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In this article we have featured WebinarNinja Pricing Plans, WebinarNinja is a simple cloud-based platform that allows individuals and businesses to create, promote, and run various types of webinars.

Live, automated, on-demand, hybrid, series, and summit webinars are all included. Chat, polling, and Q&A features are included, as are sales offers that can be displayed at any time during the webinar.

WebinarNinja also includes CRM tools like automated email sequences and customizable landing pages, as well as detailed registration, attendance, and conversion statistics.

WebinarNinja Pricing Plans

Our in-house experts examined and tested WebinarNinja’s features for dozens of hours, and the bottom line is that all three plans allow you to run live, automated, and series webinars, as well as use Facebook Tracking.

The Plus and Power plans, on the other hand, allow you to host hybrid webinars.

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Other features that all three plans have in common are:

  • Webinars and registration are both unlimited.
  • Webinars, both free and paid
  • Each webinar can have up to four presenters.
  • Automated recording and storage
  • For registrants, email reminders and calendar features are available.
  • There are built-in chat features.
  • Analytics and statistics for performance evaluation
  • Slides can be easily uploaded, and pre-recorded videos can be used.
  • Templates for registration forms and thank you notes that can be customized
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WebinarNinja Plus Pricing Plan

The Plus pricing plan includes all of the same features as the Pro plan, as well as access to hybrid webinars. The monthly price is $159, but the annual payment WebinarNinja discount of 20% reduces the cost to $129 per month. A one-year membership will set you back $1,548.

If you want to host up to 500 people at any of your live webinars, the Plus plan is ideal. This popular plan includes the hybrid webinar feature, which allows you to host a live webinar alongside a recorded video.

webinarninja coupon codes - WebinarNinja pricing

WebinarNinja Power Pricing Plan

The Power plan is the most expensive and fully-featured WebinarNinja pricing plan. It enables you to host up to 1,000 people at any one of your live webinars. If you pay monthly, the cost is $249. If you take advantage of the 20% annual payment discount, you’ll pay $2,388 for the year’s membership.

The Power plan includes all of the features available in the Pro and Plus pricing plans. The sole differentiator is the greater number of attendees who participate in a live webinar. So, if you’re in the business of hosting webinars for large online audiences, this plan would be a good choice.

WebinarNinja Top Features 

  • “Support is quick and courteous.”
  • The majority of the features function as intended.”
  • “There is no 30-second delay because it is not dependent on GHO.”
  • “You can also create tripwire offers for your attendees with Webinar Ninja.”
  • “Webinar Ninja 4.0 is also very easy to set up and use.”
  • “It includes full payment gateway integrations as well as other business apps.”
  • “The videos of the founder show someone who cares.”
  • “You have the option of including a countdown page.”
  • “It is poised to pique the interest of potential buyers due to their new 14-day free trial option.”
  • “It has a good number of integrations.”
  • “You don’t have to worry about trying to find that perfect sweet spot that works for multiple time zones.”

Conclusion: WebinarNinja Pricing Plans 2023

WebinarNinja pricing plans describe each plan, its cost, and the features it provides. All three plans provided comparable packages with features such as live and automated webinars, a plethora of marketing materials, and audience engagement.

The number of attendees you can host in a live webinar is what distinguishes each plan from the others. This feature will determine whether you choose the Pro plan over the Power plan or the popular Plus plan.

The pricing plans are designed to help you fit your webinar needs into your company’s budget.

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