10+ Best Twitter Proxies In 2023: Which Is Best For Twitter?

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Today, Social media and Digital space have become an integral part of people’s life. Twitter has increasingly become an engaging platform. Therefore, it generates a lot of traffic.

There are billions of users worldwide who use Twitter as a means of expression and sharing information. Businesses and Marketers can gain a lot of insight regarding their potential audience’s preferences and look at their competitor’s products and services.

The only catch is that Twitter allows a single account per user. Therefore, you cannot do large-scale promotions with one account. This is where automation bots and Proxies come in handy. Twitter Proxies help in making the automation bots function properly. 


GeoSurf is another useful Twitter Proxy provider that is efficient in scraping and scrawling data from the internet. They have over 2.5 million IPs in their proxy pool.


Bright Data is by far the best Twitter Proxy that can be very useful for any Business or Digital Marketer. They have a vast IP pool of over 35 million IPs to target Twitter and give seamless compatibility. It allows for Unlimited Concurrency.

As a business on social media, your online presence is important. Twitter is one of the top platforms to stay connected with customers and building relationships that last.

But keeping up with customer engagement and managing your account can be difficult when you’re restricted by common network errors due to geographical restrictions or Twitter bans. The solution? Using proxies!

Proxies work as an extra layer of protection for accessing Twitter while bypassing geo-restrictions or IP banning issues.

Whether you’re looking to access or manage multiple accounts simultaneously, protect yourself from hackers, or just want the freedom to tweet content from different locations worldwide – having the best Twitter proxies can make all the difference!

Read on to find out how getting the right proxy server can help improve your overall experience with this popular platform.

Here are some of the best proxies recommended by Editor

  1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati)🏆
  2. Shifter.io
  3. GeoSurf
  4. SmartProxy
  5. ProxyCheap

Why Bright Data Personal Favourite Twitter Proxy?🧐🔍

Social media and online platforms are prevalent, and Twitter has become an essential channel for networking, socializing, and marketing.

However, accessing Twitter can come with some limitations, especially in countries with restrictions, firewalls or where governments partially block social media platforms. That’s where Twitter proxy comes in handy.

Bright Data’s Twitter proxy is my personal favorite due to its exceptional service and advanced features that provide reliable and efficient data extraction. With this proxy, I can access a vast amount of data from Twitter without having to worry about being blocked or limited.

Its easy-to-use dashboard and customizable settings allow me to tailor my data scraping needs and achieve accurate results much faster. Plus, with Bright Data’s outstanding customer support and 24/7 online assistance, any issue I encounter can easily be resolved.

Overall, Bright Data has become a valuable asset to my research, marketing, and analytical efforts, making it an indispensable tool for any business or individual looking to extract large amounts of data from Twitter.

10 Best Twitter Proxies In 2023: Which One Works The Best?

Here is a list of the Best Twitter Proxies that would help you increase your reach and business.

1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati)👨🏻‍💻

Bright Data is by far the best Twitter Proxy that can be very useful for any Business or Digital Marketer. They have a vast IP pool of over 35 million IPs to target Twitter and give seamless compatibility. It allows for Unlimited Concurrency.

The pricing mechanism is based on Bandwidth utilization. A minimum of 40 GB bandwidth is required to avail of its Proxy Services. The pricing is USD 500 for 40 GB bandwidth.

They might have standard pricing. But their service delivery is of superior quality. They provide reliable and accurate data that would help businesses and marketers gain cutting-edge insights into their target audience.


Bright Data has Proxies that have a vast geographical presence and outreach. Their geo-tagging is very efficient and impressive. Besides, they have advanced session control that helps in averting any spam action taken by Twitter.

Thus, they are considered leaders in the field of Twitter Proxies. They have many Fortune 500 companies in their Client list who make great use of the Proxy Services provided by Bright Data. This further validates their efficacy as Twitter Proxy Providers.

2. Shifter.io😁

Shifter.io or previously known as Microleaves is another Twitter Proxy Provider that helps Businesses and Marketers expand their outreach and business. These have a global network of over 26 million IPs. Their geographical scalability is stellar.

They have a presence in 130 countries across the globe. They are suitable to be used with bots that work on HTTPS and SOCKS protocol.

