Top 3 Best German Proxy Providers in 2022 – Private & Free

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Know Some Best German Proxy Providers in 2022.

Are you trying for ways to stream from German television providers? Do you wish to develop German social media accounts for scraping data or purchasing goods intended for Germans? You are on the right page.

The German proxy providers play a significant role as they connect you with the German IP address. Geo-blocking is a prime factor that denies access to businesses and individuals outside Germany. 

 Hence, a German IP address is essential to access content as a German. German proxies are appropriate for ads verification, streaming German entertainment, localization, web scraping testing, and more. Let us take an in-depth view of the best German proxy providers. 


If you are trying to tempt the German population for business, then Soax stands ahead. A Soax mobile proxy scales you in IM tasks. With an extraordinary number of 3.5 million IPs for mobiles, Soax has stepped into most of the countries across the globe.

Best Value

For ones looking to elevate their business to the next level, the smart proxy is an intelligent selection. They help scale your business, overcome restrictions and save effort and time. These proxies permit in scraping data for business.

1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati) 

Standing prestigious with superior fame, Bright Data is an eminent proxy for the German IP address. Spreading over 1.2 million IP addresses for German, Bright Data owes a massive pool size of 72 million. They are proxy market leaders offering the biggest proxy network. 

If you desire to choose the fastest residential proxy, I suggest Bright Data as a smart choice. The unique features I admired were the reliability, security, undetectable function.

Bright Data - Residential Proxy

Holding a massive IP address network, Bright Data averts captchas and IP blockage while scraping data online. The Bright Data works excellent for social media automation, price intelligence, sneaker sites, ads verification, geo-location bypassing, SEO monitoring, etc. 

With the assistance of the Hola VPN service, Bright Data obtains the IP address consent they use. Ones opting for a VPN service should share an IP address and internet connectivity before utilizing the VPN service. 

While bonding with Bright Data, price is a crucial factor to monitor. Though they are not cheap, by switching to higher bandwidth, the price falls. 

Bright Data has a vast range of services to offer. 

Data centers 

  • They owe a cutting-edge data center that delivers various data types across the globe. The data types are either shared or dedicated. 
  • They are cost-effective and best for all categories of customers. 
  • Perfect choice for non-sophisticated goals. 
  • They are available in over 95+ countries and 2000 plus subnets. 

Static residential 

  • With surplus customers, the static residential IP owes a greater success rate. 
  • The IP comes directly from the ISP and available in over 35+ countries. 

Residential IP

  • The great success of Bright Data is its residential network that offers nearly 72+ million IPs for its customers. 
  • The highlight is the availability in every city and country. 


  • The mobile network from Bright Data offers nearly 7 million IPs for mobile users. 
  • The 3G/4G connections direct from the mobile carrier.
  • They aim at Mobile carriers or ASN. 

Bright Data use cases for customers 

  • Ad verification 
  • E-commerce
  • Travel aggregation
  • Brand protection 
  • Web data protection 
  • Search engine crawler
  • Price comparison
  • SEO monitoring 
  • Stock market data
  • Website testing

2. Smart proxy 

For ones looking to elevate their business to the next level, the smart proxy is an intelligent selection. They help scale your business, overcome restrictions and save effort and time. These proxies permit in scraping data for business.

Best German Proxy Providers - Smartproxy

The massive pool of 10 million IP addresses and IP rotation technology averts IP address blocking and captcha solving requests. 

The reliable and secure feature with a good percentage of uptime makes smart proxy a favorite one for customers. Apart from Germany, smart proxy disseminates over 195 countries across the globe. The pocket-friendly monetary feature urges more customers to opt for Smart Proxies. 


  • The rotational residential proxy adds an advantage to the users. 
  • From across 195 locations across the globe, Smart proxies distribute 40 million IP
  • The limitation of usage by service relies on traffic. 
  • The IP comes from mobile as well as desktop devices; hence utilizing parallel connections is possible. 
  • There are no restrictions in using the number of proxies. Hence, there is a possibility of shared access to the complete pool. 
  • With over 40,000 IPs and 100 subnets, smart proxies are faster. 

Interface and usage

  • By registering with a smart proxy and logging into the dashboard, you can purchase any plans. 
  • The user creates a sub-user and configures authentication based on the subscription plan. 
  • Smart Proxies has various gateways for supported cities and countries. 
  • The user has the freedom to pick the Proxies they desire. 

