GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages 2024 – Which Is Best?

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In this blog, I am going to discuss GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages 2024 – Which is Best?

First and foremost you’re probably going to use GrooveFunnels and LeadPages in terms of this comparison.

If you’re looking to create landing pages and sales funnels after all they are called GrooveFunnels for a reason. 

They are great when it comes to building landing pages and sales funnels.

They also have their GrooveSell features which allow you to seek your products and offer services all along with having a very own affiliate program. 


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Pricing $99 $27
Best for

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one platform where it boasts your business.

In LeadPages, we can create several different kinds of landing pages including webinar registration pages, sales pages free report pages, launch funnel pages PPC.

  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Integration
  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Integration
  • A digital marketing tool that has everything
  • Software technology is robust
  • The leaders and designers present in the market are incredib
  • An enhanced system for support
  • Easy to put to use
  • It is reasonably affordable
  • There are many templates available, free or paid
  • The integration options are incredible
  • There are a couple of apps that are yet to be developed prop
  • There is a lack of customization
Value For Money

Base Plan- Free Silver Plan- $99 Gold Plan- $199 Platinum Plan- Lifetime

Standard Plan- $27 Pro Plan- $59 Advanced Plan- $239

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Bottom Line Upront:

The GrooveFunnels and LeadPages are the two best platforms that help you in building successful landing pages & sales funnels. GrooveFunnels seems costly but it has better features compared to LeadPages.

Not that LeadPages has fewer features but they perform according to the landing pages whereas GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one platform where it boasts your business. Try Out Groovefunnels now.

In this article, I will talk about GrooveFunnels and LeadPages where you’ll get to know about its main features, pricing plans, and pros and cons.

These tips will help you a lot and might gain you a few or more profits. Let’s get into a detailed review.

If you are looking forward to knowing which one is the best platform for you to choose for your business then this guide will help you out in presenting you a detailed review about everything that you need to know. 

In this comparison we will talk about the following questions :

  • What is the basic overview of Groovefunnels and Leadpages?
  • What are some of the best features of Groovefunnels and Leadpages?
  • What are the benefits of using each platform?
  • What are the pros and cons of both?
  • Which offers better pricing, Groovefunnels or Leadpages?

Finally, we will see which one is better for you.

Leadpages turn clicks into customers

Overview Of GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages

You will want to use GrooveFunnels if you want a sales funnel platform or an all-in-one platform that comes with numerous features.

Now GrooveFunnels is going to be one of that actual software where they have everything that you need. 

They go above and beyond a lot of the previous software tools that have come out and have gone above and beyond them to add even more features that will be not only powerful but very helpful.

They also offer a free plan. 

GrooveFunnel is built on the latest technology and does not rely on the same old out-dated technology or any other funnel builder.

It also uses something referred to as mobile-first indexing and this is important for SEO because what it does is Google predominantly uses the mobile-first version of the content for indexing and ranking your pages. 

So if you build your site on GrooveFunnels you’re just going to tan better than any other pages out there online because of the speed and also because of the mobile-first technology.

GrooveFunnels platform is superior in just about every way you can think of. It’s also going to utilize something like SDK which stands for Software Development Kit. 

It allows developers to create software applications much in the same way as it’s done for WordPress plug-ins, chrome extensions, Firefox that sort of thing.

This measures that the possibilities of features are endless for GrooveFunnels.

LeadPages is a stand-alone website that has a monthly fee that allows you to create and land in sales.

They have drag-and/drop templates and standard down templates. They make it easy for you to create pages for your business outside of your website or if you don’t have a website. 

So, a lot of people use LeadPages to set up a sign-up page for webinars or set-up a sales page for a course they are doing or maybe even a free product they are promoting.

But LeadPages has a ton of features and can be used to hashtag all the things in your business. They can be a huge assist to any of the business. 

LeadPage is useful for someone who doesn’t want to fill with sales, who just wants to use easy drag-and-drop templates who are not using WordPress, or who doesn’t have a website at all.

