GrooveFunnels Vs Shopify 2024– Which Page Builder Is Best?

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So, you’re looking to build a sales funnel for your business. You know that it will help increase revenue and improve the overall customer experience but are not sure which software is best suited for your needs.

There are so many options out there when it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform or marketing automation tool that it can be hard to decide what product is right for you.

GrooveFunnels vs Shopify! In this post, I am going to discuss these two platforms in order to help you make an informed decision about which one would suit your business the best.


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Pricing $99 $29
Best for

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one platform where it boasts your business.

Shopify on the other hand also has a plethora of functions available just for you.

  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Integration
  • Ease of Use
  • Pricing
  • Support
  • Integration
  • A digital marketing tool that has everything
  • Software technology is robust
  • The leaders and designers present in the market are incredib
  • An enhanced system for support
  • Easy for beginners with no experience in the field to use.
  • Excellent quality and quantity of designs available with the
  • Users have full access to the codes.
  • Numerous Themes to Choose
  • There are a couple of apps that are yet to be developed prop
  • There is a three product limit imposed on users.
Value For Money

Base Plan- Free Silver Plan- $99 Gold Plan- $199 Platinum Plan- Lifetime

Base Plan- $29 Next Plan- $79 Advance Plan- $299

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Following are the questions that will be answered in this blog:

  • What is a basic overview of Groovefunnels and Shopify?
  • What are some of the best features of Groovefunnels vs Shopify?
  • What are the benefits of using each platform?
  • What are the pros and cons of using both?
  • Which offers better pricing, Groovefunnels, or Shopify?
  • Which one is better for you?

Bottom Line Upfront:

GrooveFunnels is the perfect tool for any entrepreneur who wants to start selling their products online. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it can be used by anyone with no experience in website design or coding. With our drag-and-drop builder, we’ll show you how to create an entire sales funnel from scratch – without writing a single line of code!

Groovefunnels Customer Reviews

GrooveFunnels has all the tools that will help you sell more of your product online. From landing pages and sales funnels to email marketing and live chat support – it has got everything covered.

Click this link now and sign up for free today!

It doesn’t matter if you are an up-and-coming start-up or a multinational firm, this guide on GrooveFunnels v/s Shopify is sure to help you gain all the information you need.


GrooveFunnels Platform

Overview of GrooveFunnels vs Shopify


GrooveFunnels is one of the best funnel building platforms the marketing industry has to offer.

It is an out of the box and all-inclusive tool that lets users develop landing pages, sales funnels, websites, and much more.

If you’re looking for your organization to get recognized by millions and gain exposure, GrooveFunnels is just the right place for you to do so.

Users can also sell products, both physical and virtual, through GrooveFunnels’ multiple tools. This software is one of a kind one and hosts a plethora of tools every digital marketer must have at the tips of their fingers.

Here are some features you could have at your disposal if you opt for this software:

GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, Shopify, GrooveKart, and much more. I was in awe of the tools and unique features GrooveFunnels added to my arsenal, and I can’t wait for you to explore them yourself. 


Shopify is a one of a kind eCommerce software that prides itself on catering to businesses belonging to all sizes and industries.

Whether you belong to a start-up or a multinational company, whether you sell products in-store, online, or on social media, Shopify is here for you.

People from 175 countries have put their faith in the software, and have not been disappointed.

This cloud-based software is every business’ shopping cart solution with multiple payment options, fit for all. Shopify is also well-known for its numerous integrations that allow the software to scale along with your business growth.

What’s the best part?

Shopify offers a two-week free trial for its customers. The software promises that you will be able to build a website, get acquainted with all its tools, and even promote enough to make your first sale. The software’s plethora of free features to cater to your organization surpassing all limits.

Features of Groove funnels 

FREE Hosting 

One of GrooveFunnels’ best features is its ongoing lifetime deal. With this deal, users can get their hands on free hosting services from this well-renowned software.

You can have up to 17 different products at your disposal for a lifetime by paying a one-time cost of $1397. Seems like a dream come true, doesn’t it? But it gets better.

Not only can you pay once in a lifetime, you can also pay in installments if you wish to opt for that method.