Shifter - Microleaves

Shifter.io has unlimited Concurrency. They facilitate seamless integration with the automation bots for extracting the most relevant Twitter data. The pricing mechanism is based on the number of ports. The cost is reasonable given their vast domain.

The price for 10 ports is USD 175. They provide instant scaling and have an ultra-modern control panel. Shifter.io is next only to Luminati.io in being the Best Proxy Provider for Twitter.

3. GeoSurf📍

GeoSurf is another useful Twitter Proxy provider that is efficient in scraping and scrawling data from the internet. They have over 2.5 million IPs in their proxy pool. This is lower as compared to Bright Data or Shifter.io.

However, their presence is in over 130 countries in different parts of the world. They have unlimited Concurrency. They have a proxy for different packages. 

The Pricing Structure depends on bandwidth. The Pricing Structure caters to Small, Medium, and Large Businesses. The Starter Package for GeoSurf Proxies comes at USD 450 per month with 38 GB bandwidth.

GeoSurf - Twitter Proxy provider

The Professional Package for GeoSurf Proxies costs USD 900 per month with 90 GB bandwidth. The Plus Package for GeoSurf Proxies costs USD 2000 per month for 250 GB bandwidth. Their proxies are not easily detectable.

Hence, they provide seamless access to Twitter and thus offer to scrape and crawl with automated bots to extract valuable information.

4. SmartProxy🤓

SmartProxies offer IP addresses that have an unlimited range. Their IP pool size is that of over 40 million. Thus they have an extensive geographical reach and are available in around 195 countries across the globe. They offer reliable and accurate information. The Concurrency provided by them is unlimited.

The best thing about SmartProxy is the starting pricing range. Their range starts at USD 75 for 5 GB. This makes it appealing to the startups and small businesses facing a liquidity crunch. The Micro version with USD 75 per month is the basic version.

The Starter Pack that costs USD 200 per month is very popular as it gives better functionalities that add value to the customer. The Regular package includes 50 GB and costs USD 400 per month.

Smartproxy - Best Value

Whereas the Advanced Pack has ultra-modern features that have a premium range. The pricing for the Advanced pack is USD 600 per month. It includes 100 GB bandwidth. Thus, like many Twitter Proxies providers, SmartProxy has a pricing structure that is based on bandwidth requirements and usage.

5. ProxyCheap😌

ProxyCheap is also popular among the digital populace because of its inexpensive and affordable pricing structure. Their reasonable pricing makes them more accessible to small businesses and marketers in increasing their reach to a greater number of people across the globe.

The IP pool provided by ProxyCheap is moderate in size, with over 6 million proxies. Unlike Luminati.io, it does not have a global outreach. The Proxies are available only for specific locations like the US. So, the targeting is not global; rather, it is country-based. 

ProxyCheap - Mobile

ProxyCheap has its pricing structure based on bandwidth usage. They offer their services at USD 5 per GB. Thus the pricing structure has another variable in the form of the number of GB required.

This is better for a small business that is expanding gradually. They have decent value in Twitter automation. However, they do not provide the complete range of functionalities as Bright Data offers its customers.

Mobile Proxies for Twitter🤳🏻

Now let’s have a look at Mobile Proxies for Twitter.

1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati)🤨

When it comes to Mobile Proxies for Twitter, Bright Data emerges as the best Mobile Proxy provider to fulfill multiple requests using mobile IPs to get the much-needed information from Twitter. Luminati.io has an extensive IP pool that includes over 7 million IPs.

This is one of the best features of Bright Data. The Geo-tagging is ultra-modern, and the geographic extensiveness is all-pervasive. 

The Pricing structure is based on the gigabytes. Concurrency is allowed, and it starts from 17 GB. The pricing is closely related to the bandwidth. Bright Data charges USD 500 for 17 GB.

Bright Data Review - Mobile Proxy

The price may appear to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, Bright Data provides state-of-the-art functionalities and features, including vast extensibility, accessibility, and improved integration mechanisms that make it worth the cost incurred.

2. Soax😃

Soax is another Proxy for Twitter that enables a business or marketer to successfully tweet and manage the Twitter account and extract valuable information, which helps reach out to more people, thus getting more leads. Soax provides Peer-to-Peer Network for streamlining the data and seamless integration of valuable data.

