10 Best Dedicated Datacenter Proxies 2022: Best Options For Limitless Scaling?

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We made this whole article on Dedicated Datacenter Proxies.

If you’re acquainted with online data extraction or website performance testing you already know how crucial it is to have a decent proxy service when doing these sorts of tasks.

However, you don’t have to work in the internet world to utilize a proxy service.

A lot of individuals use proxies to mask their identity when surfing the internet or to view films that are generally restricted in their country.

Those are only a few obvious instances but there are lots of additional applications for proxies. Proxies operate as a conduit between the user and the internet.

While surfing with a proxy service enabled, your location and IP address are concealed from prying eyes.

In most circumstances, you may make it look like you are accessing the internet from a different nation situated on the other side of the planet if you wish.

10 Best Dedicated Datacenter Proxies 2022:

Here’s the list of Best Dedicated Datacenter Proxies for more knowledge.

1. Smartproxy

Level up your proxy game together with Smartproxy – its dedicated datacenter proxies allow you to have full control over the private IPs you bought.


With dedicated datacenter proxies, you get an IP randomization option, awarded 24/7 live customer service, and unlimited threads and GBs!

Plans start at $39 + VAT for 25 IPs.

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can go for a 3-day money-back option. To change an old batch of IPs, renew your subscription on the dashboard.

2. Proxy-n-VPN:

Proxy-n-VPN is a very reputable supplier that specializes in data center proxies. Because the organization places a premium on privacy and security, you can anticipate a high level of anonymity while using these proxies.

Because the company’s network has around 10.000 dedicated IP addresses, the pool is rather smaller than that of other organizations.

However, since the IPs are kept in cutting-edge data centers and the firm controls 100% of its inventory, you can expect superior performance and dependability. Proxy-n-VPN provides proxies for both shared and private data centers.

Proxy-n-vpn Main

You may anticipate limitless bandwidth, non-sequential IP addresses, a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee, and speeds up to 1GB per second. All proxies are highly anonymous, and everything is simply manageable through the straightforward control panel.

The organization has a strong geographic footprint, with servers located across North America and portions of Europe. If you are dissatisfied with the service for any reason, you may take advantage of the company’s three-day money-back guarantee return policy.

3. SSL Private Proxy:

SSL Private Proxy is another seasoned supplier that provides a comprehensive range of proxy and VPN services.

The firm has been functioning for over seven years and provides not just private and shared proxies but also specific packages for sneaker sites, video games, and social networking platforms like Instagram or Snapchat.

SSL Private Proxy operates a network of over 120.000 dedicated IP addresses and data centers in 40 locations around North America and Europe.

SSL Private Proxy Overview - Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

SSL Private Proxy covers both HTTP and HTTPS connections and has a monthly randomization option. Additionally, IP whitelisting and username/password authentication is available, as are non-sequential IP addresses, limitless bandwidth, and a comprehensive control panel.

Regardless of whether you pick a shared or private data center proxy package, you may access different cities and subnets. Along with the standard benefits of private proxies, they are optimized for SEO, search engine crawling, YouTube, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

4. My Private Proxy:

My Private Proxy Group, or MPP Group, is a well-known supplier with a long history. The company’s services are quite dependable and feature shared as well as private proxies.

Additionally, the company provides specialized proxies for sneaker and tickets websites, as well as Pokemon Go. MPP Group offers a vast network of over 230.000 data center proxies available in hundreds of subnets.

My Private Proxy Group Main

While the majority of the data centers are situated inside major cities around the United States, the network also includes locations throughout Europe.

MPP Group’s shared and private proxy solutions both contain comparable functionality. Instant activation, IP and username/password authentication, up to 100 simultaneous connections, extremely anonymous IPs, and a fully automated control panel are just a few of the features.

Additionally, the firm guarantees 99 percent uptime, unlimited bandwidth, non-sequential IPs, and free monthly IP replacements (for private proxies). Additionally, customers get a three-day money-back guarantee.

5. Stormproxies:

Stormproxies is one of the more recent additions to our list, having built a reputation for itself originally by supplying reliable backconnect rotating proxies.

Nowadays, the firm provides a rather comprehensive variety of services, including specialized proxies for Instagram, Facebook, and ticketing websites. This section contains both home and data center IP addresses.

The IP pool for data center proxies has about 70.000 addresses, the majority of which are situated in the United States and Europe.

Stormproxies provides both shared (rotating) and dedicated proxy servers for data centers.

stormproxies coupons & offers

Shared proxies are highly popular since they provide three different techniques for rotating IP addresses: every HTTP request, every 3 minutes, or every 15 minutes.

This provides users with a plethora of alternatives and qualifies the proxies for a broad range of online activities. Meanwhile, specialized proxies are extremely anonymous and performance-optimized.

These proxies are intended for general usage and should not be used for highly specialized operations.

As previously stated, Stormproxies also offers additional packages for things like access to sneaker and ticketing websites.

6. Blazing Proxies:

It was founded in 2015 by Blazing SEO and provides a rather diverse range of services. Along with proxies, this section includes VPNs, captcha-solving services, and even dedicated servers.

