Nate O’Brien Net Worth 2024: Top 3 Life Lessons To Learn From Nate O’Brien

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In this post, we are going to discuss Nate O’Brien Net Worth and his total income, and estimated earnings.

Among YouTube’s most legitimate personal finance video publishers, we consider Nate O’Brien! Among the topics, he covers are the stock market, motivational subjects, efficiency, and financial planning.

His YouTube channel shares Nate’s YouTube journey with his viewers and tries to share important lessons he has learned in life. Nate O’Brien’s net worth was just under $1.000.000 by the end of 2020.

Thus, there is so much to learn from him as an entrepreneur and how to grow. So, here in this article, I share top tips from Nate O’Brien to increase your productivity.

Nate O'Brien Net Worth

Nate O’Brien’s YouTube following is huge despite being a minimalist. Over 750,000 subscribers have followed him and he has been named in a Forbes article as one of the “Top 9 Millennial Personal Finance YouTube Channels.”

So, let’s start:

Top 3 Lessons From Nate O’Brien: Nate O’Brien Net Worth 2024

Here are the best lessons to learn from Nate O’Brien:


Many of the stories we see, like, scroll, and the watch is useless. He said he only uses social media on his laptop and has only work-related apps on his phone. His phone is no longer a distraction since he removed social media apps.

He has been successful at such a young age because of the time he has saved by not using social media.



It’s important to O’Brien to keep a journal, a habit he began a few years ago to capture his thoughts and ideas.

Journaling helps you reflect on your previous beliefs. According to Nate, journaling allows people to catalog everything in their lives and helps them gain perspective.


When he added his first few subscribers to YouTube, O’Brien savored the moment of helping himself in his classes through making videos. In the beginning, he was grateful for two new followers a week.

When creative ventures do not produce immediate results, many of us give up on them. The O’Brien advice: Appreciate what you have, and it will motivate you to work hard.

To learn more about being a YouTuber and how to reach your full potential, listen to this interview with O’Brien on Happy Valley Hustle titled “Building Your Audience & Making Money On YouTube.”.

Nate O’Brien Portfolio Investing Strategy

In March’2020, Nate O’Brien took advantage of the market crash due to Covid-19 to buy some cheap stocks. Since then, he has reaped the rewards of his investment in the stock market. His value increased by 40% at the end of the year, not bad at all!

Clearly, he understands that such a return depends more on being at the right place and at the right time (with enough cash). Nate O’Brien is well diversified in his stock market investments, and he avoids speculation.

Nate is not a big fan of taking a position against the market for an extended amount of time. His primary focus is on long-term gains.

In the last few months, Nate has rotated out of work-from-home stocks, such as Snap, Zoom, and other tech companies. With these funds, he purchased S&P 500 stocks such as Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Waste Management. Nate has a particular interest in ETFs related to (air)travel.

Nate O’Brien Social Signals Strategy

Investing in Social Signs is a well-known strategy that allows you to identify high-performing brands before they receive attention from the general public.

Nathan O’Brien applied this strategy several times by being aware of new companies he interacts with on social media. Examples include new apps, new products, and clothing brands.

His purchase of Penn National Gaming before Barstool Sports was a successful move. From $5 apiece, the stock grew to over $70.00.

Nate O’Brien Venture Investing Strategy

Nate O’Brien is shifting away from investing all his income in the stock market due to the fact that those investments are difficult to control. Starting in 2021, Nate will invest in his own businesses.

As well as the extra control this gives you, it’s a smart move tax-wise as well. After he has paid all the taxes, Nate retains around half of all his earnings.

Investments in your company can be used as a business expense, which has a direct effect on the amount of tax you’ll have to pay.

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Conclusion: Nate O’Brien Net Worth 2024

On his channel, Nate O’Brien discusses productivity, minimalism, and personal finance, all geared toward helping people grow their income.

The most popular videos he has posted include how to make passive income, ways to make money as a teenager, stock market investing for beginners, being a minimalist, and habits that changed his life.

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