Some of the services you can avail of with this lifetime deal are GrooveSell, GrooveMember, GrooveBlog, GroovePages, and much more.


GrooveMail is one of the services you can avail of with the GrooveFunnels software.

With this tool, users can manage all their data with the help of a single dashboard and redefine email marketing.

This is one of the most reasonable tools as compared to similar tools in the market and offers users a seamless and interactive interface. GrooveMail will also make sending out newsletters an easy task.

This tool is bound to help organizations convert site visitors into customers and increase deliverability rates. It can also be integrated into other software easily and gives users about 25,000 contacts.


With GrooveSell, you can avail of several payment gateways GrooveFunnels has to offer, you can also get your hands on its feature that allows users to customize their own shopping cart and add it to their website.

Why use a third-party application and invest in it unnecessarily, when GrooveSell is right here.

The tool does not require any transaction fee and can be availed through the GrooveFunnels’ lifetime deal.

It allows for unlimited product funnels and also allows users to create their own affiliate program within GrooveSell. This tool is guaranteed to make your selling experience and your customers’ buying experience a truly one of a kind one.


GrooveKart is a unique eCommerce solution for those looking to sell products online. This tool is easier to use than its competitors and also offers more functions.

It is a tool that is easy to use and has something to offer all organizations, no matter how big or small or belonging to which industry.

Whether you are an experienced online marketer or a fresher just getting started in the field, GrooveKart is here to make your experience a seamless one.

With the help of this tool, you can get your online presence up and running in under a few minutes.

GrooveFunnels Main


In recent years, video marketing has taken the world by storm and GrooveFunnels has not missed out on releasing a tool just for that.

GrooveVideo is video analytics and video hosting tool that allows marketers to get creative and upload engaging videos that can help potential customers get attracted to your brand and give your organization the exposure it deserves.

This tool gives companies the once in a lifetime chance to get engaging and innovate with their marketing strategy. This tool I bound to help take your company to new heights.


Are you swarmed with work and worries you will forget that important call you have to make or the client email you have to send?

Well, GrooveCalendar has you covered! This is an all-inclusive tool that makes sure all aspects of your company run smoothly.

With this tool, you can schedule calls, meetings, emails, workshops, courses, and much more.

GrooveCalendar also helps companies book a slot and offer assessments to their clients in a friendly and non-threatening manner.

This tool also gives you the opportunity through GrooveFunnels, to link GrooveCalendar to GrooveMail to attain seamless functioning.


With GrooveMember, you can get your hands on some of GrooveFunnels’ exclusive content.

For instance, you can avail of numerous delivery options and get anything delivered to members in no time.

You can also get access to custom themes that are bound to make your brand stand out from the rest.

Easy integration and embedding of videos directly from YouTube and other streaming platforms make GrooveMember one of a kind.

Additionally, you can also host various courses on this platform and organize the lessons easily based on your needs.


With GrooveFunnels’ brand new affiliate program, you can get on the bandwagon and earn money by simply using the software.

This tool has partnered up with IPVanish VPN to give users highly converting deals and earn commissions.

The amount of commission you can get your hands on depends on whether you have a free account or a paid one.

The advantages of having a paid account are that you get a 40% commission on all the sales you make and also a 10% commission if someone you sell to, sells a fully paid account to someone else subsequently.

Features of Shopify 

Handling Payments

Shopify has everything you need for the perfect payment gateway.

Not only does this software offer multiple payment gateways, but it also provides ease of transactions.

Through Shopify, one can carry out payments through net banking, e-wallets, UPI, and much more.

With Shopify, you can rest assured that you are in safe and capable hands and have the freedom to choose.

Payment Gateway

Shopify Payments is the safest and most simple payment gateway available online.

This eliminated the added expense and pressure of tying up with a third-party payment provider.

With Shopify, you can automatically one step away from a plethora of payment partners. You can access all these modes of payment simply by creating a Shopify account for yourself. Easy, isn’t it?

Multiple Themes

With Shopify, you can get your hands on a wide array of themes and customize layouts and styles to cater to your customers.

With the theme editor available, you can make your dream website a reality and offer your customers only the best. If your theme does not allow customizations, you can simply edit the code of that specific theme.

