11 Best Twitter Proxies In 2024: Which Is Best For Twitter?

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I’ve been using Twitter for years now, and one thing that always frustrates me is when I can’t access what I’m looking for due to IP blocks or content restrictions.

By investing in a reliable proxy, you ensure that your web traffic remains anonymous and secure while also unlocking access to geographically blocked content – all without compromising performance.

In this blog post, I’m outlining some of my personal favorite Twitter proxies so that you can find the perfect match for your own needs!


GeoSurf is another useful Twitter Proxy provider that is efficient in scraping and scrawling data from the internet. They have over 2.5 million IPs in their proxy pool.


Bright Data is by far the best Twitter Proxy that can be very useful for any Business or Digital Marketer. They have a vast IP pool of over 35 million IPs to target Twitter and give seamless compatibility. It allows for Unlimited Concurrency.

How do Twitter proxies work?

Twitter proxies work as a medium between your device and the Twitter server. They intercept your requests and forward them to the Twitter website on your behalf. This means that to the Twitter server, it appears as if the requests are coming from the proxy server, not your device.

This method allows users to access Twitter from locations where it might be blocked or from multiple accounts without triggering Twitter’s security measures.

It’s essential to note that using a proxy is within Twitter’s terms of service as long as it’s used responsibly and doesn’t violate any of their other rules. Additionally, when using a Twitter proxy, users should make sure the proxy offers good privacy and anonymity settings to ensure their data is secure.

For extra security, users can also use a VPN in conjunction with a Twitter proxy. This will offer an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

Finally, it’s important to note that proxies are generally used for accessing blocked websites or for carrying out tasks with multiple accounts simultaneously.

They should not be used for malicious activities or to access other people’s accounts without permission. Doing so may result in a suspension from Twitter or even legal action.

Why do we need to use proxies for Twitter?

  1. Anonymity: Proxies provide an extra layer of security by masking your IP address, helping to keep your online activity private and anonymous.
  2. Multiple Accounts Management: Twitter restricts the number of accounts that can be created from a single IP. Proxies help bypass this limitation, allowing you to manage multiple accounts without being flagged or banned.
  3. Geolocation Testing: Proxies located in different regions can help view Twitter content as if you were in that specific location, useful for testing ad campaigns or region-specific content.
  4. Avoiding Rate Limit: Twitter has certain rate limits to control the amount of activity from an IP. Using proxies, these limitations can be circumvented.
  5. Scraping Data: For businesses that rely on Twitter data, proxies assist in efficient and smooth data scraping operations without getting blocked.
  6. Unblocking: Proxies can also help unblock websites that are blocked in a certain country or region, allowing users to access content not available locally.
  7. Bypassing Censorship: Some countries impose strict censorship laws on internet usage, and proxies can help bypass these restrictions giving users unrestricted access to the web.
  8. Fraud Detection: Proxies can be used to detect and prevent fraud by identifying suspicious activities such as automated bot requests or malicious code injection attempts.

11 Best Twitter Proxies In 2024: Which One Works The Best?

Here are my top recommended proxies for Twitter:  

  1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati)🏆
  2. Shifter.io
  3. GeoSurf
  4. SmartProxy
  5. ProxyCheap

Here is a list of the Best Twitter Proxies to help you increase your reach and business.

1 Bright Data (formerly Luminati)

Bright Data is the best Twitter Proxy that can be very useful for any Business or Digital Marketer. They have a vast IP pool of over 35 million IPs to target Twitter and give seamless compatibility. It allows for Unlimited Concurrency.

The pricing mechanism is based on Bandwidth utilization. A minimum of 40 GB bandwidth is required to avail of its Proxy Services. The pricing is USD 500 for 40 GB of bandwidth.

They might have standard pricing. But their service delivery is of superior quality. They provide reliable and accurate data that would help businesses and marketers gain cutting-edge insights into their target audience.


Bright Data has Proxies that have a vast geographical presence and outreach. Their geo-tagging is very efficient and impressive. Besides, they have advanced session control that helps in averting any spam action taken by Twitter.

