20+ Best Converting Shopify Themes 2024 To Boost Sales

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In this post, I am going to share 20+ Best Converting Shopify Themes 2024 used to Boost Sales.

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. With these themes, you can add an elegant design to your business. In fact, Shopify designs in this collection can turn a generic Shopify store into a high-quality e-commerce store, offering some of the essential added features of e-commerce.

Whether you’re creating a single-product sales promotion business, starting with a small inventory, or you already have a large catalog of items to sell online, this diverse selection of Shopify items will surely contain more than a few templates for your project.

In fact, many of these Shopify designs contain multiple templates in their packages. These designs are often very different. So it’s interesting to explore the demos of a unique Shopify theme so you do not miss the perfect design for your shop.

If you’re viewing snapshots of these topics, it’s a good idea to see what they look like on a smartphone by using the display button on the demo page.

So you can get to know both your shop and your mobile visitors and thus better assess the compatibility of the design with your products.

Most of these topics include customization options. You can choose between predefined color palettes, create your own color palettes, or use a drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy to redesign your business.

List Of 20 Best Converting Shopify Themes

  1. Roxxe
  2. Vendy
  3. Jasper
  4. Fastor 2.0
  5. Clothing
  6. Enroll
  7. Fashion
  8. GameWorld
  9. Cosmopolite
  10. BEStore
  11. Snowdevil
  12. Pop
  13. Wookie
  14. Everything
  15. Symmetry
  16. Startup
  17. Porto
  18. Banita
  19. Blockshop
  20. Ella
  21. Booster Theme
  22. MultiBuy

Detailed About Best Converting Shopify Themes 2024

Here are the top 20+ Best Shopify Themes 2024 listed below which will boost your sales rapidly:

1. Roxxe

roxxe shopify theme

Roxxe is a relatively young company, yet it has been very warmly received. The theme was launched in May 2020 and has had many upgrades since then, the most recent being in March 2021. As an all-in-one theme, it comes with a variety of skins and design elements that can be customized to fit any niche.

Roxxe integrates with Shopify’s visual builder, allowing you to create as many home page layouts as you want.

You may rearrange parts to suit your business’s requirements. Indeed, your purchase includes over 70 pre-built homepages, so if you don’t want to perform a lot of design work, Roxxe has you covered.

roxxe review- Shopify Builder

Additionally, Roxxe has over 50 pre-designed layouts with pre-built parts that you may rearrange and combine as desired. Additionally, you may pick an appropriate demo that appears similar to how you want your shop to look and modify from there.

Roxxe is available for $48 with a standard license on Themeforest. This enables you to use the theme only for one shop.

The purchase includes future upgrades and guarantees that the theme has been thoroughly reviewed for quality. Additionally, it includes six months of support from the theme’s developers, ZEMEZ.

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2. Vendy

vendy shopify theme

Vendy is intentionally uncluttered and simple, allowing you to showcase goods to their maximum potential.

Your brand’s colors pop against the abundant white space that beautifully showcases your clothing, accessories, and other products. Its simplicity and usefulness pay homage to the user experience.

Vendy is also one of the most inexpensive premium themes on the market, and like other ZEMEZ products, it is Envato-certified. Additionally, it is fully documented and incorporates any future upgrades.

features- vendy review

Vendy, like every other Shopify theme worth its salt, is completely responsive. As a result, both you and your website visitors will be able to see your online shop in its entirety, with exceptional usability across all devices and platforms.

Vendy is available for $48 for a standard license on ThemeForest. Vendy is available for a short time at the early bird price of $19.

This includes six months of ZEMEZ customer support. You may pay an additional $1.50 to extend this assistance to 12 months. This basic license allows you to utilize Vendy in conjunction with a single shop.

3. Jasper

jasper- drag&drop

This is one of the most customized Shopify designs for your online store. Jasper offers a number of incredible features and a variety of widgets, such as:

A quick overview of the product, a money exchange service, mailing lists, currency exchange, and more. It has 6 essential models in combination with full width and all available options to create a diverse selection of topics.

With Jasper, you can easily create a complete business. There are several options for customization, advanced color management, and more.

You can choose from several templates if you want to choose the best template on the homepage. This design is fully compatible with Shopify’s new segmented customizer. Jasper is fully compatible with all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11 etc.

4. Fastor 2.0

fastor 2.0

Fastor 2.0 is a versatile theme that has been updated several times since the original version. Now it’s faster, with less complexity, and support for Shopify features has been added (like Shopify sections).

You can choose from a variety of masks, including five recently added examples, such as the sports demonstration below. The team behind Fastor has also released improved documentation including tutorials and video tutorials.