User-friendly Interface

Shopify’s user-friendly interface is sure to give your customers a seamless experience, and this in turn will help in the acquisition of new customers too.

This feature is bound to give you a competitive edge over other software in the market. Shopify’s seamless user interface ensures high conversion rates and increases customer engagement.

It also boosts the productivity of both the client and the brand.

Content layout

Shopify’s most well-renowned principle is that it follows the ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’ principle, which allows users to get their hands on exclusive and unique content.

Additionally, the software has several themes that offer various layouts. Shopify’s user interface and UX will also allow users to explore their creativity when it comes to the layout.

Product Images

Through product media, users can include a wide array of creative including 3D models, videos, and images.

Using these tools can give your customers a better understanding of the products you have in store for them.

They can get a gist of its functions, utility, and size before they decide to purchase it. Additionally, you can also add images to product variants to give customers an authentic feel of the product.

Point of Sale

Shopify’s Point of sale commonly known as POS is an app that both android and iOS users can avail of for transactions in a physical store or even a pop-up store.

Through Shopify POS, users can look for products, make payments, process orders; swipe their credit cards, get receipts of products, and much more.


As a user, if you wish to move heaps of product information from Shopify to another system, then you can use the spreadsheet Shopify has formatted especially for your needs.

You can use this sheet to both import and export data with the help of Shopify’s comma-separated value files that help perform bulk tasks seamlessly.  

Product Variations

If you wish to add variants to your product, for example, color and size, you’re in for a treat.

With Shopify, you can add multiple combinations for every product and give your customers a wide array to choose from and cater to the needs of all.

With this software, you can also view a list of variants of a certain product on the product details page. With the help of the inventory page, you can also manage inventory effectively.

Shipping Options

With Shopify, you can be sure to get your hands on the best shipping options.

You can avail of shipping carriers, who can deliver products directly to your customers or your warehouse. Shopify has tied hands with many shipping partners and carriers and has integrations with several major carriers.

Shopify also has drop shipping and fulfillment services that they carry out via centers across the US and Canada. 

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Research states that the average rate of cart abandonment on eCommerce sites is 68.81%.

To make it easier to understand, about 7 out of 10 customers add products to their cart and leave the site without making a purchase.

By accessing the ‘abandoned checkouts’ section on your dashboard, you can get a list of customers who put items in their cart and didn’t purchase them.

With this information, you could email them and remind them about the items they picked.


If you’re thinking of launching a website or building an online presence for your brand, you’re probably wondering how customers will find your store.

Well, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Shopify helps you improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your brand so that potential customers looking for products you have to offer can find your site without any difficulties. 

App Store

The Shopify app store is truly a one of a kind store and offers users a myriad of apps to choose from.

It hosts apps that are bound to give your business a boost in the right direction. Right from Shipping and delivery apps to sales pop-up apps, Shopify has it all. 

GrooveFunnels vs Shopify Support

Ease of Use 


GrooveFunnels is well equipped to assist you in all aspects of getting your website up and running.

Even if you lack knowledge about the IT field and have no software experience, with GrooveFunnels, you are in good hands.

This landing page developer is one that is extremely easy to use and does not require the user to be experienced in the field.

Users from across the globe have praised the ease of usage that comes with using GrooveFunnels.

This pristine software allows users to develop their very own website from step 1 in no matter of time. You can build a professional website without being an expert in the field, in a matter of minutes.


Shopify is a one-stop-shop for companies to ship, sell, and promote their products and their brand.

Shopify proves to be an easy-to-use software right from the get-go. Not only is it easy to set up, but it is also easy to work with daily.

This is an attractive choice for small businesses, as they step into the industry with minimal experience.

However, if you are a small business owner, you can be assured that you are in good hands with Shopify, as it is easy to use and can be navigated without additional help from experts.


I would say that in the battle of GrooveFunnels vs Shopify, going with GrooveFunnels would be the better choice for a marketer when it comes to ease of usage.

Although Shopify gives users the freedom to add customizations and even alter and edit codes, it requires period knowledge of web designing and the IT industry.

