The Top 3 Tumblr Proxies In 2024: Free & Paid

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Tumblr quickly gained its first 75,000 subscribers after its debut in February 2007.

As of this writing, there are more than 493,000,000 blogs online, each written by a different person.

The likes of Adidas, Yahoo, and Verizon Communications have all been featured on Tumblr. Guest stars include Taylor Swift, B.o.B., Hayley Williams, Soulja Boy, Jennie Aiko, Lady Gaga, and Frank Ocean.

Tumblr introduced Post+ in 2021 so that bloggers may monetize their content.

If you’re a website owner looking to boost traffic to your site or company page, Tumblr might be the way to go.

There are several ways to do the same thing, but you should be aware that if you don’t follow the rules, Tumblr might delete your account.

Best practices and automated management of several accounts might speed up your progress toward your goals.

Utilizing proxies for this is recommended, however not all proxies work with Tumblr.

You should not use a proxy to access Tumblr since doing so might jeopardize your account. Tumblr tightened up its rules in 2017. Furthermore, they disclosed that they would be keeping an eye out for any unlawful activity on their service.

Proxy servers and other automated processes lost some of their efficacy. Or, you may use one of the well-designed proxy services that can fool even Tumblr.

Why Do You Need Tumblr Proxies?

Proxies may be required for occasional or infrequent Tumblr users. The main goal of employing proxies is to increase exposure for your content. The acquisition of a large number of accounts is a useful strategy in this regard.

Tumblr has a limit on the number of accounts any user may have and checks this by monitoring IP addresses.

Tumblr proxies let you manage many accounts at once and bypass the service’s restrictions as if they didn’t exist.

 3 Best Proxies for Tumblr 2024

With a residential proxy, users may avoid Tumblr’s policy restrictions and carry out their activity freely. 

IP addresses used by residential proxies are only those provided by ISPs (ISP).

As opposed to residential proxies, which may easily evade Tumblr’s detection, datacenter IPs are clearly identified. While the best proxies for Tumblr tend to be residential, not all of them will accomplish the job. 

If you use an improper proxy, you might have serious issues with your account. We’ll check over a few home proxies that work well for unblocking Tumblr and automating other tasks.

In this article, we will take a short look at the top Tumblr proxies:

1. Soax

Even though it wasn’t made specifically for Tumblr, the Soax residential proxy is among the top choices if you need the proxy to access the site. You may configure the interval at which your Soax proxies are found from your dashboard. 

The rotation of proxies was created so that you would always have a working connection since a new IP would be allocated to you if the previous one went down.

Soax Proxies Overview: The Top 3 Tumblr Proxies

Because the proxy is a real device used by real people, it means that communication may be disrupted if either the user or the device moves out of range of the proxy’s server.

There are presently around 8.5 million residential proxies available. There are several proxy servers, regions, and nations from which to pick. It offers flexible and adaptable payment plans to meet your needs.

The price is reasonable, and if you are unhappy with the proxy service, your money will be refunded.

For more details checkout our detailed review here.

2. InstantProxies

InstantProxies’ competitive pricing structure makes it a leading supplier of proxy services in the industry. It allows you to submit a lot of information while hiding your true identity online. 

Instant Proxies Overview

InstantProxies‘ worldwide presence sets it apart from other private proxies and allows users to bypass geo-blocking restrictions placed on Tumblr by simply changing their IP address.

A user-friendly interface is one of the many benefits of InstantProxies. Before committing to a purchase, you may put their proxy through a trial run. It works well as a Tumblr proxy for bots and automated processes.

3. Bright Data

Bright Data is widely regarded as the premier proxy service provider in the business. More than 72 million IP addresses are covered, making it the most extensive proxy service presently offered.

Everything you need to expand your Tumblr-based company is here.

Bright Data Main

Web scrapers, also known as online data collectors, may put their trust in Bright Data as their most dependable proxy. The maximum duration you may go for is 30 minutes.

It will switch to a new, more suitable IP address often and automatically so that you may take advantage of its limitless parallelism.

Users may reach out to the company’s 24-hour, worldwide help center or their account manager if they run across any issues.

Although expensive, it is very valuable.

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Conclusion: The Top 3 Tumblr Proxies In 2024

Tumblr is worth checking out if you need a place to build an audience, advertise your business, write, build links, and collect useful information about the web.

Due to their limits and restrictions, you may not be able to use Tumblr to its maximum extent.

Tumblr proxy services are the most effective method for avoiding this restriction.

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