Although the company’s network is very tiny, this is mitigated by Blazing Proxies’ superior performance.

There are both shared and private proxies available here, as well as virgin IPs in blocks of 256 for individuals in need of clean addresses for sensitive operations such as search engine scraping or mass account registration.

Blazing Proxies Main

Blazing Proxies operates nine sites and offers hundreds of subnets.

The service supports HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS connections offer unlimited bandwidth and threads, operates at up to 1 GB/s, and includes monthly proxy replacements.

Additionally, you may anticipate additional standard features such as rapid delivery and IP and username/password authentication.

Blazing Proxies provides a two-day free trial, allowing you to use the service risk-free for a short period.

7. Oxylabs:

Oxylabs now boasts the biggest network of dedicated proxies on the market, surpassing even Bright Data’s. The company’s pool has approximately 2 million devoted proxies, as well as 32 million residential proxies.

Oxylabs has over 80 data centers and provides proxies in over 100 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Russia, and Germany.

The coverage is outstanding, and the company’s proxies are renowned for their speed and performance.

Oxylabs Main

The firm provides dedicated data center proxies that provide an infinite amount of bandwidth and concurrent connections.

Additionally, you can count on a 99 percent uptime guarantee, a straightforward setup procedure, username/password authentication, and a very clean user interface.

Oxylabs says that their proxies are especially well-suited for online scraping, even going so far as to assist customers in locating clean proxies for the websites they want to scrape.

Additionally, the company’s proxies are often used for trademark protection, market research, ad verification, and travel fare aggregation.

8. Shifter:

Shifter is an excellent choice for those seeking fast servers and global coverage. Proxies provided by the firm are well-known for their performance, and you can get shared and specialized proxy packages here.

The shifter has been around for a long period and has been able to build a pretty stable network over that time.

Along with extensive coverage across Europe and North America, the firm has servers throughout Asia, Australia, India, and the Middle East.

Shifter Overview

The company provides completely anonymous proxies and supports both HTTP and HTTPS connections.

Users should anticipate a very simple and quick setup procedure with few settings required.

The organization exclusively employs non-sequential IP addresses and has a large selection of subnets available throughout the United States.

Another good feature of Shifter is that you may request fresh proxies for free once a month.

If you are dissatisfied with the proxies or the service in general, you may contact the firm within three days and request a refund.

9. Bright Data:

Bright Data is a veritable behemoth when it comes to almost any form of proxy service.

The corporation boasts an outstanding network of over 40 million proxies, almost half of which are housed in state-of-the-art data centers.

Bright Data has access to over 1500 subnets and provides proxy sites in 85 countries worldwide.

The supplier has a good reputation as a result of its ethical business methods, which have earned it the trust of several Fortune 500 companies over the years.

Bright Data Main

If you’re unsure about which proxy service to use, Bright Data is always a good choice. Bright data provide shared and dedicated IP addresses with unmetered bandwidth and an unlimited number of concurrent requests.

Additionally, the firm provides a ‘cooling period,’ which is a guaranteed period during which an IP address is not utilized to visit a certain website.

Bright Data makes managing your IPs a breeze by providing not just a proxy management UI but also a Google Chrome addon.

Along with superior performance and simplicity of use, Bright Data is proud of its highly competent and knowledgeable customer service staff, which is among the finest in the industry.

10. High Proxies:

High Proxies provides dependable services at affordable pricing across the majority of the United States and Europe, as well as other locations.

The organization operates a network of around 25.000 IP addresses distributed over a few dozen distinct sites.

High Proxies offers a variety of convenient services, including shared and private proxies, VPNs, and specialized proxy packages for social networking and ticketing sites.

Although High Proxies is a premium service, its costs are comparable to those of many of the other businesses on our list.

High Proxie Main - Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Although the service is not suggested for sneaker sites, the proxies may be used for pretty much everything else.

Search engine optimization, scraping, and social networking are just a few of the most prevalent use cases.

All proxy packages include unlimited bandwidth, monthly traffic randomization, IP whitelisting, and a 99.9 % uptime guarantee. Additionally, the majority of plans let customers select between numerous locations and subnets.

The basic private proxy plan is the only exception to this rule.

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Conclusion: Dedicated Datacenter Proxies 2022

Datacenter proxies are ideal for individuals who place a premium on performance and pricing.

While these kinds of proxies have various limitations in comparison to residential and mobile proxies, they may still be utilized for a wide variety of online activities.

If you utilize data center proxies properly, you’ll discover that these services have a lot to offer.

However, even if you’re not interested in site scraping or performance testing, data center proxies may offer a simple and inexpensive method of concealing your identity when surfing the web.

Although there is no lack of data center proxy services available today, we recommend you exercise caution when selecting a provider. Only a tiny number of suppliers may be trusted.

The ten businesses we discussed in this post were carefully chosen to ensure their validity since they are all well-known brands in the sector.

Although we choose a sorted list, all of the suppliers on our list provide excellent services.

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