Thus, they are considered leaders in the field of Twitter Proxies. They have many Fortune 500 companies in their Client list who make great use of the Proxy Services provided by Bright Data. This further validates their efficacy as Twitter Proxy Providers.

Pricing Plans

brightdata residential proxies pricing

With Brightdata Residential Proxies, you can quickly and easily gain access to the data you need while maintaining an ethical approach to web access.

Our PAY AS YOU GO plan is the perfect entry level solution, with no commitment and no long-term agreement needed. Plus, each residential proxy is priced at only $15.00/GB and are designed to provide you with unrestricted web access.

For larger scale projects, our GROWTH package offers a one-time fixed rate of $500 for 43 GB of traffic, effectively reducing the cost per GB to just $11.48/GB. Our BUSINESS package also offers 98 GB of traffic for only $10.13/GB – all with the same unrestricted access our PAY AS YOU GO plan offers.

For those looking for a truly bespoke solution, we provide an ENTERPRISE package where you can get a quote based on your specific needs. Our ENTERPRISE package includes unlimited scale, premium SLA, free Proxy Manager and custom price per GB.

With Brightdata Residential Proxies, you can access the web with unrestricted data while still maintaining an ethical approach. Get started today and unlock your potential!

2. Shifter.io

Shifter.io or previously known as Microleaves is another Twitter Proxy Provider that helps Businesses and Marketers expand their outreach and business. These have a global network of over 26 million IPs. Their geographical scalability is stellar.

They have a presence in 130 countries across the globe. They are suitable to be used with bots that work on HTTPS and SOCKS protocol.

Shifter - Microleaves

Shifter.io has unlimited Concurrency. They facilitate seamless integration with the automation bots for extracting the most relevant Twitter data. The pricing mechanism is based on the number of ports. The cost is reasonable given their vast domain.

The price for 10 ports is USD 175. They provide instant scaling and have an ultra-modern control panel. Shifter.io is next only to Luminati.io in being the Best Proxy Provider for Twitter.

Pricing Plans:

shifter pricing plans

When it comes to unrestricted web access with ethical proxies, Shifter is the perfect choice. Our Pricing plans are designed to meet any budget and provide all the features you need for secure and reliable access.

With our Rotating Residential Proxies, you get a pool of rotating IPs that help maintain anonymity while also delivering fast speeds.

For more steady connections, we offer Static Residential Proxies, which provide persistent IPs for long-term access. Plus, our Scraping API features advanced web automation to help you quickly retrieve data from any website.

And for those who need more powerful solutions with large-scale traffic, we offer Cloud Hosting plans that provide high performance and scalability. With Shifter’s ethical proxies, you can enjoy unrestricted web access without compromising your privacy or security.

3. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is another useful Twitter Proxy provider that is efficient in scraping and scrawling data from the internet. They have over 2.5 million IPs in their proxy pool. This is lower as compared to Bright Data or Shifter.io.

However, their presence is in over 130 countries in different parts of the world. They have unlimited Concurrency. They have a proxy for different packages. 

The Pricing Structure depends on bandwidth. The Pricing Structure caters to Small, Medium, and Large Businesses. The Starter Package for GeoSurf Proxies comes at USD 450 per month with 38 GB bandwidth.

GeoSurf - Twitter Proxy provider

The Professional Package for GeoSurf Proxies costs USD 900 per month with 90 GB bandwidth. The Plus Package for GeoSurf Proxies costs USD 2000 per month for 250 GB bandwidth. Their proxies are not easily detectable.

Hence, they provide seamless access to Twitter and thus offer to scrape and crawl with automated bots to extract valuable information.

Pricing Plans:

Geonode Pricing

Our ethical proxies help you connect with local audiences and stay safe while doing so. With GeoSurf, businesses can gain access to geo-targeted online content without compromising security or privacy.

Whatever your needs may be, there’s a GeoSurf plan to fit them. Explore the web and access data with our Explorer plan. Enjoy shared IP pools, advanced features, and reliable support for just $300 per month. For those needing a little more control, there’s the Starter plan.

