ProxyEmpire Review 2024: Efficient Mobile & Residential Proxies? (Features, Pricing and Pros & Cons)

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Proxy Empire Review


Proxy Empire is a reputable proxy service that offers proxies for mobile and home use. One of the most distinguishing features of Proxy Empire over other proxy services is that it offers unlimited rollover data.

Out of 10


  • Global access to all websites.
  • Internet service providers who are legitimate.
  • Get real-time data from countries all over the world.
  • A human army is on the lookout for
  • Best Customer Support


  • The brand is relatively new to the market.


Price: $ 45

In this article, I have shared about ProxyEmpire Review.

If you’re currently in the market for a proxy provider to assist you with all of your online activities, you’re probably wondering where to begin. The good news is that we are capable of assisting you.

In this post, we’ll examine one specific proxy service, ProxyEmpire, and assess whether or not it’s a suitable match for your requirements.

With so much competition, it’s important to determine which ones are worth your time.

ProxyEmpire Review: What is ProxyEmpire?🧐

ProxyEmpire is a dependable proxy server that provides mobile and home proxies. One of the most noticeable distinctions between ProxyEmpire and other proxy services is that it provides limitless rollover data.

With other providers, you will either lose idle bandwidth or be required to maintain an active membership to maximize your bandwidth. This way, you won’t have to worry about the bandwidth that isn’t being utilized.

Additionally, the dashboard will display how much data you’ve used and how much remains. They also give a graph that illustrates your data activity and use over the previous 30 days.

ProxyEmpire Review

When it comes to your IP address, ProxyEmpire’s proxies do not need whitelisting. Additionally, if you desire additional security, you may add an IP whitelisting request to your ProxyEmpire account.

Your account manager will easily be able to assist you with this. If you wish to pay with a debit or credit card, they utilize Stripe, but you may also pay using Bitcoin.

You may sign up for one of their packages using their dashboard, and if you want to pay by wire transfer, you can do so by contacting their sales staff. Another fantastic feature of ProxyEmpire is the absence of long-term obligations.

This implies that you may unsubscribe and resubscribe at any time. They strive to be as adaptable as possible to satisfy the changing expectations of their clientele.

How to Use ProxyEmpire?

1. Sign Up: Register for an account on the Proxy Empire website.

proxyempire login

2. Choose Your Plan: Select the appropriate proxy plan that fits your needs based on the volume of data and the number of countries you need access to.

3. Set Up Your Proxy: Configure your device or application with the provided proxy settings. This usually involves entering the proxy server address and port number.

4. Authenticate: Authenticate your device or application using your Proxy Empire credentials or a whitelisted IP address, depending on the method supported by your chosen plan.

5. Start Browsing: With the proxy configured, you can start browsing or scraping the web anonymously and securely.

Major Features & Benefits of ProxyEmpire💡

Let’s talk about some top features and benefits of ProxyEmpire:

1. Data Bottlenecks:

When things outpace their ability to capture data across many competing seasonal platforms, the dynamic retail organization faces a data bottleneck. As a result, data is insufficient, and projections are incorrect.

This often occurs during the holiday shopping season, when many businesses balance their accounts and enter the black. Clients like ProxyEmpire can expand their business and are the sole provider of home proxy data.

This means that you preserve data that is not in use during quiet times but have an excess of data accessible during busy seasons. This effectively removes delays and ensures merchants have access to the data they need.

2. Anonymous Data Collection:

By using ProxyEmpire’s home and mobile networks, you may penetrate a competitor’s domain and establish their pricing structures without the adversary being aware of or able to block operations effectively.

This is because residential proxies seem to be actual visitors. This may be achieved on a global or regional scale since they cover over 150 countries. Following that, each country’s cities may be carefully targeted.

They designed their dashboard for customers in the retail sector who want to start watching pricing and forecasting economic events accurately. To begin, choose a package that scales with your business.

3. Theft of Intellectual Property:

In developing nations, patents are seldom acknowledged, and trademarks are rarely taken seriously. A business’s ideas are only useful if they can be protected and utilized exclusively.

The difficulty is that the majority of this illegal behavior happens on a global scale, outside the control of a company’s headquarters. Workers with a small network cannot manage intellectual property rights.

Brand protection agencies and legal teams depend on ProxyEmpires’ broad network to monitor and react to intellectual property theft across 150 countries and six continents.

Because its network is organic, it can do cross-platform searches for intellectual property violations, enhancing its legal argument.

4. Monitoring a Particular Subject:

ProxyEmpire allows brand management services to target an industry’s market and scrape data that reveals when a company’s brand is being abused or completely ripped off.

Residential proxies are more than enough for obtaining data on how a company’s brand is viewed. While simple tools exist for monitoring how the public responds to a company’s brand, they fall short on a global scale.

