Top 6 Best CRM For WordPress 2024: SuperCharge Your Business

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Do you find it tough to communicate with your customers?

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the online market rivalry is fiercer than ever, as a flood of companies boosts their blogs and social media platforms to make up for the drop in traditional shop visits.

If you want to stand out in the eCommerce world, personalization is a must for your WordPress Site.

Your company should use the power of eCommerce personalization for customer engagement to improve the customer experience and raise the bottom line with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Companies must build an unforgettable consumer experience to win the trust and interest of today’s consumers.

You’ll need to know what your target demographic wants, how to communicate with them, and what it’ll take to convert them from the moment you first connect with them.

Unfortunately, seeing the whole trip at once is becoming extremely difficult for any company. Clients are interacting with your business through a variety of new platforms.

If you miss one touchpoint, you can just get a partial picture of their experience. This is where Engagebay can help.

This all-in-one marketing system provides everything you’ll need for email marketing, landing pages, and web marketing automation, among other items.

CRM Overview


Odoo CRM offers customization and scalability for the developer thanks to its open-source code.

Best Value

SuiteCRM is an open-source CRM that helps users to configure their sales process.

Top 6 CRM For WordPress 2024

Here are some of the best CRM for WordPress that you should try today:

1. Engagebay

ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, and Marketo are only a few of the entrants in the digital landscape that have similar experiences to EngageBay’s.

Both of these options, though, will come with hefty costs, making it difficult for a small business to spend on marketing, sales, and CRM.

Because of its low cost, Engagebay is a one-of-a-kind option in today’s market. Nothing stops you from checking out the features with a free tier for any of the different bays and a free one for the all-in-one service.

Many of the critical resources that companies need to maximize profitability and entertain consumers are available through EngageBay.

There’s one for almost every need, from robust CRM tools for monitoring customer relationships to automated marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, since there is almost no learning curve, you won’t have to think about the service being too complicated.

If you’re still not sure if EngageBay is right for you, check out any of the free features first. You could come across something that fully transforms your business.

Best CRM For WordPress- ENGAGEBAY overview


Engagebay is put to use as a total solution or a piecemeal solution. If you already have got a Sales or CRM scheme, for example, you can buy all the parts you need.

So are the bundles to remember if you opt for the all-in-one service:

This contract supports a total of 1000 connections and 1000 verified emails and charges $0 a month.

Advanced email marketing and broadcasting features, as well as automatic responders, lead seekers, series of landing pages, are all available.

There’s even a by default CRM, as well as a help desk for assistance.

  • Beginner: $8.99 per user per month: This includes all of the functionality of the Free plan, along with the addition of 15,000 friends and 10,000 verified addresses. Extra features such as a social platform for SMM, SMS marketing, website ads, third-party involvement, and so on will be unlocked.
  • Enhancement: $29.99 a month for every user: This software bundle contains all of the functionality of Basic, including web messages, push updates, A/B testing, phone logs, management of products, service automation, ideas, and more. It is configured for up to 50,000 contacts and 25,000 branded addresses.
  • Profit: $47.99 per user per month: Pro includes infinite communications, 50,000 branded addresses, analytics, SSO, integration, uptime SLA support, personalized monitoring, position management, and call support, making it ideal for growing businesses.

The above premiums apply to the “Biennial” installment schedule. If you pay yearly or weekly instead, you’ll have to charge more. 

If you’re like different startups, you already have resources in place to manage some facets of customer and marketing service, you would choose to buy only one component of the answer.



Although Engagebay’s feature set has a lot to offer, from email marketing strategies to automation tools, the best thing about it is probably how simple it is to use.

Setting up CRM, email sequences, ads, and help solutions requires a lot of time and resources most of the time.

You’ll need to learn how to use marketing automation tools and mess around with landing page creators. Onboarding will take several days.

However, Engagebay is so user-friendly that you won’t need much time. You can quickly see how it is set out to make it easy for you to use by diving in.

Despite the abundance of functionality, the interface is clean and basic.

Engagebay also has a range of videos available to help with onboarding, such as how to use the app and what you need to do to monitor offers in your sales and service environment.

You can quickly switch between promotion, support, and sales if you have the complete all-in-one pack. A drop-down menu also displays all of the functionality of the segment you’re in.

