List Of 10+ Best Facebook Proxies You Must Know in 2024🚀 (#1 Picked)

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Facebook, since its inception, has taken the world by the storm. It is the most widely used social network. It has billions of users across the globe who share relevant posts and pictures of their life. This makes Facebook an ideal repository of information for any marketer or business.

However, a business cannot access all the data from Facebook as it can be blocked by Facebook in doing so.

The automation bots that businesses usually employ to collect data from various websites are recognized by Facebook and are blocked from taking any action. Therefore Proxies become significant.

Here is the list of the Best Facebook Proxies that you can employ to scrape relevant data.


Any exhaustive list of the Best Facebook Proxies cannot be complete without GeoSurf. They have a decent number of proxies in their IP pool that have an extensive reach in over 130 countries. It consists of over 2 million IPs in its Proxy pool.

Best Value

If any Mobile Proxy can make it to the list of the Best Facebook Proxies after Bright Data, it has to be Soax. They have a global outreach. Thus these proxies have IPs from various World locations. This makes them geographically diverse in terms of extensiveness.

Quick Review of  Facebook Proxies Recommended by Editor:

  1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati): Bright Data is an enterprise-grade proxy platform, providing businesses with a secure and reliable solution for data harvesting. Features of the platform include automated IP rotation, real-time analytics, and access to over 70 million residential IPs worldwide.
  2. offers a wide range of proxy services for businesses. It provides residential proxies, mobile proxies, data center proxies, and other solutions to help companies access the web anonymously. They also offer various packages tailored for different business needs and budget levels.
  3. Smartproxy: Smartproxy is a reliable and affordable proxy solution designed specifically for businesses. Features include unlimited IP addresses, powerful APIs, custom configurations, and the ability to scale quickly.
  4. StormProxy: StormProxy is a proxy service designed for businesses of all sizes. With its robust infrastructure, multiple locations, and flexible pricing plans, it helps companies access restricted websites and bypass geo-blocks with ease.
  5. GeoSurf: GeoSurf is a powerful proxy solution for businesses that need to access data from different countries. It offers an extensive list of global locations, high-speed connections, and reliable IP addresses to ensure secure web access.
  6. Soax: Soax is a leading provider of proxy services for businesses. With its easy-to-use dashboard and advanced features such as unlimited bandwidth and IP rotation, it helps companies harvest data safely and securely.
  7. ProxyCheap: ProxyCheap is an affordable proxy service designed for businesses. It offers a wide range of plans with unlimited IP addresses, high-speed connections, and access to multiple locations worldwide.
  8. HighProxies: HighProxies is a reliable proxy provider that offers powerful solutions for businesses. It features residential, data center, mobile proxies, and other solutions to help companies access the web anonymously.
  9. MyPrivateProxy: MyPrivateProxy provides businesses with reliable and secure proxy services. Its features include unlimited IPs, high-speed connections, and customer support. It also offers tailored packages to meet different business needs and budget levels.
  10. InstantProxies: InstantProxies is a secure proxy service designed to help businesses access data and websites from multiple locations. It features unlimited IP addresses, high-speed connections, and reliable customer support. It also offers custom packages tailored for different business needs and budget levels.

Top 10 Best Facebook Proxies 2024

Here are the best Facebook proxies that you should check out today:

1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati)- #Winner 🏆

When it comes to scraping data from Facebook, the first name that one thinks of while making a list is Bright Data. This is undoubtedly the Best Facebook Proxy that can help a company or business to gather all the data regarding their potential customers without getting blocked by Facebook.

Bright Data - Residential Proxy

With over 72 million IPs available in a network, Bright Data has an extensive geographical presence. It has Static Proxies that retain their IPs for a long time. This is better than the rotating proxies that keep on changing their IP addresses at regular intervals.

This makes Facebook alert about their activity, and they invoke their spam blocking mechanism. Therefore, Bright Data has high reliability. It also allows for unlimited concurrence.

