Top 3 Best DataCamp Alternatives 2022: Which Is The Better Platform For You?

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DataCamp is a great resource for learning data science, but what if you can’t afford the steep price tag?

DataCamp is one of the most popular resources for learning data science, but at $199/month it’s out of reach for many people.

There are plenty of alternatives to DataCamp that offer affordable or even free options. In this article, we’ll compare some of the best DataCamp alternatives so you can find the right one for you.

What is DataCamp?

DataCamp is an online interactive programming course platform.

DataCamp offers courses in Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Visualization, and Data Journalism. DataCamp’s instructors are professional Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Journalists, and Data Engineers.

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As part of our mission to democratize data skills for everyone, we have always provided free, unlimited access to DataCamp for the Classroom for instructors and their students, serving more than 350,000 students around the world.

We’ve also partnered with more than 20 nonprofit organizations to give 25,000 free DataCamp subscriptions to communities that need them most.

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Top 3 Best Datacamp Alternatives

DataCamp vs Coursera

Datacamp vs Coursera - DataCamp Alternatives

DataCamp and Coursera are two of the most popular platforms for easy learning. But which one should you choose?

DataCamp offers interactive lessons, quizzes, and exercises that make it easier to learn data science skills. You can also get personalized feedback on your progress from our instructors.

Plus, they offer courses in Python or R programming languages so you can take advantage of whichever language is more comfortable for you. And with no deadlines or commitments, it’s easy to start and stop whenever you want without any pressure.

Coursera offers free classes that cover topics like machine learning and data mining as well as paid certificates available at different levels of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

They also have an active community where learners share their work-in-progress projects with others who might be able to provide helpful advice.

Both companies offer great benefits but they differ in some ways too. If you’re looking for interactive content then go with DataCamp; if not then Coursera might be better suited for your needs!

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Dataquest vs Datacamp

Datacamp vs Dataquest

Dataquest vs Datacamp. Which one should you choose?

Both are great options for anyone looking to learn data science and upskill in the field. But, if you’re looking for a more career-focused approach, Datacamp is your best bet.

It offers both courses on data analysis and data science tracks, so it’s perfect for those who want to pursue a career change or advance their current position as data scientists.

If you’re just starting out with no experience whatsoever in this area, we recommend DataQuest first – it’s designed to teach people how to code from scratch without any prior knowledge of programming languages like Python or R.

Alternatively, if you already have some coding experience but want to get into the nitty-gritty of what makes machine learning tick (or even start building your own models), then Datacamp might be better suited for you!

They offer an introductory course called “Data Science Foundations” that teaches all about machine learning algorithms and techniques before diving into more advanced topics like deep learning and natural language processing later on in the program.

Datacamp vs Codecademy

Datacamp vs Codecademy

If you’re looking for a quick, low-cost way to learn the basics of coding, we recommend Codecademy. They offer courses with more comprehensive content and are perfect if you want to get started quickly.

If you have a little bit more time and money on your hands, Datacamp is the best option for those who want in-depth courses with a wider variety of skills and career paths.

You’ll be able to learn at your own pace without worrying about deadlines or other commitments. Plus they offer free trial periods so it’s easy to see what’s available before committing!

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