8 Best GoHighlevel Alternatives 2024: (Free-Forever & Paid)

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Hey everyone! Today, I’m diving into something super useful for all of us who have been using GoHighlevel.

I know how it feels to rely on this tool for our marketing needs. But sometimes, we need to explore other options.

That’s why I’m excited to talk about the best GoHighlevel alternatives out there. Whether it’s about finding something more budget-friendly or just trying out new features, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve checked out a bunch of different tools, and I’m here to share my top picks.

This way, you can find the perfect fit for your marketing adventures without the headache of endless searching. Let’s get right into it!

8 Best Go Highlevel Alternatives 2024

1. ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels is a super popular tool for building sales funnels, and it’s a great alternative to GoHighLevel. ClickFunnels is great for business owners who want to create an online presence and sell effectively without needing to be tech-savvy.

With its founder, Russell Brunson, you also get access to lots of learning materials, like the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Why ClickFunnels Rocks:

  • Perfect for Entrepreneurs:

Especially if you don’t know much about programming or coding, it helps you create awesome pages for selling stuff online.

  • Easy to Use:

It’s designed to help you quickly gather information from visitors and turn them into leads.

  • Lots of Cool Features:

The new ClickFunnels 2.0 version has email marketing tools, a powerful CRM to manage customer relationships, and even lets you set up an online store.

What You Can Do with ClickFunnels 2.0:

  • Build Sales Funnels:

Create professional-looking funnels to turn potential customers into actual buyers.

  • Set Up an Online Store:

You can sell products directly through ClickFunnels.

  • Make Membership Sites:

Create sites where people pay to access exclusive content.

  • Automate Your Marketing:

Set up automated marketing campaigns based on how your customers behave.

  • Create a Website and Blog:

Build a fully customizable website and blog with fast loading speeds.

  • Email Marketing:

Send out emails, newsletters, and more to keep in touch with your customers.

  • Track Your Success:

Use the analytics to see how well your funnels and campaigns are doing.

  • Online Courses:

Design and sell online courses.

  • Great Support:

There’s a lot of help available, including tutorials, live training, and an academy.


  • Basic ($127/month):

1 website, 20 funnels, 3 courses, and space for 10,000 contacts.

  • Pro ($157/month):

More funnels and courses, and space for 25,000 contacts.

  • Funnel Hacker ($208/month):

Even more features, unlimited funnels, and space for 200,000 contacts.
All plans come with a 14-day free trial, so you can try it out before you decide to buy it.

You actually get to use ClickFunnels risk-free for a total of 44 days, considering their 14-day free trial followed by the 30-day guarantee period. In my experience, this kind of offer is a game-changer.

It shows how much confidence they have in their product. I found ClickFunnels to be extremely useful, but it’s reassuring to know that if it’s not right for you, canceling within that time frame is hassle-free, with no hidden charges or fees

2. Systeme.io


Systeme.io is a super handy online platform that gives you a bunch of tools for building your own affiliate programs, online courses, and sales funnels and for automating your marketing.

Systeme.io is especially awesome for beginners because it offers a free plan that’s perfect for anyone starting an online business.

Here’s what you can do with Systeme.io:

  • Webinars and Communication:

You can run webinars and keep up great communication with clients and people interested in your business.

  • Build a Website:

With their easy-to-use templates and drag-and-drop interface, you can create a cool website to show off your work, offer services, and get more people interested.

  • Sell Online:

It’s also great for selling things online and growing your business.

  • Create Your Own Affiliate Program:

Plus, you can set up a program to have other people help promote your products.

The customer support team is there to help every day of the week and usually responds in about two hours.

Why Systeme.io is a Great Alternative to GoHighLevel:

  • Easy to Build Sales Funnels:

The software makes it simple to put together sales funnels that help sell your stuff.

  • Email Marketing:

Send personalized emails, get more people to subscribe, and set up marketing automation.

  • Quick Start:

It’s designed to help you get your business going fast.

  • Automate Your Stuff:

You can automate emails, product sales, online course sign-ups, and more.

  • Manage Affiliates:

Grow your affiliate program and make more money every month.

  • Works with Other Tools:

It connects with other things you might use, like membership sites and payment processors.

  • Keep Contacts Organized:

All your contacts are neatly organized.



  • Free Plan ($0/month):

Send unlimited emails to 2,000 contacts, create 3 sales funnels, and get 24/7 email support, all for free.

