Kajabi Review 2023 : Is It Best Choice For Course Creation? [Features, Pricing]

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Kajabi enables influencers to create customized websites, theme-based landing pages, and email campaigns. Kajabi provides blueprints for your courses, just like it does for your marketing funnels.

Out of 10


  • Users may find your course organically via the Kajabi marketplace.
  • A platform for online education
  • Create Your Curriculum
  • Customizability
  • There are integrated email marketing solutions
  • Good Customer Support
  • Expert sessions
  • Wistia used as video host


  • Costs are somewhat more than those of other platforms
  • Custom certificates cannot be issued easily


Price: $ 119

In this piece, I’ll provide an in-depth analysis of Kajabi and walk you through all of its features.

By 2025, the e-learning industry will reach $325 billion. And you, as a savvy entrepreneur, may want to take advantage of this.

However, along the way, you’ll want a sophisticated collection of tools, including a course hosting platform, an email marketing supplier, and a sales funnel builder.

What if I told you that creating an online course could be as simple as using one powerful tool?

Yes, with Kajabi, this is achievable.

If teaching online has been a goal of yours, believe me when I say that you should go no farther than Kajabi. It’s a one-stop-shop with everything you need to run a successful online course company.

Now, let’s get into the Kajabi review.

Kajabi Review 2023– Is It Legit Online Course Creation Tool?

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi Review

Content marketing platform developed to assist digital entrepreneurs and small companies in creating and selling compelling content in the form of online courses or coaching programs via the use of customized templates.

Kajabi enables influencers to create customized websites, theme-based landing pages, and email campaigns. Additionally, the system enables administrators to collect payments, acquire information about a client’s progress, and automate targeted marketing campaigns or funnels to provide a more customized customer experience.

Kajabi Review: Pricing

Kajabi has three different price tiers, ranging from $149 to $315 each month. All price levels are available every year for cost savings. Upgrades and downgrades to your plan are free and may be made at any time.

One of the good features of Kajabi is that it has a money-back guarantee. This gives you an adequate opportunity to evaluate their program and decide whether it meets your requirements.

If you are dissatisfied with Kajabi for any reason within 30 days after your first purchase, you may cancel your membership and obtain a refund.

Kajabi Review - Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi Basic:

The Basic Plan provides customers with access to a total of three items and three pipelines. Clients may create an infinite number of landing pages and marketing emails with this subscription. They are restricted to a maximum of 10,000 contacts and 1,000 active users, as well as a single website for a single administrator user.

The Basic Plan is $149 per month or $119 per month with yearly billing. Additionally, customers have access to Kajabi University, webinars, hundreds of pre-built templates, and essential automation.

Kajabi Growth:

The Growth Plan, which is the most popular, increases the number of products and pipelines to 15. Users may amass a maximum of 25,000 contacts and 10,000 active members. Though they are limited to a single website, they may be deployed in groups of up to ten.

The Growth Plan is $199 per month, or $159 per month if paid annually. Advanced automation, 24/7 chat support, and the possibility to remove Kajabi’s name from their domains are all included for users.

Kajabi Pro: 

The Pro Plan is the last option, which allows users to manage up to 100 goods and pipelines, 100,000 contacts, 20,000 active members, and three websites for a total of 25 admin members.

My recommendation for the best plan is the Growth plan, which costs $199/month. To assist you in selling your course, the Pro Plan includes integrated email, a sales funnel builder, marketing automation, and affiliate tools.

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Kajabi: Features and Benefits

Kajabi’s Support Is Exceptional:

Kajabi has been present for a long period. It has a solid support reputation and is investing heavily in expanding its worldwide support workforce.

Additionally, it established a Kajabi institution dubbed Hero University, which offers significant online instruction and a community for platform users.

Apart from these choices for Kajabi support, there are a plethora of organizations that have designed custom themes for it (as noted above) and provide a variety of support services.

