Sidify Pricing 2024– Find Which Plan Is Worth Buying? (Pros & Cons)

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Sidify is a Spotify music converter that offers users the ability to download and convert songs from Spotify to MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC formats.

The software is available in three pricing tiers: Sidify Free, Sidify Music Converter for Mac and Sidify Music Converter for Windows.

In this blog post, we’ll take a close look at each of these pricing options and help you decide which one is right for you.

Sidify Pricing 2024

Sidify Homepage

About Sidify Pricing

Sidify is a Spotify, Amazon Music & Apple Music downloader that seamlessly downloads songs from different streaming services with high quality. You can convert any song or album to MP3 and enjoy them on your device of choice without ads!

With lossless compression technology Sidify offers fast speeds while preserving audio fidelity so you don’t have miss out on anything when listening back later- including lyrics if available through the app’s 330+ detection algorithms which are powered by artificial intelligence.

Sidify Music Converter

Sidify Mac Pricing

1 Year Plan

Sidify is the world’s most trusted software for converting your music and audio files into formats that can be played on any mobile or home device.

This saves you from having to transcode everything, which means less hassle with conversion programs like MP3 Tag Editor Plus! 1 year plan – $59.95  Auto-Renewable & Cancel Anytime.

1 Month Plan

Sidify pricing is a monthly plan that lets you convert any audio file for an affordable price. The 1-month subscription automatically renews and can be cancelled at anytime with our 5 day money back guarantee.

Lifetime Plan

Sidify lifetime plan is perfect for those who want one license to work on as many computers they own, plus it comes with free upgrades and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Pros & Cons of Sidify Pricing

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not Sidify is the right tool for you. Here are some pros and cons to help you make your decision:


  • Sidify is one of the most popular Spotify audio converters with over 1,000,000 users.
  • Sidify offers both a free and a paid version.
  • The free version of Sidify allows you to convert 1 minute of audio from Spotify to MP3, AAC or WAV format.
  • The paid version of Sidify removes the time limit and also allows you to convert protected AAC files from iTunes.
  • Sidify has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Sidify supports batch conversion, which means you can convert multiple files at the same time.


  • Some users have reported that Sidify doesn’t work with the latest version of Spotify.
  • Sidify doesn’t offer any other features besides audio conversion. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, you might want to consider another tool.

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Conclusion Sidify Pricing 2024

Sidify has a wide range of pricing options to fit any budget. No matter which plan you choose, you can be sure that your music will be converted with the same level of quality and care. We offer a free trial so that you can test out our software before making a purchase. Have you tried Sidify yet?

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