being very responsive and helpful. 

2. Oxylabs

Overview of Oxylabs

Oxylabs is one of the proxy services that aims at achieving a bigger and a greater business goal which is all about expanding the network and letting data reach wider audiences.

Oxylabs wishes to enhance and encourage a greater network accessible to all. Their vision and mission can be reflected very easily.

oxylabs review


  • Extensive Proxy Pool – Oxylab has a vast global support network and offers more than 100 million residential IP proxies.
  • Informative dashboard – Oxylabs has its very own dashboard which is heavily detailed and super-informative to make sure you can keep a check on your statistics and handle your account in a better manner by creating sub-users, etc. It is an all-in-one dashboard.
  • Scraper API – If intensive data extraction is something that you find boring and tedious, then the feature will get you sold on Oxylabs immediately. With Scraper API you can easily acquire real-time search engine data and get data from both organic and paid search results.

Pros and cons 

  • The huge number of proxies of their pools in their network. The dynamic IP address in the market.  
  • Availability of Geo-targeting that is, you have the freedom to select the desired location of your proxy provided for you. 
  • Flexible data scraping and crawling performance are given by the Oxylabs proxy server. It has amazing facilities worldwide. 
  • The speed limit of Proxy is highly acceptable. The response time is excellent and quick with Oxylab. 
  • Flexible dashboard, easy and convenient to use with clean and minimal complexity of work. Can be handled conveniently without any problem. 
  • Quite more expensive compared to the other proxies. The people who have a good budget can afford the proxy server. 


The pricing plan as mentioned and incorporated under Oxylabs is as follows-

Starter plan

  • Cost per GB- $15 Per Gb.
  • Storage- 20GB included.
  • $300 min monthly.
  • Shared data center – $0.60 / GB 100$/mo

Business plan

  • Cost per GB- $12 Per Gb.
  • Storage- 50GB included.
  • $600 min monthly.
  • Shared data center – $0.55 / GB 200$/mo

Corporate plan

  • Cost per GB- $9 per GB.
  • Storage- 100GB.
  • $900 min monthly.
  • Shared data center – $0.48 / GB 500$/mo

Enterprise plan

  • Custom price per GB.
  • Storage- 1 TB+ .
  • $5000 min monthly.
  • Shared data center – custom price / GB 1000$/mo

Customer Service at Oxylabs

Oxylabs offers three different websites to reach out to them for different reasons. If you have a general message or query, send an email at hello@oxylabs.io.

If you require assistance with some technical glitch, then send an email at support@oxylabs.io. Finally, if you wish to approach them for career reasons or to get hired by them, or even to collaborate with them, then send an email at career@oxylabs.io.


3. Proxy Rotator

Overview of Proxy Rotator

The Proxy rotator is one of the proxy services which mainly rotates and drives the proxies after any user sends a request thus, the target is supposed to receive or get the request from the numerous IP addresses. Whenever a request is sent.

proxy rotator gateway


  • Gateway – As the name suggests, Proxy Rotator Gateway takes every request on its server and then transmits it to various active proxies. So as a customer, while you will only be utilizing 1 proxy, the software will handle all the rotations on its own, making your life easier.
  • Rotating Proxy API – This feature is based on REST API and is collaborated with scripts in other languages too. Every time a request is put up to the API, a new proxy is released, entirely personalized to suit your requirements to the ‘T’.
  • Proxy List API – This API sort lists to select the best proxies available at the time of every request, along with their speed and total working time. This is most beneficial when the list has to be handed over to a 3rd party software.

Pros and Cons

  • Proxy Rotator is reliable and consistent. It has good proxy services. 
  • Great speed of the proxy server and provide amazing testimony with the server. 
  • It has good analytics to analyze the problematic proxies Jr the server provided. 
  • Poor customer service, the customer service provided is quite rude and not reliable. Take so much time to reply. 
  • proxies provided don’t work on time and sometimes don’t work at all.
  • Low speed and takes lots of time. 


