DSLRoot Review 2024– Is It Best Platform For Residential Proxies?

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In this post, I will share my honest DSLRoot Review 2024.

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your own unique IP solution? You don’t have to anymore! We introduce you to DSLRoot – residential 4G/LTE (Mobile Proxy) network.

DSLRoot grants you access to multiple numbers of residential IP addresses from all over the US at a fair rate! The solution is affordable to anyone who wants to use it.

They allow you to use unique residential IP addresses anywhere in the United States (or almost anywhere)! You will be able to harvest data from different websites, browse anonymously, use their solution for SEO purposes and many other internet-marketing needs…

DSLRoot Review

About DSLRoot

DSLRoot 4G/LTE residential proxy network is a networking platform that allows people to pick and use residential IP addresses from over 70 locations that are available from all over the state and also change your IP address in just a click.

Such a unique IP solution will help you increase your production flow and get much better results compared  to regular  VPN providers who simply fail to deliver such results due to a lack of available technology

This platform has proved to be very efficient in its way of working and that is a major advantage in this industry considering the number of things that could go wrong.

The developers have made sure that the IP address will remain anonymous and therefore the user cannot be tracked by any of the web pages they have visited while using the unique IP residential mobile proxy.

How DSLRoot Works?

network of local servers

In this section of DSLRoot Review, I will tell you about how DSLRoot works.

The computer that the customer is using will get connected to one of the local residential computers on the DSLRoot network.

Once this connection is made, all the webpages that you visit, all the applications that you open will see you as if you are coming directly from the IP address of that local residential computer.

This essentially means that your real computer information and your real IP address will not be seen or be accessed by anybody, therefore, making you appear completely unique  to a particular webpage or site that you visit

This procedure can also be done again if you want to change your 4g proxy IP address multiple times. DSLRoot dashboard allows you to easily change a mobile proxy IP address or connect to a different location on the Residential IP Network. Example of the DSLRoot dashboard is shown below.

DLSRoot Network

You can additionally watch this tutorial video which explains the process step by step:


How to Start?

Although the process may seem a little complicated, the process of putting it into action is way easier. You have to start by subscribing to DSLRoot and choosing your residential mobile proxy plan.

Once you finish the subscription and decide what plans you want to go with, you can then go ahead and pay for the application.

After this, simply install the software onto your computer and you are good to go. Now you can surf multiple residential IPs through available locations.

After this procedure, you will be able to access multiple pages without having to worry about your real IP being compromised, banned, or blacklisted by the owners of the page that you were trying to access.

Features of DSLRoot

  • Easy installment

The installation process is very easy and does not require much expertise. There is no need to have much computer-related or coding knowledge to know any of this.

The installment process is very easy and since the pricing is low, you don’t have to think twice!

  • Coverage of IP nationwide

The lte proxy IP allows you access to more than 70 locations. Now you can surf anonymously as if you were using your computer or mobile device directly from that IP origin area.

  • Quick IP change

You can change your IP without any hassle and in a very easy manner through an integrated software system. You’re just one click away from a completely new and unique IP address. The good thing is IPs do not repeat!

This system has been developed by the team in such a manner that the customers don’t really miss out on any of the experience of surfing the internet.

  • High Speed

All the lines that are very remote also have very good speed when it comes to their performance. The extra speed allows you to have quick access to all the websites and get the job done in a timely manner.

  • Professional Customer Support

The customer service is accessible to you throughout the day and any grievances or complaints can be lodged at the customer support office and the team will look into it at the earliest.

This team is always up to the mark, they have never failed to satisfy the needs of a customer who is facing any type of problem. This makes their experience with DSLRoot very efficient and useful.

  • Promising Rates

A unique residential mobile proxy network IP solution is provided at a very promising rate so that it can be accessed by anyone. A unique combination of technology and variety of available locations makes DSLRoot one of the leading companies among other residential proxy providers

Pricing Plans of DSLRoot

DSLRoot Review- residential IPs

  • Period: 7 days

Access to locations: unlimited

Total price: $50

  • Period: 1 month

Access to locations: unlimited

Total price: $190

  • Period: 6 months

Access to locations: unlimited

Total price: $990

  • Period: 12 months

Access to locations: unlimited

Total price: $1750

Alternatives to DSLRoot 

  • Zenscrape

This server checks the different features that each of the IP addresses offers after they have provided a rotating IP address.

  • Microleaves

They are a proxy server that has a large number of rotating proxies that you can use to ecade scraping when you are blacklisting content from online platforms.

It provides a very expansive proxy network that allows you to get web data without the fear of being blocked or being blacklisted.

  • Netnut

This is a very powerful proxy network that allows you to get data from different websites in an anonymous manner and by using minimal bottlenecks.

This server provides an in- house facility for changing the residential IPs and getting online data without having to worry if you will get banned or not.

Pros and Cons of DSLRoot


  • Access to different IP addresses and at almost over 70 locations.
  • Allows you to be safe from banning and from being blacklisted.
  • Your IP address will remain anonymous therefore permitting you to view content but not be traced back to.
  • The setup procedure is pretty simple and it is very easy for anybody to access especially because of low pricing.


  • 1 thread per account at any given time
  • Some of the locations may drop in speed a bit when more than 1 users are connected to the same line.

Quick Links

FAQs | DSLRoot Review

🤔 What payment method does DSLRoot use?

DSLRoot accepts all credit cards and Paypal payments.

👍 How is DSLRoot different from other VPN servers?

DSLRoot provides a much more unique IP address for the user and you can anonymously visit any site you want. The site can track you to 70 different locations available nationwide. Unlike other networks, DSlRoot is not very pricey and therefore is affordable to anyone. It allows you to take content from different web pages without having the fear of having your IP compromised, being banned, or getting blacklisted...

👉 What are the benefits of using DSLRoot as opposed to others?

Other solutions don’t allow you to have access to such a variety of different locations, and the results you get here are much better compared to what you would have gotten if you were still using any other type of regular VPN provider.

Conclusion | DSLRoot Review 2024

Great residential IP proxy network at affordable rates…

I have been able to harvest content with the use of a unique IP address that I had gotten from DSLRoot without any issue.

It makes the process of getting content very easy and it is done in an anonymous manner so that you don’t necessarily have to worry about anybody coming at you.

It makes the process of getting content very easy and it is done in an anonymous manner so that you don’t necessarily have to worry about your real IP being compromised.

It also keeps your IP address safe from any kind of virus and you need not worry about getting blacklisted or banned from any of the web pages because of your previous activities.

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