However, with GrooveFunnels, users can build websites from the ground up with minimal experience and knowledge about the world of technology.

Customer Support 


When it comes to the customer support service of GrooveFunnels, users can place their trust in the highly experienced team behind the seamless functioning of the software.

The support staff at GrooveFunnels is top of the line professionals who are ever-ready to assist users in any issues they may be facing.

There is also an FAQ section on the GrooveFunnels site, that is sure to answer all the questions you may have, however, if it fails to do so, help is a phone call away.

Users can also contact the customer care officials via email and be sure to get quick responses.

GrooveFunnels also have several training videos that users can learn from so that they get well acquainted with the functions and tools the software has to offer.


When it comes to the customer service of Shopify, all you need to do is provide your contact details on a webpage available to you.

Make sure you include your contact number, email ID, and mailing address.

You can also add a contact form to your online store. Additionally, you can also message Shopify customer care executives and be rest assured that your query will be addressed as soon as possible.

Shopify understands the need to have a 24×7 helpline and does everything in its capacity to be of service to you.

Interacting with the extremely friendly staff at Shopify is sure to give you all the answers you were looking for.


I have noticed that when it comes to the customer service of GrooveFunnels vs Shopify, there are often users complaining about the service GrooveFunnels offers.

Shopify on the other hand is praised for its efficient and top-notch solutions at any time of the day or night.



The benefits that come with using GrooveFunnels include building unique landing pages and out of the box websites from the ground up.

You can also create check out pages and use GrooveAffiliate to your advantage by developing affiliate programs.

Additionally, you can use GroovePages to develop crisp funnels to serve your company’s needs.

GrooveMail is also a tool you can use, with it; you can send customers automated emails and follow-up emails as well.

You can also get your hands on a video uploading platform with the help of GrooveVideo.

To top it all off, GrooveFunnels offers a lifetime deal to users for a nominal price that they must pay only once and can enjoy its benefits for the rest of their life. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it?


With Shopify, you can build your very own online store from scratch. Its site-building features will help you develop your dream site.

You can add discounts, product descriptions, and also include prices and sizes on the site with the help of Shopify.

With a default ‘add to cart’ option, you can be assured that your customers will be able to avail of the best and have a seamless user experience too.

Additionally, you can add as many pages as you would like and can be sure that Shopify will improve your SEO results as well.

Pricing of GrooveFunnels vs Shopify


GrooveFunnels allows users to choose from four different plans that come with a plethora of functions and tools in each.

In the free Base Plan, users can access GroovePages Lite, GrooveSell, and GrooveAffiliate. This plan also lets users get their hands on a 20% commission and three exclusive landing pages.

The Silver Plan costs $99 a month and allows users to use GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveVideo, and much more.

The Gold Plan costs $199 per month, gives users additional tools like GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GroozeQuiz, etc.

This plan offers much more than all the other plans combined.

With this plan, users can avail themselves of unlimited pages, sites, funnels, bandwidth, images, templates, pop-ups, and a lot more.


Shopify offers three plans for its users. The first one is the Basic Plan, for those starting out and only costs $29 a month.

With this plan, users can get their hands on three staff accounts, gift cards, cat recovery, discount codes, and much more. With this plan, the transaction fee is 2.0%.

The next plan is the Shopify Plan that costs $79 and is for mid-sized organizations that are growing rapidly.

With this users get five staff accounts and in addition to everything from the Basic Plan, they also get professional reports. The transaction fee with this plan is 1.0%.

The Advanced Shopify plan on the other hand costs $299 on a monthly basis with a transaction fee of 0.5%. It is mainly meant for scaling businesses, which can avail of a whopping 15 staff accounts.

The additional benefits that come with this plan are advanced report building and third-party calculated shipping rates.


It is evident that the Shopify prices are severely lower than those of GrooveFunnels.

However, GrooveFunnels offers a free plan for beginners to get familiar with the software before they invest in it, which Shopify lacks,

It would be my suggestion to go with the GrooveFunnels software, as it not only gives a free basic plan but also offers a lifetime deal that is indeed worth it.

Pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels and Shopify



  • Easy to use landing pages
  • Efficiency in creating funnels
  • The sale of products can be done easily
  • The prices are affordable and have value for money
  • Powerful drag and drop technology helps users immensely
  • Saves funds as one does not need a third-party app
  • A one-stop-shop for digital marketers
  • 40% commission with the Platinum plan
  • Unlimited access to GrooveAcademy
  • Friendly customer service executives


  • Some aspects of the software require a learning curve
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners to use
  • As the software is still in beta testing, there are a few bugs that may arise and disrupt the optimal functioning of the software.
  • Not all tools are available yet
  • GrooveAcademy advanced training can only be availed of through live sessions



  • Easy for beginners with no experience in the field to use.
  • Excellent quality and quantity of designs available with the software.
  • Users have full access to the codes.
  • Easy to scale for large-scale and small-scale businesses.
  • The app store is full of a number of free add-ons users can avail of.
  • The customer service team has a number of experts who are ever-ready to help.
  • Numerous themes to choose from
  • Multiple customizations are possible with Shopify.
  • Helps a great deal with conversions.


  • Editing codes require prior knowledge of web development.
  • Those who choose to use third-party payment gateways are required to pay a transaction fee.
  • There is a three-product limit imposed on users.
  • Multi-currency features are not the most efficient to use.
  • A number of key features require users to install apps.
  • Uploading files are complicated at times.
  • Reporting functionality is possible only with expensive plans.
  • Aspect ratios of product images have to be identical, which can prove to be a task.
  • Abandoned cart saver only allows for one email reminder to customers who left without making a purchase.

GrooveFunnels vs Shopify

FAQs About GrooveFunnels vs Shopify

🤔 Between GrooveFunnels and Shopify, who has a better Pricing Plan?

Shopify seems to have the cheapest plan; however, it also has a transaction fee, which may prove to be heavy on the pocket for some. GrooveFunnels on the other hand not only has a free basic plan but also has a lifetime deal that makes it worth it.

🤷‍♂️ Can I integrate Shopify with ClickFunnels?

If you wish to do this, you must navigate through ClickFunnels and click on the integration key. From here you will be allowed to add a new integration after searching for Shopify and clicking on ‘Connect integration’.

🤙 Can I merge GrooveMail and GrooveCalendar?

You certainly can; this will help you get reminders via emails about events you have planned for your day or the coming week.

🙋‍♀️ Is Shopify better than Squarespace?

Shopify is compatibly better than Squarespace since it is the most effective e-commerce website builder out there whereas Squarespace offers better inventory management tools.

💁‍♂️ Is Clickfunnels better than Shopify?

Shopify is better at managing customers & inventories while Clickfunnels offers ready sales funnels.

🙎‍♀️ What is Groovefunnels?

Groovefunnels offers options to build landing pages, sales funnels, build a website to sell products online.

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Conclusion Of GrooveFunnels vs Shopify 2024

Before one makes a decision, it is important to know all the alternatives that exist.

It is essential to deep dive into the functions, features, pricing plans, pros, and cons of each software before making a decision that could impact the future of your company.

As I have explained throughout the article, GrooveFunnels is one of the leading funnel development tools and landing page developers in the business.

However, Shopify on the other hand also has a plethora of functions available just for you.

As it is said, all companies are different and so, every organization must make an informed decision about which of the software wins for them when it comes to GrooveFunnels vs Shopify.

Groovefunnels vs Shopify


With Shopify, you can kick-start your eCommerce empire with just a simple click of a few buttons. GrooveFunnels is one of the leading funnel development tools and landing page developers in the business. Try Groovefunnels now.

Out of 10


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    What initially appealed to me was that there was a limitless amount of customization available for products, you can upload as many pages as want, and most importantly my conversion rates have sky rocketed from when I first started with them. They also had a personal consultant help me setup my website which was up in no time which meant that I didn’t have to go through hours of tutorials or pouring over copy-paste documents. All around this has been the best product investment I’ve ever made!

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  12. I really like this company they have a lot of products and their prices are pretty good. They’re one of the best companies in my opinion, they’ve always been able to offer me a good service even when I was asking them some questions that were pretty hard for them or if something had gone wrong with an order…!