The pricing plans as mentioned and incorporated under Proxy Rotator are as follows- 

0 Threads 0 Threads 50 /day 0 Proxies FREE
25 Threads 3 Threads 25,000 /hour 100 Proxies $14.95
50 Threads 5 Threads 50,000 /hour 100 Proxies $24.95
100 Threads 10 Threads 100,000 /hour 250 Proxies $44.95
250 Threads 25 Threads 250,000 /hour 250 Proxies $99.95
500 Threads 50 Threads 500,000 /hour 250 Proxies $189.95
1,000 Threads 100 Threads 1,000,000 /hour 500 Proxies $349.95
2,500 Threads 250 Threads 2,500,000 /hour 500 Proxies $749.95
5,000 Threads 500 Threads 5,000,000 /hour 500 Proxies $1,399.95
10,000 Threads 1,000 Threads 10,000,000 /hour 500 Proxies $2,499.95

Customer Support | Proxy Rotator

You can reach out to Proxy Rotator through a ticketing system by filling out a form that asks for your name, email id, and the message you want to give the team.

Then you can await the response from their support team. Also, you can directly mail them at support@proxyrotator.com.

The service and customer support are supposed to be responsive and you can expect timely replies to your message or emails.


4. Proxy-Cheap


Proxy-cheap is basically a residential IP proxy provider that has a wide range of various locations to offer. It is one of the most affordable pricing in the proxy market. Proxy-cheap delivers the opportunity of accessing an IP pool that consists of more than 6.7 million IPs.

Even when you purchase the smallest of all the packages, you get 1GB. Each and every plan works on the basis of usage of traffic; this way, you pay only for what you are using. 



  1. Quick Set-Up Proxies- A very comfortable and approachable dashboard that is easy to use even by amateurs. It is super easy to manage the proxies, create new sessions, and also to choose between sticky or rotating IPs.
  2. IPv6 Data Center Proxies- In times when most providers offer IPv4 IP addresses, this platform has IPv6 Proxy Addresses to offer. 
  3. Referral Program: Proxy-cheap has a referral program to offer that is basically a win-win situation. The platform gets new clients, and you get rewards for getting them.

Pros and cons


  1. You get instant access right after you pay. 
  2. It is comparatively cheaper than many other service providers.
  3. Its dashboard is super easy to use, even for a beginner.
  4. Has more than 6 million proxies to offer.


  1. Does not have a free trial to offer
  2. Has very limited payment options 


1. Residential 

  • From 1 GB: $5 Per GB
  • From 50 GB: $4 Per GB
  • From 200+ GB: $3 Per GB

2. Data Center IPv6

  • 50 IPv6 Proxies: $0.40 Per Proxy
  • 150 IPv6 Proxies: $0.33 Per Proxy
  • 500 IPv6 Proxies: $0.30 Per Proxy

3. 3G/4G Mobile

  • France 4G: $80 Per Month
  • United States 3G: $50 Per Month
  • Lithuania 4G: $80 Per Month

4. VPN

  • For 1 Month: $9.99 Per Month
  • For 6 Months: $7.99 Per Month
  • For 1 Year: $5.99 Per Month

Customer Support

Proxy-cheap has one of the best customer support available in the market. You get a live chat option because of their 24/7 support service. This way, you will always have a person to respond to all your queries and solve your issues with their expertise.


5. Netnut.io


Netnut.io being a spectacular residential proxy service encourages and directs techniques like data collection or extraction, integrations, assurance of best and hospitable customer support, and even the technique of web scraping.

netnut.io review


  • 24/7 IP availability – For residential IPs Netnut provides a straightforward connection to make it accessible the whole time. So you can have uninterrupted web sessions.
  • Speed – Since there is no end-user involved, the ISP connection works at a very fast speed.
  • Data collection – All types of data collection are possible through Netnut, such as social or advertisement authorization, SEO material or brand protection, and price comparison, all can be managed well with Netnut.
  • Rotational proxies – For every browser the proxies are rotated and integrated.
  • Personalized pools – Get your personalized private pools that suit your requirements to make sure that you can get optimum results from the same.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard is elaborate and gives information about your account. At the same time, you can get all the data in real-time through a very easy API as well.