They provide Proxies for Twitter at a standard cost. The pricing mechanism is based on bandwidth utilization. Soax Proxy Providers charge around USD 70 for 2 GB. They have a global reach with over 3.5 million IPs.

Soax - Mobile

While Soax Mobile proxies have a global outreach, they have fewer proxies in their IP pool than Bright Data. This makes them limited in providing a complete IP pool range in the various locations.

3. ProxyCheap🤔

ProxyCheap attracts many StartupsStartups and new businesses because they offer Mobile Proxies for Twitter at a relatively lesser price than what most Proxy providers charge.

Unlike Bright Data and Soax, ProxyCheap is not transparent in disclosing their Proxy pool information. They offer Proxy services with IPs’ help, which are available as 4G Long Term Evolution SIM Cards. Thus, by using these SIM cards, ProxyCheap makes queries, requests and manages Twitter accounts.

ProxyCheap - Best Twitter Proxies

When it comes to geographical extensibility and outreach, ProxyCheap lags behind Bright Data and even Soax because ProxyCheap has IPs only in select locations across the globe. Their geographical extent is limited to the USA and France.

Best Datacentre Proxies for Twitter🙌🏻

Let us now have a look at the Best Datacentre Proxies for Twitter.

1. Bright Data👍🏻

As was the case with Residential and Mobile Proxies, Bright Data has proved its mettle in providing Datacentre Proxies for Twitter as well. They are global extensibility that helps in providing IPs for different geographic locations.

They provide accessible Proxies that enable the Twitter site’s scraping and manage multiple accounts on Twitter. Twitter does not easily detect these Proxies and thus does not warrant any spam blocking activity from Twitter.

They provide valuable researched insights in HTTP format such that it can be easily used by businesses to increase their outreach and maximize their sales through greater customer engagements.

Bright Data Review - Data Center Proxies

2. MyPrivateProxies💁🏻‍♂️

MyPrivateProxy provides Proxy services to many small and large businesses. The main limitation with these proxies is that they have a small IP pool with IP availability only in the US and European Union regions. Concurrency is permitted based on Thread count.

The permitted Concurrency is up to 100 thread counts. A positive point about MyPrivateProxies is that they are available to businesses at a reasonable price. The pricing structure is based on the number of proxies.

MyPrivateProxy - Datacentre

These Proxy Providers charge a meager sum of USD 2.49 per proxy. They have enterprise-compatible hardware that performs very fast functions. They provide fast and relevant data that small and large businesses can easily extract and analyze.

3. MyInstantProxies🤩

MyInstantProxies are sure to make it to the list of the Best Proxies for Twitter.

They have a worldwide presence that provides a wide pool of IPs for managing Twitter accounts and extracting relevant data from Twitter that will ultimately lead to the expansion and extension of businesses.

Instant Proxies - Datacentre

MyInstantProxies are renowned for their excellent Uptimes that can even be publicly tracked. Thus businesses can first assess their uptime performance and then buy these Proxies for better Twitter management. The pricing mechanism is simple and cheap.

These Proxy Providers demand USD 1 per proxy, which is one of the lowest rates per proxy available. These Proxy Providers also allow unlimited Concurrency and offer unlimited bandwidth, just like Bright Data. However, MyInstantProxies do not have as sophisticated features as presented by Bright Data.

4. StormProxies📌

These Proxies are private proxies that are available at premium rates and have some premium features. Thus StormProxies have a niche of premium businesses to cater to. These Proxies offer back-connect Proxies to their Customers.

They have availability in the US only. However, they have special proxies for special purposes. This makes them popular worldwide, even as they provide IPs in the US region only. These Proxies have unlimited bandwidth and allow for unlimited Concurrency.

stormproxies -Datacentre

The Pricing structure is based on the number of proxies. These Proxies are offered at USD 3.0 per proxy. The price is high as compared to some other cheap proxies. Therefore, they have premium and mid-range businesses as their target customers.

They give good quality data by using HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

5. HighProxies👌🏻

These proxies are available locally in the United States region only. These proxies are reliable and use HTTP and HTTPS protocols to yield results. Twitter Management is made simple by having seamless access to IPs throughout the US.

Highproxies - Best Twitter Proxies

Thus the big businesses are catered to adequately. The pricing structure is based on bandwidth availability and utilization and the number of proxies. HighProxies offer their services at USD 3.2 per proxy.