In the end, you’ll get something that’s incredibly simple to use and, in some cases, beautifully built. The tool’s capabilities are tailored to newcomers with little or no previous experience.

Features of Engagebay:

Features of Engagebay:

  • Service to Customers

Importantly, the amount of customer service you will get from Engagebay is determined by the kit you choose.

If you choose the free edition of every service, you will be on your own, with access to a variety of services and information applications to assist you.

The Engagebay website’s product videos, blogs, and tutorials are very useful, and there are also upcoming webinars to join.

If you need help with something unique, such as effective marketing segmentation or scaling your company while traveling to a new country, you can still reach out to the group on LinkedIn and other social networking channels. 

  • All-in-One Solution

As you can see from the features mentioned above, Engagebay is an ideal way for start-ups and small companies to sell more and boost their revenue pipeline.

You can use one bay at a time, much like Hubspot, or incorporate the features into an all-in-one service. 

When you buy the all-in-one kit, you will receive the following items:

Email marketing tools, marketing automation, design builds, landing page builders, lead creation, social media links, and more are all available via this comprehensive marketing portal.

Customer service/relationship management center: Contact control, deal pipeline, meeting scheduling, job management, and more are all included in this full-stack support solution.

Helpdesk tech helps you to fix problems quickly and offer a broader variety of service solutions to your clients. 

There is also a live chat app available.

The theory is that by combining it under one roof, you can stop wasting thousands of dollars on ads, service, and sales tools. It’s a far more convenient way to manage your company with a single pane of glass.

  • Functionalities

Engagebay combines an easy-to-use CRM with an all-in-one sales, support, and marketing automation hub.

This approach aims to provide a location for companies to coordinate their distribution, service, and marketing teams.

It’s easier to make strategic choices that facilitate conversions when you have a more comprehensive understanding of your clients. 

Engagebay has a wealth of marketing tools and resources, combining many options so you don’t have to go out and purchase new services. Below are some of the features you’ll get:

  • Marketing via email
  • Tools for generating leads
  • Services for marketing automation
  • Landing pages 
  • Control of contacts
  • Regulation of tasks
  • Deals in the works
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Automated sales
  • There are several ticketing segments.
  • Automation of the support desk
  • Styles on the internet
  • Tools for live chat

2. Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM offers customization and scalability for the developer thanks to its open-source code. This CRM has an easy-to-use GUI that makes managing the sales process a breeze.

CRM helps you to connect to a wide range of sales, marketing, economics, and other resources to handle any business need.

You can create leads automatically using a customer relationship management system based on completed forms or phone calls.

Lead certification, live chat on the web, duplicate elimination, and URL tracker are some of the most effective marketing techniques. 

Best CRM For WordPress - odoo potential


Odoo Community is a no-cost base plan that comes with one program, such as CRM.

The Enterprise edition (both online and on-premise) has a monthly price of $28 per account, per month, billed yearly (with a $4 discount for new customers), plus the application costs, which start at $12 a month.

Odoo Pricing


Thanks to the possession of vast volumes of data, Odoo has 360° insight – the opportunity to communicate with consumers as effectively as possible (visited pages, open letters, meetings, pre-orders, unfinished orders, etc).

CRM allows you to organize and monitor everything you do – all in one place, online, and available from any smartphone.

Features of Odoo:

  • Sales Tracking

Prioritize the pipeline’s follow-up operations and reach the deadlines quickly. Keep track of the sales efforts. The sales pipeline Kanban view allows you to quickly and accurately monitor the sales levels.

  • Task Management

Schedule Meetings You can schedule meetings directly from client dashboards. In your Dashboard, you’ll find all the relevant information about “in progress” and “completed company operations.”

Makes interaction with clients. Inside your Odoo CRM, it keeps in touch with customers via email, phone, talk, and social media.

  • Promotion of Leads.

Begin the campaign by sending causation auto-generated emails to Leads customers. A salesperson should be assigned to follow up on the lead and sell it to you.

  •  Analysis of Possibilities.

 You will use this to assess the prospects using a pipeline that includes specialized filters, sorting, drill-down, and other features.

Lead Scoring Evaluate the leads based on clear and tacit parameters and determine which leads meet the criteria to become opportunities.

  •  Alerts that are tailored to you.

 Set up personalized reminders for openings that are important to those activities. Examine the squandered potential.

Analyze the reasons for missed opportunities and boost your sales potential. Focus on revenue by automating routines.