Get access to exclusive geo-targeted content with dedicated IPs and top of the line features for just $480 per month. Businesses needing more advanced coverage can opt for the Professional or Plus plans.

Enjoy unlimited access to any country and a variety of exclusive features with the Professional plan for just $800 per month, or get an even broader range of access with the Plus plan at only $1750 per month.

Finally, our Enterprise plan offers specialized service and exclusive features to fit large businesses. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the Enterprise plan.

4. SmartProxy

SmartProxies offer IP addresses that have an unlimited range. Their IP pool size is that of over 40 million. Thus they have an extensive geographical reach and are available in around 195 countries across the globe. They offer reliable and accurate information. The Concurrency provided by them is unlimited.

The best thing about SmartProxy is the starting pricing range. Their range starts at USD 75 for 5 GB. This makes it appealing to the startups and small businesses facing a liquidity crunch. The Micro version with USD 75 per month is the basic version.

The Starter Pack that costs USD 200 per month is very popular as it gives better functionalities that add value to the customer. The Regular package includes 50 GB and costs USD 400 per month.

Smartproxy - Best Value

Whereas the Advanced Pack has ultra-modern features that have a premium range. The pricing for the Advanced pack is USD 600 per month. It includes 100 GB bandwidth. Thus, like many Twitter Proxies providers, SmartProxy has a pricing structure that is based on bandwidth requirements and usage.

Pricing Plans:

smartproxy pricing

SmartProxy offers a range of proxy plans for unbeatable prices that ensure you have unrestricted access to the web. Our residential proxies provide you with maximum anonymity and security, preventing data leaks and cyber-attacks while also abiding by ethical standards.

With our 3-day money-back guarantee, no contracts or commitments, and starting at just $4 per gigabyte, there’s no reason to wait – get access to the web today with SmartProxy!

Our Pay As You Go plan allows you to purchase 1GB for an unbeatable $8.5/gigabyte, making it an economical choice for those needing limited access.

Our Nano plan offers 7GB of data for just $14 a month and our Micro plan provides 8GB for only $52 a month. Secure your anonymous web access and start browsing with SmartProxy!

5. Live Proxies 

Live Proxies is a leading and dependable proxy network, catering to businesses (B2B) and individual (B2C) users. They provide premium private residential proxies that are unique, stable, and resilient against blocks from any website.

These proxies are ideal for Twitter users seeking to maintain an anonymous and stable presence on the platform. The Live Proxies team is committed to exceeding customer expectations, consistently delivering top-notch proxy services.

Live Proxies

With Live Proxies, you can select from a diverse range of proxy offerings. Whether you require residential IP addresses that afford anonymity and authenticity, that are rotating, or prefer static ones that retain the same residential IP address for 30 days or longer, Live Proxies has the perfect solution for you.

Additionally, they offer stable rotating mobile IP addresses, ensuring seamless mobile user experiences on Twitter.

Primary Applications

When you choose LiveProxies.io, you can access an extensive selection of IP addresses precisely tailored to your business needs.

Whether your focus lies in eCommerce, SMM, marketing research, travel aggregation, web scraping, brand protection, SEO/SERP, AdTech, or managing multiple Twitter accounts, Live Proxies can cater to various corporate requirements.

They give you complete control over online activities, offering flexibility and adaptability.

Pricing Plans

Live Proxies Pricing

Live Proxies provides private residential proxies at highly competitive rates. Their pricing plans start at just $45.00 per month, offering a specific number of proxies in either “Measured” or “Unmetered” formats. This flexibility allows you to choose the plan that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Their residential proxies are synonymous with high stability and reliability, assuring unlimited internet access, regardless of the number of streams.

Furthermore, Live Proxies offers additional options for corporate clients, such as API access, customizable plans, and expanded availability of IP addresses. Explore the world of online possibilities with the exceptional services of Live Proxies.

6. ProxyCheap

ProxyCheap is also popular among the digital populace because of its inexpensive and affordable pricing structure. Their reasonable pricing makes them more accessible to small businesses and marketers in increasing their reach to a greater number of people across the globe.