Smart proxy highlights 

  • Smart proxies never reveal your location or IP address and maintain your privacy. 
  • The residential back connects proxies are beneficial as they retrieve the new IP address for every connection or permits your usage for limitless sticky notes. 
  • There are no subnets for residential proxies and hence escapes mass bans. Every IP address is unique with Smart Proxies. 
  • Customers choose smart proxy as they utilize the best IPv4 address for targeting any access. 
  • The use of unlimited threads supports advanced rotation and for automating data. 

3. Shifter 

The largest residential proxy on the globe and ones desiring for a German IP address would enjoy Shifter services. With 31 million residential IP addresses, Shifter proxy does not reveal the IP addresses in its countries.

Best German Proxy Providers - Shifter 

The unique feature about the shifter proxy is the back connect proxy network. 

Though they owe such technology, they look for a change of IP address for every request that does not work. Since the rotation system of IP is time-based, it changes every 5 minutes. 

Shifter works exclusively for online shopping, web scraping, Ad verification, sales intelligence, SEO, brand protection, and more.

Owing to a German IP address, you have the freedom to enjoy super 1 GBps speed, unlimited bandwidth, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and 24/7 customer assistance. 

Below are a few services offered by the shifter proxy. 

Residential proxies

  • The back connects residential Proxies are available with about 31 million IP. 
  • They work round the clock as the professional service work all the time. 
  • The round the clock customer assistance overcomes all your hindrances. 
  • By opting for a shifter residential proxy, there are no blocked websites. 
  • Data is accurate and fresh as these residential proxies detection fails.  
  • Harvesting data at a super scale is successful with shifter proxies. 
  • They serve unlimited bandwidth and sophisticated control panels. 
  • The proxies work with SOCKS 4/5 & HTTP/S.

4. Soax 

If you are trying to tempt the German population for business, then Soax stands ahead. A Soax mobile proxy scales you in IM tasks. With an extraordinary number of 3.5 million IPs for mobiles, Soax has stepped into most of the countries across the globe.


Soax renders residential as well as mobile proxies. The unique features I highlight are few. They are the detailed geo-targeting, exclusive performance and speed, back connect rotating technique, and residential IPs. 

With a German IP address, the customers enjoy account registration, market research, ads verification, SEO monitoring, data collection, speed testing, and more. Being the fast proxies, The Soax owes a flexible payment system.

The users enjoy purchasing daily and weekly proxies for businesses. 

Soax offers residential proxies and mobile proxies. 

Residential proxies 

  • People opt for residential proxies for genuine and reliable service with a whitelisted IpV4 address. 
  • The complete anonymity feature makes the service 100% secure. 
  • The worldwide coverage is surplus, and people pick the location they desire IP address. 
  • The limitless proxy access with access to 8.5M IP makes it interesting. 
  • The comfortable pricing plans make it the best choice for any customer to purchase. 

Mobile proxies  

  • Customers access any site without the panic of being blocked with the assistance of highly reliable mobile proxies. 
  • There are no limitations with Soax mobile proxies. Running concurrent =connections is possible. 
  • Happy customers mention the precise geo-targeting feature as they permit you to cover the identity. 
  • Achieving a high level of reliability and anonymity works well with rotating 3G/4G proxies. 


Price monitoring 

Businesses strive to collect data from e-commerce sites and desire to analyze opponents’ prices too. In such cases, the Soax proxies play an excellent role. The advanced geo-targeting capacity with massive IP helps you in the above research. These proxies also maintain anonymity at high rates. 

Website availability 

For monitoring website availability, there is a need for a cost-effective and reliable proxy. Soax offers an expansive whitelisted IP address that supports checking competitors’ websites. 

Data collection

With just a few clicks, Soax helps in hiding your identity. With the surplus mobile and residential pool, Soax owes a powerful geo-targeting capability for data collection without fear. 

Speed testing 

SEO professionals and website administrators hunt for reliable proxies to known the status of websites in other locations. Running surplus speed test from any locality is possible with Soax. 

Ads verification 

Improving Ad performance, investigating landing pages, detecting fraud, and more are possible with Soax. The highly secure and whitelisted proxies always support ad verification. 

SEO monitoring 

A reliable proxy is mandatory for supporting search engine efforts. With a massive number of residential and mobile proxies, Soax supports reviewing SEO data. 

Free German proxies 

The free proxies in German offer you the latest and most extensive list of active proxies ready for public use. These free proxies owe powerful software that checks millions of proxies and renders a reliable record for free.

