Sell The Trend Review 2021– Is It Best Tool For Product Research?

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User Interface
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  • Advanced sorting and filtering options
  • 9-in-1 services product research tool
  • Chrome extension with a user-friendly interface
  • Easy to import products
  • Exclusive Video making tools


  • A bit costlier than other tools
  • No free membership

SellTheTrend is a popular online software that has been designed to help Ecommerce business owners find trending and profitable items for dropshipping.

Price:$ 39.97

Looking for a detailed Sell The Trend Review? I have got you covered. Here’s a complete review about Sell The Trend, let’s find out if this tool is worth your money.

As an ecommerce business owner, you always want to come up with trending and profitable items for dropshipping.

It is not easy to find the right item that will sell out in a short time. You need something that has high demand and low competition. This can be very hard if there are no tools available to help you do this effectively.

Solution: Sell The Trend is here! With this tool, it’s easier than ever before to discover these trending products on Amazon, AliExpress or Shopify with ease. Sell The Trend has made sure that using their software is as simple as possible so even newbies can use it without any issues at all!

Bottom Line Upfront: Running an ecommerce store and want to find trending products?

Sell The Trend is a software that has been designed to help you find the best items for dropshipping. With their dedicated tool, you can effortlessly check for items currently trending on major Ecommerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress and Shopify. It’s easy as pie!

Sell The Trend Testimonials

You don’t have to worry about researching trends anymore because Sell The Trend has done it all for you. All of the hard work has been done so you can focus on what really matters – your business! Sell The Trend makes your life easier and more profitable with their innovative software.

So stop wasting time searching through thousands of pages online when Sell The Trend will do it all for you in seconds flat!

Click here right now and sign up for a free trial of Sell The Trend!

sellthetrend review

Sell The Trend Review 2021– Is It  A Top Product Research Tool?

What is Sell The Trend?

Sell The Trend is popular online software that has been designed to help ecommerce business owners find trending and profitable items for dropshipping.

The software has a dedicated tool that allows users to gather data according to their keyword search. Users can effortlessly check for items currently trending on major Ecommerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress and Shopify.

You get access to several tools that review sales data from these high-performing platforms and fetches you the best results suitable for your store’s selling game.

Apart from just finding the right products to sell, Sell The Trend does tool does much more. You can easily import items into your Shopify or WooCommerce online store.

The software even provides you with an audience builder for Facebook ads and access to a dropshipping course.

Top 6 Best Sell The Trend Tools

Sell The Trend has developed some powerful native tools to help users fetch and analyse market data in a few minutes based on relevant keyword searches.

You can use their tools to search through the products of major ecommerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress and Shopify. These search results can be further altered by using several filters and sorting options in order to obtain more accurate results.

1. AliExpress Trend Explorer

As a person owning an ecommerce business and dealing in dropshipping products, the best thing you would love is to be able to access all the hot products, new stars, and hidden gems on AliExpress.

If you are looking for something like that, then the AliExpress trend explorer is the ideal tool for you!

AliExpress Explorer

Sell The Trends is a tool which by default provides you with powerful filtering and sorting options to make your product searches hyper-specific and find the right products for dropshipping.

For example;

  •   To display only products priced over a certain amount, you can philtre.
  •   You may change the results of the quest to only show items for a certain number of orders.
  •   If that product has a video available or not, you can also sort it.
  •   Even the number of stars that the product must have can be filtered. This is excellent if you just want to see goods with it.

As a person looking for dropshipping products for your brand, you would totally love that they show you so much data, especially the graph.

It’s great that you can see how well the product is selling on AliExpress. You can just keep scrolling, and new products came popping up every now and then.

 dropshipping tool

2. Amazon Trend Explorer

It is an undeniable fact that Amazon is the biggest company in the ecommerce market today, so understandably, it is a great site to do product research and figure out which sells well and which doesn’t.

Searching such trending products on Amazon manually might be a headache. That is where Sell The Trend Amazon Trend Explorer comes into play!

Amazon Trend Explorer - Sell The Trend Review

This tool has been designed to show you all the relevant hot products, hidden gems, and new stars on Amazon at that moment. It is very similar to the AliExpress trend explorer and will give each product Trend Points.