It automates your day-to-day business processes, so you don’t have to spend time managing data.

3. SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM is an open-source CRM that helps users to configure their sales process.

Retailers will use it to simplify operations, model consumer experiences, and get real-time data. You can generate your own files and load them onto your own panels using the advanced reports module.

You may create efficient coordination between numerous divisions, such as advertising, marketing, customer support, and information technology.

This would allow you to get a complete picture of the situation and remove any needless contact barriers. SuiteCRM will help you set up online forums on your website to catch visitors and turn them into leads.

This CRM enables you to create ad campaigns, submit newsletters, and automate activities to fuel product demand.



SuiteCRM is available for a one-time fee of $1.00. A free edition is available. SuiteCRM includes a free trial and is one of the software’s most valuable features.


This software is immediately ready (uptime) and helps users to complete tasks easily so they don’t have to wait for the software to respond to their actions.

It gives users, user roles, classes, and other entities access to specific data, functions, and artifacts.

Automates a procedure that entails a sequence of steps that would otherwise necessitate the participation of many users.

Administrators may create guidelines that decide who has to complete a move and when. Users will also be notified whether they need to take action.

Allows managers to tailor their systems to suit their needs. Custom objects, fields, lawns, measurements, and views can all be created.

Features of SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM has a range of valuable monitoring methods, including several pre-built canned files like the ones seen below.

It also includes the ability to build your own reports if any of the current ones do not meet the marketing requirements.

  • Workflows that are special to you.

You may want to automate much of the processes when dealing with vast volumes of data, as is typical in direct marketing organizations.

SuiteCRM has the ability to build workflows, which are customized procedures that can be used as templates to initiate a sequence of activities.

  • Campaigns

The campaigns module in SuiteCRM is one of the most useful for direct marketing firms.

It allows you to keep track of your newsletter, direct mail, and other marketing outlets, as well as help you direct and track the essence of your sales campaigns.

They can be created using an easy-to-use wizard that can assist you in creating a blueprint for visualizing what is working and what isn’t, as well as using the built-in ROI calculator to help you schedule your activities for the highest profit margin. 

You will create a schedule, estimate sales, and monitor planned vs. real costs.

The ability to build “targets” out of clusters of possible customers is a valuable function in SuiteCRM.

There are frequently customer lists about which you have little details (for example, a list of prospects bought as a spreadsheet) and want to include in a marketing plan.

These can be imported and grouped into goal lists, making them useful for your campaigns. You can then hit all of these predefined target lists for your promotions.

SuiteCRM then includes a handy overview screen for double-checking that any of the data has been entered correctly. 

A built-in ROI calculator is a helpful function that allows you to monitor the status of a campaign, including its budget and targets, and automatically create a map with a simple visualization of this detail.


  • Templating Email

Client, prospect, and lead communication is an essential aspect of the marketing process. SuiteCRM has a versatile email marketing tool that offers the ability to configure email templates.

By selecting a default template and dragging or falling formats onto the screen, these can be generated. 

You can connect to external email servers using integrations, or you can use the built-in email services, which are installed during installation (assuming you have provided the correct SMTP information, etc.).

You should either grant your workers access to their own inboxes or a joint inbox that your entire company can use to manage emails.

The emails you use can be linked to any of the groups that store them, such as profiles, goals, leads, contacts, and more.

  • Accounts, Leads, and Opportunities

SuiteCRM has a user-friendly interface that makes tracking accounts, leads, and opportunities a breeze. A shortlist of all current accounts can be found below.

Filters may be used to filter down to certain groups, such as those within a single area.

Any events or backgrounds connected with an account are clearly visible.

When it comes to openings, one can get a good view of possible sales orders as well as the details required to close the deal and perform according to the defined requirements.

  • A Dashboard that can be Customized

When you first log into SuiteCRM, you’ll see a regular dashboard with a range of modules, including a call log, meetings, openings, accounts, leads, and more. 

With a few taps, you can switch these modules around and add new ones; each will display information based on your current data.

4. OroCRM

Oro CRM is an open-source CRM that allows you to configure it as much as you want to suit your eCommerce business’s specific needs.

The framework closes queries for both mid-size stores and multinational companies due to its capacity to scale quickly.

Users will view and evaluate the entire customer experience, as well as assess the lead’s credentials.

