6 Best Twitch Proxies In 2024: Top Proxies for Viewer Bots

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Are you a gaming enthusiast and desire to live stream games? Then jump into the twitch platform. Twitch proxies are gaining ground these days as many gaming enthusiasts across the globe crave to connect to the Twitch platform.

Any user associating with the twitch platform through Twitch proxies enjoys uninterrupted live streaming. If you plan for data gathering, privacy protection, or averting geo-location, then twitch proxies are an intelligent choice.

The prime role of a proxy server is to assist in hiding the user’s IP address. The proxy server generates its IP address on behalf of the user. People dwell in geographical locations, organizations, or schools without Twitch access. In such cases associating with the Twitch platform through proxies is the ideal way.

Being a complex web service the Twitch domain owes a smart anti-spam system and is very strict. Hence, it is essential to pick the appropriate proxy servers for linking with the twitch world.

Let us glimpse through a few Best twitch proxies available.


The Soax is widely known for its cost-effective and reliable solution intended for individuals and businesses. Being a rotating mobile and residential proxy provider, they cover up nearly 8.5 million residential and mobile IPs across all GEO locations.

Best Value

Geo surf is yet another eminent residential proxy provider and superior in the market today. I am happy to state that the proxy is undetectable, reliable, secure, and unblocking by main web servers..

As a streamer on Twitch, I know how important having reliable streaming proxies can be. Whether you’re trying to access geo-restricted content or attempting to bypass heavy throttling and firewalls, good proxies make the difference between success and failure.

In this blog post, we are going to explore some of the best twitch proxy options available so that you have the tools you need to reach your broadcasting goals.

We will cover everything from choosing between dedicated vs shared ip’s, different types of protocols such as HTTP/SOCKS4/5 and also look at factors such as speed and reliability.   

6 Best Twitch Proxies for Viewer Bots


Here is the list of the best Twitch proxies for viewer bots:

  1. Bright Data
  2. Shifter
  3. Soax
  4. Geo-surf
  5. Smartproxy
  6. Storm proxies

1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati.io)

Bright Data Review - Data Center Proxies

The initial fact that flashes the mind while thinking of Bright Data is its massive proxy pool owing about 35 million proxies. Bright Data has been serving as the best proxy with its ample beneficial features.

They are pioneers in the proxy market, owing proxies across the globe. The best aspect I appreciate about Bright Data is that they are secure, ethical, and reliable and render the best results.

Bright Data is used for brand protection, crawling, scraping, and ad verification. 

Bright Data provides all categories of proxies as one of the best Twitch proxies. The eminent residential proxies support all key protocols, such as HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCKS5. Let me list a few significant reasons I admire. You can also check one more proxy, Instant Proxies, I have compiled the Instant Proxies Review.

Proxy Connection Speed 

After experiencing the free trial option, the impressive connection speed of Bright Data was stunning. I utilized the speed test and found the results incredible. Also, the residential proxies’ response time was higher than the data center proxies.

The fundamental reason requests for residential proxy servers to connect to the residential device. 

Scraping Performance

Residential proxies are mainly intended for web crawling and scraping. The websites had laid smart security features to avert data theft by data aggressors, So web crawling and scraping plays a key role. 

To test the scraping performance of Bright Data, I sent about 11 300 requests each to Facebook, Amazon, Linked In, Aliexpress, Instagram, Google, booking, and other prominent sites. An average of 93% of the request sent through Bright Data was prosperous. 


Another valuable facet that forced me to choose Bright Data is its 100% legal aspect. The use of an IP address is lawful with Bright Data.

The law-abiding and security factors are beneficial due to the encryption of Bright Data proxies. It is advantageous for users to utilize HTTP. 


The unique feature I like to highlight about Bright Data is the Geo-targeting feature. Bright Data proxies have been making their presence in all prime countries and cities in the world.

You always have the freedom to opt for the location of the proxy you desire. The selection is from three geo-targeting options.

You can either opt for city proxies or country proxies. The most attention-grabbing part is that Bright Data supports Autonomous System Number (ASN) that offers granular control while comparing to city or country targets. 

2. Shifter

Best Twitch Proxies-Shifter 

Shifter from micro leaves is another prestigious twitch proxy provider. It owes an expansive range of 26 million residential IP addresses and bags the fame for being the largest proxy network. The attention-grabbing fact I noticed about micro leaves is the pricing factor.

The price does not rely on bandwidth as the service offers unlimited bandwidth. The unmetered back connects proxies to make sure of an uninterrupted internet connection after utilizing a specific bandwidth.

Let me gather a few features that made micro leaves the most desired choice. 

Unlimited bandwidth and appropriate pricing

Apart from IP pool size, the price plays a crucial role in luring more customers. Almost all residential proxies’ pricing calculations are according to bandwidth.

If your data is exhausted, the user needs to pay an additional payment to continue usage. Micro leaves are a step ahead as they render unlimited internet connection and the price per port instead of bandwidth.