Pros and Cons 

  • You have got the freedom to sign up for the free trial and try out the features and services before making your decision. 
  • Availability of Geo-targeting at any part of the country in the world since its first day of the proxy. 
  • You have access to unlimited data in this proxy.
  • The huge disadvantage of these services is that there’s no unlimited bandwidth available which can be needed in most cases. 


The pricing plans as mentioned and incorporated under netnut.io is as follows-

Custom plan 
  • Pricing- $300 monthly.
  • Storage- 20 gb.
  • $15 per GB.
Entrepreneur plan 
  • Pricing- $475 monthly.
  • storage- 50 GB plan.
  • $9.5 per GB.
Professional plan
  • Pricing- $700 monthly.
  • Storage- $100GB.
  • $7 per GB.
Professional plus
  • Pricing- $1250 monthly.
  • Storage- $250gb plan.
  • $5 per GB.
Master plan 
  • Pricing- $3500 monthly.
  • 1 TB.
  • $3.5GB.
Master plus
  • 10 TB Plan.

Customer Support | Netnut.io

To get in touch with the support team, you can either send them a mail at sales@netnut.io or use their ticketing system. Go to their official website and click on ‘Contact’.

Then fill out the given form which asks for your name, email id, and the message or query you wish to convey and then send it. The team responds as quickly as they can. 


6. GeoSurf


GeoSurf is a highly splendid proxy service offering networks primarily for businesses, facilitating them to reach or access innumerable IPs within the specified 2000+ locations globally.

Offers promising assurance, 99% exact uptime rates, and much more.

GeoSurf Review


  • Undetectability – The residential IPs offered by Geosurf are clean, so there is no chance of them being identified as proxies. They are masked perfectly which makes sure they are undetectable in every way.
  • Easy Coding – There are ready-to-use code examples in all the common coding languages so all you need to do is just copy-paste it as per your requirement.
  • Geolocations – Geosurf offers more than 100 Geo locations that are scattered all over the globe.
  • Free of restriction – There is no restriction to how many IPs you can use with GeoSurf, there are unlimited connections that you can get to your benefit.
  • Elaborate dashboards – You are provided with informative and elaborate dashboards that give you an in-depth account of the statistic position and working of your account, so you can always keep a check on it.
  • Good support from the team – The customer service is rated to be one of the best with quick and cordial premium support through either telephone, email, or Skype. 

Pros and cons 

  • Geo-surf has the amazing flexibility in Geo-targeting. you can shift or select any country for your proxy IP network location as you desire. 
  • Great and amazing customer support, the team of GeoSurf is always available for 24 hours whenever you need help. 
  • Availability of emulation of mobile phones. 
  • Problems can arise in several web browsers due to GeoSurf’s toolbar.
  • Issues faced in the availability of a few proxy servers on time. 


Pricing plans as mentioned and incorporated under GeoSurf is as follows- 

Starter Plan 

  • Price- $450 per month.
  • $38 GB per month
  • 512/ additional GB.
  • Customer support was provided.

Professional plan 

  • Price- $900 per month.
  • 90GB a month.
  • $10 additional GB.
  • Receptive customer support team.

Plus plan

  • Price- $2000 per month.
  • 250GB per month.
  • $8 per additional GB.
  • Dedicated customer support.

Customer Support | GeoSurf

GeoSurf support team offers a ticketing system where you need to fill out a form that requires your name, email, contact number, type of product, message, etc., and then send it to them.

Then they respond as soon as they can. Also, the office phone numbers are given on their official website.

7. Bright Data (formerly Luminati.io)


Bright Data is another famous and renowned residential provider. It is filled with numerous traits and features, and the speed and accuracy of Bright Data are extremely fast.

It even does specialize in providing us with full-time 24/7 customer support. It is highly feasible and one of the most convenient networks to rely on.

luminati.io- proxy service platform

Features of Bright Data

  • Data Collector – The Bright Data data collector switches manual efforts with technical ones by using automatic data intelligence according to your requirement, making your task of data collection very easy and hassle-free.
  • Unblock your data – If you are stuck with a blocked website, Bright Data will help you access the data you require by handling everything right from IPs, headers as well as cookies. All you have to do is send a request and the rest will be taken care of by this software providing you with the most accurate and on-point data.
  • Manage your proxies – Even without the experience and use of coding, you can now professionally manage your proxies using the most updated and open-source proxy-management system provided by Bright Data.
  • Search Engine Crawler – This feature lets you obtain search results and data from real users for any keyword that you enter on search engines such as Google Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bingo, etc.
  • Proxy API – Use the ready-to-use examples in coding languages and simply copy-paste them for your account to get a kickstart.
  • Browser Extension – Now you can surf the internet using this browser extension to select one specific location and also manipulate the settings of your proxy easily.