Additionally, several blog entries and articles are covering almost every topic related to Kajabi. If you are unable to locate what you are looking for via the company’s assistance and training – which are already excellent – you will almost definitely be able to discover it on the Web.customer support

Makes Live Events Easy to Create and Promote:

This is somewhat related to product development, but Kajabi is so excellent in this area that it warrants independent mention.

You can quickly create a Zoom Webinar in Kajabi and – even better – surround it with a pipeline that includes a registration page, e-mails, a post-event offer page, and a checkout page.

All of this is pre-formatted in Kajabi, so all you have to do is alter the content and include your Zoom link. (You will need your Zoom account.)

A similar method may be used to organize virtual summits/conferences or even location-based events.

Jumpstarts Product Creation:

The majority of readers here are undoubtedly interested in Kajabi courses, and Kajabi does provide some excellent templates for micro-courses, complete online courses, and drip courses that automatically open up access to new sections of the course over time.

However, Kajabi goods include much more than Kajabi courses. Additionally, memberships, communities, and coaching programs may be created.

Kajabi offers simple-to-use templates for each of these alternatives, along with pre-loaded content that is relevant to the offering’s category.

You may quickly edit the content and structure, as well as delete anything unnecessary, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Strong Capabilities for Video Streaming:

Wistia — one of the greatest video hosting services on the market – is fully integrated with Kajabi for uploading and streaming your videos.

As a result, you can be certain that your videos will perform optimally regardless of the screen or bandwidth used by every particular student – and that they will be as safe as possible.

Best of all, this is a built-in feature that does not need a separate Wistia license.

Keep in mind that Wistia price begins at $99 per month for a Pro license (which is what the majority of course vendors will want) – which, when compared to Kajabi’s entry-level cost of $149 per month ($119 paid yearly), is a fairly good deal.

kajabi products

Capabilities for Effective Blogging:

While not on a par with WordPress, Kajabi’s blogging capabilities are much greater than those of the majority of online course systems. (And keep in mind that a successful blog is one of your most valuable tools for driving traffic to your website and products.)

Nota bene: Kajabi considerably enhanced its blogging features with its October 2020 website builder release. While it is still not as good as WordPress, it has greatly improved and can now be considered more seriously as a blogging platform.

Looks Fantastic Right Out of the Box:

Kajabi offers various variants on a basic website theme that seem current and professional, as well as incredibly appealing, useful templates for producing landing pages and sales funnel sites. If you’re not satisfied with what Kajabi offers, there is also a market for bespoke, premium themes.

This is in stark contrast to more narrowly focused course platforms such as Teachable or Thinkific, which need additional scripting to deviate from their default templates.

Built to Sell:

Kajabi provides excellent tools for developing landing pages and sales funnels, as well as for converting site visitors to clients.

Additionally, you can handle all email marketing inside Kajabi – including automatic follow-up sequences – eliminating the need for a third-party platform (though it does integrate easily with Aweber, Mailchimp, and Active Campaign).

This became even more true with the introduction of Kajabi Email, a feature-rich email platform included with every Kajabi membership.

Kajabi Email is a visual email editor that enables you to quickly create visually appealing, high-converting email campaigns.

In general, Kajabi outperforms the majority of other online course platforms when it comes to native marketing and selling skills.

Thus, there is a great deal to like in Kajabi.

In general, Kajabi gives you far more control than other course platforms over constructing a Web site on which you may not only provide your courses but also manage your business’s whole Web presence.

In other words, you do not need to create a second Web site on WordPress or another platform — a Kajabi site may serve as your primary Web presence.

Kajabi: Designs and Customizations

Having an attractive front end is necessary if you want to advertise your courses more effectively. Additionally, Kajabi includes a website builder for this reason.

To begin, Kajabi is a hosted platform, which means you will not need to purchase hosting for your website.

Second, your website will use the mykajabi.com domain, which you may redirect to a custom domain of your choosing.

Thirdly, your Kajabi site comes with an SSL certificate.

