Hide My IP Review 2024: Make Your IP Address Anonymous Now!

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Hide My IP Review


Hide My IP selects a random IP from a list of hundreds of anonymous fake IPSs from all around the world which are installed in your web browser, email client etc. Also you can sync other applications with Hide My IP. It is best tool to hide your IP and protect yourself from hackers.

Out of 10


  • Switch your IP every 10 Seconds
  • Change your visible location
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Anonymous and Encrypted Web Surfing
  • Works on Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS
  • Unblock any Website
  • Prevent the Government from Spying on You


  • Hide My IP doesn’t work with e-mails


Price: $ 2.91

In today’s world, everything is done online, from banking transactions to paying your bills to shopping.

Whether it’s a big company or a common man, everyone is using the internet for their financial needs and sharing data and information. And most of the time we got monitored by the ISPs and the Government.

Before sharing your credit card details or banking details on the merchant website, have you given thought to how safe it is to share these confidential data online?

You may have seen that much of your personal data is being hacked by hackers or leaked over the internet and while browsing you are not safe while you are browsing the Internet.

This was my main concern when I was paying my bills online. So I started looking for tools that can protect my bank details from being compromised and save me from hackers.

After doing some research, reading reviews, and going through tons of websites I finally came across  Hide My IP.

Hide My IP - Review

Hide My IP Review 2024

It has made my online transactions really secure. It is paid software that can be downloaded. It guarantees my online anonymity and stops hackers from gaining access to any kind of sensitive personal information like my IP address and more.

When we normally surf the net, there is a direct link between our computers and the websites we visit.

But when you use Hide My IP a proxy server is set up, which relays information between your computer and website. In this way, the website can’t trace your real IP. It will consider the fake IP to be your real one.

Now, you must be thinking about where this fake IP comes from.

Well, Hide My IP selects a random IP from a list of hundreds of anonymous fake IPs from all around the world which is installed in your web browser, email client, etc. Also, you can sync other applications with Hide My IP.

It has a 14-day trial version. So I went for the trial version first because I wanted to make sure it does the job. And after using it for 14 days I was very happy and satisfied with the software.

Basically, Hide My IP is an excellent  VPN provider that is based in the United States. Here this provides mainly offers the best and most secure protection along with online anonymity at a very cheap price.

It will let you access the IP locations in more than 100 cities all over the world along with providing the best and most anonymous internet access.

Herewith this VPN provider, you don’t have to worry about all of the installation instructions and you will not need any client to get that task done. As the downloading and installing process is very easy and it will be great for the first-time user.

The user interface is very intuitive and user-friendly and you will not face any problems with activating and deactivating VPN.

Here you can also select which browser is going to be protected and when you are willing to switch between the IP address right from all over the world.

Hide My IP will provide you the opportunity to choose a different IP address from all over the world that is mainly located in more than 110 cities.

You can also get started with the free version then Hide My IP will choose VPN for you. And if you will purchase the pro version then you can easily select any right for your new IP address simply by yourself.

Hide My IP - Review

The best part about this VPN provider is the Internet connection speed will not get affected if you somehow opt for an IP that is basically located right on the same continent as you are.

Like suppose you are in the US then you can simply select the IP from New Zealand and here your connection will not get affected and it will not slow down due to the distance.

This VPN will also save you from all the hacking attempts by the prying eyes simply by switching your IP address whenever you want. And simply by applying this VPN, no one can track down any of the data right from your computer.

Hide My VPN will also work perfectly with all the software on all of the devices you use. Here IP addresses will be protected by the Smart DNS Proxy.

And it will not use any of the additional settings such as the like port numbers or any of the protocols that will really make it compatible with all of the devices.

And here your online identity will be secured right on your computer, phone router, TV, and different game consoles like the PlayStation and more.

This VPN service also works on a major platform that mainly includes Windows, Linux, and Mac along with Android, iOS, and Ubuntu.

Here if you choose their premium version then you can simply activate all your DNS proxies right on the 5 devices simultaneously.

There are more than fake IP is available all over the world. Here your real IP address will be covered by the IP from China, Brazil, New Zealand, and many more countries, and here all of the IP address is mainly available in more than 110 countries so that you cannot get tracked or monitored by the Government and ISPs when you are accessing the block content from all over the world.

I believe the entire work is for your benefit. Not only do you get anonymity on the internet, but it also protects you from hackers and phishers as they will recognize the fake IP as your real IP and will end up attacking the fake IP.

The process is just simple, Hide My IP icon will appear on your internet browser after you install the software. And the best part is that it is compatible with almost all browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape opera, and much more.

If you want to surf the internet normally anytime then you can click on the icon again and it will stop working.

Key Features of Hide My IP 

As I have already told you that this VPN provider works with all of the major platforms and it will also protect all of the well-known and popular browsers like Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox along with Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, Safari, and many more.

