9 Best Pinterest Proxies To Use In 2023 – Which Is Most Effective?

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In this blog, I am going to tell you about the Best Pinterest Proxies in 2023.

With time, Pinterest is becoming a major source of traffic generation for websites. If you are a social media marketer, using Pinterest effectively is something you must know. Like any other social media platform, Pinterest accounts need to be updated regularly to see some real growth.

But managing too many accounts for one person is not permitted and that is where Pinterest proxies come into the picture. They remove the IP addresses that detect them, thereby ensuring you promote your business without any hassle.

Today, we will talk about some of the best proxies you can use in 2021. 

Best Value

A proxy provider that has been in the market for a long time and has continuously worked on improving the services. The proxies provided by GeoSurf are considered suitable for social listening, ad verification, sneaker copping, etc. It offers more than 2.5M backconnect IPs. 


SSL Private Proxy is undoubtedly the next best option for a good Pinterest proxy provider. There are only a few proxy providers that have specialized proxies for Pinterest, and this is one of them. They will be on an expensive end but definitely worth the money since they will help you in focusing on specific usage. 

1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati) : Largest Proxy Network


When it comes down to the largest proxy network in the world, Bright Data is the one you are searching for.

It has a pool of over 72 million IPs and has continued to be the choice of businesses. All the proxy tasks including ad verification, web scraping, etc. are easily and timely handled. 

You can easily opt for a monthly plan to get acquainted with its services. It begins at $500/month. The price varies based on different factors including the targeting level. 

The options are not at all limited since it provides the cheap datacenter proxies, the standard residential proxies, as well as the expensive mobile proxies.

As said above, the pool of IPs is so vast that it covers almost all major cities in different countries of the world. 

Next, when we talk about the usage, it provides information regarding the same in detail to ensure beginners do not find it complex. The dashboard will give you the traffic on your proxies to help estimate the progress. 

But if you ask us whether or not it is worth your time and money then yes, Bright Data is the best Pinterest proxy to consider. It consists of all the important features that a good proxy provider should have. 

Based on reviews given by current users, it has been identified that the performance is better than they expected. If you are still confused then don’t worry since you will be offered a free trial to see if it’s something you should choose or not. 

As far as the price is considered, it is comparatively higher than the competitors since it is developed for heavy usage. But the proxy provider is working on improving the same to be accessible to everyone. 

Major Points (at a glance)

  • Largest proxy network in the world
  • The best option for Pinterest Proxy provider
  • Go for a monthly plan to get acquainted with its working
  • Price varies on targeting level and comparatively high
  • Covers all major cities in the world
  • Worth every penny spent on it
  • Performance is up to the mark according to customer reviews
  • Offers a free trial
  • Great for already established businesses in the market

2. SSL Private Proxy

Best Pinterest Proxies - SSL Private Proxy

SSL Private Proxy is undoubtedly the next best option for a good Pinterest proxy provider. There are only a few proxy providers that have specialized proxies for Pinterest, and this is one of them.

They will be on an expensive end but definitely worth the money since they will help you in focusing on specific usage. 

They provide anonymous protection in about 34 North American cities and 5 other locations in the EU. The premium services provided by this proxy network take it to the top despite the higher pricing.

The main reason why choosing amongst private proxies is a difficult task is because of the different set of available features. 

Since its introduction in 2021, SSL Private proxy has worked to establish a name in the market. The specialized packages offered by this proxy provider makes it suitable for businesses targeting specific area (Pinterest in your case). The 3-days refund policy has got you covered if you change your mind. 

Unlike Bright Data, it does not offer any trial period which puts businesses in a dilemma. But with the diverse collection of Proxy IPs and a large number of specialized packages, it has been ranking on the top.

The money you spend highly varies on the time limit, therefore, the yearly packages are much cheaper than the monthly ones. We advise you to go for longer packages since the services are up to the mark and much cheaper. 

Major Points (at a glance)

  • A competitive Pinterest proxy provider
  • Provides anonymous protection in 34 North American cities and 5 other locations in the EU. 
  • 3-days refund policy
  • No free-trial
  • A diverse collection of proxy IPs
  • Yearly plans are given preference 

3. Highproxies

secured proxy - Highproxies

Highproxies come under the list of secured proxy providers for social media. When it comes down to the speed, it is quite up to the mark. Pinterest will never end up following your trails since this proxy provider ensures there won’t be any left. 

It covers more than 680000 IP addresses so far in the US, UK, and Germany. Their highly anonymous networks proved to be effective for several businesses in the short as well as long run.

