Best VPNs for YouTube in China 2024: Pros & Cons

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Internet is the top most  goal for 5 billion people all over the globe .After  attaining such a height ,it has become a worldwide dispute .The  choice to handle global range at country level is not spontaneous .The Chinese Golden Shield Project is about internet filtering system that prevents access to the banned possessions of the internet .If you are not the part of those two cities of your country, which are free from censorship, i.e. HONG KONG,MACAO, you might be facing lots of complications which would lead you to the source that speaks about the best VPNs for YOUTUBE in CHINA.

Do you know about the golden shield project?

It is known as an element of the great Firewall .It aims at remarkable tracking and Internet censorship .In 2006 it was completed and is currently accomplished under administration of the Chinese police .What activities does it consists of ? People who direct engines, examine websites, and e-maiL communications, they have to search for vague political ideas expressed on the network.

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Best 2024 VPNs For Freeform

What sources are banned in China?

The excluded sources contains social nets as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google, Blogspot,, and many more, media world sites includes New york Times, New York Times Chinese, Bloomberg, You Tube, and other informative resources, some web search engines like- Google, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo HONG KONG, etc. and other online applications resources as Microsoft One Drive, Drop Box, Google Play and many more. So, we are here to look after the solution for these problems with the use of VPN service for unblocking and freeing You Tube in China.

How to get the sites in China unblocked?

Some people know that why few sites are unavailable at particular location .Here is the explanation –

When you connect your Laptop with Internet ,you will get the unique number which is called IP address .So the data of geo-graphic place its located will be there and the domain you want to attach with it will be identified. So like this government and IPs will limit the websites you want to use because of your IP address. When you are in China, you will be declined to access as they are unavailable there. And what to do when you want to see funny video on you tube?

The best solution is to use one of the best VPNs for YOUTUBE in China .This way you will be able to break all the hindrances set up by the Chinese Government and ISPs and get retrieved to all the contents of YOU TUBE like you are accessing it from some other country with no limitations .Besides, this people of china use a highly paid VPN service to access limitless YOU TUBE with no restriction.

How does these best VPNs for YOUTUBE in China work?

You will hide the IP address with the best VPN .And we know that, those who use these services understand that it has a great collection of servers in various countries in the world and it will exchange your IP address with another one. All you have to think that which country you want to prefer for connections, with this you will be allowed to visit all the sites.

By using these VPNs for YOUTUBE in china you will be accessing all the blocked websites, as it provides an ample choice of server location all over the world. Thus, you can exchange your location and can hide your IP address. Moreover, the encrypted tunnelling created by VPNs for YOUTUBE in China secures all the traffic passing through it .So using VPNs connects you with another country internet where no restrictions are imposed.

Why is it better to have a trustworthy VPN to get YOU TUBE accessible?

It is assumed to be the safest, trustworthy and quick way to unblock in China. The reason is, it not only hides your true address, it also codes your current activity you perform online .You will be safe from any snooping eye and government inspecting you.

VPN is important software for traveller who links with public Wi-Fi networks.

If you don’t have this in your device you will always become the victim of cyber criminals who wait for your credentials.

How to make sure that these best VPNs for YOUTUBE in china will work?

Many free or low quality does not provide with suitable level of defense .So they are blocked by the government agencies. So only a high quality will provide you the best service as expected. Let’s check out the VPNs for YouTube in China.

Best VPNs for YouTube in China with Pros & Cons

1) Express VPN:

Its 100 servers are situated in 78 different countries .It is one of the firmest VPN service you will find online for you tube in China. You will be able to use HONG KONG based Express VPN service to gain entry to YOU TUBE content .The eye-catching characteristics of this facility are : round-the-clock chat support, friend referral program, multiple device and OS  support and 30 days money back guarantee.


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It is doubly encrypted just to make your confidential data more protected while being online. More than 600 server locations in 52 countries in all the continents, except Antarctic are held, and the number is growing day by day. Limitless speed and bandwidth allows you to watch without any obstacles.

It is known for its uncomplicated installation and usage services, any of your data is not kept by the provider and a kill switch is there for your suitability. Its standard package is well-matched with common OES and multiple connections ( up to 6 devices together are allowed) for the people who travels a lot. A specialized online sustenance is suggested to the customers and unnamed payment methods as bitcoins are taken.


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If we are looking for best VPN we consider CYBERHOST PRO .We get ample amount of features at reasonable price, it provides 30 days money back assurance for the ones to test if it really works up to the expectations. It serves more than 800 servers around the world, it certifies fastest connections .

Like others, it also provided double encryption system, making it dependable and protected. It is reputable VPN service which keeps internet service secured, fast and reliable .Advantage of 3 topmost CYBERGHOST pro functions 2017 for HULLU:

  • Strong double encryption
  • Multi-platform app


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It encrypts your network life and it lets you do whatever you wish without any threat of being supervised and got hooked. It’s a top class method and will move to a new level of internet security .Beside all this ,Buffered VPN has servers in more than 37 countries which allows you to increase the speed and have 5 real-time connections. Its innovative idea which  influences people are:

  • Simple and immediate set up option
  • Easy unblocking
  • 30 days money return policy
  • 5 devices can be connected

Using these best vpns fro YouTube in China you can enjoy the best services.

How to install these best VPNs for YOUTUBE in CHINA and unblock the restricted sources?

  • Firstly subscribe to the one that matches your needs.
  • Then visit the site of chosen VPN and download it on your device
  • Make the payment and install it. Now you are all set to use the best VPN.
  • Choose the best VPN from server list and mostly prefer to choose US server. After that you will be asked to enter the username and password.
  • Click the connect option
  • After that you just need to refresh the internet browser’s page

Alternative way for unblocking is by using proxy server:


You have to access web proxy server which will act as a link between the request from your device to you tube content .There will be no need to search for software for proxy servers .All you have to do is search for a free web proxy on Google. These proxies are not trustworthy as compared with the ones you generally pay for .You will face some security problems.

Conclusion :Best VPNs for YouTube in China with Pros & Cons

So, it is better to use an unfailing and best VPNs for YOUTUBE in CHINA which offers you an anonymous surfing without any hindrance.

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