Pros and Cons 

  • Bright Data has the greatest strength of IP address networks in every corner of the world. It shares a huge number of proxies worldwide.
  • Availability of Geo-targeting, this is one of the unique features of Bright Data and shares the proxies in the areas you desire or approve. 
  • The proxies given by Bright Data are 100% legal and the security is amazing.  
  • Web Scraping and crawling is a successful feature that is used by residential areas where Proxies are used.  
  • The speed of the proxy network provided by Bright Data is amazing and excellent.
  • It provides amazing customer support and gives the best output when it comes to helping from the company. The whole team is available 24 hours a day. 
  • The dashboard is quite complex because of its advanced technology and the huge number of proxies provided. 
  • Bright Data is not affordable very easily, it’s quite expensive and can be afforded by the people who have huge money for the investment. 
  • When it comes to customer support, it has an excellent one but there’s an exception. The email support is poor, you have to wait for days to get a proper reply to your queries. 


The pricing plans as mentioned and incorporated under Bright Data are as follows-

1. Starter plan

  • Pricing- $500 per month.
  • Cost per GB- $0.095/GB.
  • $0.60/IP.
  • Data center- $0.60/ip,0.095/GB. 
  • $12.50/GB.
Static residential
  • $12.50/GB.
  • $0.50/GB.
  • $30.00/GB.

2. Production Plan

  • Pricing- $1,000/month.
  • Data center- $0.55/IP,0.0.085/GB.
  • $10.00/GB.
Static Residential
  • $10.00/GB.
  • $28.00/GB.

3. Plus Plan 

  • Pricing- $3,400/month.
  • Data center- $0.50/IP.
  • $0.07/GB.
  •  $8.50/ip
Static Residential
  • $8.50/GB.
  • $0.50/IP.
  • $26.00/GB.

4. Enterprise Plan

  • Pricing – $30,000/month.
  • Datacenter-$0.40/IP
  • $0.05/GB.

Customer Service at Bright Data

The Bright Data support team can be reached in a multitude of ways. They are available on all social media such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, etc.

They have 24/7 telephonic support and also a live chat option in case you want them to reach out to them for sudden queries.


8. Proxy Seller


Proxy seller is mainly oriented and directed at selling the proxies to the users or the operators, it is even full of traits and characteristics like- assurance of dedicated premium proxies, prior 24×7 support, and it even has much more to unveil and discover.

proxy-seller service platform


  • Extensive bandwidth – Proxy seller provides proxies with limitless data so you can be tension-free about any internet issues. Use them for as long as you wish without any worries about data limits.
  • Speed and Ping – For a good working proxy with multiple connections, you will require a high speed and a lower ping. Both of these are provided by the proxies that are offered by Proxyseller.
  • Cheaper rates – Proxy-seller is available on the market at cheaper rates as compared to its contemporaries
  • Datacentres – The reach of Proxyseller is expansive and so it has data centers located all over the world ensuring higher data speeds and lower pings as well.


The pricing plan as included and incorporated under proxy seller is as follows-

  • 5 PROXY
  • 24×7 technical support
  • 0.28 USD.


  • 10 PROXY.
  • 24X7 Technical support.
  • 1.63 USD.


  • 20 PROXY
  • 24X7 Technical support
  • 0.16 USD.


  • 50 PROXY
  • 24X7 Technical support.
  • 3.26 USD


  •  100 proxy
  • 24X7 Technical support.
  • 5.71 USD.


  • 100 PROXY.
  • 0.11 USD
  • Technical support is even provided. 

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons for Proxyseller are as follows-

  • It has an amazing and adaptable payment gateway.
  • It has the fruitful ability for good coverage.
  • It doesn’t have the fastest speed as compared to others, it has the average speed.

