How To Sell Feet Pics on Instagram? Make $100 Selling Feet Photos on Instagram

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Instagram is the original photo- and video-sharing social media platform, with approximately 1 billion users. Instagram, which was founded in 2010 and later acquired by Facebook, remains one of the most popular and user-friendly social media applications available.

Due to the platform’s focus on photo and video sharing, it would seem to be the most logical location to sell photos of your feet, right? True and no.

Despite being primarily a platform for sharing short videos ( reels and stories ), quotes, and memes, Instagram has some of the strictest online regulations. However, with a little knowledge and finesse, you can sell your feet photos on Instagram and earn money.

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Why Instagram?

There are so many social media platforms and applications available that you must choose a few to devote your time to. Although it is possible, managing dozens of accounts or pages simultaneously is exceedingly time-consuming.



Additionally, it may be difficult to operate multiple pages efficiently. You do not wish to compromise your work’s quality or integrity.

Instead, select three to five platforms to which you will dedicate your time. You will also discover that you can use a single platform, such as Instagram or FeetFinder, to promote your personal blog, website, and even your Fun with Feet account.

Why should Instagram be one of your top five outlets for selling pictures of feet?

1. It’s MADE for Pictures and Videos

Instagram is dedicated to the sharing of photographs and videos. Instagram is the only social media application that can compete with visual media.

Instagram is where people go to view millions of pictures and videos. Therefore, this is precisely where your content should be if you’re selling feet photographs online.

2. It’s User-Friendly

Instagram is a user-friendly application for both content creators and subscribers. Anyone can create an account and begin publishing immediately. There are not many complicated processes or hoops to jump through on Instagram.

User-Friendly Platform


The format is straightforward, making your account simple to locate and understand. Hundreds of hashtags can be sorted, trending posts can be viewed, and users can search for relevant content using the search bar. In this instance, pictures of your feet!

3. It’s Wildly Popular

If you want to be successful in selling feet photos online, you need as many people as possible to view your content. With over 1.3 billion users, Instagram is today the fourth most popular social media platform in the world.

It is known for its engaging videos, beautiful images, and fresh content. This is a massive captive audience that you cannot ignore.

In 2012, Instagram amalgamated with Facebook, the current leader in social media. Sharing your posts across platforms and converting your followers has never been simpler or more convenient than it is now.

4. It Offers Numerous Marketing Tools

When it comes to free marketing tools, Instagram surpasses all other platforms. The application facilitates business operations and sales. You can schedule your posts in advance to ensure consistency and increase user engagement.

Additionally, interested purchasers can send you a private message to make a purchase or request custom content. Enabling text notifications guarantees that you will never miss a message or potential lead.

Instagram stories and segments are additional useful tools that allow you to interact with your followers in various ways. Using the countdown feature of the platform, you can conduct live events and promote giveaways or incentives.

And let’s not neglect Instagram’s hashtags, which help categorize your posts in order to attract users searching for precisely what you offer. 

5. It Has Options for Different Types of Accounts

Instagram allows users to create personal or commercial accounts. When selling feet photos online, it is advisable to establish a business account.

When you do so, Instagram provides you with valuable insights and analytics regarding the performance of your page and posts. This data indicates which categories of followers convert and when.

You can now focus on your target audience, post when they’re most active, and provide the sort of content they seek.

A business Instagram account provides analytics on which hashtags generate the most sales if you include hashtags in your posts (which you should do). In 2019, the platform introduced a creator account that is tailored to social media influencers. 

6. Instagram is Safe and Free to Use

Instagram is, for all intents and purposes, a secure platform for selling pictures of feet. While it is recommended that you manage all of your transactions and sales outside of the platform, Instagram discourages users from downloading your feet photos.

Protect yourself by never sharing personal information via private messenger, by using an alias, and by adding a discrete watermark to all of your photographs.

