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In this article, we have featured Podbean Pricing 2024. Podbean is a user-friendly podcast hosting platform that provides podcasters with all of the podcast tools and services they require, from creating a podcast to promoting and monetizing it.

It began offering podcast hosting services in 2006, from its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. Podbean offers a free plan as well as paid plans with advanced features and more storage space.

It also includes a podcast app that allows you to live stream, record, and publish podcasts from anywhere.

Podbean Pricing Plans And Deals

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The Basic Free Plan only allows for audio files (the MP3 file format). You’ll also get 500MB of storage space and 100GB of bandwidth. It roughly translates to 7,000 downloads and five hours of total episode time.

If you pay them yearly, the Unlimited Audio Plan costs only $9 per month. You will have unrestricted storage and bandwidth.

You can also select a branded or mapped domain name, create a custom site design, and monetize your podcasts.

If you want to upload videos, you’ll need to upgrade to the Unlimited Plus Plan, which costs $29 per month. It also includes PodAds, a dynamic ad insertion technology, and allows you to monetize your content through the Patron program.

Pricing should not be the deciding factor when choosing a podcast host because the difference is usually only a few dollars per month.

Shopping solely on price may result in a host who does not provide everything you require for a successful podcasting experience.

Having said that, Podbean is worth your consideration if you’re working on a tight budget for this project. You can host a total of 5 hours of audio with their free plan.

This will not allow you to run a long-term show, but it is a good place to start. You can also, check out Podbean Coupon Code & Deals.

Customer Support Options

There is live chat and ticketing (email) support, but no phone support.

The Podbean knowledge base, which contains hundreds of articles and video tutorials to help you solve problems, maybe their best customer support resource.

Money-Back Guarantee and Uptime Guarantee

A host’s concern is the lack of an uptime guarantee.

While there is no mention of a money-back guarantee on Podbean’s website, it is clearly stated in their Terms of Service that all new customers have a 7-day grace period where they can be refunded if they are unhappy.

There is no guarantee of uptime. Podbean, unlike many other hosting providers, will not compensate you if your website ever goes down.

Conclusion: Podbean Pricing & Deals

The most notable feature of Podbean podcast hosting is unquestionably livestreaming. If you want to include livestreams in your show, Podbean is an excellent choice.

Other advantages include customizable hosted sites, an integrated advertising network, and reasonable pricing. All of these advantages are welcome, but the ability to livestream is the main differentiator when compared to other hosts.

If you’re already on Podbean, I don’t see why you’d want to change hosts. Any improvements you might find with another host would be minor unless you want to start a private podcast, in which case Castos is a good option.

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