The IP pool provided by ProxyCheap is moderate in size, with over 6 million proxies. Unlike Luminati.io, it does not have a global outreach. The Proxies are available only for specific locations like the US. So, the targeting is not global; rather, it is country-based. 

ProxyCheap - Mobile

ProxyCheap has its pricing structure based on bandwidth usage. They offer their services at USD 5 per GB. Thus the pricing structure has another variable in the form of the number of GB required.

This is better for a small business that is expanding gradually. They have decent value in Twitter automation. However, they do not provide the complete range of functionalities as Bright Data offers its customers.

Pricing Plans:

proxy cheap pricing

Proxy-cheap provides premium proxies with unbeatable pricing. Our plans start from 1GB and are available up to 200GB+, allowing you to choose the right plan for your needs. Get access to 6 million+ residential IPs, complete control over the proxies, unlimited usage, worldwide coverage and no restrictions.

Our prices are extremely competitive: starting at $4.99 per GB for 1GB and going as low as $3 per GB for 200GB+. With our proxy-cheap solutions, you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money.

Our proxies are fast, secure and reliable – so you can have peace of mind knowing that your online activities are safe and protected from external threats.

7. Soax

Soax is another Proxy for Twitter that enables a business or marketer to successfully tweet and manage the Twitter account and extract valuable information, which helps reach out to more people, thus getting more leads. Soax provides Peer-to-Peer Network for streamlining the data and seamless integration of valuable data.

They provide Proxies for Twitter at a standard cost. The pricing mechanism is based on bandwidth utilization. Soax Proxy Providers charge around USD 70 for 2 GB. They have a global reach with over 3.5 million IPs.

Soax - Mobile

While Soax Mobile proxies have a global outreach, they have fewer proxies in their IP pool than Bright Data. This makes them limited in providing a complete IP pool range in the various locations.

Pricing Plans

soax pricing

Our Starter Mobile plan offers 24/7 live support with an average proxy response time of roughly one second and a pool of 8.5 million+ proxy IPs.

With our competitively priced plans, you can be sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck in terms of quality and performance.

Our plans start at just $99/month for our Starter Mobile plan and go up to $700/month for our Regular Mobile plan. With Soax, you can be sure that you are getting the best service available at an unbeatable price.

8. MyPrivateProxies

MyPrivateProxy provides Proxy services to many small and large businesses. The main limitation with these proxies is that they have a small IP pool with IP availability only in the US and European Union regions. Concurrency is permitted based on Thread count.

The permitted Concurrency is up to 100 thread counts. A positive point about MyPrivateProxies is that they are available to businesses at a reasonable price. The pricing structure is based on the number of proxies.

MyPrivateProxy - Datacentre

These Proxy Providers charge a meager sum of USD 2.49 per proxy. They have enterprise-compatible hardware that performs very fast functions. They provide fast and relevant data that small and large businesses can easily extract and analyze.

Pricing Plans:

myprivateproxy pricing

MyPrivateProxy provides a money back guarantee on all of its proxy packages, allowing you to purchase with confidence. All purchases also come with 24/7 support from the expert team at MPP. In addition, your proxies will be delivered quickly and securely to ensure that you have access to them right away.

For those looking for a basic private proxy plan, MPP 1 is your go-to option. This plan provides one proxy for just $2.49 per month, making it the most affordable option available.

For those looking to up their game a bit more, MPP 5 offers five proxies for only $11.75 per month – perfect if you need multiple connections or want to switch between different IPs.

MPP 10 provides ten proxies for only $23.70 per month, and MPP 20 offers twenty proxies for just $44.20 per month – great if you need to connect to multiple locations or services at once. All of these plans are an excellent value and come with the same money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, and fast delivery that you get with all MyPrivateProxy plans.

No matter what your needs are, MyPrivateProxy has a plan that is perfect for you. With unbeatable prices, a money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, and fast delivery – there’s no reason not to give MPP a try!