How to Get Started Selling Feet Pics on Instagram

If you’re new to Instagram, you’ll need to create a new account before selling photos of your feet. Even if you already have a personal account, you should create a brand-new, separate business account for your feet photos.

This not only protects your identity but also provides you with the valuable analytics previously mentioned. 

The following is a step-by-step guide to getting started with Instagram.

1. Create a Business or Creator Account

Starting an Instagram is simple. Only an email address, a creative username, and a captivating profile picture are required. You may want to create a separate email address for selling feet photos.

This helps to separate your personal and professional existence. Additionally, it prevents Instagram from automatically connecting to your Facebook account and transferring all of your personal information, contacts, and photographs. 

2. Optimize Your Profile

When selling photos of feet on Instagram, not just any account will suffice. Remember that you’re beginning a business, and your profile and page should reflect this. Ensure that both your profile image and links are pertinent to your business (foot pics).

The image you use should be of high quality, beauty, and originality. Include “feet” or “feet pics” in your user name so that your account is easily discoverable and appears in relevant queries.

Ensure that you also optimize your bio. Include a link to your website or blog, if applicable, along with contact information and the fact that you sell pictures and/or recordings of feet. 

3. Build Your Following

This is the most difficult aspect of selling pictures of feet on any platform, including Instagram. Developing a devoted following and customer base requires time, consistency, and considerable effort on your part.

It also involves knowing which strategies are effective and where to invest the most time and energy. 

Hashtags are one of Instagram’s most essential features. You must include pertinent hashtags in your posts. This ensures that your photos are properly categorized and simple to locate.

Among the finest Instagram hashtags for selling feet, photos are #feetpics #feetpicsbuyers #sellingfeetpics #footworshipping #feetpicsforsale, and #feetloversonly.

Include hashtags with the highest engagement and number of followers in addition to some less popular ones where you have a higher chance of standing out.

Instagram restricts the number of hashtags to 30, which is a lot compared to other sites such as Twitter, which only permits 13 hashtags.

Simply avoid overusing hashtags in all of your posts. This detracts from the elegance of your content and may discourage potential consumers. 

4. Remain Active

Nothing is worse than being inert on social media. Inactive accounts are swiftly forgotten and disappear from public view. Consistency is essential for constructing a social media following. Create and adhere to a consistent publishing schedule.

Remain Active On Instagram


This requires contributing fresh, new content weekly or, if time permits, daily. You will acquire more followers and generate more revenue the more active and involved you are. Respond to all comments and posts, as well as all private messages you receive.

You won’t know if certain messages are dead ends unless you respond. Generally, the only method to sell photos of feet on Instagram is via direct message, so it is essential to monitor your inbox closely. 

5. Set Realistic Rates and Create Packages

How much money can be made from selling feet pictures online is one of the most frequently asked queries. There is no definitive answer to this query, and results vary significantly between sellers.

Several factors will determine the profitability of your business, including your level of activity, the caliber of your content, how well you market yourself, and whether or not your feet photos and videos appeal to a particular type of customer.

However, the cost of your feet photos can also make or break your success. If you price your artwork too high, too quickly, you will deter potential purchasers. This is especially true if you are a beginner.

Similar to other professions, amateurs cannot charge premium rates. As your number of followers and reputation grows, you can gradually increase your rates.

On the other hand, maintaining your prices low and competitive may increase your sales volume. For instance, the likelihood of selling a solitary photograph of feet for $100 is remote.

However, selling 10 images for $10 each or even 5 images for $20 each is much more probable. When establishing foot image rates, start low and gradually increase them.

Depending on quality, niche, and demand, the average price per foot pic ranges from $5 to $20. Creating “packages” is an additional effective method for generating revenue from the sale of feet photos.

Offer a collection of X photographs for X dollars. For instance, three photos for $50 or five photos for $75. A buyer could order a mystery pack or a bondage package in which they would not know what they were going to get.

