Best Oxlyabs Alternatives (Top 4) List In 2024

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Looking for the Best Oxlyabs Alternatives, Oxylabs is a high-quality proxy and web scraping tool supplier. It is well-known for having a large pool of data center and residential IPs, providing dependable service, and providing individualized customer assistance.

Oxylabs is used or has been utilized by many businesses and proxy resellers. If this company is out of your pricing range – or just does not match your requirements – here are several Oxylabs alternatives we’ve tried and trusted over the years.

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Best Alternatives

1. SmartProxy



is a global proxy service provider that provides datacenter, residential, and other online scraping technologies.

Since its inception in 2018, it has swiftly taken a sizable portion of the proxy industry. Smartproxy is now the third-largest proxy service… And it’s rapidly coming up to the market’s two leaders, Bright Data and Oxylabs.

What factors have contributed to its success? Several variables, I believe, are at work.

Positioning is a significant aspect. It’s no secret that Bright Data and Oxylabs are aiming for the business market.

This created a significant market void, with numerous tiny proxy providers fighting for less profitable but nonetheless appealing consumers. When Smartproxy first launched, it was laser-focused on just this sort of customer, and it immediately swept up numerous sneakerheads, Instagram hustlers, and small-time scrapers.

Of course, this isn’t enough. What really set Smartproxy apart was its unrivaled blend of functionality and pricing. The company was able to deliver the same level of service as its premium competitors while keeping the rates lower and more affordable.

2. BrightData


Bright Data is a premium proxy provider based in Israel that was founded in 2014. Until recently, it was known as Luminati. However, in early 2021, it was renamed, maybe as a result of the bad associations the name had (try Google “what is Luminati” – I dare you).

Aside from the name, Bright Data remains what it was: a major proxy service provider. Few firms are capable of confronting it head-on and for good reason.

This Israeli firm has built a slew of services and infrastructure around itself over the years. You will have no problem locating any type of proxy or protocol anywhere on the planet. You’ll have access to a comprehensive dashboard for configuring your proxies, as well as 24/7 customer assistance in the event that something goes wrong. You may also be confident that the firm serves ‘Fortune 500 enterprises’ and prestigious colleges.

You might even say that Bright Data is outgrowing proxies. It is no longer only a proxy network, but rather a data-collecting infrastructure. The assertion is supported by a number of technologies that either build on proxies or assist govern them. (One even eliminates the necessity for coding!) In fact, we were so satisfied with the provider’s infrastructure that we named it Best Proxy Ecosystem.



SOAX is a very new home and mobile proxy service. It is a UK-based firm that was founded in 2019 and is handled by an international team.

The startup is positioned midway between low-cost providers with minimal functionality (like Storm Proxies) and enterprise-facing behemoths like Luminati or Oxylabs. In other words, its price plans and use cases are aimed at small to medium-sized organisations, comparable to Smartproxy. Can it, however, provide the same value?

SOAX certainly tries. It has gathered a solid collection of household and mobile IP addresses. They provide a particularly rich set of targeting options: how many other providers allow you to target all locations by city and ASN? Or do you retain the same IP address for as long as it’s available? There aren’t many.

SOAX also places a high value on looks. The website is lovely, even if incomplete, and there are already a slew of positive reviews that have made their way into IT institutions like Techradar.

4. Storm Proxies

It only provides 200,000 rotating proxies, few configuration choices, and you can’t even country target the few US and EU sites that are offered. When compared to the larger companies, such as Oxylabs, Smartproxy, or Bright Data, this is nothing.

Storm Proxies

But that isn’t the point of Storm Proxies. It’s a haven for part-time scrapers, sneaker chefs, and Instagram administrators — low-budget hustlers in need of a simple proxy service. Not much else to say.

The pricing is also telling: the lowest rotating residential proxy subscription is $14 per month and includes unlimited bandwidth. Add in a few well-placed advertisements, word-of-mouth referrals, and a relaxed attitude toward ethics, and Storm Proxies’ success begins to make sense.

The only real assumption here is that the actual proxies function properly.

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