Well, Drag-and-down templates allow you to completely customize whereas general templates don’t allow as much customization but still slows quite a bit. 

GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages data slots

Common Features of Groovefunnels & Leadpages

Website & Landing Page Templates

You are allowed to edit or customize templates that you have access to present on your dashboard.

The page builder in each software is easy to use and while this is great, there are slight changes in the templates in each software. 

For example, GrooveFunnels and LeadPages offer you ready-made templates that have been pre-designed for instant use. They can be used for any purpose, whatsoever. 

Although, this should not stop you from building your template out of nothing if you choose to do this! 

Pop-Ups & Additional page features

Another thing that brings similarity in both of this software is the additional features and pop-ups that are present for the pages. 

You are allowed to add alert bars, pop-ups, and various conversion-focused components to the pages you own. 

But something that makes GrooveFunnels slightly different from LeadPages is that GrooveFunnels lets you add little social popups for proof in the corner on your screen. 

Regrettably, this is not something that is offered by LeadPages. 

Good Page Builders

The page builders in each software have proved themselves to be incredible! 

It is truly surprising how many elements you are allowed to add to your pages. Which gives you many amazing options to choose from. 

Well, Both the page builders are super easy to use, and bring changes to them is just as simple too! 

Sales Platform & Check out

It does not matter if your focus is on selling the products or services you are involved with since you are allowed to use the gorgeous pages you built for selling too. 

To help you achieve the most out of every sale you make, advanced checkout features are present in both the software to aid you in that! 

They contain features like downsells, order bumps, and single-click upsells. 

Unique Features Of Groovefunnels

GrooveVideo (Video hosting)

This platform is helpful especially when you want to automate the process of video marketing while you can ensure a higher lead generation. 

Well, You are also allowed to share videos, as well as edit and optimize them as well directly on social media platforms. 

Also, it aids a user in easier tagging, adding calls to action, and prompts too. 

GrooveSurvey (Survey platform)

Surveys are one of the best ways to engage your audience, interact with them, and have fun with them at the same time.

They are also helpful to gather feedback that you might not receive otherwise. 

Plus, you can produce some quality leads through these surveys. It will help you launch different surveys for your business online. 

GrooveQuiz (Quiz platform)

To increase interaction with your audience, you can choose to create quizzes and polls on your landing pages. GrooveQuiz will aid you a ton in increasing awareness regarding your brand. 

GrooveBlog (Blogging platform)

Using feature-rich tools, you can revolutionize your campaigns regarding content marketing.

Well, Increasing the amount of extra audience to reach your target audience becomes easy when you are allowed to add content that has been searching engine optimized. 

A piece of great news is that it is integrated with WordPress to help you publish your content in no time at all! 

GrooveDesk (Helpdesk platform)

You are offered an excellent team for support along with the stunning features available here. Well, You are allowed to generate tickets, give feedback online, and handle customer complaints. 

The management of communication becomes easy once GrooveDesk comes into the scene. 

GrooveCalendar (Booking/Calendar)

It does not matter if you are an online businessman, a freelancer, a coach, or a tutor, you are sure to handle appointments with various clients and teams when required. 

This platform is built to help you out with booking such appointments and manage all the email sequences you need automatically. 

GrooveMail (Groove’s Autoresponder)

Well, This application is needed in almost all types of businesses that work online, and having it integrated into GrooveFunnels is just all the better because it takes a lot of cash to have it built-in anything you want it in. 

GrooveMember (Membership Site Builder)

In case you are looking at selling a course or produce a membership site, you will need an external software or feature that will aid you in building one.

Well, GrooveFunnels has this GrooveMember application to help you out with this. 

So, if you wish to sell a course, you should go for GrooveFunnels. Although, when using Leadpages and you would like to do something similar to this, you would have to use a third-party application. 

GrooveAffiliate (Affiliate Management Platform)

As you can notice in the name, this application is made to help you recruit and manage your affiliates to promote your services and products. 