I adored the service just by subscribing. They come with discount plans and a bundle of offers to enjoy. 

Massive location coverage and IP pool 

After stepping the feet into the niche, Micro leaves stand prestigious as the largest proxy network currently. They hold a sprawling collection of 26 million residential IP addresses.

The remarkable feature I have high regard for the shifter is they refresh at particular periods. 

Also, the negative IPs eradicate as being identified, and they are either tagged dysfunctional or blocked. Though the proxies are in many countries, they do not offer a list of proxies in countries.

The proxies are country-specific, and demanding residential IPs are not possible with micro leaves. 

Proxy speed 

By testing the scraping performance, I found the results better than other residential proxies. Also, the upload and download speed was satisfactory though not fast. 

3. Soax


Soax is widely known for its cost-effective and reliable solution intended for individuals and businesses. Being a rotating mobile and residential proxy provider, they cover up to nearly 8.5 million residential and mobile IPs across all GEO locations.

A basic Soax plan is ample to enjoy full features. I must highlight, that the user is anonymous as they provide whitelisted IP addresses from reliable ISP. 

High speed and performance

I am glad to inform you that the speed and performance of the Soax twitch proxy are incredible. By switching to Soax, you have the opportunity to gain quick responses from legitimate IP addresses. You also associate with extremely reliable Proxy platforms. 

User-friendly dashboard 

Managing the proxy dashboard is compatible and intuitive incorporated with many SEO tools. The Soax user dashboard helps you observe traffic usage, and customize your proxies and white list IPs. 

Assist in business promotions

The automatic IP rotation on every port assures users to work with real and live proxies. This specific feature is beneficial for business promotion and marketing requirements. 

Soax proxy highlights 

Businesses planning to generate multiple Facebook accounts for grabbing more traffic and promoting products should opt for high-standard Facebook proxies available with Soax.

The best aspect is that these mobile and residential proxies never push you into trouble as they develop from various locations. 

4. Geo-surf 


Geo surf is yet another eminent residential proxy provider and superior in the market today. I am happy to state that the proxy is undetectable, reliable, secure, and unblocked by the main web servers.

They scatter across various locations on the globe. They are developed intentionally for web crawling and scraping. Apart from all these, they have made a functional entry into ads verification, social media, sneaker copping, and more. 


With Geo-surf, you gain the opportunity to pick specific location proxies. But remember, the city proxies hold premium features, and the pricing pattern differs. By choosing a country you are offered three sticky IPs that vary after 30 minutes, 10 minutes, or 1 minute.

Apart from these IPs, you can opt for a high rotation gateway, in which every session or request gets you a new IP. 

Easy to use 

The first-time users of Geo-surf are happy to enjoy the intuitive services. The organized and well-structured interface makes Geo-surf my favorite one. Integration of proxies to browsers is made simple with browser extensions from geo-surf.

Just a few clicks and the user enjoys the service. Additional details such as bandwidth used, remaining and details about traffic logs are also available with this proxy service. 

Ample IP and location 

The primary strength of Geo-surf is its geographical distribution and IP. About 2 million IPs are available for usage. With the rotating gateway technology, web scraping is easy. They owe an excellent footprint of location coverage.

Nearly 150 countries with 1700 cities hold the Geo-surf residential IPs. The data center proxies scatter over 120 countries and 30 nominated US market locations. 

5. Smartproxy 


The preeminent first-class residential proxy provider, Smart proxy serves only as a residential proxy provider. These residential proxies serve across many countries and a few cities too.

The prices are reasonable, and there are no chances for these proxies to get detected as they work for residential purposes. 


The simple interface makes smart proxy the most favorite one. The clear dashboard is easy to understand, and there is no chance for confusion. For better understanding, these services also offer documentation at the time of purchase.

The above-said help integrate the proxies to copious tools such as social media automation, SEO tools, and familiar web crawlers. 

Location and residential IP

The residential IP of Smart proxies is vast in number. It sprawls about 40 million residential IP addresses running through 150 countries.

Smart proxies are city-specific and ready for London, New York, Miami, Chicago, Berlin, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Houston. 

Proxy speed

The stunning response time is what makes Smart proxies the best. Do you know the response time in residential proxies is longer compared with the data center proxies?

But smart proxy renders a marvelous response time with a perfect average.

I also cross-checked the download data size and was impressed with the results. 

Customer support 

Smart proxies ensure to make customers happy. They desire their customers to have a swift experience by utilizing the service. Hence, excellent customer support is always there for Smart proxy users.

The FAQ pages clear up all queries for the customer, and ones desiring to know more details can dial customer care for assistance. 

6. Storm proxies 

Best Twitch Proxies - Storm Proxies

If you are looking for budget-friendly proxies, Storm proxies are a smart choice. They are the cheapest and best residential proxies. The proxies are widespread in the EU and USA, with nearly 40,000 proxies.

