5+ Best Sneaker Proxies 2024: Best Proxies To Grab Your Favorite Pair

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Sneaker proxies are helpful if you want to buy limited-edition shoes from reputable sites faster before the stock runs out.

The reason is that sites like Adidas and Nike sell high-quality shoes, especially limited editions that sell out in minutes or hours.

And if you want to buy a lot of them, you’re not likely to be able to, since millions of people around the world are also interested in those shoes. It’s hard to buy one, even if you want to.

In this case, sneaker proxies can be helpful.

They will place online orders faster and more accurately, and they won’t be limited by where they live or how much they can order.

Because they hide your real IP address, these proxies are safer because they keep you anonymous and protect you from cybersecurity risks.

Let’s learn more about them and the best sneaker proxies so you can get your favorite pair.

What is a proxy?

A proxy, also called a proxy server, is a server that stands between a user and the website they visit. A proxy hides the user’s device’s IP address by giving it another IP address.

This lets the user see the site’s content. So, the site can only see the IP address that the proxy gives, not the user’s real IP address.

Due to this indirect contact, the user’s IP address is not revealed. This keeps users’ data, networks, and applications safe and helps stop cyberattacks.

Proxy servers are used for many things, like web scraping, buying shoes online, getting to content that isn’t available in your country, and more. Proxy servers make it easier to order from online stores.

These are private proxies that you can use to safely connect to an eCommerce store and buy things, even limited-time deals that are hard to get otherwise.

What are sneaker proxies and why are they popular?

Sneaker proxies are proxies that you can use from anywhere to buy sneakers from any online store.

So, if a site is geo-restricted in your country or region, but you really want to buy that pair of black shoes you heard about a few days ago, you can easily use a proxy to buy them before they sell out.

Sneaker proxies can be from a rotating server, a data center, or a home. A residential sneaker proxy is the IP address that ISPs give to people that want to hide their online activity (ISPs).

They are expensive and hard to find because they make the user look like a real resident of a country.

Proxy servers in a data centre work like remote servers to help reroute your web traffic. They are cheaper, but sophisticated sites might be able to find them.

These days, sneaker proxies are becoming more and more popular. Because they help people buy shoes from any site without limits, geo-restrictions, and other problems.

Online shoe stores, such as Adidas, Nike, etc., have many restrictions on who can use their services.

They use sophisticated ways to find suspicious behavior and immediately block the IPs of those users to protect their content and stop data theft.

Also, sneaker websites don’t let people buy more than a certain number of pairs of shoes at once, especially for limited editions.

The reason is that these sites only make a limited number of the best shoes. But there are millions of users in places all over the world. So, you can’t buy a lot of them with the same IP address.

But if you still want to buy more pairs, you will need proxies for sneakers.

They will help you win the race and get those limited-edition sneakers, which is why they are so popular.

How do sneaker proxies work?

A sneaker proxy makes the process of buying sneakers from a site faster and more automated. They can quickly place several orders.

Even if you only use a sneaker bot or proxy to place one order, you can still beat regular users because you are faster.

All you have to do to get the most out of the proxy is use it the right way and let it do your shopping for you.

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What to Look for in a Sneaker Proxy?

Here are some things you should look for before you buy a sneaker proxy if you want to get the most out of it.

Country of Origin

The location of a sneaker proxy is important to get faster connections, less lag, and get around geo-restrictions.

So, it’s best to buy a sneaker proxy that is close to where you live.

If the sneaker proxy server is closer to the store you want to buy from or is in the same country, you will be able to connect more quickly. This will stop geo-restrictions as well.


Even if you’ve picked a good proxy from the same country as the store, you should think about how fast it is.

A sneaker bot can make placing an order easier, faster, and more accurate than a person could. So, use automation to help you.

You can see how fast each proxy is and choose the one that is the fastest.

Connection limit

Using a sneaker proxy, the more connections you have, the more likely you are to reach your goal. So, there’s no reason to use a proxy that only lets you connect to a site a certain number of times.

So, it would be best to choose a sneaker proxy that lets you connect as many times as you want.

Proxy type

If you want to buy sneakers, the best proxy type is one that changes your IP address every time you connect to and access a site.

This will hide who you are, protect you from attacks, and make it easy for you to place multiple orders on any site. Also, if you want to stay safe, don’t use free proxy servers.

Not only are they easy to find, but they are also easy to attack. Behind these free proxies are also hackers who want to use your information against you and threaten you.