Customer Support | Proxyseller

The proxy seller has a ticketing system that requires you to fill a form with your name, and email id to get in touch with them as well as live chat to get your urgent queries sorted. 

9. Limeproxies


It is one of the most legitimate and trusted proxy services, it is even reviewed as one of the best and most amazing services by the users. It is notable and proves to be spectacular in its ability to promote effectiveness, productivity, and resourcefulness in its operation or functionality.

limeproxies- best service platform


  • Speed – Limeproxies offers a super-fast speed of 1gbps which is much higher than any of its contemporaries.
  • Variety of locations – It offers more than 50 geo-locations all over the world.
  • Easy to manage dashboard – The dashboard offered by Limeproxies is simply amazing and easy to handle. You can manage your proxies with ease from there.
  • Easy refresh – Easily refresh all of your plans with a single click.
  • 24/7 support – The support team is available at your service all day and all week.


The pricing plan as mentioned and incorporated under Limeproxies is as follows-

10 proxies

  • $9.99 per month
  • With a speed of about 100mbps.
  • Offers 3 subnets
  • 24×7 customer support

25 proxies

  • $24.99 per month.
  • With a speed of about 100mbps.
  • Offers 5 subnets.
  • 24×7 customer support.

100 proxies

  • $99.9 per month.
  • With a speed of about 100mbps.
  • 5 subnets.
  • 24×7 customer support.

Customer Support | Limeproxies

Limeproxies offers a variety of support options such as telephonic support, email, live chat, and messaging as well.

They have a supply of information known as a Knowledge base, where you are likely to find the answers to most of your questions, which have been faced by other people before you as well.

A lot of your doubts can be solved there itself. And for more direct support you can always use the other options.

Pros and cons

The pros and cons as offered for Limeproxies is as follows-


  • 24×7 effective customer support.
  • Dedicated and amazing IPs with super fast speed and assurance of guaranteed support.


  • It has limited bandwidth.

10. SquidProxies


Squidproxies is one of the most well-known and famous residential proxies with super fast speed and servers.

It is quite simple and easy to set up, the pricing plans associated with it are highly affordable and cheap, doesn’t require or involve full-fledged difficult functionality, what is even more surprising within this is,100% money-back assurance.

Yet, it even consists of numerous other features to shed light on or dwell upon.


  • High-speed servers – There are servers based on global platforms that offer very high speeds.
  • No need for configuration – You can go ahead without the requirement of any configuration by only mentioning the IP and PORT of the browser.
  • Limitless Bandwidth – There are no limits on the usage of data with Squid Proxies.
  • Stay anonymous – You can mask your IP address and still not let anyone find out that you are a proxy.
  • Various IP subnets – There are a lot of subnets available from different cities situated in the United States of America.
  • Reasonable prices – Their plans and packages are affordable and reasonable as compared to their contemporaries.
  • New IPs every month – Once you pay for your monthly package, you can ask for fresh proxies every month.


The pricing plan as incorporated and included under Squidproxies is as follows-

Plan 1
  • Monthly price-$24.
  • The number of proxies- 10.
  • Cost per proxy-$2.40.
Plan 2
  • Monthly price- $48
  • The number of proxies- 25.
  • Cost per proxy-$1.75.
Plan 3 
  • Monthly price- $160.
  • Number of proxies- 100
  • Cost per proxy- $1.60.
Plan 4
  • Monthly price- $290
  • The number of proxies-200.
  • Cost per proxy-$1.45.
Plan 5
  • Monthly price- $455
  • Number of proxies-.350
  • Cost per proxy-$1.30.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons as mentioned for Squidproxies are as follows-


  • It does not render any kind of unrequired source of advertisements.
  • It has unlimited and relentless bandwidth.


  • It doesn’t offer proxies like Nike, craigslist.

Customer Support | Squid Proxies

The customer support team for Squid Proxy is reachable via telephone and live chat. So in case, you have any queries, they are accessible and responsive and will help you sort out any issues that you might have. 


