12+ Tips to Boost Your Etsy Sales 2024

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When selling on Etsy, all sellers seek to maximise their revenue. To achieve this, store owners must utilise all available resources to learn how to increase Etsy sales. However, this is not easy when the number of sellers in 2021 nearly triples from 2019 levels.

Furthermore, it is impossible that you alone sell these products. The competition among sellers intensifies to an all-time high. Therefore, all Etsy store owners strive to increase Etsy sales.

With a few simple steps, you can increase your sales on Etsy and make your store more successful than ever before. 

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12+ Tips on How to Get More Sales on Etsy

Each store owner has their own unique business philosophy. They also have a variety of methods for influencing their target customer groups. These are the five most urgent Etsy hacks 2022 an online store needs to implement in order to generate Etsy sales in accordance with both customer expectations and search engine guidelines. Let’s get this show started!

Create a unique Etsy brand awareness

A person’s first impression of you is always their name or one of your distinctive identifiers. Likewise, so does your Etsy shop! To attract customers and generate Etsy sales, you must first establish your own unique Etsy brand name and share it with as many people as possible.

The greater the awareness of your store’s name, the greater the popularity of your brand. “Word-of-mouth marketing” is always a successful marketing strategy! Believe! If you’re unhappy with the current name of your shop, you should consider changing it soon or later.

To determine your brand, you must respond to the following questions:

  • Motto for sales
  • Achieving sales goals
  • Orientation towards products

From there, you can visualize and design a unified brand identity, including name, logo, slogan, brand colour, and highlight products,… Use these tips as a “master guide” to increase your Etsy sales.

Create eye-catching images for your products

Etsy is an ideal “land” for selling handmade art-related items. Therefore, buyers frequently purchase based in part on aesthetics. Uniqueness, distinction, and originality are the elements that impress buyers. All of this is illustrated in the product images. The more captivating the images on Etsy, the greater the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase.

This step-by-step guide will help you increase your Etsy sales through the use of compelling product images.

  • Before taking a picture, ensure you have good lighting (natural light in the morning/flash in the evening)
  • Take your own product images (don’t copy others’)
  • Make sure details, materials, and colors are clear
  • Display the products from all angles
  • If necessary, use photo editing applications
  • Make your products stand out by removing or blurring the background
  • Item placement should be in the center of the image
  • The logo, product templates, and other branding signals should be included
  • Images of customer reviews should be included
  • Provide important information about images (size, materials, etc.)

A store owner’s investment, enthusiasm, and respect for customers are displayed when they design eye-catching images that attract customers.

Show more reviews on Etsy

Reviews and testimonials are regarded as the most important factors in determining the success of an online sale. According to Dan Hinckley, nine out of ten customers read reviews before making a purchase, and reviews influence 67 percent of customers. Moreover, based on Etsy’s algorithm rules, shops with more 5-star reviews will be ranked higher when customers search for items.

Reviews are most prominently displayed in the store’s default review section. The only secret is to improve your product quality and provide excellent customer service so that your customers are willing to leave positive reviews on Etsy. Consequently, you should include testimonials in additional product images and descriptions!

In addition, if customers forget to leave feedback after placing an order, you can politely remind them to do so.

Social media accounts can be integrated with your Etsy shop

A properly constructed social media account can be a powerful marketing tool for your Etsy shop. There are many simple steps you can take to connect your Etsy shop to your social media accounts:

  • Make sure your brand is consistent
  • Increase your Credibility
  • Increase your store’s outside traffic and reach more customers

Each social media platform serves a distinct function. Facebook has a large number of users, so it is used to connect with more customers; Instagram is used to build your brand through high-quality images and branding stories; Twitter is a platform for updating new trends; and there are numerous other social networking platforms with various functions.

Here are some tips for using your social media accounts to increase your Etsy sales:

  • Make effective use of “Mentions” and “Hashtags”
  • Be active at all times
  • Share useful information with customers regularly
  • Customers who follow social media accounts should receive better “deals” or important announcements sooner
  • Engage customers by creating online games and give-away events

Improve your Etsy seller rank with SEO

It is highly valued by Etsy search engines to help your post appear at the top of search results, which is the primary objective of Etsy SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Etsy claims that its algorithm determines search results based on two factors: Query Matching and Ranking. Etsy initiates a query-matching process when a customer searches for a product to locate products that match that search. The product is ranked higher the more relevant it is.