9. MyInstantProxies

MyInstantProxies will make it to the list of the Best Proxies for Twitter.

They have a worldwide presence that provides a wide pool of IPs for managing Twitter accounts and extracting relevant data from Twitter, ultimately leading to business expansion and extension.

Instant Proxies - Datacentre

MyInstantProxies are renowned for their excellent Uptimes that can even be publicly tracked. Thus, businesses can assess their uptime performance and buy these Proxies for better Twitter management. The pricing mechanism is simple and cheap.

These Proxy Providers demand USD 1 per proxy, one of the lowest rates per proxy available. Like Bright Data, these Proxy Providers also allow unlimited Concurrency and bandwidth. However, MyInstantProxies do not have as sophisticated features as presented by Bright Data.

You can also check Instant Proxies, a service that gives you your secret internet access pass to visit different websites. Check out the detailed Instant Proxies Review now.

Pricing Plans:

instant proxies pricing

At MyInstantProxies, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service at a competitive price. Our pricing plans reflect our commitment to quality and value. We offer six types of proxy packages that are tailored for different needs.

No matter which proxy package you choose, we guarantee a 99%+ network uptime, fast speeds, 24/7 support response time, and a 100% refund on your latest payment if you are ever unsatisfied with our services.

With MyInstantProxies, you can be sure that you are getting the best service at a competitive price.

10. StormProxies

These Proxies are private proxies that are available at premium rates and have some premium features. Thus StormProxies have a niche of premium businesses to cater to. These Proxies offer back-connect Proxies to their Customers.

They have availability in the US only. However, they have special proxies for special purposes. This makes them popular worldwide, even as they provide IPs in the US region only. These Proxies have unlimited bandwidth and allow for unlimited Concurrency.

stormproxies -Datacentre

The Pricing structure is based on the number of proxies. These Proxies are offered at USD 3.0 per proxy. The price is high as compared to some other cheap proxies. Therefore, they have premium and mid-range businesses as their target customers.

They give good quality data by using HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Pricing Plans:

smartproxy pricing

For heavy-duty users, StormProxies also offers some higher-tier packages. For those who need more than just a few proxies for their account, the 50 and 100 private Twitter Proxies packages are ideal.

With fifty or one hundred proxies at your disposal, you can easily manage multiple accounts and campaigns with ease. Each of these tiers is billed monthly at $100 and $200 respectively, making it an affordable option for those with larger needs.

All of these packages come with 24/7 customer support, so you can always get help when you need it. With StormProxies’ private Twitter Proxies package, you can rest assured that your accounts and campaigns are safe and secure – no matter how many proxies you need!

11. Geonode:

Geonode Overview

Geonode is designed to enable seamless web scraping with the most reliable and consistent performance available. Our service provides unlimited residential proxies that prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring your data-intensive projects can be completed without interruption or delays.

That’s why Geonode offers the best price per GB on the market, allowing you to maximize return on investment without sacrificing performance.

With Geonode, you can rest assured that your web scraping needs are taken care of. The most reliable unlimited residential proxy service for efficient web scraping.

Upgrade to a plan with more concurrent requests and get the best price per GB on the market. Experience fast and reliable web scraping with minimal impact on data allowance and maximize your return on investment. Get started today!

Your all-in-one solution for efficient web scraping. With our unlimited residential proxy service, you can enjoy reliable performance, quickly exceed premium data allowance levels, and maximize return on investment.

Geonode Pricing

Unblock Twitter Using Proxies:

Unblock Twitter Using a Proxies:
image credit- Pixabay

Using a proxy server can be an effective method to unblock Twitter if it is restricted in your location or on your network. A proxy acts as a middleman between your device and the internet, thereby allowing you to bypass network restrictions and access blocked content.

To use a proxy, you would typically enter its details into your browser or networking settings. Once configured, your internet traffic will be routed through the proxy server, making it appear as though you’re accessing the internet from a different location.

This way, you can freely access Twitter without any constraints. However, it is essential to ensure that the proxy server you use is reputable and secure to protect your online privacy.

Once you have set up a proxy server, it is important to ensure that your content remains private.