To make the decision easier, this proxy network provider gives a map of their server location to its potential buyers. They are strategically mapped out, thereby providing convenience to the users. 

Right after the payment, you get access to the proxies and can receive them through your email. Apart from that, customers also get the option of refreshing an IP every month. We have personally tested the proxies for Pinterest and they are commendable. 

Even if you are stuck somewhere, the customer service is always there to help you through the situation.

You won’t have to wait for hours or days for their response since they are quick at dealing with the queries which makes them a top-notch choice. 

Major Points (at a glance)

  • High speed and reliable network
  • Covers more than 680000 IP addresses
  • Highly anonymous network
  • Provides a reliable proxy map for convenience
  • Immediate delivery of proxies after payment
  • Refresh an IP every month
  • Quick customer service support

4. MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy - budget-friendly

MyPrivateProxy is one of the best proxy providers for people looking for a budget-friendly option. From the list of reviews, we have analyzed, this proxy provider is considered an all-around dedicated proxy provider. 

Research has shown that more than 1,50,000 IPs are handled by this network and it is growing ever since it placed a foot in the market. 

After buying and testing proxies, we found that the network runs on high anonymity. The speed was better than what we expected which leads to an added benefit. The network is distributed in 8 major countries of the world. 

The dual-mode authentication (IP authorization and username-password authorization) makes it a competitive option. No need to wait since their immediate delivery ensures no inconvenience is suffered. 

Just like the one before this, it does not offer any trial usage but does provide a 3-day money-back guarantee. 

As far as pricing is concerned, you will find a well-organized pricing structure that helps you make a relevant decision. At the given prices, the services are offered are up to the mark. 

If you come across any issue, their people are always available to help you deal with the same. Also, the usage is quite simple and you will receive the services without any complexity.

Enjoy unlimited concurrency and bandwidth in the US, Canada, and few other locations in the EU. 

Major Points (at a glance)

  • all-round dedicated proxy provider
  • Handles approximately 1,50,000 IPs
  • Highly anonymous network
  • The high speed makes it more reliable
  • Dual-mode authentication
  • Spread across 8 major countries
  • No free trial
  • 3-day money-back guarantee
  • Well-organized pricing structure
  • Great customer support service
  • Unlimited concurrency and bandwidth

5. Smartproxy Review


It hasn’t been long since Smartproxy entered the market but it has managed to secure a good place. The services are up to the mark to the extent that it is considered the third-largest proxy provider. If you are looking for a reliable proxy provider with a below-average price, then your search is over. 

Consisting of over 40 million IPs spread across different countries of the world, makes it a great competitor of the Bright Data. No matter which plans you choose from the available options, you are bound by no connection limits. 

Unlike regular proxies, the backconnect proxies offered by Smartproxy ensure your IPs are secured behind a proxy pool. Research has shown that the major reason behind the huge success of Smartproxy is the pricing structure. 

Due to this, its reach is continuously expanding, thereby contributing to its ever-growing preference. You can easily make your payment through credit card, Paypal, etc. 

But keep in mind that the subscription needs to be canceled if you change your mind since it is auto-renewed. After purchasing and testing the proxies, no huge flaws were detected and the performance was great. 

These proxies are specifically recommended for Pinterest automation. We even tested the customer service and the average response time was 3 seconds. 

This makes it even more preferable since the provider gives special attention to the user’s queries. Furthermore, the user-friendly dashboard ensures you find no difficulty in the usage.

Major Points (at a glance)

  • Third largest proxy provider
  • Handles over 40M IPs 
  • Below-average price makes it a top preference
  • The biggest competitor of Bright Data
  • Offers backconnect proxies leading to better reliability
  • Continuous growing reach
  • Highly recommended for Pinterest automation
  • Good response time
  • User-friendly interface 

6. GeoSurf

GeoSurf - social listening

A proxy provider that has been in the market for a long time and has continuously worked on improving the services. The proxies provided by GeoSurf are considered suitable for social listening, ad verification, sneaker copping, etc. It offers more than 2.5M backconnect IPs. 

Firstly, the pricing of this proxy provider is quite high compared to the other options in the list. The most basic option is priced at $450/month and keeps increasing accordingly.

Due to this, it is generally preferred by large businesses working on a huge scale. For people with limited requirements, this option is ruled out. 

In pricing model, it is somehow similar to Bright Data, Oxylabs, etc. You can enjoy its amazing service from more than 1700 locations and expanded through 135+ countries. There is no particular limitation on connections but you will come across traffic limitations. 