You can download a demo and then customize it for you. With different skins, styles, and countless ways to change things, it’s great to try many different things and not be sure what you want.

The downside is that all of these options and features can significantly affect load times. At the end of the day, you will not be able to use all the features or additional styles of Shopify, as this only takes up space.

5. Clothing

This is another theme that is quite similar to Fastor with good eCommerce designs. It offers many options and many features.

With these two themes and the others on this list, consider whether they are created by a seasoned Shopify salesperson or by someone who creates designs for people but does not do much of their own e-commerce.

They have a support forum and the thematic license includes support for at least 6 months. This theme has a useful feature called Shopify Builder that makes it easy to visually design your store design without the need for any coding.

It’s like a very simple version of Thrive Architect for WordPress.

6. Enroll

enroll- multipurpose theme

It’s a simple, clean, and responsive theme created for stores with larger inventories. If you need a lot of categories and sections for your products and want to see other things on the screen at any time while viewing the most popular articles, this is a great Shopify theme.

This is a complete theme in multiple languages so you do not have to spend extra money on voice applications!

7. Fashion

fashion- wordpress theme

This Shopify theme provides a great blog implementation if you want to showcase more than just your products and tell your story.

This is a great way to build a fan base around your brand and provides Internet users with countless new ways to find your shop. It has a long format homepage with plenty of room to display.

You can have a hero video about it. This helps you to optimize your larger images. These include parallax effects, a quick view for your customer, and much more.

8. GameWorld

gameworld- game store shopify theme

If your website is related to games, this theme has a similar feel to some video game retailer sites. Therefore, he is familiar with his customers. The gameworld is the best Shopify theme store for games designed and developed by the main author of ThemeForest. This new topic is reactive and mobile compliance. W3C, HTML5, CSS3 are absolutely valid and compatible.

It has a responsive design, easy-to-navigate pull-down menus, a blog, featured products, and works fast as it’s based on Bootstrap 3.

There are two styles, light and dark. You have to adjust the rest yourself, but it also helps keep the topic smaller and clearer. The downside is that if you do not have a Shopify game shop, this is not a good option for many other niches.

9. Cosmopolite

cosmopolite- e-commerce

Comspolite is a premier Shopify theme with an advanced management module. It is extremely customizable, easy to use, and extremely responsive. Suitable for all types of shops. Excellent as a starting point for your individual projects.

The Shopify theme from Comspolites is designed for you if you want more than just a showcase to showcase your products. He has a fashion agency with two different styles to choose from and definitely puts the story of his brand in the limelight.

The text, its pictures, and its products are in the foreground of the homepage on this topic. It’s a good look if it fits your style.

10. BEStore

bestore- shopify theme

BEStore is a versatile Shopify theme that can be used for any type of business. The multitude of available options makes the customization process very easy. Please check the list of features and compare them with the competitors.

  • 9+ different layouts
  • 3 product pages
  • 8 collection pages
  • Revolution slider
  • megamenu
  • advanced swatches

You can buy the theme and start your business online with an investment in no time. The BEStore Shopify design is a powerful tool for creating an online store. Superior leadership in e-commerce software forces your team to deliver the best possible service to customers.

11. Snowdevil

snowdevil demo

As the owner of the major e-commerce platform, Shopify must provide its customers with free themes that they can use in their stores.

Although we believe that Shopify’s free market is larger than it is, there are currently 11 unique Shopify themes for free installation, each offering three different style options.

This can be increased to 33 different styles. Although this may seem like a lot compared to the number of Shopify businesses (hundreds of thousands), this number is quite low and not everyone wants to use the same model as the next one.

But do not worry too much, as we will explore many great options over time. First, it’s Snowdevil. The demonstration site implies that the model was used by shops selling winter sports equipment: snowboarding, skiing, and other interesting winter sports businesses benefit from using the enterprise model.

There is a large slideshow directly on the homepage of the website, a multi-column menu, advertising widgets, and many options for customizing typography and colors.

12. Pop

pop by shopify

Pop is a minimal styling theme for stores that want to handle smaller quantities of products and focus their attention on a smaller number of products that require greater attention.

A good example would be a beauty salon where you sell certain beauty products, perhaps a business where you sell a certain tea blend and then promote other tea products.

A very brand-oriented model with a side navigation bar. There are some explorable styles that will give you a better idea of how the model can be used. Even the children’s shops use it, so the market is open for exploration.

Some users have pointed out that the lack of a search feature can be painful. However, if you only sell 5 products, they will all be integrated into the homepage without any problems and you will not need to search for anything.

You can still create a personalized one. The colors are very bright and soft, but as with any Shopify theme, you can use the Design Editor to adjust the colors to the desired spectrum.