1. Spys. one

People looking for free German proxies can opt for for its size of the directory. is one of the best owing to a sizable proxy for all countries it caters to service.

The unique feature of is its filter that helps you filter the proxies you desire. Owing to a German IP, you enjoy speed, uptime, and anonymity details with spys. one. It is good to understand that these are free proxies and not advisable. 

2. Free proxy 

Being an online directory for Free Proxies, the Free proxy supports customers in obtaining a German IP address. There is just an online directory representing proxies, and they do not own any proxies.

Free proxy supports a decent number of countries taking into account Germany. The promising feature about free proxy is its extensive list that helps you retrieve the best working proxies.

They also supply ample details regarding the listing, such as protocol, anonymity, speed, and last check of proxy.

3. Idcloak 

People looking for free German proxies should navigate into Idcloak for further details. The Idcloak owes a list of German proxies, and you have the freedom to choose the working proxies from them.

Idcloak free

These are open proxies scraped from the internet, and users may try to gain confidence. There is no authentication requirement, and possible to share with people. The speed may not be up to mark but is decent. 

Germany Private Proxies 

1. Instant proxies 

By digging into the price factor, the Instant proxies top the list as per my review. The impressive feature of instant proxies is the testing of proxies and rendering the result before the sale.

The above feature assists in refunding. Businesses looking for the German IP address can elect the Instant proxies without a pause. The German proxies serve customers by providing them German IP addresses from their data centers.

Apart from Germany, Instant proxies excel in other countries too. 

The cutting-edge technology renders you blazing speed and performance. Accessing any time is possible, as they monitor round the clock. 

Businesses enjoy the HTTP proxies from the Instant proxy service. They gain the opportunity to post high-volume content from proxy supporting automation tools.

Functions such as web crawling from custom systems out beats other proxies. For individuals desiring escalated anonymity, private surfing should adopt Instant proxies. 

Instant Proxies private

2. My private proxy 

I recommend my private proxy for people looking for a German proxy as Frankfurt owes eight proxy servers. The 2000 data center IPs serve for enthusiasts looking for German proxies.

The 4Gbps network speed supports users for all operations with my private proxy. These proxies are secure and high-performing for more tasks. 

They use the latest Intel Xenon 2*E5-2670v2 processor for better performance. It also incorporates cutting-edge firewall technology for secured traffic. The affordable pricing is an additional advantage for choosing my private proxy. 

MyPrivateProxy private

3. Storm proxies 

The data center proxy is appropriate for people desiring for German IP address. The only hindering aspect is that they do not possess a static IP for German. People love to use Storm proxies for the rotating proxy technology with German data centers. These proxies obtain a different IP address every 3 or 5 minutes. I recommend storm proxy for unlimited bandwidth usage for customers.

Storm Proxies private

Quick Links 

FAQs | Best German Proxy Providers

👋 What is the need for German proxies?

To focus on German content, grab their attention for marketing purposes, a German proxy is essential. There may be restrictions for a few platforms and domains on the German web for other locality people. For gaining entry to such sites, A German proxy is crucial

👏 What are residential proxies used?

With residential proxies, the user chooses the location and free to browse like to a local user. It is through an intermediary server, the internet traffic routes through. Usually, an Alternative IP address is provided to you that owes to a real device. Residential IPs are trustworthy and genuine.

🙌 Which proxy works well? VPN or Proxy?

A VPN renders improved security and privacy. It is through secured servers the traffic passes. In a proxy, the traffic goes through a mediating server. The protection aspect is doubtful in proxies.

👉 Is a proxy necessary if I owe a VPN?

No, VPN and proxy play the role of masking the IP addresses. The promising feature of VPN is it encrypts the data being directed and received. The above does not happen in a proxy.

👍 What is the back Connect proxy?

Connect proxy is a superior proxy that links with the complete proxy pool, and for every rotation, it obtains a new IP residential address. The above feature depends on your settings too. For example, a 5 minute rotation time will gain a fresh IP for every 5 minutes.

Conclusion | Best German Proxy Providers 2022

The above are few proxies to get started with a German IP address. Do your research and pick the appropriate proxy that suits your requirements. Every proxy has its plans, discounts, and features.

Run through all the features, compare them and finalize your option. Initiate your task instantly by purchasing a German proxy. 

German IP address is essential to access content as a German. German proxies are appropriate for ads verification, streaming German entertainment, localization, web scraping testing, and more. Let us take an in-depth view of the best German proxy providers. 

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