It has amazing analytics and is one of the advanced applications present on the market. You have a market presence to increase your sales and recruit affiliates by affiliates finding your product there. 


Any business requires webinars to grow at a healthy speed. It does little to the growth of your business if your audience is not well engaged with you. 

This is why information-rich webinars are vital. And something that makes it even better is that you can integrate the platform into GrooveVideos or GrooveMail to ensure a user’s satisfaction. 

Fewer/No Domain Limits

When compared to LeadPages, there are limitations to domains.

On the other hand, GrooveFunnels imposes way fewer and insignificant limitations in terms of domain or none at all in the case of a couple of pricing plans. 


This platform is especially useful for eCommerce users. The features you are bound to enjoy here are similar to that of Shopify but what makes it special? 

Well, it is much cheaper here and you have a better chance of getting it for free too. Advanced tools are quite helpful though. 

Seeing that they help in giving a boost to your sales online. 

Groove Recurrings

Unique Features Of Leadpages

More Landing Page Templates

If you are focused on the number of landing pages instead of additional features, LeadPages is your go-to. Well, It offers a better range and amount of landing pages than GrooveFunnels

Since LeadPages has been around for quite a while, you can say that it has way more templates of landing pages. 

Drag and Drop 

This feature was last updated in 2016 to provide an experience that is both, smooth and intuitive all while being incredibly glitch-free. 

Hosting Landing Pages

Using this tool is a great option to keep your spectators hooked since it lets you use your domain name while hosting several landing pages simply. 

More Integrations

The number of integrations is quite a handful too. Compared to GrooveFunnels, you will notice that this application consists of way more integrations. 

However, it is possible to argue that GrooveFunnels comes with a good set of features making the integrations a little less important. 

But features or not, they are great to have! 

The Analytics

The analytics here are detailed. Well, The platform will help you with such analytics on an interactive dashboard.

Also, it makes it easier for you to connect on FaceBook Pixels and tools such as Google Analytics. 


Another interesting feature offered by LeadPages is this. A popup form that has been custom designed to fill your heart with excellence! 

Well, It will aid you in handling actions performed by customers online all while bringing a good amount of improvement in the conversion rates.

Fewer Bugs

Well, One of the most preferred reasons to use LeadPages over GrooveFunnels is because of how this application consists of fewer bugs. Mainly, this is because Leadpages is a fully developed application. 

While GrooveFunnels is great, it has many bugs that one may have to deal with a lot. That is probably because their team is still working on ridding you of those bugs.

But because of how long LeadPages has stuck around, it has become flawless and smooth to put to use. 


Using mobile phones is sort of an easy way to manage life. Just like that, it can now be used to manage webinars and lists of emails.

Using automated text messages are a great way to bring awareness to people about your niche. 

groove funnels builder

Benefits of Groovefunnels vs Leadpages

Benefits of GrooveFunnels

  • It is fun and easy to use. 
  •  It is pretty much affordable. 
  • It is fast loading, SEO friendly, and mobile-friendly. 
  • It is the first mobile indexing complaints.
  • It offers truly free plans. It’s making its model instead of offering seven or 14-day trails that sort of thing is creating freak what they cal freemium products. 
  • So these are real functioning access to the actual software free there’s no credit card required there are some to the limitations to it by for the most part that you can get out of the gate start working on them and sell products and then you get a lot more functionality than any other free thing on the market right now. 
  • You get GroovePages for free. What it does – it allows you to create professional landing page websites and funnel builders but it’s a lot more than just a simple funnel builder. 
  • With GroovePages you can sell unlimited products with unlimited funnels. 
  • You can build a functional branded website with full navigation. You can’t do that with any other funnel builder. 
  • You can design a powerful checkout option. You can boost product sales with one-click upsells – offers upsells, downsells orders bumps and you can also participate in one of the most powerful affiliate programs that are available right now.