Some of the best features are listed below:

  • Unblock any website.
  • Send Anonymous E-mails
  • It also includes a Smart DNS proxy service.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It provides anonymous and Encrypted Web Surfing
  • It will prevent you from the prying eyes of the government and ISPs.
  • Provides all of the IPs in over more than 120 cities worldwide.
  • The best part is that you can use it on 5 devices simultaneously.
  • It also works on Windows, Android, and Linux along with Mac and Linux.

Switch your IP every 10 Seconds. The advanced setting in the software enables you to do that. You can access more IP addresses and locations and the interface also popped up.

You can change your visible location. You can use your fake IP and show different locations like China, Canada, Brazil, etc. This can be useful when you have some online operations and can’t afford to share your location

The best thing about Hide My IP is that it is very easy to use. Even a technical newbie can use this software.





Here the Smart DNS Proxy will let all the users browse the Internet with full freedom and anonymously. It will also protect all of your online identity simply and effectively.

You can use any of the IPs for the Internet community. Here it will easily replace your IP with their fake IPS and will cover all your tracks easily.

It also comes with a no-logs policy to keep all of your data safe when you are online and here all of your online identity will be safe and stays private so that no one can easily track it or hack it.

Here all of your private conversations will be safe and secured and the best part is that when you will activate this VPN your IP will be automatically get changed with another one. And with that, no one tracks your location or anything you do online.

Privacy and encryption

When it comes to online privacy and security, Hide My IP is one of the leading tools that users can count on.

Essentially, the tool masks the user’s IP address to prevent websites, advertisers, and cyber-attackers from tracking their activities online.

What makes Hide My IP stand out is its ability to encrypt internet traffic using advanced algorithms such as SSL and HTTPS.

The encryption process ensures that all data transmitted online is scrambled and unreadable to anyone who attempts to intercept it.

This means that hackers, snoopers, and even internet service providers won’t be able to access the user’s internet activities, including their browsing history, search queries or downloads.

Another key aspect of Hide My IP is that it has an expansive server network.

With over 120 locations in more than 80 countries, users can pick a server location of their choice, making it easy to bypass internet censorship and geo-restrictions.

For instance, users can connect to a server in a different country to access local content or to stream videos that are not available in their region.

In terms of privacy protection, Hide My IP does not keep logs of user’s activities, which ensures that user activities are not stored on any server.

This, in turn, makes it impossible for anyone, including Hide My IP itself, to trace user’s online activities.

Overall, Hide My IP is a robust privacy and encryption tool that guarantees ultimate online privacy and security, making sure that user activities are protected from cyber threats and prying eyes.

Its use of advanced encryption technology and an impressive server network ensures that internet privacy is prioritized and maintained.

Speed and experience

When it comes to online privacy and security, the speed and experience of a VPN service provider are critical factors to consider. In this regard, Hide My IP stands out as one of the fastest and most reliable VPN options available.

With more than 1,500+ servers spread across 70+ locations worldwide, Hide My IP allows users to enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds and seamless browsing experience. This VPN service provider ensures that users can successfully connect to any server location of their choice without experiencing annoying lags or buffering.

Moreover, Hide My IP offers a hassle-free application that is easy to use and quick to set up. Its intuitive interface allows users to connect to the VPN network with just a single click, and its wide range of features ensures that users can customize and optimize their VPN experience to suit their specific needs.

In addition to its impressive speed and user-friendly interface, Hide My IP is renowned for its advanced security and privacy features. The VPN service provider uses cutting-edge encryption protocols and technologies to ensure that user data is safe from prying eyes and cyber threats.

Whether you want to access geo-restricted content, secure your online activities, or protect your sensitive data, Hide My IP is a top-notch VPN service provider that guarantees speed, reliability, and an unmatched user experience.

Torrenting: Protect Yourself with a Safe VPN Provider.


While Hide my IP offers servers that support torrenting, using it for P2P activities is not a smart choice due to its logging policy and lack of kill switch.

In case of a VPN connection drop, your true IP address could be exposed. Furthermore, with the amount of data stored in their logs, it’s easy to identify you.

If you plan on using a VPN service for torrenting, choose a provider that doesn’t store any logs and comes with a kill switch.

Stay safe and make sure to check your country’s laws. With a safe VPN provider, enjoy the fastest speeds and no restrictions on torrenting, with complete peace of mind.

Device Compatibility: Protect All Your Devices with Ease

No need to worry about compatibility issues. With Hide My IP, you can protect most mainstream devices and operating systems. Available on Android, iOS, Apple macOS, and Microsoft Windows, you can enjoy seamless VPN service across all your devices.

Even if you’re on Linux, it’s possible to use our VPN service with a little manual configuration. And if your platform isn’t listed, don’t fret. Simply configure the software on your router and connect multiple devices all at once.