  • Startup Plan ($27/month):

More contacts, sales funnels, email campaigns, and automation workflows.

  • Webinar Plan ($47/month):

Even more contacts, funnels, online courses, and automation rules.

  • Unlimited Plan ($97/month):

Everything is unlimited, plus a personal coaching session. And you can save 30% with their annual plans. Thus, if you are starting out, Systeme.io is a great choice.

3. GetResponse


GetResponse is a free all-in-one marketing tool that helps businesses get online and start generating leads. It’s really user-friendly, especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

GetResponse is a solid choice for businesses looking to enhance their internet presence affordably and efficiently.

What You Can Do with GetResponse:

  • Build Your Own Website:

With 5GB of bandwidth, you can create and host a website using their easy, code-free, AI-powered website builder.

  • Get Your Domain:

You can pick a free domain from GetResponse or use your own. Plus, they have tools to help your website show up in search results (SEO optimization).

  • Email Marketing:

Send out emails to keep in touch with your customers and offer them special deals. The platform also keeps your content secure with SSL certificates.

  • Affordable:

It’s a great choice for businesses wanting to grow online without spending a lot of money.

Key Features of GetResponse:

  • Automate Marketing:

You can set up automatic SMS and email campaigns.

  • Advanced Email Marketing:

Features like A/B testing and autoresponders make your emails more effective.

  • Target the Right People:

Use scoring, tagging, and custom fields for precise targeting.

  • Live Chats:

Chat directly with visitors on your website and through your email campaigns.

  • Conversion Funnels:

Pre-built funnels help you generate leads or automate sales.

  • Works Well with Others:

Integrates with PayPal, Google Analytics, Shopify, and more.

  • 24/7 Customer Support:

Help is available any time via live chat or email.

Pricing Plans:


  • Free Plan:

For up to 500 contacts. Send unlimited newsletters, build a website and a landing page, and create sign-up forms and popups. I have shown here pricing for 24 months as it is very reasonable and you save 30%, apart from this they also have annual plans.

You can even get 30 30-day free trial. Thus, there is nothing to lose.

  • Email Marketing Plan (starting at $13.30/month for 1,000 contacts):

Offers autoresponders, basic segmentation, and email scheduling. Includes unlimited landing pages and websites.

  • Marketing Automation Plan (starting at $41.30/month for 1,000 contacts):

Advanced email marketing and segmentation, sales funnels, and webinars.

  • eCommerce Marketing Plan (starting at $83.30/month for 1,000 contacts):

Tailored for eCommerce with features like abandoned cart recovery and promo codes.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot Overview

HubSpot, which started in 2006, is a comprehensive CRM platform that provides all the tools and integrations needed for managing content, sales, marketing, and customer service effectively.

HubSpot is ideal for marketers and developers looking for a powerful and flexible solution for inbound marketing, offering both free and professional paid plans.

What HubSpot Does:

  • Boosts Traffic and Sales:

Offers marketing tools to help increase website traffic, convert visitors into customers, and run big inbound marketing campaigns.

  • Sales CRM Software:

It helps automate sales tasks and provides insights about your prospects, making it easier to close deals.

  • Content Management System:

It allows you to give each user a unique and tailored experience on your website.

  • Customer Service Tools:

Ensures great communication with your customers, enhancing their experience.

Why is HubSpot Great for Marketing and Sales?

  • Email Marketing Tools:

Create and improve marketing emails.

  • Meeting Scheduler:

Easily set up meetings and appointments.

  • Social Media Management:

Manage all social media from one dashboard.

  • Landing Pages:

Build attractive landing pages with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

  • Chatbot Builder:

Create chatbots for unlimited personalized interactions.

  • Sales Automation:

Automate sales-related tasks and follow-ups with prospects.

  • Analytics and Reports:

See how well your marketing efforts are doing.

  • Ads Software:

Create targeted ad campaigns using CRM data and track your return on investment.

Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan:

Includes forms, email marketing, live chat, landing pages, blog and website creation, SSL certificate, and shared inbox.

  • Starter Plan ($18/month for 1,000 contacts):

It includes all free tools plus higher limits and email/form automation.

  • Professional Plan ($800/month for 2,000 contacts):

Multiple channel engagement automation, video hosting, team collaboration tools, and more.