The ports range from 5 to 50 in which the packages work. The significant highlight is that users gain unlimited bandwidth and access the complete pool. Despite the rotating feature of twitch proxies, a five-minute sticky session works better. 

Storm proxies developed the technology completely with experts in the team. Hence the technology is not found elsewhere. The residential and rotating IP proxies of the storm are unique in the market today.

They also offer dedicated proxies that are hosted on their server and not on other servers. The most promising aspect is that they owe the complete inventory. 

Back connect rotating proxies

The salient feature of rotating proxies is the automatic change of IP address for every HTTP request. The above-said happens mainly every 3 to 15 minutes.

These proxies are perfect for businesses and tasks that mandate multiple IP addresses. A few of such chores are bulk account registration, sneaker, and tickets site, SEO tools, traffic bots, scraping sites, etc., 

High performance and speed

The 1 GB network of storm proxies is the ultimate as they render excellent performance and speed. The proxy heightens for quick multi-threaded tools and high performance. 

Unlimited bandwidth 

The unlimited bandwidth feature lures plenty of customers to use storm proxy. The best facet is limitless use of bandwidth, and there are no hidden costs associated. 

Factors to Be Considered:

When selecting a Twitch proxy, several factors should be taken into consideration.

1. Number of servers

The number of servers available is an important factor to consider. The more servers available, the lower the latency and better streaming experience for users. It is highly recommended to choose one with multiple servers across different geographic locations so you can connect quickly no matter where you are.

2. Speed

It is important to consider the proxy speed of the Twitch proxy that you choose. Finding a server with fast speeds will ensure that your streams are seamless and lag-free. Using a slow speed can cause disruption or buffering on your stream, so be sure to do some research on the speeds offered by different providers before choosing one.

3. Multi-platform support

It is important to look for a proxy that offers multi-platform support. This means that the Twitch proxy should be able to securely access your Twitch account from anywhere in the world no matter what device or operating system you are using. This will ensure that you can always access your account no matter where you are.

4. Privacy Policies

Finally, make sure to find a proxy with strict privacy policies. This means that the provider should offer top-notch encryption and security protocols to keep your data and activities safe from cybercriminals or any third party that might be trying to access it.

Having robust security measures in place is crucial for ensuring the safety of your identity and personal information while using Twitch.

Why Soax is My Personal Recommendation?

Soax is more than just a typical proxy service – it’s a game-changer for anyone in need of reliable, high-quality proxy solutions. As a technology-forward company, Soax goes above and beyond to ensure that all of their clients have access to the most advanced proxy features on the market.

From rotating IPs to advanced targeting options, Soax has it all. They also offer exceptional customer service and support, making it easy for anyone to get started with their platform.

With Soax, you can trust that you’re getting the best possible proxy service for your needs – whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or just someone who values online privacy and security. Overall, Soax is my personal recommendation for anyone in need of top-notch proxy services.

FAQs | Best Twitch Proxies

👏 My local address is barred; can I utilize a twitch proxy?

Yes, you can surely use it. The main intention of a twitch proxy is to cover your local IP address. As you adopt a twitch proxy, a new IP address generates, and you will never be in trouble. In case any of your proxies are banned, make sure to switch to another.

👍Is using a data center for twitch proxy advisable?

The strict site, the Twitch platform instantly smells out the data center proxies. The key intention of the twitch proxy is to cover the real IP address. A good piece of advice is to opt for residential proxies than data center proxies. The main reason being the IP addresses of residential proxies are from eliminating internet connectivity. While discoursing about data center proxies, the IPs come from providers. They purchase in bulks, and the masking factor is at risk. Though residential proxies are costly, they assure you of anonymity. Datacenter proxies are budget-friendly, but the safety factor is a question mark.

👋Will the proxy I purchase work for my twitch account?

Opting for a free trial option from the provider is always a smart way. If not, try asking for a refund option if proxies never work. The above idea helps you to pick the appropriate proxy for the twitch streaming

🙌 Why use twitch proxies?

Gamers using the twitch viewer bot stand to be a key reason for using twitch proxies. The view count of the stream inflates by these bots representing it to be more eminent. To obtain unique views, viewing from the uncommon IP address is essential. Proxies play the role of gathering plenty of IP addresses for making unique views. The other beneficial aspect of proxy is that they assist in unblocking the twitch platform. For those whose IP address is barred or accessing the Twitch entertainment, a proxy always helps you overcome the IP block.

💁Which proxy is best for huge players in the market?

Bright Data is always preferred by big businesses in the market.

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Conclusion | Best Twitch Proxies 2024

Twitch is gaining ground these days, and twitch proxies too. For web lovers utilizing the Twitch bot or having restrictions to access twitch, the only solution is adopting a twitch proxy.

To help you know the various twitch proxies available, I have compiled a list of twitch proxies. Pick your desired twitch proxy and get started for your entertainment. 


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