They will then create tailored content plans by engaging with customers at the right time and in the right place.

Other CRM features are designed to meet customers’ wishes in every way possible, encouraging them to return and make repeat transactions.

Best CRM For WordPress - oro-crm


OroCRM costs $116.00 a month to use. A free edition is available. A free trial of OroCRM is available which is the greatest advantage for an efficient workflow.


OroCRM is a Customer Relationship Management system designed for online retailers.

Oro provides a versatile eCommerce CRM that is ready to monitor all website experiences for improved targeting and sales focus, with available connectors into countless eCommerce channels! 

Allow your sales teams to recognize and target your most desirable customers based on their buying volume, overall dollar value, and recency, while marketing teams will focus on customers who have abandoned carts.

Enable the managers to monitor buying funnels and sales pipelines to produce key operating reports.

Features of Oro CRM:

  • Create your own dashboards and reports using this tool.

From revenue pipeline statistics to consumer website operation, this WordPress CRM produces dashboards and reports all in one location.

Managers should apply the most important reports and plugins to their dashboards for business intelligence.

Other eCommerce data analyses, such as total online sales, average order value, and orders over time, are available right away.

  • Get a 360-degree view of the customers

Customer loyalty, operational performance, and market insight can all be improved by capturing information from any customer transaction and presenting it from a single customer perspective.

An enhanced customer experience is achieved by quickly recognizing which website page loads, sales email messages, and outstanding customer service tickets are correlated with individual customers.

  • Integrate the eCommerce Platform Easily

For a full eCommerce CRM, link to Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, or their own B2B eCommerce site.

Gain a 360° view of your client through all touchpoints and experiences, whether your online company is predominantly B2C, B2B, or multi-channel.

For companies with various online distribution platforms, also promote integration with common marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Both OroCRM extensions and connectors can be found on the Oro Marketplace.

5. Pipedrive

The right CRM for a small company that is just getting started in a specific market. It is highly scalable and has several options to help you improve your eCommerce revenue.

Users will create an infinite number of sales funnels to generate new leads and close deals. All of these methods, including LeadBooster’s virtual bot and web forms, create new leads and simplify interaction with them.

Best CRM For WordPress- Pipedrive


The pricing is simple and transparent. For each customer, prices start at $15 a month. You’ll be able to use all of the functionality as a result of this.

However, there is a free trial available to help you decide if this is the best product for you.


Pipedrive is one of the most robust, but user-friendly, and cost-effective CRM solutions available.

It could help you stay in touch with your clients, send out intelligent email promotions, and re-engage customers who have lost their carts – the possibilities are limitless.

Features of Pipedrive:

  • Product Tracking

You will also provide up-to-date analytics, customize your approach, and track your product catalog with Pipedrive CRM.

  • Transactions

Pipedrive is a CRM platform that focuses mostly on transactions. One of the best features of this eCommerce CRM is that it was created with teams of all sizes in mind.

In fact, this method is used by more than 90,000 companies around the world.

  • Ease of Use

Pipedrive checks all of the boxes when it comes to ease of use for eCommerce business owners. The dashboard is simple to use but efficient, with usability as the top priority.

If you’re new to CRM tech or have any experience with it, they’re confident you’ll have no problem coming to grips with it.

  • Efficient Roles

The roles are various and efficient. Territory control, quotations, and ideas are among the features you can imagine, as are various integrations with marketing automation systems like Drip or Outfunnel, paper storage, job management, segmentation, smartphone connectivity, leading ranking, and a calendar system. 

6. HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is one of the simple-to-use solutions with a user-friendly GUI. Person sales reps will use this tech solution for free.

HubSpot’s distribution resources include Contact control, Deals & assignments, Business insights, and Pipeline management.

Marketing technologies assist in the turning of website visits into leads, the sending of customized emails based on customer actions, and the scheduling of appointments. 

Sales managers will obtain comprehensive updates on the productivity of their team’s jobs, open cases, and closed sales.

You will make calls to prospective buyers for the advanced HubSpot Sales Pro package, and you can document them.

Best CRM For WordPress - HUBSPOT overview


There are four items available: Hubspot CRM is available for download.

Free, Starter ($50/month), Specialist ($400-$800), and Business ($1200– $3200) are the four plans offered for Marketing Center, Sales Hub, and Support Hub, each with various features and add-ons.