The pricing structure in Bright Data is based on bandwidth, and hence, it charges USD 500 for 40 GB Bandwidth. Though the price is on the higher side, it is worth it.

It is a smart investment that Businesses make for the expansion of their customer base, leads, and revenues. Besides, they have an excellent customer support system in place, including live support, form support, and mail support.

Features of Bright Data:

  • Access to over 72 million residential IPs from around the world.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities for targeting specific countries, cities and ASNs.
  • Easy integration with existing tools and systems via API or web interface.
  • Ability to route traffic through multiple proxies at once for added security and anonymity.
  • Comprehensive reporting features that provide detailed insights into your data usage.
  • 24/7 customer support to help you get the most out of your data collection efforts.

Testimonials of Bright Data

bright data testimonials bright data testimonials

2. is the next Best Proxy for Facebook after Bright Data. It was previously known as Microleaves. They have an IP pool of over 26 million IPs that show their extent and wide reach.

They have a locational reach of over 130 countries in different parts of the world. They do not get metered. The pricing mechanism for is based on ports and not on bandwidth. Like Bright Data, they have unlimited concurrence.

 Facebook Proxies - Shifter 

The IP addresses in its pool are regularly refreshed so that only working IPs are kept while the non-working IPs are dropped.

They have sticky IPs. These IPs are changed at equal intervals every 5 minutes, which is a decent amount of time for the proxies to scrape Facebook. Besides, these Proxies are compatible with other social networking sites as well.

The pricing structure of is reasonable, with USD 125 per month for 10 ports. The yields results using HTTPS and SOCKS protocol. Thus it is compatible with HTTPS and SOCKS.

Features include:

  • Unlimited bandwidth with no data caps or throttling
  • High performance servers located in multiple global locations
  • Advanced security protocols to protect your data
  • 24/7 customer support to ensure maximum uptime and reliability

3. Smartproxy

When it comes to the Best Proxy for Facebook, it is imperative for Smartproxy to secure a place on the list. With over 10 million proxies in their IP pool, they have a large number available to cater to the scraping and garnering the required information from Facebook.

They have their presence in almost 195 countries. This gives an idea about the diverse geographical reach. They have reasonable geo-tagging functionalities. They have sticky as well as rotating proxies.

The Sticky Proxy retains the session for 10 minutes at a time. This enables these proxies to gather important information from Facebook through requests.

Smartproxy - Facebook Proxy

 The pricing mechanism is based on bandwidth utilization. It costs USD 75 for 5 GB per month. However, there are some flip sides to it. For example, they have limited their city range to eight at a time.

This restricts their real-time outreach. They have several plans available for different Business sizes. However, they have put different bandwidth limitations in every plan.

Besides, there is no free trial available for new users to ascertain its capability for their business function. They have the option of availing money-back guarantee within three days.

Smartproxy features:

  • Thousands of rotating residential IPs from over 190 countries.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and threads for all plans.
  • Fast connection speeds and reliable uptime.
  • Anonymous access to the web with no logging policy.
  • A large pool of dedicated proxy servers for users of all levels.
  • Ability to whitelist and blacklist IPs for more control over your proxies.

4. StormProxy

If you are a small business and do not have much amount of money to invest in a sophisticated proxy server, then StormProxy is the right option for you. They provide a pool of residential IPs that are available at a much lesser rate. However, their features are also limited.

Storm Proxies - Facebook Proxy

StormProxy provides a range of residential proxies for small, medium, and large business firms. They have a price structure based on bandwidth and offer a different number of IPs for a different prices.

They have a limited IP pool of over forty thousand IPs. Most of these IPs are based in the US and EU. Thus, even at a small investment, you get access to a small number of IPs that can scrape limited data from Facebook.

This can be ideal for a small Business that scrapes data at a local scale. They do not provide any free trial. However, they have a 24-hour refund policy.