To do this, you should consider using an encrypted connection such as HTTPS. This will help protect your data from being intercepted by third parties while also allowing you to unblock Twitter from any location.

You should also ensure that your proxy server is up-to-date and secure, as older versions may be vulnerable to attack.

Additionally, depending on the type of proxy you are using, you may have to input certain settings or configure certain features in order for it to work properly with Twitter. Finally, it is essential to note that a proxy can slow down your connection, so you should consider this when setting up your proxy server.

Why Bright Data Personal Favourite Twitter Proxy?🧐🔍

Social media and online platforms are prevalent, and Twitter has become an essential channel for networking, socializing, and marketing.

However, accessing Twitter can come with some limitations, especially in countries with restrictions, firewalls or where governments partially block social media platforms. That’s where Twitter proxy comes in handy.

Bright Data’s Twitter proxy is my personal favorite due to its exceptional service and advanced features that provide reliable and efficient data extraction. With this proxy, I can access a vast amount of data from Twitter without having to worry about being blocked or limited.

Its easy-to-use dashboard and customizable settings allow me to tailor my data scraping needs and achieve accurate results much faster. Plus, with Bright Data’s outstanding customer support and 24/7 online assistance, any issue I encounter can easily be resolved.

Overall, Bright Data has become a valuable asset to my research, marketing, and analytical efforts, making it an indispensable tool for any business or individual looking to extract large amounts of data from Twitter.

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👍What are Twitter Proxies?

A proxy is usually an intermediate server that acts as an intermediate between a User and a Website. This means that a user can access the website's pages through a proxy server rather than directly accessing it. A Twitter Proxy scrapes and crawls over Twitter to extract useful data on behalf of the user.

🙌 What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is usually known as Web Harvesting because it is a technique by which data is harvested or extracted from the web. It is used by Businesses and StartupsStartups to get useful information about their target audience.

👏 How Web Scraping helps Businesses?

Web scraping is usually known as Web Harvesting because it is a technique by which data is harvested or extracted from the web. It is used by Businesses and StartupsStartups to get useful information about their target audience.

🤷‍♂️ Mention some Twitter bots that can be useful in automation?

There are many Twitter bots available in the market that have automation functions. However, the best Twitter bots for automation include Jarvee, Tweet Attack Pros, and ASB Twitter bots. These Twitter bots help in automating Twitter accounts so that Users do not have to tweet. Their many accounts can also be managed by using Automated Twitter Bots.

🙎‍♀️Are Proxies allowed by Twitter?

Though Twitter is not as strict as Facebook and Google in terms of their blocking actions towards Proxies, Twitter does not allow Proxies. Since Twitter is slightly lax towards Proxies, Datacentre Proxies can be used without much concern of getting detected and eventually blocked.

🙆‍♂️ What should be the ideal account per proxy ratio for Twitter?

One must have a decent number of accounts per Proxy. A safer ratio would be 3:1, which means three accounts per proxy. However, if there are budget constraints, then five accounts per proxy. Otherwise, if one places too many accounts per proxy, then there is a threat of getting detected and eventually blocked by Twitter. Besides, if one looks at the residential proxies, they have rotating IPs; therefore, many accounts can be used per proxy.

🙋‍♀️Which Proxy is best for Twitter?

There are many Proxies for Twitter in the market. Bright Data is by far a standard and best choice.

Conclusion | Best Twitter Proxies 2024

Regarding Twitter management and scraping valuable data from the website, Bright Data is a clear-cut winner with top-notch functionalities, state-of-the-art features, wide accessibility, impressive geo-tagging, and comprehensive package offerings.

It is important to choose a Proxy Provider with a large IP pool that can be leveraged across the globe; Bright Data delivers just that. The businesses, irrespective of their sizes and structures, can use the Proxy services of Bright Data and benefit from them.

Bright Data offers seamless integration. They have fine speed and excellent uptimes. These features place them on the number one spot when naming the Best Proxies for Twitter. The final say will remain yours, and we recommend you to choose wisely!

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