Benefits of LeadPages

  • LeadPages is the number one landing page software. It helps businesses grow quickly by taking the guesswork out of collecting leads and driving sales.
  • It is a landing page designed to drive a visitor to take a specific action. It offers hundreds of ready-made templates for a wide variety of applications where you can customize and publish in minutes without the help of a designer or programmer.
  • Well, It combines proven ready-made landing pages with the flexibility of a drag-and-drop builder changing or adding elements on the page in simple. 
  • You can customize, edit, or rearrange page elements knowing that the page will look great across all types of devices.
  • LeadPages templates have powerful conversion elements built-in like countdown timers, call-to-action-buttons, and pop-ups, opt-in forms called leads from landing pages, blogs, and websites. 
  • You can select leads via text messaging allowing prospects to opt-in from anywhere using a phone.
  • LeadPages is the only platform that allows you to capture leads on landing pages, websites, emails, and mobile phones. 
  • Well, It is affordable and takes the guesswork out of converting visitors into sales. 
  • It also works with E-commerce platforms webinar registrations and so much more where you can manage all of your leads and digital campaigns. 
  • You can also test the effectiveness of your pages and also default analytics tells you how every page is performing. 


Both GrooveFunnels and LeadPages are unique. If you ask me it’s hard to tell me to choose one. LeadPages is known for drag-and-drop templates and standard down templates. 

They can be a huge asset to any business. The really interesting thing about GrooveFunnels is they released a free membership for people to get started with.

You could have up to three funnels for free which is available. 

It is a one-stop-shop that boosts your business. It’s a complete system that contains different products and services.

Pricing Plans of GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages

Groove Funnels 

Base Plan 

  • Base Plan is free of cost, it has no hidden charges.
  • The tools include in this plan are GrooveSell, Affiliate program, and Pages. 
  • You even get a 20% commission as well with this base plan.

Silver Plan 

  • Silver Plan costs $99 per month.
  • It has core apps that are needed to run or start a business online. 
  • The features included in this plan are GrooveSell, mail, video, affiliate program, membership, and pages pro.
  • You even get a 20% commission as well with this plan.

Gold Plan 

  • Gold Plan costs $199 per month.
  • It has core apps that are needed for professionals also to run an online business.
  • The features which are included in this plan are GrooveBlog, desk, quiz, survey, and calendar.

Platinum Plan 

  • Platinum Plan is a lifetime plan.
  • It also includes features of both the silver plan and gold plan.
  • You get a 40% paid commission, non-promotional affiliate bonus. 


Standard Plan 

  • It costs $27 per month.
  • It offers one website, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.
  • It also offers unlimited traffic.
  • Well, It also offers free custom domain and hosting with 40% standard integration.

Pro Plan 

  • It costs $59 per month.
  • It offers three websites, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.
  • It also offers unlimited traffic and leads.
  • It also offers free custom domain and hosting with 40+ standard integrations.
  • It gives online sales and payment and tech-support (via Email and chat).

Advanced Plan 

  • It costs $239 per month. 
  • It offers 50 websites, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.
  • It also offers unlimited traffic and leads.
  • It also offers free custom domain and hosting with 40+ standard integrations.
  • It gives online sales and payment and tech-support via email or chat.


GrooveFunnels and LeadPages both have different pricing plans ranging from an average plan for the user and business owners to run or start their business.

Though GrooveFunnels seems costly it has better features compared to LeadPages. 

Not that LeadPages have nay fewer features but they perform according to the landing pages whereas GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one platform where it boasts your business.

Well, It’s a system of complete products and services.

Pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages



  • The tool is exceptionally easy to put to use. 
  • It is reasonably affordable.
  • There are many templates available, free or paid. 
  • Creating landing pages becomes easy here. 
  • There are zero restrictions regarding traffic. 
  • The integration options are incredible. 


