ThriveCart Dashboard & Business Insights

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In this article, we have featured ThriveCart Dashboard And Business Insights. When you log into your ThriveCart account, you’ll see your dashboard and business insights. Your dashboard is divided into sections that allow you to navigate your account and see what is important to you.

What Is ThriveCart?

Thrivecart is an online shopping cart solution that allows you to create high-converting checkout pages and accept payments directly from your website.

Thrivecart is a useful tool for selling both physical and digital goods, such as ebooks and digital courses. To increase your sales, you can collect leads as well as design checkout page upsells and bump offers.

It also supports subscription plans and classifies your customers according to their membership plans. Assume you’re thinking about switching from your current cart software to Thrivecart.

A/B testing, support for multiple autoresponders, and visually appealing checkout templates, to name a few features, are available in this case. For the latest deals and offers checkout thrivecart coupon codes.

ThriveCart Dashboard & Business Insights

1. Your business intelligence and prediction engine

ThriveCart Dashboard & Business Insights

Your very own business insights and projections dashboard are now at the forefront of your ThriveCart account.

Our insanely powerful dashboard allows you to quickly and easily access key business metrics, allowing you to drill down on how your business and products are performing.

We display all of your data from all payment processors, with no time constraints. Want to go back three years and examine a product’s performance on a specific date or period?

Not a problem. You can even quickly and easily compare two points of data in your dashboard to see how they compare. Do you want to compare the data from your best-selling product from last month to the data from this month so far?

This also leads to the development of our own specialized prediction engine. Where you can see intelligent forecasts of future revenue and various metrics. As more data is collected, this system intelligently learns more about your business and automatically updates as time passes.

Not only that, but each data point along the top can be individually selected, and statistics around the specific metric can be displayed. If you want to see the actual sales figures (as well as forecasts), go to the sales section. However, if you move your cursor over a specific data point on the graph, the figures at the top will adjust to reflect that time period.

ThriveCart Dashboard & Business Insights

Finally, we have your business metrics and what matters most to you. These tiles are movable and customizable!

You’ll have access to a variety of tiles that you can use to personalize your dashboard, allowing you to see exactly what you need to see when reviewing your account.

It is as simple as dragging and dropping your tiles into their new position to change their order (note that layouts and tiles are saved to your device).

To remove a tile from the dashboard, simply hover over it and click the X icon on the left. If you’re not sure how a particular statistic is calculated or what it means, you can also click the information icon on the right of the tile, which will flip to reveal a description (clicking again will revert it back).

2. Navigation

This is the primary area for navigation. You can quickly access your main dashboard (stats), Products (including split-tests and coupons), transactions, subscriptions, affiliates, and the JV contracts section. Additional options, such as your profile information and access to your settings area, are available under the account drop-down on the far right.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our fast and friendly support desk at [email protected].

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