So, if you want to buy a lot of sneakers or get your favorite pair from a new sneaker line, here are some of the best sneaker proxy options.

Best Sneaker Proxies 2024

Here is a list of some of the top sneaker proxies to take into consideration; read on to learn more about them and decide which one is right for you.

1. IPRoyal

IPRoyal has dedicated proxies that can be used with sneaker bots. It gives you access to a number of proxy servers, IPs from different subnetworks, and proxies that are just for you.

IPRoyal has data center proxies that are strong, fast, and safe.

IPRoyal’s sneaker proxies make it easy to buy and sell as many pairs of sneakers as you want since fashion websites that sell sneakers have fewer pairs available and less time to sell them.

IPRoyal Proxy

You will get SSL encryption so that you can buy sneakers safely and beautiful automation tools to help you run your sneaker business.

IPRoyal offers 10 GBPS port speed for $0.80/proxy per day, with instant delivery, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated, i.e., IP authenticated or user: pass, and locations like the UK, NL, FR, IT, DE, and the US.

2. Smartproxy

There are several sneaker bots available at Smartproxy, including Supreme Bot, Better Nike Bot, Another Nike Bot, Nike Slayer, EasyCop Bot, Nike Shoe Bot, AIO Bot, etc.

Smartproxy gives you different ways to connect to social media, grow your business, and so on. It has a fast response time, unique IPs, and no subnet bans.

You can have as many threads as you want. If you want to buy sneakers quickly, you can connect to sneaker sites from servers close by.

With Smartproxy, you can find the fastest proxy servers in every location. Smartproxy comes with unlimited connections and threads in every price plan, so you don’t have to buy a new proxy every time you buy something.

Smartproxy Overview - Best Sneaker Proxies

Also, a shoe bot is easy to set up, and it has more than one connection for the same range. With this tool, you can increase your chances of buying more than one pair and increase your profit.

It will also help you put the shoes in your cart and check the whole list quickly. Because each residential proxy has its own IP, no website can block the IP pool.

It works well with smartphones, and you can easily find out how to set up your iOS or Android phone.

Choose the best pricing plan for you, based on what you want, and you can get your money back in three days.

3. Storm Proxies

With Storm Proxies, you can get proxy access to sites like Adidas, Sneaker, Yeezy, Nike, and Supreme. It gives you access to residential proxies that have been set up, especially for sneaker sites.

Storm Proxies is made for fast, high-performance tools with multiple threads. After you sign up, you can start setting it up right away without having to wait for it to be activated.

With the plan you choose, you can use as much bandwidth as you want.

Storm Proxies uses technology that was made in-house to make sure that your IP address stays hidden. So, there is no risk with Storm Proxies.

Storm Proxies Overview

Every pricing plan gives you access to a pool of 40,000 residential IPs, and the time it takes for the proxy to change is five minutes.

Additionally, you can get rotating sneaker proxy servers without manual IP replacements, APIs, or complicated code. Smart Proxies takes care of all proxy rotations automatically.

Get 20-port sneaker proxies for $160 per month with a single access IP, a pool of 40,000 residential IPs, and unlimited bandwidth. Extra ports cost $8 per port.

If you’re not happy with the service, you have 2 hours to ask for a full refund.

4. PrivateProxy

Getting ahead of your competitors is easy when you use PrivateProxy’s rotating dedicated proxies and residential proxies.

PrivateProxy is very fast and has servers all over the world, so you can buy sneakers from any place. Don’t just buy one pair of limited-edition shoes; with PrivateProxy, you can buy many.

It also sets up a shoe bot in the right way, so you can place multiple bids and participate in multiple threads to make sure you get the shoes you want.

PrivateProxy can help you choose the best proxies for your sneaker bots if you wish to buy them.

PrivateProxy Overview

Don’t worry about the red flag of a single proxy. With the help of residential proxies, you can still buy. PrivateProxy is different from other providers because it has a large network of residential proxy pools.

A rotating or residential sneaker proxy that works with the most popular bots is available from PrivateProxy, depending on where the market is.

Get the best shoes from well-known brands like Adidas, Nike, Yeezy Supply, Zalando, and more. PrivateProxy is more reliable than European sneakers when it comes to competing with them.

Foot Locker, BS TN, and Footpatrol are just some of the places you can find shoes. It lets you try out dedicated data center proxies for seven days and residential proxies for two days. At $355/month for 200 IPs, you can buy proxy servers.

5. Proxydrop

Proxydrop is a sneaker proxy that is linked to the factory and gives you one of the newest and safest IPs in the game. Since it cares about quality, it has more than 28 million IP pools.