A corporation’s reputation may be outstanding in one nation but deplorable in another, such as Canada. The reality is that these technologies are ineffective at growing, effectively keeping businesses in the dark.

5. Acknowledge Your Reputation:

With a large network and geotargeting capabilities, reputation management firms can now track their clients’ reputations globally and collect data locally, tailoring their data collection aims to a specific location.

This helps firms to discover how the public sees them in different locations throughout the world. Unlike oversimplified systems, the ProxyEmpires network enables reputation management firms to capture data where it counts.

Due to the organic nature of their network, they may be used without raising red lights, as data center proxies often do.

6. Advertisements Placed In a Deceptive Manner:

One of the most common deception techniques used by ad networks is to mix genuine traffic/clicks with garbage adware traffic.

They can do this without the advertiser’s knowledge, given that your adverts are shown on hundreds, if not thousands, of websites, it may seem difficult to verify an ad network’s integrity to generate revenue-generating traffic.

They designed ProxyEmpire from the ground up, intending to eradicate ad fraud via fast network expansion across 150+ countries and the acquisition of millions of nodes.

Their proxies are acquired from reputable residential Internet service providers and wireless carriers. Every aspect of their website is fully customizable.

You may choose the geographic region, Internet service provider, or web page that is best relevant for your ad verification strategy. Their clientele spans large geographic areas and uses huge networks to ferret out illicit ad placement.

7. Restricted Access GEO-Locations:

Global targeting may become more challenging for marketers who select an intelligent approach to ad verification. This is because advertising is shown in the specified area and not locally, making it impossible to verify your ad placements.

For example, if you sell e-commerce items to the United Kingdom, you will be unable to monitor your placement from the United States due to a GEO-location restriction.

Their clients may remedy this issue quickly in less than 20 seconds by picking a particular area and obtaining a home or mobile proxy list that corresponds to the locations where the advertising is shown.

8. Inverse IP Address Lookup:

By identifying data center proxies that behave unusually for a typical user, ad networks may bypass ad verification. This is because servers provide standard proxies.

Ad networks may easily identify the source of the proxies and block the port using a simple reverse IP address search. This essentially eliminates all ad verification efforts.

ProxyEmpire clients benefit from our broad home and mobile proxy networks, which emulate a regular user by using authentic ISP and carrier-assigned IP addresses.

Advertiser networks are not authorized to block IP addresses that they believe provide high-quality traffic for their advertising. As a consequence, you circumvent obstacles and get access to the advertisements that are shown on the internet.

ProxyEmpire Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?🤑

Residential Proxy

residential proxy empire pricing

This pricing is tailored for every need, starting with a Pay As You Go option at $9 for 1GB. Plans range from Starter ($40 for 5GB) to Enterprise ($3000 for 1000GB), with better rates per GB at each level—Hobby, Startup, Business, Company, and Corporation.

For requirements above 2TB, we offer Custom Plans. All plans feature access to 170+ countries, 24/7 support, HTTP & SOCKS5, city and ISP targeting, unlimited threads, and rollover bandwidth.

Try out with a $1.97 trial, and for those needing more, They provide Custom Pricing to fit your exact needs.

Mobile proxy 

mobile proxy pricing

5G Mobile Proxies offer unparalleled access and flexibility, with a plan priced at $250/month that unlocks access to all 52 locations across 38 states in the USA.

This plan allows users to rotate their IP on demand instantly, ensuring maximum anonymity and flexibility for your online activities.

For those requiring a broader range of access, our Multi-Country Package at $125/month covers the USA (NY, Miami, & Texas), Israel, the UK, & Austria, with the capability to rotate your IP on demand 4-5 times a day.

All plans come with a suite of premium features, including the use of 1 IP at a time, unlimited premium bandwidth, unlimited IP changes, unlimited threads, and 24/7 premium support.

Each account is provided with a dedicated physical device and one mobile carrier per location, ensuring reliable and fast connections with 25-50 Mbit download speeds. For those with needs beyond our standard offerings, we invite you to contact us for custom pricing, where we can tailor a solution to fit your specific requirements.

Pros & Cons of ProxyEmpire🙌🏻

Here are some of the pros and cons of ProxyEmpire:

Pros Cons
  • ProxyEmpire’s dashboard enables you to filter the sources of stock market data by country, region, and city.
  • The brand is rather new to the market.
  • Their proxies serve as a conduit for communication with those entities and are compatible with a variety of trades.
  • Travel aggregators must gather real-time data from governments globally, some of which, like China, prohibit data acquisition via national firewalls.
  • Their proxies are adhered to the wall and may be configured to cycle every one to sixty minutes.
  • Their network is sourced from authorized Internet service providers, which means you may have access to very secure data aggregation platforms.
  • ProxyEmpire supports content syndication tracking via its home and mobile proxy networks, which enable clients to access all websites worldwide.
  • When customers access their network, it’s as if an army of individuals is searching for, scraping, and obtaining the data required by their business model.