To place their products at the top of search results, store owners must optimise the following SEO elements:

The following tools can be used to research popular Etsy keywords:

Numerous tools assist sellers in determining which keywords are of interest and which are easiest to rank for,… For instance, Sale Samurai,  Crest, Makerwords, Marmalead, and Alura are the five best Etsy keyword search tools currently available.

  • Learn title writing tips:

The title is displayed first when buyers search for any keyword. Etsy also recommends including keywords in the title of Etsy listings to facilitate customer discovery.

The keywords should appear first in the title. In addition, the title should include additional information, such as the product’s origin, manufacturing year, version, intended use, etc., based on the keywords researched above.

  • Write effective product information:

Name, price, origin, usage, and (if applicable) expiration date are essential product details. However, the more comprehensive the product information, the longer customers will remain in the store.

Adding keywords and subkeywords to the product description will also boost the impression rate.

Please remember to include keywords and sub-keywords in your product information, particularly the product description!

  • Take advantage of all 13 tags in listings:

It would be best if you took advantage of the free opportunity Etsy provides, as there are limited opportunities to customise your store when running an Etsy store. Utilize all thirteen tags to support the customer’s search process and increase product visibility.

To make your products accessible to customers via tag search, you should add relevant tags. Additionally, remember to conduct keyword research before adding tags. 

Make sure your Etsy Ads campaigns are effective.

The SEO agency Reboot points out that SEO is a sustainable and long-term development strategy, while advertising is a way to generate revenue over a short period. Combining the two methods with a strategic approach will increase the likelihood of being exposed to the target audience more, thereby increasing Etsy sales.

Ads are intended to target specific customer groups at a particular time to skyrocket conversion rates instead of reaching irrelevant customer groups. To run an effective Etsy Ads campaign, you must consider a number of factors, including budget, time, and target audience.

Build a strong blog site.

If you already have a website, you should create an influential blog to promote your products and inform your audience about what you’re selling. Allow us to explain!

Similar to social media accounts, Etsy’s blog generates significant external traffic.

In terms of content, a blog is the place to promote your products and demonstrate your knowledge of them and their unique characteristics. In the meantime, you can provide readers with helpful product information and purchasing and usage suggestions. This will be a valuable opportunity to educate audiences and convert them into customers.

Technique-wise, a blog is where keywords and sub-keywords are most prominently displayed, thereby increasing the impression rate of your products and supporting SEO when customers conduct keyword searches.

Therefore, there is no reason to prevent you from maintaining the blog. Let’s dive in!

For Etsy shops, use marketing support applications

Etsy is a popular marketplace, so many marketing support applications are available to help sellers increase their Etsy sales. If you want to promote a listing, optimise SEO, support affiliates, or track customer referrals,… All have marketing support applications that will assist you in achieving your ultimate objective of increasing Etsy sales!

Outfy, Mad Mimi, Marmalead, LeadDynamic, and ReferralCandy are some examples of marketing support applications…

Gift cards and coupons for Etsy are available

Small gift cards and coupons are two popular strategies that most sellers employ to increase customer retention and repeat purchases.

First-time customers will appreciate Etsy gift cards or coupons for their next purchase much more than a direct discount on items for sale on Etsy.

Sellers can provide customers with redeemable points. When a customer checks out, for instance, they will receive one tick. After 10 purchases, they will receive a 15-20% discount, depending on the store owners’ offer. This is the most common method used by both online and offline stores to retain customers.

Please include a letter of thanks

A small “thank you” card is not only a gift that will “melt customers’ hearts,” but it’s also a great way to raise brand awareness. 81% of customers decide to make a purchase if the packaging is appealing. Don’t forget to include a “thank you” card, and pack your packages with care and consideration for your customers!

To attract customers, create scarcity on Etsy

Creating scarcity is a common tactic employed by sellers to encourage customers to “buy now, before it’s gone forever.”

Etsy sellers frequently use phrases such as “only 3 items left,” “over 20 people have this in their cart,” and “today is the last day of the sale” to encourage customers to purchase immediately. Because if your customer hesitates, they will lose the opportunity to purchase these items at a discount before they are sold out.

This may also be regarded as a “Call to action.” To learn how to optimise “Call to action,” continue reading this article!

Focus on Product Photography 

Buyers want to see your product in its best light, so it’s important to invest in quality photography for your listings. High-quality photos will keep buyers interested in your product and help them understand what they’re buying. Make sure to include multiple angles and sizes of each product and any colors available. You may even consider using a professional photographer specializing in product photos. 

