7 Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users (Non-Followers) 2024

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You can unfollow people on Twitter using the tools listed in this article if you are searching for the best ones.

Online marketers rely heavily on Twitter as a social media platform.

Not only does Twitter drive traffic to your website, but it can be extremely effective in creating a brand for your business. Your business will start getting taken more seriously as your following increases.

You can use these Twitter Influencer marketing tools to grow your following and presence on Twitter.

About Twitter

The social media following of digital marketers who tag themselves as digital marketing influencers is generating millions of dollars in revenue for many marketers and influencers every year.

Marketers and influencers commonly follow and unfollow users to increase their Twitter followings. In no way is it the most ethical way to increase your Twitter following. 

It can be immensely helpful in cleaning out the inactive followers and keeping the most active followers within your community engaged.

What are the benefits of following and unfollowing?

Simple, right?

Begin by following users whose interests are similar to yours. You will receive a share of the followers you receive from new users as you follow them.

If you follow too many people, it’ll end up like a rat race. By unfollowing those who don’t follow you back, you can keep that balance.

Important Note:  Make sure that you do not spam Twitter by creating many Twitter accounts as you may end up blocked.

You will understand that by looking at the number of followers and followers they have when you follow some of the well-known affiliate marketers.

Keeping the process natural will keep you out of trouble.

Several tools are available to help you locate active users within your niche.

It is quite easy to find them on Twitter, to use the popular keyboards for your niche, or to use the trending hashtags.

The aim of this article is to examine Twitter tools that allow you to unfollow inactive users.


You should read this before selecting a Twitter management tool. With Twitter, you can see who is following you and who is following you.

To verify that you’re not already following users you want to follow back, check if you’re not following any users who have already followed you.

By clicking on the profile icon on your Twitter account, you are able to see which users have already followed you or whom you have already followed.

Follow your important accounts again if you haven’t done so yet.

7 Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users :

1. App Unfollowers

Twitter users can benefit greatly from using App Unfollowers. A management tool for Twitter followers, as the name implies.

It’s easy to use and quick to set up. You can log in using your Twitter account as soon as you visit the site. You can unfollow the people who do not follow you after you log in.

You can utilize the App Unfollowers for a number of other quality features, such as copying followers.

Adding a user as a follower can be as easy as typing their username and starting following them.

By copying the followers of your competitor’s accounts, you will be able to grow your following much faster because those followers will be interested in your niche and therefore more likely to follow you back.

Top Features

  • Followers can be unfollowed with one click
  • You should copy the followers of your competitors
  • Never unfollow accounts that you have whitelisted
  • Keep a blacklist of accounts you’ll never follow
  • Statistical information in full

App Unfollowers - Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users

2. iUnfollow

iUnfollow is yet another useful and long-established tool for managing Twitter followers.

With the tools, you can get started right away. Use iUnfollow to manage Twitter accounts and unfollow users who aren’t following you.

A maximum of 50 users can be unfollowed per day. If you wish to remove this restriction, you can join the premium version of their service.

Top Features

  • Get started with this tool
  • If you’re on the free plan, you can unfollow up to 50 users
  • Return the favor to those who follow you
  • Account history

iUnfollow - Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users


3. Tweepi

Using artificial intelligence, Tweepi allows users to manage their Twitter accounts.

Following and unfollowing users in your niche is possible with Tweepi. Some features may not be available due to a current API issue; please check before you purchase any plan.

Tweepi- Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users


4. Circleboom

It is also very helpful to manage your Twitter accounts with Circleboom. With this tool you can find relevant profiles and follow them if you want them to follow you back.

Additionally, it has an unfollow tool, so you can unfollow those users who don’t return the favor.

A screenshot of the platform’s login interface can be seen here.

Your account is summarized here. The dashboard provides a variety of options for you to choose from.

  • Unfollowing is easy with this feature
  • Scheduling of tweets
  • How to increase followers with these tools
  • Search for users and hashtags

Circleboom- Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users


5. Audiense

Audiense is not just a Twitter mass unfollow tool but a complete social media user management tool.

This social media user management tool is more than just a Twitter unfollow tool.

In addition to the unfollow tool, it has a number of very useful tools for managing your Twitter account.

Your Twitter account can be tailored to have a tailor-made audience to increase conversions. Analytics are included so you can make the right decision.

  • You will be fully monitored
  • Easily unfollow multiple accounts at once
  • Option to send direct messages via Twitter with chatbots

Audiense- Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users


6. Unfollower Stats

With Unfollower Stats , you can keep an eye on how many people are following you on Twitter. It is possible to keep track of all users who don’t return the favor with this tool.

To get started, it is a free tool. Even inactive followers can be found quickly, and you might decide to unfollow them.

You can manage your Twitter account by using the tool’s easy-to-use dashboard with all the relevant data and information.

  • Getting started is free
  • The dashboard provides complete data in an easy-to-understand format
  • The complete list of followers and unfollowers

Unfollower Stats- Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users


7. Unfollowspy

Unfollowspy takes care of keeping track of your followers, making sure that they are real and not spam accounts, and it is a handy Twitter management tool.

The application is free and you can access it with just your Twitter account.

The number of users who do not follow you back on Twitter will be displayed when you log in. If you wish to nofollow those users, please click on the number to see them and take a call.

  • You can use it for free
  • User who don’t follow back can be no-followed
  • Get rid of spam accounts

Unfollowspy- Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users


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Conclusion: Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Inactive Users

Having a strong Twitter account with a lot of followers may not make the follow and unfollow method that important and interesting. You can benefit from this practice to a large extent if you are opening a new Twitter account.

You can manage your Twitter account quickly with the above-mentioned Twitter unfollow user tools.

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