Features of StormProxy:

  • Rotating residential IPs with unlimited bandwidth and high speed.
  • Round the clock customer support to answer any queries or concerns.
  • Advanced features such as automatic IP rotation, geo targeting, and user agent spoofing for a more secure connection.
  • Easy setup process with no technical knowledge required.
  • Access to over 40 million proxies from all around the world.

Smartproxy Testimonials

smartproxy customer review

5. GeoSurf

Any exhaustive list of the Best Facebook Proxies cannot be complete without GeoSurf. They have a decent number of proxies in their IP pool that have an extensive reach in over 130 countries. It consists of over 2 million IPs in its Proxy pool.

These proxies can be used by new companies with limited experience as they are user-friendly, and the set-up is very simple to implement.

Best Facebook Proxies - GeoSurf

Not only are these proxies easy to use, but they also provide a detailed report on the workings of the Facebook proxies. They tell you about the Proxies that perform in a better way.

If we look at the flip side, these proxies have way fewer proxies in their IP pool than their competitors like Bright Data and the like. These proxies are expensive even as they have limited functionalities. Thus, only a Business with good investment can avail of the services from GeoSurf.

GeoSurf features:

  • Access to over 10 million residential IPs from 200+ countries and cities worldwide.
  • Advanced proxy routing technology for faster speeds, higher reliability, and better performance.
  • Multiple authentication methods including username/password and API key.
  • Full support for HTTPS, DNS tunneling, and other secure protocols.
  • Comprehensive real-time analytics & reporting.
  • Access to a private network of premium proxy providers with advanced caching capabilities to reduce latency and provide high speeds across all traffic types.
  • Ability to customize the configuration of your proxies based on specific needs.
  • Ability to scale up or down easily and quickly depending on traffic levels.

Geosurf Testimonials 

geosurf reviews by customers

6. Soax

If any Mobile Proxy can make it to the list of the Best Facebook Proxies after Bright Data, it has to be Soax. They have a global outreach. Thus these proxies have IPs from various World locations. This makes them geographically diverse in terms of extensiveness.

Soax Mobile Proxies

They have over 3.5 million pools of IPs that can garner crucial data from Facebook and help you better your business. The price structure is based on bandwidth.

They provide Proxies for Facebook for USD 70 per 2 GB. They use sophisticated protocols to scrape Facebook. They provide the proxies over Peer-to-Peer Network.

Soax features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • High speed connection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced encryption technology for added security
  • Dedicated IP addresses for maximum privacy
  • Compatibility with all major operating systems – Easy setup and installation process

Soax Testimonials

soax testimonials

soax testimonials.

7. ProxyCheap

This is the third most popular and useful Mobile Proxy Provider for Facebook Proxies. You may have guessed from the name itself that the Proxies provided by ProxyCheap are of reasonable rates and are affordable for the small Businesses and Start-Ups who suffer from funding crunch.

They do not disclose the size of their Proxy pool. One of their limitations is that they provide Mobile Proxies at only specific locations. These include all the 52 states of the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and France.

Mobile - ProxyCheap

They make use of 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) enabled SIM cards so that Facebook might secure the Mobile IPs and do not block their requests. All in all, Proxy Cheap delivers what it promises; that is, it gives a cheap Proxy for Facebook.

However, the other functionalities are not as sophisticated as Bright Data.

ProxyCheap Features:

  • Privacy Protection – Our IP masking technology ensures your identity is concealed while surfing the web or accessing content. We also offer encryption to keep your data safe from third parties.
  • High Speed Connections – Our proxies are fast so you can browse, download, and stream without compromising performance.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – We provide unlimited bandwidth so you can access as much content as you need without worrying about hitting any data caps.
  • Easy Setup – Our setup process is simple and straightforward, so you can get up and running in no time.
  • Multiple Locations – We have servers located around the world, giving you access to content from any country or region.
  • Security – We provide top-of-the-line security measures such as firewalls and data encryption to keep your connection secure.

Proxy Cheap Testimonials

proxy cheap testimonials

8. HighProxies

The Data Centre Proxies are more expensive than Private Proxies, but they help in procuring crucial customer data from Social Networks like Facebook, thereby enabling better management.