Proxydrop helps you find the best deals because it lets you customize the offers, offers smart server routing, gives you flexibility, and keeps building its services.

Proxydrop knows and understands what you need, and with their professional sneaker, you might be able to become a bounty hunter.

You’ll get fresh and reliable proxies that help you deal with sneakers without going extinct. Here, sharing isn’t caring, and neither you nor Proxydrop will ever share your IPs.

Proxydrop: Sneaker Proxies - Best Sneaker Proxies

It uses your current location to find the server closest to you so that you can get the fastest speed.

Proxydrop works with Supreme, Adidas, Nike, Foot Locker, and more. It has more than 10,000 checkouts and more than 500 active users.

It has a format of endpoint: port, authentication with user: pass, and works on all websites.

It has a pricing plan that can be changed to fit your needs. You can choose from a number of residential and dedicated data center proxy options.

Its rotating residential proxies start at $36 for 2GB, and its dedicated data center proxies start at $11 for 10 IPs.

6. Geonode

Geonode gives you the best user dashboard, real-person support, and low prices. Geonode has a rotating residential proxy that lets you try it out and use as much data as you want.

Integrate your app with Geonode’s tools and use a code generator to sync the devices with the database. It doesn’t put data limits on different subscriptions, which gives you more freedom and the tools you need to grow.

Geonode proxies work with almost all protocols, can be changed to fit any project, and are both well managed and integrated. Get easy operation with a user dashboard and a lot of documentation.

Geonode Overview - Best Sneaker Proxies

Geonode also has a good API that makes it easy to integrate directly with applications. It’s easy to log in with a user: pass or an IP whitelist. It works with a lot of different languages, like Java, C, PHP, C++, C#, Python, and more.

You can change advanced proxy options like ISP-targeting, auto-replace, rotating interval, geo-targeting, and others.

It is used to protect brands, do market research, gather information about travel, track SEO, crawl search engines, verify ads, and more.

For $7, you can try out a service for seven days. The cost of residential proxies is $14 per month, and they have 2,000,000 IP addresses, sticky connections, and changing IP addresses.

A variety of protocols are supported, including SOCKS, HTTPS, UPD, and country targeting.

7. Mars Proxies

You can get the best sneaker proxy servers from Mars Proxies. These proxies work well with the sneaker bot and are compatible with it.

It guarantees a 99.9% uptime for both data center sneaker proxies and residential sneaker proxies.

Mars Proxies makes sure that you keep your connection even when it drops. Its residential plan has three separate pools that can all be used at the same time.

Mars Proxies Overview

Also, it gives a hundred million IP addresses that haven’t been banned anywhere in the world.

It also has two verification options—IP: auth and user: pass—that let you use any bot anywhere in the world. You will also get GBs that don’t run out and sticky sessions, among other things.

It has a speed of 6-120 ms, an unlimited amount of bandwidth, threads, and SOCKS5 support. You can start your sneaker journey by signing up for a daily, monthly, or pay-per-proxy plan.

8. IPBurger

The IPBurger residential sneaker proxy supports major sneaker bots including Supreme Bot, Nike Shoe Bot, Better Nike Bot, Another Nike Bot, EasyCop, Nike Slayer, and AIO bots among others.

More than 75 million rotating residential proxies are available, along with unlimited threads and connections. IPBurger also has the best growth rate and low Recaptcha rates.

You can get to more than 195 places and 2,014 cities all over the world.

It saves you time from having to block IPs, and since there is no space for captchas, you can spend more time on valuable insights. All of the anonymous proxies in the IPBurger pool hide your real location.

IPBurger Overview

It can’t be banned in bulk because it doesn’t share subnets. All residential IP addresses are unique, and you can automate tasks by using the advanced rotation for all connections at once and an unlimited number of threads.

With the adjustable and flexible session control option, you can make IPs stick for up to 30 minutes.

Change to a new proxy for each HTTP/HTTPS request and use the connections to your advantage. IPBurger also lets you protect your privacy, get around web blocks, and make your online security better with just a few clicks.

Enjoy many benefits with the plans, which start at $79/month, including user-pass authentication, sub-users, and premium targets. 

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Conclusion: Best Sneaker Proxies 2024

You can use sneaker proxy services to buy limited-edition sneakers from major brands like Nike and Adidas or create your own business using them.

These will let you buy a lot of shoes without anyone knowing who you are and without putting your computer at risk.

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