This can be a great tool for you if you are tired of searching manually through Amazon for the right trending products for your store by analyzing how each product is ranking for each category.

You use Amazon to get product ideas and see what’s hot and selling well because it’s a great sign if something is selling well on Amazon.

3. Shopify Product Explorer

This tool has been designed with the objective to show you every product from every store that the server is tracking.

Just like the previously discussed explorer tools, even this explorer comes with several filter and sorting options.

One very good thing here is that you can also filter your search by “Dropshipping Verified”. This option will only show you products that are from stores that focus on dropshipping:

4. Shopify Store Explorer

The Shopify store explorer shows you every Shopify store that the server is currently tracking.

Just like the Product explorer tool, even this tool gives you the option to filter searches by dropshipping stores which will show you Shopify dropshipping stores.

This is made possible due to the fact that their server has loads of different kinds of data available for you.

Shopify Store Explorer

This tool has a lot more information than just a Shopify store name. Here is some of the key information that you would get to access while using this tool:

a) They’ll show you how much traffic each store gets every month. If they do not have the information for that shop, “Low Traffic” will be shown to you.

b) They also show you how much each month the store spends on technology (like Shopify apps).

c) They will also show you if any testing on that store has been detected. Like from Google or Facebook.

d) They will explain their profiles on social media to you.

e) The last thing they can show you is if any social media accounts from that store have been identified. Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, and so on for starters.

Using this tool the right way as per your brand’s requirements will make it easier for you to find other Shopify dropshipping stores out there and also simultaneously see what everyone else is doing with their product descriptions, home pages, and so on.

5. Nexus Product Research Machine

The “Nexus” is one of their most powerful tools and basically aims at product research.

This tool has been developed for those people who are not interested in or don’t have the time to carry out manual searched for their dropshipping products!

Nexus Product Research - Sell The Trend Review

The Nexus Product Research Machine combines the functions of all the tools already mentioned above. This tool will show you what products are trending, hot, and on the rise.

It even shows you which Shopify stores are hot and trending! Using this tool gives you the advantage of finding so many products that you can sell without having to spend too much time on it!

7 day free trial

Sell The Trend Additional Tools

If these product research tools above aren’t enough for you to convince you that this tool is great, then they have a few more awesome tools for you to get the best dropshipping store out there.

Yes, these tools below might not be perfect for the more experienced drop shippers (it might miss some features), but don’t forget that these are all included in one tool. No need to pay anything extra.

1. Importing products & fulfilling orders

You can easily import items into your Shopify or WooCommerce store from Sell The Trend (or directly from AliExpress).

2. Store intelligence

This is a newly released tool that lets you fill in a Shopify store’s URL, and it will show you a lot of stuff. Similar to monthly traffic, avg. The price of a commodity, monthly orders, and monthly profits.

3. Product Videos

You can get a quick link to the product videos section via this tool. As with any other tool we have listed before in this article, you can use the same philtre and sorting options. Plus, by pressing the play button, you can access and import the video directly from inside Sell The Trend.

4. Facebook Audience Builder

Facebook Audience Builder

Then Sell The Trend has you covered with this tool in case you need any ideas for your Facebook Ad targeting.

In the search bar, you can press on a famous audience on the right or type your keyword. If you want to sell something in that niche, they can give you some tips on which interests you can target.

5. Video Ads Creator

Video Ad Creator

If you are just starting with dropshipping or if you don’t know how to construct a video ad yet this is great. You can either upload your images directly to this tool, or you can let the image be retrieved from an image URL.

6. Engagement Rating Calculator

Engagement Calculator

For Instagram and Twitter influencers, you can use this tool. It is an easy way to see what the ranking of the influencer is.

Only fill in the number of fans, likes and comments on Instagram. For Twitter influencers, you can also fill in the number of retweets.

Either the likes, comments, and retweets come from one post or you can take a rough approximation of their average from all their entries (or the last 9, for example).

Sell The Trend Pricing Plans: How Much Does Sell The Trend Cost? 

Sell The Trend only offers a single pricing plan which is available with both monthly and annual billing options. If you go for the annual subscription, then you receive two free months with your plan.