These Proxies are of superior quality and have impressive uptime. They are hosted on fast servers like Xeon with ultra-speed of 1 GBPS. This makes these Proxies manage Facebook data and accounts appropriately.

Highproxies - Data Centre

Though they are enabled for US locations only, this limits their geographical reach. The concurrency that it permits is unlimited. The bandwidth is also unlimited. The price is very reasonable, starting at USD 1.60 per Proxy for a month.

This implies that their price structure is linked to the number of Proxies needed by a business. The pricing gives more room for small businesses to start with a small number of proxies and then increase the number gradually.

HighProxies features:

  • Private, dedicated proxies for maximum anonymity and security.
  • High speed servers located in multiple locations around the world.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with no restrictions on usage or traffic type.
  • Easy to use control panel for managing proxy settings and IP addresses.
  • Multiple authentication methods including IP authentication, username/password authentication, and whitelisting.
  • Professional grade proxies for businesses that need reliable service and anonymity.

9. MyPrivateProxy

These are sure to make it to the list of the Best Facebook Data Centre Proxies. They are localized in the US and European Union regions. Thus the businesses operating in these geographical regions can make use of these Proxies.

Besides, the business abroad that targets US and EU customers can make use of these Proxies for gathering reliable data regarding their potential customers and target audience.

MyPrivateProxy Data Centre

MyPrivateProxy has been known to work with distinct and diverse Facebook bots. They have been thoroughly tested for their various functionalities. The concurrency permitted by them is up to 100 threads.

Therefore, they allow concurrency based on thread count. The bandwidth permitted by these Proxy Providers is unlimited. Their pricing structure is based on the number of Proxies required by a Business to gather critical data from Facebook. The cost they demand is USD 1.49 per Proxy.

MyPrivateProxy features:

  • Multiple IP locations
  • High speed and reliable connections
  • Customizable plans
  • Secure and encrypted browsing
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Affordable pricing

MyPrivateProxy Testimonials

myprivateproxy testimonials.. myprivateproxy testimonials

10. InstantProxies

These are reliable Proxies when it comes to Best Data Centre Proxies for Facebook. They are also compatible with other social networking platforms. They have a worldwide reach.

This implies that these proxies allow IPs from across the world to be used while scraping user information on Facebook. This is an advantage over my private Proxy and HighProxies that have limited reach geographically.

Instant Proxies - Data Centre

These Proxies are hosted on unlimited concurrent connections. Thus the concurrency permitted is unlimited. These Proxies have unlimited bandwidth access.

They have fine speed, decent reliability, and reasonable functionalities. They cost just a little more than USD 1.00 per Proxy provided. They have a number-based pricing structure.

InstantProxies features:

  • High speed connections
  • Rotating IPs to keep your data secure and anonymous
  • Easy setup with no configuration required
  • Ability to enter multiple IP addresses for greater flexibility
  • Security features such as authentication, secure protocols, and encryption.
  • Dedicated residential proxies that offer a higher level of privacy and security
  • Geo-targeting proxies for businesses looking to target customers in specific locations
  • Business intelligence proxies designed to help organizations collect, analyze, and visualize data
  • Ad verification proxies that can be used to detect fraud on websites

InstantProxies are first tested on various platforms, and then they are sold to various Businesses. Thus the veracity of their effectiveness can be determined.

10 Tactics for Using a Facebook Proxy for Power and Control:

  1. Create multiple accounts to maximize your reach on the world’s largest social media platform.
  2. Automate tedious tasks with a reliable proxy server, freeing up resources to focus on more important business objectives.
  3. Easily juggle between multiple profiles with the X Browser extension – no need to log out and back in every time you switch accounts.
  4. Scrape public data from Facebook quickly and efficiently, making large-scale projects easy and hassle-free.
  5. Unblock access to Facebook Messenger so you can stay in communication with your customers without restrictions.
  6. Keep your activity secure with an encrypted proxy server, protecting your information from hackers and identity thieves.
  7. Access geo-restricted content on Facebook with a proxy, allowing you to browse and post regardless of where you’re located in the world.
  8. Quickly switch IPs every time you log into a new account to maximize security and reduce the risk of being banned or blocked by FB.
  9. Monitor your proxy activity with in-depth analytics and insights, giving you the tools to optimize your performance.
  10. Automatically rotate IPs to keep up with rapid changes in the Facebook algorithm, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

FAQs | Best Facebook Proxies

🤩 What is Facebook Proxy?