  • Enterprise Plan ($3,600/month for 10,000 contacts):

Advanced team management, powerful integrations, and detailed reporting.

5. Keap


Keap is an all-in-one sales and marketing tool that makes automating your business tasks super easy and quick. With Keap, you can design detailed marketing and sales operations using advanced response triggers and nurturing sequences.

This helps in achieving consistent and predictable business growth.

How Keap Helps You:

  • Saves Time:

Automates regular tasks like gathering leads and following up with them, saving you about 10 hours a week.

  • Designs Your Marketing and Sales:

With smart triggers and nurturing sequences, you can set up repeatable growth for your business.

  • Connects with Other Apps:

Links up with over 4,000 apps via Zapier, letting you automate even more and tailor it to your business needs.

  • Keap is Perfect For:

Business owners who want to turn leads into sales with personalized, automated lead collection and follow-up strategies.

Key Features of Keap:

  • Manage Sales Pipeline:

Track every deal and move leads through your sales process easily.

  • Capture New Leads:

Use contact forms and appointment scheduling to get new leads.

  • Text Marketing:

Send automated texts as part of your marketing and track if people are reading them.

  • Nurture Sales:

Email your leads with special offers to create new sales.

  • Follow-up on Purchases:

Remind clients about unpaid invoices and send thank-you notes after purchases.

  • Manage Leads:

Please keep track of potential customers and turn them into loyal clients.

  • Appointment Reminders:

Automatically remind clients about their appointments.

  • Analytics and Reporting:

Get useful sales insights to help make business decisions.

Pricing Plans:


Keap also offers a 14-day free trial, so you can try it out before you decide. It’s a great tool for businesses focused on growth through smart and personalized automation.

  • Pro Plan ($149/month for 1,500 contacts):

Includes email marketing, sales pipeline management, a dedicated phone line, landing pages, text marketing, and more.

  • Max Plan ($199/month for 2,500 contacts):

All Pro features, plus marketing analytics, promo codes, and upsell options.

6. Builderall

Builderall features

Builderall is a helpful tool for businesses of all sizes to improve their online marketing efforts and boost sales.

It helps businesses with online marketing and offers secure cloud storage, eLearning tools, and various features to boost sales. The pricing plans cater to different needs and budgets.

It offers various features and benefits:

  • Connected Tools:

Builderall provides a set of tools that work together to support your digital marketing. These tools come with full support and functionality at no extra cost, making them valuable for your business.

  • Security and Cloud Storage:

The platform ensures that your projects and data are highly secure with cloud storage. You can access backups and important information 24/7, providing peace of mind for your online business.

  • Cloud-Based Platform:

Builderall is entirely based in the cloud, which means you can access the latest tools without needing to download or install any software.

  • eLearning Assistance:

Builderall also offers tools to help with online learning. You can create or upload courses easily, interact with your students through live chats, and track their progress using a progress dashboard.

  • Teacher-Student Interaction:

It’s especially useful for increasing interaction between teachers and students, as it allows you to create online courses and monitor student progress. It’s suitable for both newcomers to the digital market and experienced professionals looking to enhance their skills.

Now, let’s break down the specific features:

  • Funnel Builder: This tool helps you create smart and effective sales funnels.
  • Product Funnels: You can create free product funnels and a two-step checkout process.
  • Instagram/Messenger Chatbot: Enhance sales by converting your Instagram followers into leads.
  • Flow System Automation: A dashboard allows you to monitor your automation step by step.
  • Super Checkouts: Provides various tools to increase sales.
  • Easy Integrations: Builderall seamlessly integrates with other platforms like Mailingboss, Hotmart, and Monetize, making it easy to connect your marketing efforts.

Pricing Plans:

Builderall Pricing

  • Cheetah ($16.90/month):

Connect 1 domain, 2GB of disk space, and gather up to 2,000 subscribers.

  • Marketer ($76.90/month):

Gather unlimited subscribers and connect 3 domains.

  • Premium ($87.90/month):

Connect 15 domains, get 10GB of disk space, and access all marketing tools.

  • Funnel Club ($87.90/month with $199 as the first payment):

Includes all Premium plan features plus a sales funnel builder, but you have 10GB of disk space.

7. Kartra


Kartra is a powerful cloud-based application that offers various features for marketing and sales. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require complex configurations. With Kartra, you can create advanced marketing campaigns and sales funnels.

Kartra is a versatile marketing and sales tool with features for automation, pricing flexibility, and customization.