6. BuyProxies👈🏻

These are relevant in Twitter Management and coherently extracting relevant user information. BuyProxies use HTTP and HTTPS protocols for yielding results to the customer. They have a Proxy IP pool that has limited accessibility in the US and European Union regions only.

This makes it difficult for businesses to target beyond these locations. The Concurrency permitted is unlimited. These Proxies offer API access that yields critical data in a .txt format for seamless integration.

Buy Proxies - Best Twitter Proxies

They offer new proxies every month and a money-back guarantee within 24 hours. The pricing is reasonable, with USD 2.00 per proxy. 

7. Rayobyte🤑

Rayobyte Overview

our service. All of our data centers are monitored 24/7 by our expert team, so you can be sure that your connection will remain secure and reliable at all times.

With Rayobyte, you can take your business or website to the next level with our unbeatable performance and reliability.

From setup and configuration to troubleshooting, we are here for you whenever you need us. We also offer a range of monitoring tools, so you can keep an eye on the performance of your network and make sure it’s running smoothly.

At Rayobyte, they have a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We understand that your time is precious and you don’t want to wait for help when you need it.

That’s why their team of dedicated professionals is always available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

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FAQs | Best Twitter Proxies

👍What are Twitter Proxies?

A proxy is usually an intermediate server that acts as an intermediate between a User and a Website. This means that a user can access the website's pages through a proxy server rather than directly accessing it. A Twitter Proxy scrapes and crawls over Twitter to extract useful data on behalf of the user.

🙌 What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is usually known as Web Harvesting because it is a technique by which data is harvested or extracted from the web. It is used by Businesses and StartupsStartups to get useful information about their target audience.

👏 How Web Scraping helps Businesses?

Web scraping is usually known as Web Harvesting because it is a technique by which data is harvested or extracted from the web. It is used by Businesses and StartupsStartups to get useful information about their target audience.

🤷‍♂️ Mention some Twitter bots that can be useful in automation?

There are many Twitter bots available in the market that have automation functions. However, the best Twitter bots for automation include Jarvee, Tweet Attack Pros, and ASB Twitter bots. These Twitter bots help in automating Twitter accounts so that Users do not have to tweet. Their many accounts can also be managed by using Automated Twitter Bots.

🙎‍♀️Are Proxies allowed by Twitter?

Though Twitter is not as strict as Facebook and Google in terms of their blocking actions towards Proxies, Twitter does not allow Proxies. Since Twitter is slightly lax towards Proxies, Datacentre Proxies can be used without much concern of getting detected and eventually blocked.

🙆‍♂️ What should be the ideal account per proxy ratio for Twitter?

One must have a decent number of accounts per Proxy. A safer ratio would be 3:1, which means three accounts per proxy. However, if there are budget constraints, then five accounts per proxy. Otherwise, if one places too many accounts per proxy, then there is a threat of getting detected and eventually blocked by Twitter. Besides, if one looks at the residential proxies, they have rotating IPs; therefore, many accounts can be used per proxy.

🙋‍♀️Which Proxy is best for Twitter?

There are many Proxies for Twitter in the market. Bright Data is by far a standard and best choice.

Conclusion | Best Twitter Proxies 2023

Regarding Twitter management and scraping valuable data from the website, Bright Data is a clear-cut winner with top-notch functionalities, state-of-the-art features, wide accessibility, impressive geo-tagging, and comprehensive package offerings.

It is important to choose a Proxy Provider with a large IP pool that can be leveraged across the globe; Bright Data delivers just that. The businesses, irrespective of their sizes and structures, can use the Proxy services of Bright Data and benefit from them.

The Bright Data offers seamless integration. They have fine speed and excellent uptimes. These features place them on the number one spot when naming the Best Proxies for Twitter. The final say will remain yours, and we recommend you to choose wisely!

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There are billions of users worldwide who use Twitter as a means of expression and sharing information. Businesses and Marketers can gain a lot of insight regarding their potential audience's preferences and look at their competitor's products and services.It is important to choose a Proxy Provider with a large IP pool that can be leveraged across the globe; Luminati.io delivers just that. The businesses, irrespective of their sizes and structures, can use the Proxy services of Luminati.io and benefit from them.

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