13. Wokiee

wookie- best converting shopify themes

Wokiee is a versatile and flexible Shopify design that can be used to create almost any type of e-commerce store.
If you’re looking for a world-class Shopify theme that gives you complete control over your online store design, Wokiee is just what you need to look out for in your web design.

When you visit the Wokiee demo site, you have access to a variety of templates for your shop. As this is a recently introduced Shopify theme, all of these business models are absolutely up to date and up to date.

With over 27 attractive home page layouts, you’ll probably find one that fits your brand.

Among the online store demonstrations that make up the Wokiee package, you’ll find models that are well-suited to building a business selling equipment, sports equipment, weapons, furniture, and books. Call them. You will also find many other general store models that should work with almost any type of inventory.

In addition to the patterns on the Shopify Shop home page, the Wokiee Theme Pack also includes templates for the internal pages of your online store. These designs include product category pages, individual product screens, and all other types of content needed for a good e-commerce store.

When you set up your website, you also have the opportunity to personalize your store design. By selecting predefined headers, you can give this important part of your website a unique look by choosing colors and logo. Customizing other visual properties of your store is also easy with this customizable Shopify design.

Wokiee also lacks useful e-commerce features with generic menus, AJAX lookup, color shades, and social networks, as well as many other features that help you create a successful store.

Wokiee combines a wide range of predefined content with valuable e-commerce tools to improve your store.

14. Everything

everything responsive theme

Everything is a best-selling Shopify Premium theme, designed and developed by Elite Author of ThemeForest. The theme is 100% adaptable, adhering to mobile devices. W3C, HTML5, CSS3 are absolutely valid and compatible.

The Everything theme is an amazing and appropriate theme for all online stores, malls, or mega shopping centers, fashion houses, shopping malls, and supermarket websites.

The best part is that you have a choice between over 50 different creative designs that offer you an incredible amount of design resources.

These range from furniture, fashion, decoration, interior, eyewear, baby, sunglasses, eyewear, gardening tools, watches, sports, jewelry, cosmetics and beauty, advanced technology, electronics, shoes, bags, holiday, flowers, game gifts, bakery, cakes, Food, ice cream, bicycles, pets and much more.

All offer great features like Mega Menu, Advanced Filter, Flexible Design, Ajax, Share Social, Google Web Font Library, Google Map, Mailchimp, Beautiful Typography, and Extensive Documentation make it unique from others.

15. Symmetry

symmetry- great for stores

Symmetry is considered one of Shopify’s top e-commerce themes because it was created with best practices for e-commerce. Its compatible styles are Beatnik, Chantilly, Salt Yard, and Duke.

With up to four types of responsiveness, many design options are available for each of your devices. You have several homepage options for design choices and advanced features, such as: For example, a multilevel navigation menu, product collection lines on the home page, and Google fonts.

You can also place each line of the homepage in the order of your preferences. In addition, you can view features such as live search, streaming, and grid view for product collections, as well as a full-width slideshow on the home page.

16. Startup

startup shopify theme

As the name suggests, this premium theme is ideal for new businesses or small businesses. It is therefore very easy for those who have an online store with many features to attract customers. And yes, it also adapts to those who already have established businesses. It supports styles like Home, Fabric, Technology, and Art.

It offers a highly modular start page, which in most cases can be set up as a one-page online shop.

This theme also offers a great deal of flexibility, which is required at every startup. In addition, Startup offers Retina-compatible images, SEO optimization, browser compatibility, customizable full-width slideshows, a live Instagram feed, and more.

17. Porto


Porto is a popular e-commerce theme that allows you to create a variety of online stores using Shopify.

In Version 2, the Porto Shopify design has now been updated to provide an even more intuitive user experience. From the installation of the theme over the finishing touches to the design look, everything about the use of postage was improved in the last update.

Now there are also countless combinations of predefined headers, including fixed and floating options. If you prefer a vertical sidebar menu for your business, this is also possible with postage. You can also enable the optional Mega Menu feature to add a variety of content types to the drop-down menus, including product images and more.

In addition to the customization options, one of the best reasons for the Porto Shopify design is the impressive selection of pre-configured store demos. With more than 20 different models, most stores allow you to easily import design and then start loading your products.

With Porto, you get a good combination of general designs as well as product-specific demonstrations for furniture, appliances, and sports shops. All models are compatible with mobile devices, as is the case with most Shopify designs in this collection.

Features that you can use in your store when you choose this Shopify design include RTL support for creating a store in the left-hand language, a testimonial slider for sharing customer comments, and a slider-making tool Interactive product screens, upload AJAX for smoother user experience, and integrate Google fonts for better typography options.

Porto is available on several e-commerce platforms and makes it a proven Shopify theme.