  13. I simply couldn’t believe I found Shopify, the perfect solution for my online store, until it had already done everything for me! With a default ‘add to cart’ option, you can be assured that your customers will be able to avail of the best and have a seamless user experience too. Additionally, you can add as many pages as you would like and can be sure that Shopify will improve your SEO results as well. Perfection at its finest – Shopify has changed how I do business online!

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  15. After Comparing Them , I must say that GrooveFunnels has so many features that might not be present on the other up and coming platforms which is absolutely marvelous. It can better help you to automate your grunt work, so anyone new to the game of marketing should take some time for this one!

  16. I’d recommend groovefunnels because, I was looking for a tool to help me with my email automation. And this one just jumped out at me as being the right choice from its features alone before I even got myself on their software! Far better than shopify !

  17. GrooveFunnels is easy to use, but Shopify isn’t. You will be paying less with GrooveFunnels monthly fee than with Shopify’s monthly fee. No annual fees. The deal breaker for me was that I could not find an app for hours on end, but it turns out they have one called Super Cart which lets you sell products without getting them into your own eCommerce-driven store or marketplace – now that’s handy!

  18. After using both from so long , i will pen down that GrooveFunnels is a great software, but it has some issues with specific elements .Shopify on the other hand isn’t perfect either, but it does have more features that are useful for entrepreneurs.

  19. Going from a live demo of each of the features for both sides, I have to say it’s so hard to pick a winner. They’re immersive and help you with every step a new business owner needs. Shopify is easy enough that it can be picked up by anyone with hardly any tech skills, but GrooveFunnels goes way beyond if that interests you!! choice is yours .

  20. My comparison of both give me the thought that GrooveFunnels is hands-down the best landing page builder.The simple, interactive interface allows you to create engaging pages, follow a diverse range of templates, and only pay as you go with the ease of use that every campaign needs for its visitors to be qualified ready-to-buy customers. Shopify on the other hand also has a plethora of functions available just for you….Pick wisely !

  21. I think this is a great product. It has helped me save some money. When I first signed up, the team at GrooveFunnels was very welcoming and gave me tips on how to make sales through marketing my business more efficiently. That’s been really helpful, as it saves some time from not having to manage customer experiences with a 3rd party app! As someone who always creates original content for customers, I also love that they have a one stop shop for marketers where we can set up entire campaigns or just individual promotions all within the same account. This program is super easy to use too,

  22. For those who are looking to make quick cash, grooving funnels is the way to go. With drag-and-drop technology, you can easily do your own advertising with just a few clicks of your mouse. If that’s not enough for you then just wait till you find out that this also includes an unlimited access to GrooveAcademy! I couldn’t believe it!

  23. I have been using GROOVEFUNNELS for a couple of months now and I’m really happy with it. One thing that I especially love is how easy it is to use the drag-drop technology, which makes editing product images so much faster without them being blurry. The interface can be hard to understand at first but updating your browser should help take care of that once you’re acquainted with it….!

  24. GrooveFunnels gives you the opportunity to make money effortlessly. I barely had any previous experience before hopping on board, but their drag-and-drop technology is so easy, even a monkey could do it! The customer base ranges from independent artists to big brands–whatever floats your boat! Their prices are affordable and have value for money. One of my favorite things about this company? You can save funds by not having to pay hefty third party app fees for software updates or content management options. They’ve completely streamlined and simplified digital marketing. You’ll find all the tools and resources you need in one stop…

  25. I love Shopify. I’ve been using this software for a long time and it is by far the best one I have come across in this field. It’s incredibly easy to learn and use, has tons of quality designs built-in, is fully customizable with the app store and all that good stuff and most importantly: it helps me convert customers like crazy! As soon as they realize how much more affordable my product turns out when directly compared to others, they will gladly decide to buy from me instead.The customer service team also rocks – every time I need their help with something or just want general questions answered, they will always return within 24h – which is better than any other companies around!

  26. “Ever since the day I discovered GrooveFunnels, I’ve been having so much fun with my marketing!” “I went from feeling confused about how to engage an audience without looking like a waste of space to strategically posting at optimal points in the day and developing a loyal following.”