Talking about the cost, the monthly plan costs $39.97 per month whereas the annual plan as $32.97/month. The details of the plan are as follows:

sellthetrend pricing

Price: $39.97 per month (Monthly), $32.97 per month (Annual)

  •   NEXUS Research Machine
  •   1-Click Push To Store
  •   1-Click Order Fulfillment
  •   Video Ads Creator
  •   NEXUS Hot Stores & Products
  •   NEXUS Trending Stores & Products
  •   Shopify Product Explorer
  •   Shopify Store Explorer
  •   Favourite and Add Unlimited Stores
  •   Store Intelligence Spy Tool
  •   Facebook Audience Builder
  •   Influencer Engagement Calculator
  •   AliExpress Trend Explorer
  •   Amazon Trend Explorer

**And More!

Both the monthly and annual subscription plans include a 7-day free trial. Although Sell The Trend doesn’t offer any discount codes at this moment, you can make use of this free 7-day trial to try their product research tool without risking any money.

The great thing about their trial is that you can cancel your subscription any time you want.

sellthetrend review - features



💰  Price


😍  Pros

9-in-1 services product research tool

😩  Cons

No free membership


SellTheTrend is a popular online software that has been designed to help Ecommerce business owners find trending and profitable items for dropshipping.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Top 3 Things We Love About Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend is an amazing tool for Dropshippers. Honestly there are several reasons why we love this software. But the main reasons why we do are mostly related to its ease of use, intuitive interface and efficiency.

Here are 3 things that are really great about Sell The Trend.

1. “Favorite” section in every tool

People always love the “Favorites’ feature in apps and software where they can “Like” a certain item and add it to a list of favourites for future reference or use.

Sell The Trend has used this feature in every tool they have developed with a “Red heart” icon in the corner of the product or store.

You can tap on this icon to add the item to your favorites and keep scrolling without having to worry where that awesome product, store, or ad was that you liked so much!

2. Numerous filter and sorting options

Whenever you are using a search tool, the more filters and sorting option you have, the better and more accurate results you can fetch from the tool.

Sell The Trend has incorporated numerous filter options in all their market and product research tools to help you find more relevant and accurate search results as per the chosen keyword.

3. Each page has a “What’s on this page” text

This is a feature which you must have noticed on many websites. You hover your mouse over some product name or image and a short text box pops up which gives you a small description of the product.

Similarly, even here a short text will be displayed when you hover your mouse over the product, telling you about what that current tool does.

customer review

Ecomhunt and Sell The Trend

When Ecomhunt and Sell The Trend are compared there are many similarities. They both have a product rank, EPC and the product page rank.

Ecomhunt has a more in-depth analysis of the products whereas Sell The Trend is more mathematical with EPC and PPR. Ecomhunts EPC deals with  on site conversions while Sell The Trends EPC deals with conversion rates.

They both provide tools such as Pools, Listing Analyzer, Niche Prospector and Spy Finder, but only Sell The Trend provides Cloud accounts while Ecomhunt has recently started providing them.

FAQs About Sell The Trend Review

What is Sellthetrend?

Sell The Trend is a software that has been designed to help you find the best items for dropshipping. With their dedicated tool, you can effortlessly check for items currently trending on major Ecommerce platforms like Amazon, AliExpress and Shopify. It’s easy as pie!

How much is Sell The Trend?

Sell The Trend offers a free trial. It is good to try it yourself first before you buy, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime without any charges. Right now, the monthly cost of Sell The Trend is $39 per month.

How Sell The Trend works?

This is how Sell The Trend works: You can choose thousands of products. They are real and they will help you sell things. Import the products into your store with just one click. Then people will come to your store and buy from you!

Is Sell The Trend any good?

With Sell The Trend don’t have to worry about researching trends anymore because they have done it all for you. All of the hard work has been done so you can focus on what really matters – your business! Sell The Trend makes your life easier and more profitable with their innovative software.

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Conclusion | Sell The Trend Review 2021

Sell The Trends is possibly one of the best dropshipping product research tool we have come across till date.

It has all the necessary tools and features you need to find the right products for your dropshipping store.

Their server browses through the database of major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, AliExpress and, Shopify to enable you to analyse and find out which items are best for your dropshipping business, which are the common goods, trends and even items that do not sell too well in the market facing rigid competition.

You will find different tutorial videos demonstrating how the tools of Sell The Trend work and how to get the most out of them.

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