Additionally, you may remove the Kajabi logo from the website, giving it the appearance of being custom-designed.

Now, Kajabi includes a collection of website themes. These themes may be installed with a single click. These contribute to the website’s appearance, feel, and design.

These themes are based on the Premier Theme foundation. And the themes that are built on it are referred to as Premier presets, just as filter presets are used in photography.

Each preset and the premier theme are designed with a clean, minimalistic, and contemporary aesthetic.

After selecting a theme and a preset, you may further modify your site using a page builder. The page builder enables you to focus on the appearance you want for your site’s pages.

The next part expands on our discussion of the page builder.

You may also create a custom theme if you have the necessary technical skills. Additionally, custom themes may be readily imported into Kajabi.

Other competing programs on the market, such as Teachable, Thinkific, and Podia, provide less freedom in terms of website design and customization. This unique trait of Kajabi further distinguishes it.

Kajabi Course Creation

Kajabi Course Creation

While Kajabi is an excellent marketing tool for course makers, you cannot overlook the course’s quality. It is critical to create an excellent learning experience and community around your course.

Consider the Kajabi course development procedure.

Additionally, Kajabi provides blueprints for your courses, just like it does for your marketing funnels. They are referred to as Product Blueprints — pre-designed templates for your courses. Your courses’ structural skeletons are called Product Blueprints.

Kajabi will generate a framework for your course based on the “Product Blueprint” you choose, including categories and content.

Categories in Kajabi are identical with course modules, whereas postings are synonymous with lectures. You may include a variety of material formats into your courses, including videos, pdfs, txts, and downloads.

Kajabi has partnered with Wistia to provide video hosting.

Kajabi, on the other hand, lacks features for gamifying courses.

For instance, competing platforms like Thinkific provide features such as leaderboards, grades, and prizes for registered students, which offer a high level of involvement in the courses.

This kind of gamification assists students in remaining motivated while enrolled in an online course.

Kajabi’s platform enables the sale of three distinct types of items. There are three types of courses available: mini-courses, evergreen training, and online courses. Kajabi’s main purpose is to assist you in developing, marketing, and selling online courses.

Given that it enables the posting and promotion of a variety of different types of courses through its many marketing tools, Kajabi is an obvious suitable option for professional course producers.

What Kajabi Offers?

Kajabi Features

Content of the Lock Course:

You may use the Content Locking function to require students to finish a lesson before proceeding to the next. The lesson might take the shape of an exam that must be completed before progressing to the next one.


When you release Categories inside a course after a pre-defined time after course enrollment, you may drip your course material. In this manner, course information is made accessible only on the dates specified in your course plan.

Student Debates:

Kajabi Community allows you to construct a community forum on the platform, which may be sold separately or integrated into your membership Kajabi site. This has been identified by users as one of their primary instruments for student involvement.


Because Kajabi does not facilitate the generation of certificates, you must rely on third-party applications such as Accredible or Google Slides.

Editor of Kajabi quizzes:

Through the Assessments function, you can add timed quizzes to your landing pages. Quizzes cannot be loaded from external files and are not capable of including complex quiz components such as question banks or timed quizzes.

Editor of Kajabi quizzes:

Kajabi Mobile Application:

The Kajabi platform includes a mobile app for both iOS and Android web-enabled smartphones, allowing students to attend the course from any location with a mobile network.

Kajabi Mobile Application:

Create Your Curriculum:

To create your curriculum, drag & drop your Categories or Posts into the desired sequence. There is another level called Subcategories that allows for considerable flexibility and ease of creation when organizing your curriculum.

Uploading and structuring content:

Uploading material to Kajabi is a simple procedure.

They give an Items Blueprint, which is a pre-built example framework for a variety of digital products, complete with pre-added categories and articles.

Categories help you arrange your material and the articles that include it. It’s a simple and easy procedure to build and sell your course, as well as to submit the material to Kajabi.

You may include a range of content marketing elements, such as films, assessments, text, and pdf downloads.