A proxy is a server or an intermediate that helps you connect to a website without you having to access it on your own. A Facebook Proxy is a Proxy server that looks at Facebook pages or content on your behalf without letting Facebook know your true identity.

👋 How do Facebook Proxies work?

A Facebook Proxy acts as a link between the user and Facebook Website. In this way, the user need not access the Facebook page directly. The Proxy will do it for the user.

🙌 What to do if blocked by Facebook?

If the Facebook website blocks access to you. There are two ways to gain access to the site. It can be done either through Proxies or VPN. In case you choose to use Proxies, you may prefer Bright Data because of its features, as discussed above. If you choose a VPN (Virtual Private Network), they will maintain your anonymity.

🤜 What do you mean by scraping?

Web Scraping means extracting information directly from the World Wide Web. This is done through HTTP protocol or a web browser. Web Scraping is also known as data Extraction or Web Harvesting. Scraping gathers data from various Websites on behalf of the user, and stores the relevant data in such a format that the user can make sense of it.

🤷‍♂️ How does Web Scraping occur?

Web Scraping is done by the use of Web Scrapers. There are some automated web scrapers called bots that simply scrape the web. This makes them easily detectable by the Websites as they sense some unusual and non-human activity on the website. The Web Scraper accesses the Web through URL and then loads the HTTP code. Some scrapers load even the CSS and Java elements of the website. The Scrapers mostly look for definite and relevant information on site.

How do we test suggested proxies?

We test proxies that we suggest in a number of ways. First, we check to make sure they are secure by scanning for malware and viruses as well as verifying their encryption protocols.

We also look at the speed of each proxy and make sure it meets our standards for performance. Additionally, we monitor the uptime of the proxies and make sure they remain online and accessible at all times.

Finally, we examine their compatibility with different applications and protocols to ensure they are suitable for the task at hand. By taking these measures, we can provide you with the best proxy service available.

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Conclusion | Best Facebook Proxies 2024

We have discussed all the three kinds of Proxies available for Facebook- Residential, Mobile, and Data Centre Proxies. In all the varieties, Bright Data seems to be a likely winner.

This is because of their massive geographical stretch and outstanding functionalities. They have a global presence. Thus the business can cater to potential customers from across the globe and make use of the diversity granted by the Internet.

They have sophisticated functions and features that help small, medium, and large businesses.

Facebook Proxies are essential when it comes to critical user information like their likes and dislikes, their location, their preferences. Therefore, one must choose a Facebook Proxy that helps in gathering these data from potential customers.

Bright Data excels because of its reliability, ultra-modern functionalities, extensive geo-tagging, and outreach. Thus, any business must choose prudently in the case of Best Facebook Proxies. The last say in choosing the Best Facebook Proxy is yours!

Which Facebook Proxy in My Personal Favourite and Why?💁🏼‍♀️

BrightData is, without a doubt, my favorite proxy. I’ve worked with other proxies in the past, but BrightData’s user-friendly interface, ease of use, and extensive features stand out.

With BrightData, I can easily choose from a wide range of IPs, datacenters, and locations to ensure my online activities remain anonymous and secure.

What’s more, the constantly updated and verified proxy pool ensures that I always have access to high-quality proxies that work seamlessly. The customer support team is also fantastic, always available to help with any queries or issues.

Overall, I’m impressed with the level of service and functionality offered by BrightData compared to other proxies, making it the perfect choice for me.

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