But why stop there? For an even better browsing experience, download our Chrome or Firefox extensions. With Hide My IP’s support for a vast range of platforms, you can trust our reliable VPN protection no matter what device you use.

Customer Support

In case you somehow need any information about this VPN provider or you do have any other problem then you can easily contact their customer service here and solve your problem easily.

You can easily reach out to them simply by filling out an online form or sending them an email or call. No doubt, it will provide you with the best solution to your problem from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 4 pm PST.

Pricing: Hide My IP Review 2024

This amazing VPN provider so-called Hide My IP will cost you $29.95. And if you want to have more features like you want to connect 5 devices at a time along with getting access to their IP address then you can go for their premium version.

Here it basically comes in monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions and here the monthly plan basically costs $2.95 per month.

And the quarterly plan will basically cost you $8.97 just for three months and the yearly plan will cost you around $34.95 just for the whole year.

Hide My IP Review - Prizing Plans

You can also go with its 14 days day trial version which is basically compatible with all of the platforms. And if somehow you are not satisfied with the service then you let it go.

Hide My IP basically supports all of the major cards along with accepting payments along with Alipay and PayPal.

Pros & Cons of Hide My IP Review:

Pros Cons
  • It provides users with an extra level of privacy by hiding their IP addresses from prying eyes.
  • The full version can be expensive compared to other VPN services.
  • Users can access geo-restricted content that is not available in their region.
  • It has a limited number of servers
  • The VPN service provides secure browsing by encrypting data and protecting users from cyber attacks.
  • It can be used on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Best Alternatives of Hide My IP:

If you’re searching for an online privacy solution, Hide My IP may be at the top of your list. However, there are plenty of other alternatives that you might find to be even better. Here’s a list of the top 5 alternatives to Hide My IP:

1. ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is a popular VPN that offers a wide range of features, including fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and global server locations.

It also has a strong privacy policy and zero-logs policy, which make it a great choice for those concerned about online privacy.

2. NordVPN:

NordVPN is another VPN that is well-known for its strong privacy and security features.

It offers high-speed connections, large server network, and unique security protocols. It also has a reputation for being a reliable service provider that takes user privacy seriously.

3. CyberGhost VPN:

CyberGhost VPN is another excellent privacy solution that has over 7,000 servers worldwide. It offers a user-friendly interface and strong encryption protocols that help keep your online activity private.

It also has a zero-logs policy, which means it does not store any user data.

4. ProtonVPN:

ProtonVPN is a Swiss-based VPN that was designed with privacy and security in mind. It is known for its strong encryption protocols and high-speed connections.

It also offers a free version, which is a great option if you want to try out the service before committing to a paid plan.

5. Surfshark VPN:

Surfshark VPN is a relatively new VPN provider that has quickly gained popularity thanks to its fast speeds and strong security features.

It offers unlimited simultaneous connections and a range of server locations across the globe. It also has a strict no-logs policy, which means it does not store any user data.


Hide My IP selects a random IP from a list of hundreds of anonymous fake IPSs from all around the world which are installed in your web browser, email client etc. Also you can sync other applications with Hide My IP. It is best tool to hide your IP and protect yourself from hackers.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Switch your IP every 10 Seconds, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee,Prevent the Government from Spying.

😩  Cons

Hide My IP doesn’t work with e-mails.


All I want to say is that Hide My IP is an amazing tool for digital marketers and everyone who uses the internet, to be honest. You can switch the IP every 10 seconds, and leave cookies and other temporary internet files to be deleted automatically.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

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Frequently Asked Questions

🙋‍♀️ How do I hide my IP address for free?

Use a VPN. A VPN is an intermediary server that encrypts your connection to the internet — and it also hides your IP address. ... Use Tor. Comprising thousands of volunteer-run server nodes, Tor is a free network that conceals your identity online via multiple layers of encryption. ... Use a proxy.

🤷‍♂️ Is hiding your IP address illegal?

While masking your IP address is perfectly legal, changing it and falsely advertising what your IP is online is illegal. This also falls under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

🤔 Are there good free VPN?

We've tested and retested dozens of free VPNs and assessed their ability to keep your online activity safe and anonymous without you having to spend a thing. ... ExpressVPN might take the crown of our favorite premium provider in the world, but the best free VPN at the moment is Hotspot Shield Free.

Conclusion: Hide My IP Review 2024

All I want to say is that Hide My IP is an amazing tool for digital marketers and everyone who uses the internet, to be honest.

You can switch the IP every 10 seconds, and leave cookies and other temporary internet files to be deleted automatically.

You can use the trial version to give it a shot and get familiar with it and if you are happy and satisfied with the software, which I am sure you will be, you can buy the full version.

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