18. Banita

banita- best converting shopify theme

Banita is a customizable e-commerce design that lets you create any kind of online store using Shopify. Although the Banita Store’s standard demo has been set up online as a fashion and apparel store, you can easily use this theme for a variety of Shopify stores.

With a library of different headers, footers, and widgets, you can quickly and easily choose which items to use for your business.

You can then drag-and-drop your selected items to the desired location to create your own custom store. You can also use the color settings to apply your own custom color scheme to the store.

The Banner Generation Tool is another useful Banita feature that lets you tailor your business to your liking. With this feature, you can easily design custom banners to promote your store’s offerings and products.

On the Banita website, a video tutorial will take you through the features of the banner editor and explain how to get the most out of this tool.

One feature of this topic that may interest you if you do not want to start your store is the ability to run your Shopify website in catalog mode. This will allow you to disable the shopping cart and login feature as your visitors browse your inventory.

Anyone who uses social media to promote their store should consider the integration of Instagram and YouTube useful if they share the content of those platforms on their shop’s website.
Banita has many e-commerce features and many customization tools to help you find the right kind of business with Shopify.

19. Blockshop

blockshop grid-style

Blockshop has a wide grid-based design that lets you draw attention to the best products in your Shopify store.
If you set up your shop with Spotify Spotify, you can choose from four different templates for your e-commerce website.

These models are ideal for stores selling fashion and apparel products as well as Deli-Design food products. Motos Design has a design and style that is particularly suitable for fashion brands and specialty accessories.

If you have eye-catching photos of your products, you can use this design from Blockshop.

At Blockshop, however, the design you choose does not matter because you can access the best e-commerce features in an online store. Tools that can enhance your business include a currency conversion switch, multi-column drop-down menus, a complete set of newspaper or blog templates, and off-loading product images, all surrounded by a drawing for mobile devices.

Each product page also has sharing buttons on social networks that allow audiences to promote their articles to followers on the most popular networks.

With templates for non-e-commerce sites your business needs, Blockshop covers everything a good Shopify website needs.

20. Ella

ella- best converting shopify theme

It was created to assist you in setting up an online apparel and fashion store using Shopify. With a wide selection of banners, you can easily display your best products using the standard design of the Ella home page.

The rest of your store’s home page in the Shopify store may contain different sections depending on your needs.

Options include a raster view of your latest products, information sections with collections presenting new products, trend articles, and a source of your Instagram photos.

In addition to the predefined store designs, you will also find a powerful creator of mega menus. You can now add more content to your drop-down menus, including photos and product images. You can also use the lookbook feature to create custom product collections with a large banner image and an intro text.

Adding a blog to your business is easy thanks to the various article and design models. There is also a useful template with frequently asked questions to answer the questions of your buyers.

In addition to the other Ella functions that you can use if you select this theme for your Shopify shop, you will find a menu under the menu item Basket, with which the buyer can easily see the contents of their shopping cart.

It integrates with popular email marketing services like MailChimp and a number of customization options to control the colors of your store. If your business includes fashion and apparel products, Ella and its online demo are worth the detour.

21. Booster Theme #1 Shopify Theme Must BUY

booster shopify theme

The eCom Turbo is one of the best Shopify themes in the e-commerce market. And that’s because it was well built by a professional dropship Mark It’s an amazing theme that consists of many amazing features that really differentiate it from other topics.

The first is that there are several easy-to-use conversion applications.

It includes complete customization of the homepage, titles, designs, and awards. This means that you can make it completely unique and give it the look you want. The functionality is very simple for desktop and mobile users, making it easier for visitors to buy their products.

Mark created this design to quickly load your shop. This is important because more and more people are using their smartphones for online shopping.

This theme includes customization pop-ups with special discounts, refund information, and coupons that can become potential customers.

The theme is everything you need! That way, you can change what you want and do it the way you want it. Also, check out our Booster Theme Review With Discount Coupon here.

22. MultiBuy

multibuy store

Multibuy is an estore for auto parts. The Shopify theme is a versatile solution that can be adapted to different topics. It contains all the customization tools you need to start a fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, mobile, beauty, home decor, nutrition, wholesale markets, and more.

The interface has a sense of style and makes online shopping easy and enjoyable. Such a model can take any business to the next level. It has many e-commerce add-ons and widgets and looks great on any screen. Take a look at the product demonstration to understand the potential of this model.

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Conclusion: Best Converting Shopify Themes 2024

When it comes to Shopify themes, many e-commerce business owners look for a “pretty” template that matches their personal aesthetic. There’s nothing wrong with that, but remember, the point of your e-commerce site isn’t to look nice. Your site needs to sell the product.

Let me know your reviews and personal experiences in the comments section below for the listed Shopify Themes.

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