  27. I think shopify is probably the best investment I’ve ever made. It’s so easy to use and has such a wide variety of designs, considering it’s free. The app store has so many convenient add-ons too, not just for apps but also for themes and every conceivable detail you could need when running your business. I love that customer service is always available and they’re all really nice people plus experienced with this tool: any questions no matter how long it has been since I purchased they answer me in seconds! The best thing about Shopify is how quickly it will convert customers into buyers which helps increase the number of sales during my campaigns on social media. I recommend shopify 100%

  28. Shopify is the perfect choice for my new venture. I was looking for something that’s really easy to use and manipulates both e-commerce and social media marketing so effortlessly, with all these features at one place made Shopify a clear winner in front of any other business software out there….

  29. I really like this platform. It’s so easy to set up and use. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in need of an e-commerce site! What I really love is the fact that I can do so many customizations while still retaining Shopify’s simple interface. When it comes to customer service, they are hands down the best I’ve ever dealt with because not only do they offer live chat but also phone line support! Not to mention all these great addons for my store–adding Facebook widgets, wishlists, product review tabs etc—all free of course!!!!!! The selection for design themes is pretty good too; though at times could be better–though this isn’t a major issue. Shopify has definitely made my life easy !

  30. There are some problems with the shopify website that might leave potential buyers wondering if it’s worth their time. Some of these difficulties include the app installations, file uploading, and payment gateways; which require knowledge not everyone possesses. Overall, there isn’t much convenience to be obtained through the PayPal integration or even PayPal itself for tasks like reporting metrics on analytics or multi-currency features–two key features compared to other tools available on Shopify.

  31. Shopify is a CAD software that provides all the tools needed to start and run an online business. However, it does not work for everyone and has some disadvantages: customizable features require web-development knowledge, there is a cap on how many products you can list at one time, introduction of new functions requires installing apps, uploading files together with large images may cause difficulties….

  32. After beginning to use GrooveFunnels, I found it hard to understand and time consuming. The app crashed at the most inopportune times and turning off conversation notifications helped but not enough….It makes me panic at very crucial time !

  33. Groovefunnels isn’t that fun or easy to use. It turns out the learning curve and improper functioning makes it difficult (though not impossible) to use. Plus, there’s a high chance you’ll miss out on all of the features….!

  34. Shopify is incomparably difficult to use, even for the most skilled web developers. The interface causes great headaches in finding anything, and users must be knowledgeable of coding to edit their site’s code. There are major obstacles in using third-party solutions, with high transaction fees and limited features. This platform requires constant effort on the user’s part – often requiring expensive plans or apps that can function at all. Overall, not worth the trouble!

  35. Shopify is not the best option for all web developers. They have chosen unnecessarily complicated policies that prohibit the third-party providers of some key features, require you to install apps on your site before using them, inhibit usage by giving you a limited number of products available to sell, charge more for custom domains and megabytes of storage space on their website hosting servers–even though they are plenty fast enough at delivering whatever you might need with their basic plan.Everything about this program screams “wacky” corporate policy decisions. Unless you’re willing to spend more time figuring out how any given feature works than making money from it, Shopify’s too expensive an investment.

  36. GrooveFunnels is a powerful, intuitive marketing automation software for small and medium businesses. However, the interface can be overwhelming for beginners to use; while they’re still in beta testing as there are a few bugs that may arise and disrupt the optimal functioning of the software (such as not all tools being available yet).

  37. Shopify is no good! It gave me headache in doing any of the mentioned activity…totally waste of money & time for me !

  38. Groovefunnel is awful. I’m sorry if this bugs you, but it does me. The layout of the product is annoying and sporadic. Maybe it’s just me being a dinosaur, but the tutorials take too long to pop up on my screen for an unreasonably slow learning curve that didn’t have much helpful information anyways….It can’t be more worse than this !

  39. The GrooveFunnels has many great potentials and abilities, but the user experience is cluttered and frustrating. The “tutorial” section can be tough to maneuver through with challenges in loading new lessons every time you enter the page and a bug that makes it so you cannot complete an entire unit of study before moving on to the next….It makes difficult the section you are working on !

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