  • A digital marketing tool that has everything. 
  • It is not required to change the platform to perform a campaign or a task repeatedly. 
  • Well, software technology is robust. 
  • The leaders and designers present in the market are incredible. 
  • Well, An enhanced system for support will help you maximize the area regarding digital work. 
  • There are several tools present to aid you in building pages in no time. 
  • The interface is pretty user-friendly along with the crisp design and a nice, tidy office. 



  • There is a lack of customization. 
  • The form options are pretty limited. 
  • Well, To perform a task, you might need to integrate a couple of platforms. 
  • Well, The enterprise options are none. 
  • The drag and drop builder is pretty poor in its capabilities. 
  • A/B Testing is quite poor too. 


  • There are a couple of apps that are yet to be developed properly. 
  • A slight learning curve can be noticed here. 
  • There is a lot to be improved in this application, making it a little bit difficult to wait for new updates. 

GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages Platform

FAQs | GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages

👉 Which software is better, LeadPages or GrooveFunnels?

A question only you can answer! You are the one who knows what you truly require, and while doing that, you should keep in mind if there are things that’ll help you better.

🤷‍♂️ What does LeadLinks mean?

This is a platform integrated within Leadpages. It helps you sign people using a single link instead of the long, tedious process it would otherwise take.

🤔 What is GrooveSells?

As you can tell, it is another application from GrooveFunnels that helps increase your growth rate. Here, you are allowed to set up online stores to display your digital services to your spectators.

⁉️ When to choose Leadpages ?

More template choices for building landing pages and websites A bug-free platform that has been around for many years, Integration with specific third-party apps, Phone support and don’t mind paying extra for it.

⁉️ When to choose GrooveFunnels ?

Choose GrooveFunnels when you need extensive features and a comprehensive platform for digital marketing, A completely free plan to explore the functionality, A large and growing community.

🙆‍♂️ Which among GrooveFunnels and Leadpages works smooth?

LeadPages’ page builder runs a tiny bit smoother because the GrooveFunnels team still has some bugs to fix.

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Conclusion | GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages 2024

LeadPages had pretty humble beginnings.

Well, It helps you to publish the pages either to our servers, WordPress, Facebook, or any other server where we could publish a web page. 

Well, In LeadPages, you can create several different kinds of landing pages including webinar registration pages, sales pages free report pages, launch funnel pages PPC and Ad-Words minisite style pages, video sales pages, Thank You pages, and a lot of other high converting pages.

You can sell all of your unlimited products in GrooveFunnels. You can increase your sales for your business.

You can do all of this without any actual fees included at all. You can also build free build brand websites with full navigation. 

The chances of your email reaching customers at spam folders can be decreased with the help of GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels allows you to create GroovePages which in turn allows you to create any type of page clanging page or website.

Well, GrooveSell is going to be pretty much a shopping cart and GrooveAffiliate is for GrooveAffiliate marketing. 

GrooveFunnels Vs Leadpages


The GrooveFunnels and LeadPages are the two best platforms that help you in building successful landing pages & sales funnels. GrooveFunnels seems costly but it has better features compared to LeadPages. Not that LeadPages has fewer features but they perform according to the landing pages whereas GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one platform where it boasts your business. Try Out Groovefunnels now.

Out of 10


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  19. After being introduced to GrooveFunnels, I was able to save up enough money for showcasing my products. GrooveFunnels offers the best free site builder for your business if you’re just getting started. WHEREAS The lead pages are designed to make it easy-to-follow which makes them perfect for starters. With their tech support team always available for assistance, they keep you on track with what you need! No wonder why more businesses are making this their go-to page creator….the choice is all yours as both of them are perfect in their itself !

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  23. After using Leadpages and GrooveFunnels both for my store, I can confidently say that GrooveFunnels is a better option. I’ve never seen anything like it! It helps you avoid the “buyer’s remorse” by making sure your customers are happy with their purchase from the get-go.

  24. “It’s super easy to create lasting marketing content with Leadpages. I get marketing done by snapping together one of their many templates or uploading my own design and boom – I’m good to go! If you’re looking for a more personalized touch, they’ve recently expanded the Live Editor feature so you can make changes on your site in real time, without having to find an expensive developer.”