Upload material from your PC, Dropbox, or Google Drive.


Wistia hosts the videos, which may be easily uploaded in quantity for use in blog articles and sales sites.

A platform for online education:

Online course platforms’ major responsibility is to provide an excellent online learning experience, and in this part, we’ll examine Kajabi’s performance in terms of content delivery and member engagement.

Kajabi: User Roles and Privileges

n the same spirit as People Management, Kajabi User Roles and Privileges enable you to control distinct user attributes. This is more useful if you’re a team of teachers or instructors that are going to be working together for a course.

You may appoint each of your members to be Administrators, Assistants, or Support Specialists.

An Administrator has roughly the same rights as you, the course designer. When you designate someone to become an Admin, he’ll be allowed to initiate conversations and arrange the course material on the site. The only change that’ll set you apart is that you’re still the only one who can manage payment integrations.

An Assistant may update and delete material from the site. But they won’t be able to examine financial and analytics information as an Administrator may.

Finally, a Support Specialist would have the most restricted access out of the three. He will mostly be able to control the comments and debates of the pupils on the site.

That being said, Kajabi is an excellent platform for team activities because of the configurable roles that one can designate for each participant.

Kajabi Review: Pros & Cons

Kajabi Pros

  • Users may find your course organically via the Kajabi marketplace.
  • In a membership model, you may charge a monthly recurring subscription fee for continued access to a course.
  • For more costly courses, you might offer students payment choices such as a monthly payment plan.
  • You may interact with your students through an integrated community platform (similar to a forum). Additionally, you may offer this as an upsell and charge for it.
  • Domain created just for you. While Kajabi will host your course, you may configure the domain to include it on your website.
  • You may choose from a vast collection of professionally designed, fully customizable themes.
  • Customizability. You may match your business’s or website’s appearance and feel.
  • Marketing automation enables you to send emails or course offers in response to certain conditions, such as course completion or inactivity.
  • Integrated sales funnel software (affectionately known as The Sales Pipeline Builder) enables you to design many sorts of marketing funnels to increase client sales.
  • There are integrated email marketing solutions, which eliminate the requirement to connect a third-party email service.

Kajabi Cons

  • There is no free option, and the costs are somewhat more than those of other platforms (I will discuss if the cost is justified in the next section).

What Makes Kajabi Different from Others?

The two qualities that distinguish Kajabi from other platforms are as follows:

  •     It focuses heavily on sales and marketing tools. This contains an email management system, a sales funnel builder, and marketing automation built-in.
  •     It is the only platform that is self-contained and does not need third-party tools.

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FAQs related to Kajabi Review 

🤔Are Kajabi websites good?

Kajabi is one of the most widely used platforms for online education accessible today. Numerous Kajabi instances and websites have grown to be fairly popular as a result of the platform's simple features.

🤩What are the benefits of Kajabi?

Users get access to email analytics technology, which enables them to monitor the success of their email broadcast programs. Kajabi integrates with Stripe, which enables users to conveniently accept financial payments.

🙋‍♀️Is Kajabi or Thinkific better?

When comparing Kajabi and Thinkific, both provide intuitive and simple-to-use course creation tools. While Thinkific offers a solid selection of course templates, Kajabi outshines the competition in terms of functionality and course delivery.

✅Is Kajabi's email any good?

It's as if Kajabi's email marketing is on par with the best standalone email marketing solutions available. Additionally, like with any excellent email marketing solution, you can categorize and segment your consumers to maximize marketing efficacy. Kajabi's automation enables you to fully automate your email marketing campaigns.

Conclusion: Kajabi Review 2023 

In my perspective, Kajabi’s true sweet spot is solo specialists – speakers, consultants, trainers, and writers – who want an attractive website to advertise their courses and other items based on their knowledge.

If you want to quickly turn your knowledge into a company, seem like a pro, and be certain that you have the resources necessary to promote and sell efficiently, Kajabi should be one of the first platforms you investigate.

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