HUBSPOT pricing


It’s worth looking at as a solution that can scale with a company’s needs. The user interface (UI) of HubSpot CRM is well-designed, and it fits well with other HubSpot products.

Features of HubSpot:

  • Make Appointments for Your Prospects

Make touch with the prospects anytime it is possible for them. When you share the meeting connection with your prospects, they will arrange a meeting by selecting the time and date that works best for them.

You may also use this meeting app to connect your Office 365 and Google calendars.

  • Keep track of any email that is accessed.

HubSpot has long been a marketer’s favorite since it contains almost all of the most common integrations.

Gmail and Outlook Integration are one of the most impressive integrations. With HubSpot, you can deliver customized emails in bulk and cultivate your leads with personalized email marketing.

When someone opens an email, installs an attachment, or merely clicks a connection, you’ll get a message.

HubSpot CRM also provides email monitoring and updates, as well as scheduling and meeting connections.

  • Keep track of the distribution pipeline.

With HubSpot pipeline control, you can keep your opportunities from falling between your fingertips.

You can add HubSpot offers to HubSpot Free CRM and chart their progress.

You can add new deals to the pipeline and configure them by modifying the contract phases and assets. And you can see all of your purchases in one location.

  • Forms and pop-ups will help you collect high-quality leads.

Are you wondering how HubSpot CRM will help you generate leads? This Ecommerce CRM preserves documents by incorporating contact details as well as business information.

With intuitive HubSpot forms and pop-ups, HubSpot CRM features assist in capturing quality leads. These mobile-optimized forms, which can be pop-ups, banners, or slide-ins, can be inserted into the web pages.

  • Lead Ads on Facebook and Instagram will help you make money.

Search Engine Advertising allows you to reach a more specific audience. HubSpot Free CRM helps you to create entertaining Facebook and Instagram advertisements for your perfect customers.

It not only gathers contact information but also decides which of the clients have become customers.

Link virtually two promotional accounts to your HubSpot account. Furthermore, you can sync your leads between HubSpot and other search engine networks.

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FAQ’s | Best CRM for WordPress

👉What exactly is EngageBay?

EngageBay is a popular and versatile all-in-one marketing, distribution, and help CRM software that is used by over 29500 growing businesses around the world. EngageBay helps businesses attract, interact, cultivate, and turn online users into satisfied clients, allowing them to expand their company three times or more.

👏What is CRM in the context of e-commerce?

E-commerce CRM (short for e-commerce customer relationship management) is a customer relationship management system intended to assist eCommerce companies in managing customer contact information, sales behavior, and other analytics data.

🤔Is HubSpot suitable for online sales?

Connecting HubSpot to your eCommerce shop lets you make sense of the data and offers marketing resources to help you engage with and deliver to your customers more effectively. Deliver the relevant message to the appropriate person at the appropriate time.

🧐Is Shopify a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?

The Best WordPress CRM Software to Integrate With Your Shopify Store is Shopify CRMs. It's never easy for online store owners to manage their customers' records. To be honest, Shopify is a fantastic place to launch your online store. It has all of the features and resources you'll need to start and develop your online store.

👉Is Raiser's Edge a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?

Raiser's Edge should be used for smaller or mid-sized groups, while Blackbaud CRM is designed for larger charities. Raiser's Edge still provides more built-in fundraiser features than a CRM approach, including the fact that it does have donor management software.

👉Is HubSpot compatible with Shopify?

Shopify's HubSpot integration applies inbound messaging to the marketing mix. With paying and organic traffic, you'll boost traffic, create a reputation that your target demographic enjoys, and increase sales from your current customer base. Connect your Shopify store to HubSpot with this integration.

Conclusion | Best CRM for WordPress 2024

We’ve assembled a list of the best CRM applications for eCommerce that has been rated as enhancing sales and marketing performance by consumers.

However, as experience has shown, the best way to determine whether CRM suits your needs is to put it to use. You might find that using free trials and comparing the advantages of each scheme is useful.

If the out-of-the-box option does not meet your needs, don’t give up. You can still do a personalized CRM integration that is 100 percent tailored to your needs.

Best CRM for WordPress


We’ve assembled a list of the best CRM applications for eCommerce that has been rated as enhancing sales and marketing performance by consumers. Your company should use the power of eCommerce personalization for customer engagement to improve the customer experience and raise the bottom line with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Out of 10


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