ProxyEmpire Can be Used For

proxyempire use cases

1. Web Scraping and Data Extraction

ProxyEmpire’s proxies facilitate efficient web scraping and data extraction by bypassing IP bans and captchas, allowing for the collection of large volumes of data from websites without being detected.

2. Market Research

Businesses can use ProxyEmpire to anonymously gather market data from various regions and demographics, ensuring accurate and comprehensive market research analysis.

3. SEO Monitoring

SEO professionals can leverage ProxyEmpire to track search engine rankings, perform competitor analysis, and monitor SEO campaigns across different locations without revealing their actual IP addresses.

4. Ad Verification

Companies can verify the proper placement and appearance of their online advertisements using ProxyEmpire’s proxies, ensuring ads are not served on malicious sites or outside targeted regions.

5. Social Media Management

ProxyEmpire enables the management of multiple social media accounts without triggering security alerts, ideal for social media marketers and agencies looking to expand their online presence.

6. E-commerce and Retail

E-commerce platforms and retailers can use ProxyEmpire to check their products’ positioning and pricing across different markets, ensuring competitive strategies.

What Makes ProxyEmpire Stand Out?

1. Robust 4G Mobile Proxies:

Offers access to mobile APP platforms with advanced carrier-level filtering in over 150 countries, designed for efficient data collection and reliable rotation to prevent distrustful queries.

2. Extensive Residential Proxy Network:

Features over a million ethically sourced residential proxies with detailed targeting options (country, region, city, ISP), accompanied by VIP integration support for seamless setup and wide compatibility (HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS4/SOCKS5).

3. Unique No-Limits Rotating Residential Service:

The only provider in the industry to offer data rollover, allowing unused data to be carried over month to month for unmatched flexibility and cost-efficiency.

4. High Connection Capacity:

Supports up to 1000 simultaneous connections per GEO location without throttling, backed by a 99.6% uptime guarantee for reliable and high-quality rotating proxies.

ProxyEmpire Alternatives 

1. Luminati (Now Bright Data)


Overview: Luminati, rebranded as Bright Data, is one of the largest and most comprehensive proxy service providers in the world. It offers residential, mobile, data center, and ISP proxies, catering to a wide range of use cases, including web scraping, data collection, and ad verification.

Key Features: Bright Data stands out with its extensive IP pool, advanced targeting options (including country, city, and carrier for mobile proxies), and robust proxy management tools. It also offers a highly customizable service with APIs and a proxy manager for efficient proxy rotation and management.

2. Smartproxy

smartproxy overview

Overview: Smartproxy is a user-friendly proxy provider known for its high-quality residential and data center proxies. It’s particularly favored for its ease of use, making it accessible for beginners and professionals alike.

Key Features: Offers over 40 million residential IPs, flexible pricing plans, and proxies in more than 195 locations worldwide. Smartproxy is praised for its excellent speed, reliable service, and effective tools for web scraping, social media management, and SEO monitoring.

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Overview

Overview: Oxylabs is a leading provider of premium proxies and data scraping solutions. It caters to businesses and enterprises with a focus on large-scale web data extraction.

Key Features: Features an extensive network of over 100 million residential proxies and a robust selection of data center proxies. Oxylabs differentiates itself with advanced scraping tools, dedicated account managers, and high success rates for data retrieval in competitive environments.

ProxyEmpire Testimonials👩🏻‍💻

proxyempire testimonial. proxyempire testimonial.

FAQs on ProxyEmpire Review

❓How does ProxyEmpire ensure the quality of its proxies?

ProxyEmpire ensures the quality of its proxies through rigorous testing, maintaining an extensive network of reliable sources, and offering proxies from over 150 countries. They provide high uptime, fast response times, and secure connections to meet various online activities' needs.

✅ Can I use ProxyEmpire for web scraping?

Yes, ProxyEmpire is an excellent choice for web scraping. Its residential and mobile proxies are particularly useful for bypassing IP blocks and captchas, allowing for efficient and anonymous data extraction from websites.

👉What types of payment does ProxyEmpire accept?

ProxyEmpire accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility and convenience for users around the world.

👍Is ProxyEmpire suitable for social media management?

Absolutely. ProxyEmpire's proxies can be used to manage multiple social media accounts without triggering security alerts or bans, making it a valuable tool for social media marketers and agencies.

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Conclusion: ProxyEmpire Review 2024

ProxyEmpire is safe to use and is an excellent alternative for anybody looking to do tasks online safely and fast.

Given their user-friendly dashboard, limitless rollover data, and customer service staff that is there any time you need them, I don’t believe it gets much better than this.

Their attention to detail and respect for their clientele make them unquestionably the best.

Suppose you want to ensure that you never run out of proxy alternatives for online activity and that you can contact a proxy service anytime you need to. In that case, I believe ProxyEmpire is your best solution.

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