uMobix Affiliate Program Review 2024: Best Affiliate Program In The Phone Tracking Niche?

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uMobix Affiliate Program Review


The Umobix affiliate program operates as a performance-based online marketing solution. In this type of program, affiliates are rewarded for successful promotional efforts that lead to specific outcomes, such as generating sales or leads.

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  • Can snoop on every social and messaging app
  • Detailed summary reports on location, calls, and texts
  • Stealth spying without your child ever suspecting
  • Out-and-out monitoring with timely logs


  • One subscription is limited to only one device


Price: $

Want to earn money through affiliate marketing? You don’t want to miss out on the uMobix Affiliate Program!

This program, offered by uMobix, a leading product development company with expertise in SaaS, software, mobile apps, parental control, and phone tracking, opens doors to a diverse range of possibilities.

With over 35 captivating offers catering to a global audience, uMobix empowers you to earn significant income.

You will learn more about the uMobix Affiliate Program, explore its benefits, pros, and cons, and ultimately get a comprehensive evaluation that will help you decide if it is right for you.

What is uMobix Affiliate Program?

The Umobix affiliate program operates as a performance-based online marketing solution. In this type of program, affiliates are rewarded for successful promotional efforts that lead to specific outcomes, such as generating sales or leads.

uMobix Affiliate Program Review

The process involves two main steps:

Presentation and Tracking Link: As an affiliate, your initial task is to introduce potential clients to the Umobix product. You provide them with information, and if they express interest, they need to click on your unique tracking link to proceed.

Activity Tracking and Rewards: After the client clicks on your tracking link, the system monitors and tracks all their activities.

The affiliate is then rewarded once the desired action is completed, which could include making a purchase or submitting lead information. The rewards are based on the actual results generated by the affiliate’s promotional efforts.

Top Reasons to Join Umobix Affiliate Program

Diverse Product Range: Offers access to over 15 high-quality products developed in-house. It presents a portfolio of 35+ in-house offers, providing affiliates with a variety of products to promote.

Extended Cookie Tracking: Features a generous 120-day cookie tracking period, allowing affiliates to earn commissions on sales generated within this timeframe.

Global Reach: Provides a worldwide target audience, allowing affiliates to promote products to a global customer base.

Ease of Entry: Offers a quick and straightforward onboarding process, enabling affiliates to start their promotional activities promptly.

Personalized Support: Affiliates benefit from the assistance of a dedicated Personal Support Manager, ensuring that any queries or concerns are addressed promptly and personally.

How to join the Umobix affiliate program?

To start profiting with the Umobix affiliate program, follow these steps:

Application Submission: Click the link to initiate the application process. Fill out the application form with your details.

Review Process: The Umobix affiliate team will carefully review your application. If approved, you will receive a welcome email.

Welcome Email: Upon approval, the welcome email will contain essential information, including a link-building guide and additional tutorials to help you get started.

Rejection Notification: In the event of rejection, you will receive an email specifying the potential reasons for the rejection. This feedback can offer insights into areas for improvement or adjustments needed to meet the program’s criteria.

By following these steps, you can apply for the Umobix affiliate program, and upon approval, you’ll receive the necessary resources to start your journey and potentially profit from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Umobix Specialized Niches:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service):

Focuses on software solutions delivered over the internet, providing efficient and accessible services to users.

  • Software:

Encompasses various types of computer programs and applications designed to perform specific tasks or functions.

  • Mobile Apps:

Concentrates on applications developed for mobile devices, offering a diverse range of functionalities and services.

  • Phone Tracking:

Specializes in solutions related to monitoring and tracking mobile phones for various purposes, including security and parental control.

  • Parental Control:

Offers tools and services designed to empower parents in monitoring and managing their children’s online and mobile activities.

Top-Performing Products (Offers):

1. Phone Tracker uMobix

uMobix Overview

A leading product providing advanced phone tracking capabilities for various purposes, ensuring efficient monitoring.

2. Instagram Viewer Glassagram

Instagram Viewer Glassagram Overview

A specialized tool focusing on viewing and managing Instagram activities, catering to user needs in the realm of social media.

3. Location Tracker Geofinder

Overview Of Location Tracker Geofinder

A top-performing solution dedicated to tracking and managing locations, offering valuable insights for users.

Benefits of Joining the uMobix Affiliate Program

There are several benefits to joining the uMobix Affiliate Program:

1. Commission Structure:

When you begin with the RevShare model, affiliates enjoy a 45% commission for the initial sale and a 25% commission for rebills.

They also feature a motivation program allowing partners to potentially reach an impressive 65%/45% RevShare commission based on their monthly sales performance. This program incentivizes higher sales with increased commission rates.

Alternatively, affiliates have the option to opt for the CPA model, ensuring a fixed commission for each initial sale. This provides flexibility for affiliates to choose the commission structure that aligns best with their preferences and sales strategy.

Whether aiming for higher RevShare percentages or a fixed commission through CPA, their commission models cater to diverse affiliate preferences.

There is also a lifelong 10% earnings from referred customers.

Cookie Tracking: The program offers a 120-day cookie tracking period, allowing affiliates to earn commissions for a more extended period.

Payment Options: Payments are subject to a monthly period and can be withdrawn once the minimum threshold of $100 is reached. And you can receive payments through methods like Payoneer, PayPal, or direct bank transfers.

Performance Recognition: Outstanding performance may lead to an increase in commissions for the next three months, and contracts can be renewed based on achieved objectives.

Support: Affiliates receive efficient support from a dedicated team of managers to address any concerns and provide assistance.

2. Competitive Payout Structure

RevShare %: 45% Payout for the First Payment. You’ll enjoy a generous 45% commission on the initial payment, providing substantial earnings for introducing users to the uMobix products.