Ensure that your prices and accepted payment methods are prominently displayed. Never alter the price of your feet photographs following a sale. This will harm your reputation and may prevent you from making future sales. 

6. Post High-Quality Photos for Free

When it comes to making money selling pictures of feet, you must give a little in order to receive a little. This entails providing free access to high-quality images in addition to charging for other exclusive content.

How To Sell Feet Pics on Instagram


Similar to FeetFinder, where many creators offer free content to followers and superior content to paid subscribers, Instagram allows you to do both.

Fill your page with captivating, engaging, and follower-generating images of feet. One method for achieving this is by publishing teasers.

Post an image that only partially reveals your foot. If your followers wish to view the remaining content, they can contact you via direct message and pay for access.

7. Charge Fans for Custom Content

Once an admirer contacts you to purchase exclusive content, a long-term working relationship can be established. Determine if they are interested in specific, customized content, such as additional photos or even videos.

The majority of interested purchasers are prepared to pay top dollar for customized content that meets their particular needs or fetishes.

Always discuss terms and payment prior to exchanging feet photos for cash. Protect yourself by requiring advance payment before delivering any content. 

One method to convert a one-time purchaser into a repeat customer is to express gratitude for their patronage.

Periodically send modest gifts or thanks for their continued support to your most valued customers. You may also provide discounts. For instance, a certain discount percentage after a predetermined number of transactions.

More Questions About Selling Feet Pics on Instagram 

Is it Illegal to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

No. Although it is technically not illegal to sell photos of feet on Instagram, caution is advised. Regarding sexual content, Instagram’s community guidelines have a zero-tolerance policy.

If the moderators or administrators deem your content to be inappropriate or explicit, they have the authority to immediately prohibit your account.

This results in the loss of all of your hard work, followers, and content. Your best chance is to keep your posts PG and reserve racy content for direct messages and individual sales. 

What Types of Feet Pics Sell Best on Instagram?

Toes and heels, bondage feet, filthy feet, and footwear are just a few of the various categories of feet images. You may sell photographs in any of these categories.

You can include accouterments such as hosiery, jewelry, and tattoos in your photograph. Take photographs from a variety of perspectives and poses. Several examples include:

  • One foot on top of another
  • Just your toes or heels
  • The bottoms of your feet
  • Feet with props
  • Feet in heels, sneakers, boots, socks, or stockings
  • Feet with food items

Foot videos also provide numerous opportunities for creativity and variety, including the use of massage oil or lotion, foot measurement, foot bonding, and foot cleansing.

How to Take Quality Feet Pics to Sell on Instagram

In addition to including a wide variety of images, your photographs should always be of high quality. This includes both the free and paid foot photos you post.

If your free images are indistinct or of poor quality, people will be less likely to pay for additional content. Always put your best foot forward (pardon the pun) by posting photos of your feet that are stunning, clear, and of high quality.

Instagram users do not need to be foot models to sell photos of their feet. All that is required is a little ingenuity, hard work, and industry knowledge. While some people find images of dirty feet irresistible, others prefer pictures of flawlessly manicured toes and heels.

Your feet must always be the focal point of your photographs. Eliminate distractions by cleaning up the background of the photograph. This protects your identity and prevents you from inadvertently revealing who you are and where you live.

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Conclusion: How To Sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

If you’re looking to sell feet pics online, welcome to the club! A growing number of people have shown an interest in buying feet photos in recent years, resulting in an explosion of the foot fetish industry.

Whether you’re looking to sell feet pics as a side hustle or a full-time gig, the options are endless. It is important to list Instagram near the top of a list of platforms to use.

Foot fetish enthusiasts seek content like yours on this social media outlet, which is specifically used for photos and videos.

Just remember, Instagram should be one tool at your disposal, not the only one. The more platforms you use and the more you promote yourself and your feet pics, the more customers you’ll attract.

Choose a handful of reputable sites and platforms that you can manage without sacrificing quality or consistency. 

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