Top SSL Proxies In 2024: Free and Paid

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There are essentially two categories of proxies based on HTTP protocols: HTTP and HTTPS proxies.

  • Proxies over HTTPS are SSL proxies.

 You will learn about them in this post and the distinction between HTTP and HTTPS proxies as we concentrate on HTTPS sites.

Keep reading if you’re new to SSL proxies since this article is just what you need.

Comparing HTTP and HTTPS Proxies

What sets these two proxies apart is how they establish a connection with a server to provide you with the resources you need.

While HTTP proxies may help you bypass firewalls, they are not particularly safe since they can open two TCP connections and need access to your requested data.

However, HTTPS proxies only open a single TCP connection, so your request will always reach the server you intended. It just substituted a new IP address in its place.

5 Top SSL Proxies 2024

Let’s check out the available choice for SSL proxies now. You have the option of using proxies from either a data center or a local network.

In today’s modern world, there are several SSL-compatible proxy service providers to choose from.

1. Proxy Seller

If you require an HTTPS proxy that can give you proxies from data centers on demand, Proxy Seller is a fantastic choice.

For your data center proxies, you may choose the protocol, the country, and the time frame.

They may also benefit you if you need to be able to switch between proxies and utilize many proxies simultaneously.

Proxy Seller

You may narrow down your search for proxies to a certain country thanks to the extensive list of countries from where they originate on their website.

It will cost you $1.02 for each proxy, for instance, to have it sent to you from the United States. The cost of the proxy will vary according to where you get it.

If you want to get more details on Proxy Seller checkout our full review.

2. SSL Private Proxy

This SSL Private Proxy HTTP proxy service provides servers in both Europe and North America. Their proxy costs just $1.76 per month, and they provide unrestricted bandwidth and concurrent connections.

You may trust him since, as their name suggests, he offers SSL proxies. They use cutting-edge equipment to ensure that you get the highest quality service.

They work with more than 40 service providers throughout Europe and the Americas.

SSL Private Proxy

Though many customers praise the quality of their services, they note that the company’s rates aren’t exactly budget-friendly. Consider their Instagram proxy and classified ad proxy bundles to see why this is the case.

If you only want to use the finest products, look no further.

Naturally, high quality comes at a cost, and this service does come with a hefty price tag. If you are ready to spend this amount, however, you will be provided with top-notch protection and lightning-fast service, and your IP addresses will be made available to you as soon as you make your payment.

3. Bright Data

If you’re seeking high-quality residential proxies, this is the service to go with.

They have more than 40 million IP addresses accessible with servers located all over the world. Moreover, Bright Data offers unrestricted concurrency with a cap of 40GB per month on bandwidth.

On the other hand, there is a catch! The cheapest plan they provide is $500 per month. As a result of the exorbitant cost, this service is more appropriate for businesses than for regular people. 

Top SSL Proxies

The scale of this network of proxy servers is unprecedented. While their prices may be high, they provide the widest selection of high-quality residential proxies. Despite their speed and dependability, these proxies are somewhat expensive.

If you’re seeking top-tier services but don’t want even your disguised IP address blacklisted, this is your best bet.

Their services aren’t inexpensive, which is the one real negative. However, if you begin using their services, you will quickly see that the cost was well worth it.

4. Smartproxy

With servers located in more than 19 different countries, Smartproxy has a large IP address pool of 10 million. The least bandwidth that can be obtained here is 5GB, and the number of users using the connection simultaneously is infinite.

Their basic plan is $75 per month. Nonetheless, as we’ve established, Bright Data is expensive; if you’re searching for a less costly solution, Smartproxy is worth considering.

Smartproxy Overview

Besides providing excellent coverage, the costs are reasonable as well. Moreover, the proxies are safe, quick, and versatile.

Without a question, this is the service to use if you want to save money without sacrificing quality.

Individuals seeking dependable services for various online endeavors are Smartproxy’s target audience.

Despite the fact that their pool of 10 million IP addresses is somewhat tiny in comparison to Bright Data’s, you need not worry about being banned on this end.

5. MyPrivateProxies

MyPrivateProxies (MPP) solely uses servers in the United States and the European Union. They support up to 100 threads concurrently but have no bandwidth limitations. Priced at $1.49 monthly, SSL-enabled data center proxies come at a premium.

When it comes to SSL-enabled data center proxies, MPP is, without a question, the greatest option. The greatest aspect is that they work with any website that uses the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. 

My Private Proxy

MPP offers both shared and private proxies, although it is strongly advised that you use a private proxy.

Although these proxies have a reputation for being pricey, MPP offers them at competitive pricing.

When compared to residential brokers, the low cost of these data center proxies is one of their strongest characteristics. They are a fantastic bargain, just like MPP. 

An excellent option for search engine optimization, with a solid performance in other areas, including social media marketing and email delivery. As a result, you can be certain that using their service is safe.

Using a shared proxy always results in trouble since that proxy is being utilized inappropriately by several users. The private proxy is the best option due to this.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, using an HTTPS or SSL proxy will make your proxy environment somewhat safer. When using these proxies, your data transmissions will always remain safe.

Free SSL proxies may seem appealing, but it’s important to remember that they pose a security risk. Some paired proxies may be found for a low price, thus it’s recommended to follow that route.

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