Optimize Your Listings 

Optimizing your listings is key if you want to reach more buyers—and get more sales! This means ensuring that each listing includes relevant keywords that describe the item itself and its use cases. Including these keywords in titles, descriptions, tags, and captions’ll ensure shoppers looking for specific items find yours first. Additionally, ensure that all of the information included in each listing is accurate and up-to-date; this will help buyers trust your store and confidently purchase from you. 

Engage with Potential Buyers 

Engaging with potential buyers is another great way to increase sales on Etsy. Responding promptly to messages or reviews helps build trust between buyers and sellers—and can encourage customers to leave positive reviews about their experiences with your shop! Additionally, try reaching out directly via social media or email if appropriate; this will give potential buyers a personal connection to your store that could lead them to become long-term customers. Just remember not to spam anyone; focus instead on forming genuine connections with potential customers who will likely enjoy what you offer!  

Don’t skip your business policies

To improve store quality and customer service, remember to provide the best customer experience possible with the most satisfying policies, such as Etsy’s payment, shipping, return, and refund policies!

Many sellers are solely concerned with their products and sales, ignoring their policies. But this is not the case! When you run a business, you will have to deal with shipping problems with defective, damaged, or lost items.

In part, you may annoy your customers even if the shipping partner or manufacturer is at fault. Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to impress your customers with your problem-solving skills. Customers will abandon you if your solutions make them feel uncomfortable.

Another incredible tip for you is that the higher the impression rate, the lower the shipping fee. This is because, according to Etsy’s algorithm, shops that offer free or inexpensive shipping will be ranked higher. Therefore, supporting a portion of the shipping fee or, if possible, offering free shipping to customers.

The final advice is to clarify Etsy’s shipping, return, and refund policies before a customer’s purchase so that both the seller and buyer are comfortable in the event of any risk!

“Decorate” your Etsy store on big holidays.

On major holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, and Black Friday, customers will be particularly interested in purchasing items for themselves or as gifts. It would be best to take advantage of the holidays to impress your customers when they visit your online store, as festive, colorful items will create a positive atmosphere.

Don’t forget to include the holiday feature in your product! These minor characteristics will help you optimize SEO and increase product visibility.

Display an effective “Call to action” button

“Call to action” (CTA) restrictions may apply to Etsy shops. A blessing in disguise! This does not preclude the use of CTAs to increase Etsy sales.

Before delving into tips for effective CTA display, let’s briefly examine its advantages. CTA allows customers to connect with sellers more quickly or to purchase items immediately.

  • Connect with sellers faster: CTA is typically established by sellers. When buyers click this button, a chatbox with sellers will appear on their screen. This also helps buyers save time when searching for a seller’s communication channel. 
  • Buy items immediately:A visually appealing CTA button will encourage customers to click. This button will be practical when it leads directly to the checkout page, allowing customers to pay quickly.

As Etsy is a marketplace, it restricts the CTA button and prohibits sellers from customizing CTAs and pop-ups. Etsy sellers can increase sales by placing call-to-action (CTA) buttons on other websites and linking them to their Etsy shop. In addition, your blog site is among the best options. Readers can click the CTA to visit your Etsy store or products if your blog contains exceptional content.

A seller should, however, avoid overusing CTA, as it may cause discomfort to buyers. There should only be one prominent pop-up on the blog’s homepage and one CTA with compelling content in each article.

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FAQs On Etsy Sales

❓ Do all the Etsy tips above need to be applied?

Your website is a balanced combination of all of its components. However, you need not implement ALL of the suggestions above in your store. To adapt basic customer experiences and satisfaction, you should optimise images, product information, and a customer service system. The most important point is to select the hints that are most important and best suited to your shop’s requirements!

✔ What is the most important factor among those listed above?

These 15 factors are not sufficient to make your store the ideal store. But the following factors will make your store not only popular with buyers, but also highly valued by Etsy search engines: Building a unique brand SEO, Ads, and supporting tools should be part of a proper marketing strategy.

Final Words

As an Etsy seller, getting more sales is essential for success on the platform. To drive those sales up, focus on improving product photography, optimizing listings for relevant keywords,and engaging with potential customers both online and off. With these simple steps implemented correctly, you’ll be able to get more sales—and turn one-time visitors into loyal customers!


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