1Gbits Review 2024: The Best & Trusted Web Hosting?

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1Gbits Review


As a reviewer, I can say that 1Gbits has impressed me as a leading provider of hosting solutions. They offer an impressive global reach, serving customers in over 15 countries from 20 of the best data centers around.

Out of 10


  • High Performance
  • Proven Track Record
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • High-Quality Components
  • Real-time Analytics


  • Support for customers can be improved.


Price: $ 15

Whether starting a new website or running an online business, having the right hosting solution is essential. So, are you finding one or looking to upgrade yours?

In this review, I’ll introduce you to 1Gbits, a hosting service provider. I’ll show you how well it performs and handles website networking. I’ll also share our experience with it to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your website.

To give you an idea, did you know that 50% of internet users expect websites to load within a few seconds?

About 40% of people will leave if a site takes too long. That’s why having fast and reliable hosting is super important. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of 1Gbits and find out if it’s the hosting solution you’ve been searching for.

1Gbits Review 2024: What is 1Gbits?

In web hosting, 1Gbits stands out as a top industry player, impressing reviewers with their services.

With an expansive footprint spanning over 15 countries and finding residence within 20 premier data centers worldwide, their dedicated servers resonate with the reliability and performance of the highest echelon.

1Gbits Review

1Gbits has an extensive network architecture, which seamlessly envelops regions as distant as the United States, Europe, and Asia.

This well-engineered network boasts the swiftest connections available and an impressive traffic capacity, effortlessly binding continents together.

1Gbits sets a new gold standard, offering a hosting experience that defies geographical confines.

1Gbits Services

1Gbits services are supported by top-tier Data Centers with global high-speed connections and the latest hardware from leading enterprise suppliers.

Services Offered By 1Gbits

1. Dedicated Servers

Their dedicated server hosting is available in over 20 world-class data centers across 15 countries. 1Gbits’s network is very stable and covers an extensive area, from the US to Europe to Asia. It joins these places with the fastest links and traffic capacity.

2. VMware Ready

Virtualization is now considered one of the most important IT trends. Choosing the right hardware and software options takes specific knowledge. You can use their pre-configured dedicated servers from 1Gbits for your virtualization needs.

3. Colocation

The system of 1Gbits is ready to run your computers. You can use their technology to run your computers in our high-quality data centers. 1Gbits gives you the power and professional networking you need and takes care of your protection needs so you can focus on your business.

4. VPS Hosting

If you use 1Gbits VPS options, you’ll have resources just for you to handle your daily tasks. Their VPS servers are set up on the most powerful and current computers that are virtualized with VMware ESXi software to give you specific resources on Windows and Linux-based OS types.

5. Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is one of the Microsoft Windows tools that people use the most. It lets you use 1Gbits computer tools to do your everyday jobs in the Windows environment over the internet. You can quickly install and use your favorite software programs 24/7 with administrator access.

6. Game Server 

Game servers are professional ways for users to share their favorite games with other players worldwide in a multiplayer setting. 1Gbits dedicated servers give you a once-in-a-lifetime online game experience by giving you the network infrastructure and powerful gear you need.

Why Choose 1Gbits servers?

1. Based on Intel Xeon processors

Intel Xeon processors power all of their private computers. Intel Xeon computers are made to work well in settings where speed is essential. With cloud computing, you can do more, get data in real time, and handle any task without much trouble.

Most of their plans for dedicated servers come with Intel Xeon E processors, which can give entry-level server solutions, professional desktops, and safe cloud services the needed speed and security.

Available with Intel® UHD Graphics built-in. Every day, companies have more and more wants. Servers that are only a couple of years old are not the best way to deal with the new business and technology world.

Because of new business possibilities, customers, and workloads, you need tools and technology that will help you win and stay ahead of the competition. You can do all these things with the newest Intel Xeon computers.

2. Run on Supermicro Motherboards

All dedicated servers are powered by Supermicro processors designed specifically for computers and can handle heavy workloads. The high-tech motherboards have been around since 1993.

 Supermicro’s ideas, parts, and products are of the greatest quality because experts in the field make them. Their dedicated server plans come with a large number of different x86 Serverboards.

It’s also compatible with the newest CPUs, memory, and add-on gear, making it one of the best working boards.

I think you should choose Supermicro for your dedicated servers because Supermicro is known as a “Server company” whose main focus is on server speed. Their goods are just what you need to do a great job.

Before the Supermicro package arrives at our sites, all of the systems go through strict and thorough testing. This is true as long as the high-quality, industry-leading parts make sure that all systems meet the tightest quality rules.

3. DDR 4 memory and SSD storage

DDR4, which stands for “Double data rate, fourth generation,” is a memory standard that is better, faster, and more stable than DDR3. Even though DDR3 and DDR4 units look the same, they are not the same at all.

When it comes to power, DDR4 uses 1.2V, while DDR3 needs 1.3V or 1.5V. DDR4 units use less electricity. The lower power use saves a lot of power and makes it possible to run at higher speeds without needing more power or cooling.

Not only that, but DDR4 can send and receive info much faster than DDR3. The most recent test, 1gbits, showed that its speeds are 70% faster than DDR3. Because of this update, we are now able to offer you server options that work better.

Even though they have added more memory, they have also given you very good ways to store things. When you choose a private server plan, you can choose the amount of data you want.

Now, they have both SSD and HDD options for storage! You can choose between an SSD-based server and an HDD-based server when you are putting in your order. All of their storage options are enterprise-grade so you won’t have any problems with delays.

How much 1Gbits Services Costs?1Gbits Services Costs


1. Dedicated Server

1 Gbits Dedicated servers are outfitted with enterprise-grade Intel and Supermicro hardware and extremely reliable networks.

Costs 85$ / Monthly

2. VPS Hosting

The 1Gbits VPS services run on VMware ESXi and have specialized tools for Windows Server and Linux Server operating systems.

Costs 15$ / Monthly 

3. RDP Service

RDP services, including letting an executive user access your program to personalize, install, and use it.

Costs 15$ / Monthly

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Conclusion: 1Gbits Review 2024

I would totally recommend you to shift to 1gbits as your new hosting service provider. You can rely on their services. 1Gbits is one of the most popular Bitcoin VPS hosting providers that allows you to buy VPS with Bitcoin.

It’s ideal for everyone who prefers an affordable way to host their online properties, pay with Bitcoin, and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. I hope my review helped you to get a clear perspective and facilitated your decision-making.

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