11. Smart Proxy

Smart proxy is one of the high-quality residential proxies with the best features and specifications. It has the feature of location targeting and it even commits low or fewer errors.

Smart Proxy Service Platform


  • Rotating Residential Proxy – This feature provides more than 20 million IPS from more than 100 locations all over the world.
  • Unlimited parallel connections – A large number of IPs come from both mobile phones as well as desktops and laptops and so traffic is limited by the service as it puts certain limitations. Thus, it is possible to have unlimited parallel connections.
  • No limitation on proxies – Smartproxy lets you use an unlimited number of proxies as per your requirement and so you can obtain access on a shared basis to the whole pool of proxies.
  • Faster proxies – The data center proxies are available at higher speeds as compared to other similar software, which is shared throughout residential proxies.

Pros and cons 

  • Availability of residential proxy, smart proxy offers the two main proxy – data center proxy and residential proxy.
  • Availability of best quality and unique features with the best services at a very cheap and affordable price. 
  • Availability of a huge number of locations That is Smart Proxy provides many various locations of IPs residential on the proxy servers. 
  • Excellent customer support, if you are not satisfied with the proxy server you may have a refundable deposit in your account in 3 to 4 days. 
  • Very secure and safe for the users. The services provided by the server are very useful and your data is extremely safe and secured by the proxies. 
  • One of the best features any proxy can have is no limits on Bandwidth. But in the case of Smart Proxy, it offers its customers only a limited bandwidth for the subscription price. 


The pricing plans as mentioned and incorporated under smart proxy are as follows-

Micro plan
  • Price – $75/month.
  • Storage – $15 per GB.
  • Inclusion of the other 5GB.
Starter plan 
  • Most popular plan 
  • Price- $200 per month.
  • Storage- $10GB.
  • Inclusion of another 20 GB.
Regular plan
  • Price- $400 per month.
  • Storage- $8 per GB.
  • Inclusion of another 50 GB.
Advanced plan
  • Price- $600 per month.
  • Storage- $6 per GB.
  • inclusion Of other 100 GB.

Customer Service at SmartProxy

SmartProxy has one of the best customer support staff. You can reach out to the support team of Smartproxy by either sending them an email at sales@smartproxy.com or you can directly send a message in their live chat support to get an instant response from the support team.


Quick Links

FAQs About Proxy Services

🤔 How can I manage and establish my Oxylabs residential account?

You can easily manage and establish an Oxylabs residential account, simply by contacting the team, via email-support@oxylabs.io, they will ask you to fill the form and within 24 hours of your request, the manager will get back to you.

🙋‍♀️ What are the most intriguing features embedded within Oxylabs?

The intriguing features as embedded within Oxylabs are as follows- Offers innumerable options of customization. High uptime Excellent and receptive customer support team

🤷‍♂️ What does Geosurf offer us?

GeoSurf offers us remarkable benefits like- high premium support, it is extremely user-friendly, it renders us the facility of watching deeper insights, statistics, and analysis.

Conclusion: Best Proxy Services 2023

Therefore, we conclude that we’ve filled ourselves with a storehouse of immense information specifically in the fields of 10 one of the best proxy services. No doubt, each service is highly competitive, versatile, and feasible in its ways and means. 

Having gone through the characteristics of these required proxy services tell how vast and diverse options it renders within its functionality and operation.

The remarkable point amongst all was the resourceful help rendered by the receptive and the most hospitable customer support team.

All are great and prominent services since they’re positioned within the rank of the top 10 proxy services. The customer feedback have been highly positive regarding each proxy service and we quite appreciate the hard work put in to build these fabulous services.

I as a user myself, simply love the diverse effective functions.

Hoping, you would have to.

All are great and prominent services since they're positioned within the rank of top 10 proxy services. The customer feedbacks have been highly positive regarding each proxy service and we quite appreciate the hard work put in to build these fabulous services.

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  1. It’s a great overview of proxy services! a bit old, I guess, since for quite some time at least Smartproxy increased their proxy pool and now has more than 40 million IPs and some new features worth schecking, like specific Search Engine proxies (https://smartproxy.com/proxies/search-engine-proxies) that could be included in the review. But apart from that, good job reviewing all these sites.

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