  25. I’ve used many different landing page builders in the past, but I can honestly say Leadpages is by far my favorite. It’s really easy to set up with the templates they provide, you don’t have to customize anything or do anything special beforehand which are two of my pet peeves when it comes to online entrepreneurs. I found myself designing something similar for this program and was able to create a template within minutes without any trial and error frustration. The options for integration with other programs are super useful too, there were even ones that made me realize that certain apps that I had subscribed to before weren’t necessary anymore because now I’m getting all that functionality included here!

  26. I never knew digital marketing could be so fun. The Groovefunnels software is really easy to work with, and not just for me – anybody can pull it off! It remembers everything I type in no time, and makes suggestions on what else I need to do without any extra effort on my part. The support team is amazing too; they got back to me right away when I had a question or if anything went wrong….

  27. “I really like using Groovefunnels. It has everything required for marketing, and I appreciate that you don’t need to change the platform to perform a task or campaign repeatedly. Advanced computer technology is great and it’s great that there’s an interface with crisp design and a tidy office space – user-friendly too! “

  28. “I have to say that I’m not at all surprised by the great reviews this product has. After using it for just a day, I can tell you that Groovefunnels really does put everything in one place! Now I’m wondering what took me so long to find this amazing digital marketing tool.”

  29. Groovefunnels has a lot to be improved. The developers seem to have given up this application, which is apparent from the lack of updates that happen here….!Shattered !

  30. The makers of Groovefunnels must understand that people want to use software to be able to work easier without any mistake. They should better get their act together and soon, or they’ll lose all their customers…It piss me off with it’s glitch & buzz!

  31. Garbage.
    You had one job, Groovefunnel higher-ups! We invested money and time in your software and you can’t even rival Google Maps? This is like the worst day ever.
    There’s a lot of room for improvement if we’re going to be sending our employees into this “appsverse.” Save us some trouble; please change these malfunctions ASAP before we go back to using carbon paper and messenger pigeons (or email).

  32. For me Groovefunnels is a social networking apps that are still waiting to be developed properly. Although minimal, there’s a slight learning curve with the app. A little over halfway through our review process, we can’t wait for major improvements-much more is needed in this application and we hope that it continue development!

  33. Leadpage is terrible. You cannot customize page layouts very well, and the interface of this site is generally pretty clunky. The form options are too limited, it’s not possible to integrate any other platforms (except for some secondary marketing) with Leadpages, there are no enterprise features, -and- it has a poor A/B testing option.

  34. According to me Leadpages solves a variety of problems. The options for email marketing automation are not great, and the platform doesn’t optimize images….and this is the worst thing !

  35. After using i will say that Leadpages is a drag and drop website builder with several basic customizatio options. It doesn’t offer an enterprise option so large teams of people would need to use multiple platforms for crafting websites. The A/B testing and form building tools aren’t powerful or diverse enough, so you’ll need another platform. Basic users shouldn’t plan on using this one for anything larger than they’re capable of doing themselves because there’s just not enough power here to be worth the hassel of all the integration needed.

  36. Well, I was so thrilled when I saw Leadpages. But it offered me none of the features that a form integrator would need to get something running smoothly. The templates are pretty good but there’s no customization options or add-ons. And for an enterprise, you might as well just look elsewhere because your needs will not be met with Leadpages’ lackluster offerings. Overall, while this is a workable choice if one doesn’t have high expectations, it’s really nothing special at its core and often leaves many disappointed in their quest for a more utilitarian website or experience!

  37. You want jerky animations, complicated UI with lots of unnecessary clunky tools? Alright good.
    Now if you’re looking for an easy to use drag-and-drop builder with limitless design options that will save you time and money then maybe go somewhere else. Leadpages is not your classic custom niche marketing website (unless its a trap page)…Saying this with my work experience with this !

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