For omitting the same, all that you need to do is go for a bigger plan. It supports HTTP and HTTPS protocol but Socks5 is not available. The simple dashboard makes it easier for you to access it. You can easily get information regarding your traffic and update the plan as and when required. Apart from that, you will not find any big hassle during the setup. 

Major Points (at a glance)

  • Competitive proxy provider in the market for long
  • More than 2.5M backconnect residential IPs
  • Preferable for large businesses
  • Expensive
  • Expanded through 135+ countries and 1700 locations
  • Traffic limitation exists
  • A simple and easily accessible dashboard
  • Easy set-up and usage

7. PacketStream

Best Pinterest Proxies - PacketStream

PacketStream has not been in the journey for long but has known to provide great proxy services. It is continuously working on improving the features and results have been quite straightforward. 

The major reasons why it becomes new users’ top choice are the low pricing, global location, and excellent performance. The pricing is set to begin at $1/GB. To see whether or not this proxy provider is worth your time, you can take the free trial it offers. Paypal is the top chosen option of payment here. 

One major drawback of this proxy provider is a lack of focus on customer support service. Many users are often stuck with their queries for days with no response from their end.

Though the proxy provider is working their best to improve the user experience. 

The truth is that you wouldn’t be showered with every feature in case of this selection. But you will come across all the essential features that are required to get started.

People with limited budgets and requirements often find this choice helpful. 

Major Points (at a glance)

  • Newcomer continuously working towards advancement
  • Affordable pricing
  • Provides a free trial
  • Lack of customer support service
  • Suitable for businesses with low budgets and requirements

8. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies - small player

Storm Proxies is a comparatively small player in the proxy network providers’ list. It wouldn’t offer you an elegant dashboard or a list of different features. But it will provide you the bare minimum to get started. 

The pricing is extremely low due to which small businesses often find it useful. You can easily buy the basic plan for $19. 

As mentioned above, it has a small reach which is why it is limited to only 40,000 IPs. it is easy to use and quite helpful for beginners with no knowledge. 

Plus, you get to save on Pinterest Proxy Promo Codes.

Major Points (at a glance)

  • A small player with limited features
  • Low pricing
  • Suitable for small businesses with a limited budget
  • Only 40,000 IPs
  • Extremely easy-to-use

9. Buy Proxies

Buy Proxies

Buy Proxies is often known for its highly anonymous service. It is spread across many locations including the USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, and many others on list. 

This proxy provider ensures the customers always receive the right solution to their queries without wasting any time for a reply from their end. They have been providing great services since 2011 and are continuously making changes that benefit their current and potential user base. 

No need to wait further or go for frequent follow-ups since you will get access to the proxies right after the payment. You will get access to legit proxies since they handle the business all by themself rather than providing users with hacked servers. 

A one-day money-back guarantee ensures you can easily get a refund in the case of dissatisfaction. Go through the various packages offered by this proxy provider and make your decision accordingly. 

Major Points (at a glance)

  • High anonymity
  • Vastly spread across the USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, and many others
  • Great response time
  • Immediate proxy receival
  • Legit proxy servers
  • One-day money-back guarantee

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FAQs | Best Pinterest Proxies 

🙋‍♀️ How many Pinterest accounts can I have without Proxies?

Without proxies, the number is limited to approximately five accounts.

🙌How good will my experience be with free proxies?

Finding free proxies is an easy task but the experience will be disappointing.

🤷‍♂️Which is a major factor that affects my choice of Pinterest proxy provider?

Apart from your budget, the major factor affecting this choice is your requirements. Limited requirements demand less costly options.

👍Should I go for datacenter or residential proxies for Pinterest?

Residential proxies are always recommended for Pinterest.

💁Which proxy is best for huge players in the market?

Bright Data is always preferred by big businesses in the market.

The Final Verdict | Best Pinterest Proxies To Use In 2023

These were some of the best Pinterest proxies you must purchase in 2023. Based on our testing and an in-depth analysis of current customer reviews, we have curated the above-list. 

Go through each one of them to get a clear idea and associate the same with your requirements. You will easily come across a solid conclusion regarding your choice. The pricing structure of some of the Proxy providers mentioned above is quite high. 

But in the end, the best results are offered only by them. Bright Data will continue to rule the market and if you plan on moving ahead then that is your correct choice. Opt for the right Pinterest proxy and see your business grow in the long run. Apart from that, go through the FAQs section once again in case of confusion.


These were some of the best Pinterest proxies you must purchase. Based on our testing and an in-depth analysis of current customer reviews, we have curated the above-list. 

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