25% Payout for Recurring Sale: The perks don’t stop there. With a 25% commission for recurring sales, your ongoing efforts are continually rewarded, creating a reliable income stream.

Average Check $80: The average check of $80 adds to the appeal, ensuring that each successful referral contributes significantly to your earnings, making it a lucrative opportunity.

3. CPA $:

From $3 Payout per Sale for a Trial Subscription: For each trial subscription, enjoy a starting payout of $3. This provides a competitive incentive for driving users to explore the uMobix offerings, aligning with the diverse needs of your audience.

Up to $50 CPA Payout per Sale: The potential to earn up to $50 in CPA payout per sale introduces a high-earning opportunity. This tiered structure reflects the value attributed to successful conversions, making it an attractive proposition for reviewer.

What are Commission Rates?

Commission rates undergo a monthly review based on the Commission Ladder. If your monthly performance qualifies for a boost, the increased commission rate will be applied for three months, renewing with each successful meeting of the tier’s requirements.

1. Referring Other Affiliates:

Affiliates can refer others to the program and receive a lifetime 10% commission on their referral’s earnings, along with a Referral Bonus.

  • Bonus System:

The Bonus system includes Startup Bonus and Referral Bonus.

  • Startup Bonus:

Affiliates receive a reward based on the conversions they generate after starting to promote uMobix offers.

  • Rebills:

Rebills are available for regular offers and are attributed after the 5th new sale. To qualify for rebills, the affiliate account must remain active, generating at least 5 new sales per month.

2. Payout System

  • Eligibility for Payouts:

New affiliates become eligible for payouts once they achieve a milestone of generating their first 5 sales. This ensures that affiliates can start reaping rewards early in their partnership with uMobix.

  • Hold Period and Minimum Payout:

Each payout is subject to a 2-week hold period, adding a layer of security and adherence to industry standards. The minimum payout amount stands at $100, ensuring that affiliates receive substantial rewards.

  • Payment Frequency Options:

Affiliates enjoy flexibility in choosing how often they receive payments. Options include weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, and more. If Wire Transfer is the preferred method, the payment frequency starts with monthly.

  • Payout Methods:

uMobix offers diverse payout methods to cater to affiliate preferences. Affiliates can receive their commissions through:

  • Payoneer: A global payment platform providing efficient and secure transactions.
  • PayPal: A widely used digital payment platform known for its convenience and accessibility.
  • Wire Transfer: Ideal for affiliates who prefer direct bank transfers.

Who should join uMobix Affiliate Program?

If you fall into any of the following categories, the uMobix Affiliate Program presents a compelling long-term partnership opportunity:

1. SEO Specialist, Webmaster, Website Owners:

As an SEO specialist or webmaster with ownership of tech, news, reviews, or other websites, partnering with uMobix can be mutually beneficial. The affiliate program complements content-driven platforms, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and promote uMobix products.

2. Blogger and Content Creator on Social Media:

Whether you’re a blogger or content creator on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, the uMobix Affiliate Program aligns with content-rich channels. Leverage your influence to introduce your audience to uMobix’s high-quality products.

3. PPC Specialist, Media Buyer, CPA Network, Marketing Agency:

If you specialize in PPC, media buying, or operate within a CPA network or marketing agency, the uMobix Affiliate Program offers diverse avenues for collaboration. Capitalize on your expertise to drive targeted traffic and conversions.

4. All-Around Marketers and Those Exploring New Traffic Sources:

If you consider yourself an all-around marketer or are eager to explore new traffic sources, uMobix welcomes your expertise. The program’s flexibility accommodates various marketing strategies, providing room for innovation and growth.

Customer Support offered by uMobix affiliate program?

It provides contact channels to ensure flexibility, catering to different preferences and urgency levels.

Affiliates can choose the medium that best suits their communication needs, whether it’s an immediate conversation on Skype, messaging on Telegram, or a more formal exchange through email.

Customer Support By uMobix Affiliate Program

1. Skype:

Direct communication via Skype (live:.cid.12fdae2413545636)  allows for real-time interaction, ideal for immediate inquiries, discussions, or issue resolutions.

2. Telegram:

Contacting @umobixaff on Telegram provides an additional messaging platform for support-related queries. Users can send messages, ask questions, or seek assistance through this channel.

3. Email:

For formal or detailed communication, affiliates can reach out to [email protected] via email. This allows for a documented exchange, and the support team can respond with comprehensive information.

What is a categorical no-no in the uMobix affiliate program?

No Exaggeration: Avoid making exaggerated claims, such as the capability to monitor a phone solely by its number.

TM-Protected SEM Keywords: Prohibited use of trademark-protected SEM keywords like “umobix” with required negative matching in sponsored search ads.

Avoid TM-Protected Domain Names: Refrain from using domain names containing trademark-protected terms.

Truthful Service Information: Prohibition on publishing misleading service information that could harm uMobix’s reputation or lead to customer complaints.

No Automated Connections: Agreement not to use links that may automatically start without user interaction.

No Drive-by Downloads or Pop-ups: Strict prohibition on drive-by downloads, spam pop-ups, pop-unders, compromised URLs, or redirection.

No Rewarded or Cashback Traffic: Affirmative agreement that no traffic will be rewarded or incentivized with cashback.

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Conclusion: uMobix Affiliate Program Review 2024

Thus, my review shows that the uMobix Affiliate Program is a fantastic choice for people who want to make money by promoting reliable and trustworthy spyware software.

It is especially good for monitoring the activities of kids, and it has a high rating on many review platforms. The program also pays out well, with a generous RevShare model and multiple payment frequency options.

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