Now, let’s break down the specific Features:

  • Modern Visual Interface:

You can easily create content without needing to code or design.

  • Behavior-Based Automation:

Kartra allows you to set up different automation based on how your clients behave.

  • Multiple Price Points:

You can set different prices for your products and offer various payment options, such as monthly, one-time, or recurring payments.

  • On-Page Element Customization:

You can adjust the size of images, move elements around, and change padding to customize your pages.

  • Checkout Pages:

Kartra provides optimized checkout and product pages to help you convince customers to make purchases.

  • Custom Tags:

You can personalize your email messages using this feature.

  • Lead Tagging:

Kartra allows you to categorize and target prospects by profiling them and creating subgroups.


kartra gohigh alternative pricing plan

Starter Plan

  • Basics:
  • Monthly Price: $119
  • Features: Up to 2,500 contacts, Support for 1 language, 1 domain, Up to 5 team members

Growth Plan

  • Most Popular & Best Value:
  • Monthly Price: $229
  • Features: Up to 12,500 contacts, Unlimited languages, 3 domains, Up to 10 team members

Professional Plan

  • Scale to the Next Level:
  • Monthly Price: $549
  • Features: Up to 25,000 contacts, Unlimited languages, 5 domains.

8. Vendasta

Vendasta is a strong competitor to GoHighLevel and is aimed at digital marketing agencies and media companies. It offers a range of tools and services to help businesses enhance their online presence and manage their clients effectively.

About Vendasta- Best GoHighlevel Alternatives

It provides both branded solutions and in-depth analytics to help businesses succeed in the digital marketing landscape. Pricing options are available to suit different business needs and budgets.

Features of Vendasta

  • High-Level Alternative:

Vendasta serves as an alternative to GoHighLevel, providing features to boost online presence, handle reputation, and generate leads.

  • White-Label Solution:

Vendasta is a B2B company that offers a white-label solution. This means businesses can use Vendasta’s tools and services under their brand, giving them a professional and customized appearance.

  • Reputation Management:

Businesses can use Vendasta to manage and enhance their online reputation across various review websites.

  • Local SEO:

Vendasta helps businesses optimize their websites and online listings for local searches, making it easier for local customers to find them.

  • Social Media Management:

It allows businesses to manage and publish content across multiple social media platforms, streamlining their social media presence.

  • Website Builder:

Businesses can create and design professional websites using Vendasta’s website builder tool.

  • Email Marketing:

Vendasta includes an email marketing system that businesses can utilize to promote their products and services through email campaigns.

  • Reporting & Analytics:

Detailed reporting and analytics tools are provided to help businesses track their online performance and make informed decisions.

  • Lead Generation:

Vendasta offers various lead generation tools, including forms and landing pages, to help businesses capture potential customers.


vendasta pricing plans

  • Starter: $79 per month
  • Professional: $499 per month
  • Premium: $999 per month
  • Enterprise: contact us

Which is the best free alternative to GoHighLevel?

If you’re looking for a free alternative to GoHighLevel, there are several options to consider:

1. Systeme.io:


Systeme.io offers a free plan that allows you to access professional features like a sales funnel builder and email marketing. This plan is available for up to 2,000 contacts, making it a good choice for small businesses or startups.

You can create and manage your sales funnels and engage with your audience through email marketing without any cost.

2. GetResponse:

GetResponse Professional

GetResponse also provides a free plan, which covers up to 500 contacts. In addition to email marketing, this plan includes features like forms and popups that can help you improve your conversion rate.

It’s a suitable option for those who want to get started with email marketing and lead generation without any upfront expenses.

3. HubSpot:

HubSpot Overview

HubSpot offers a free plan with a wide range of features. It includes email marketing and scheduling, live chat, landing page creation, website builder, a free SSL certificate for your domain, and a shared inbox.

HubSpot’s free plan is quite comprehensive and can be a valuable choice for businesses looking for a versatile platform to manage various aspects of their marketing efforts without incurring costs.

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Conclusion: Best GoHighlevel Alternatives 2024

In conclusion, there are several great alternatives to GoHighLevel, each with its own strengths. ClickFunnels is a popular choice for its powerful features.

If you’re on a budget, options like Systeme.io offer a free alternative to help you start your online business without spending a lot of money. All these tools can help you create effective marketing solutions and grow your online business.

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