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In this post, I am going to share DreamHost Hosting Promo Code, DreamHost Discount Code & Coupon Code 2022. There are many websites available for web hosting. Hosting your own blog is a tough task to do.

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FAQ:-DreamHost Coupon Codes: More Dreamhost Discount Codes

🤷‍♂️ How good is DreamHost?

In our speed tests, DreamHost was one of the top-performing providers. DreamHost uses SSD drives, HTTP/2 and PHP 7 (faster). Unlike their WordPress plans (which start at $16.95), their Shared hosting doesn't have a server-side caching system built-in. In the tests I carried out, DreamHost got 99.99% uptime.

🤔 What is DreamHost?

DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting provider and domain name registrar. ... DreamHost began hosting customers' sites in 1997. In May 2012, DreamHost spun off Inktank. Inktank is a professional services and support company for the open-source Ceph file system.

👉 Which is better Bluehost or DreamHost?

DreamHost is more apt for advanced webmasters who have experience with hosting websites. And Bluehost, on the other hand, would be a better choice if you need a little bit of hand-holding. That said, however, the final choice on these two web hosts should be based on your hosting needs and budget.

🤑Is DreamHost a reputable web host?

Yes, I advise you to use DreamHost. For several, this hosting provider could be an excellent choice. For several, reasonable rates, reliable service, and an extremely generous unlimited policy (for data and bandwidth) would be highly enticing benefits.

🙌Where is DreamHost's data center located?

Although DreamHost's cloud resources are currently based in the United States, they are available from anywhere in the world. DreamCompute is housed in our data center in Ashburn, Virginia, and DreamObjects is housed in our data center in Irvine, California.

🙏Is WordPress included in the price of DreamHost?

They at DreamHost are very outspoken about their admiration for WordPress. It is a highly scalable and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is still free to download and install since it is based on open-source programming.

🟡Is DreamHost a cPanel user?

DreamHost does not give cPanel. Other than that, DreamHost manages the blogs, directories, email, and billing from a custom-built panel. However, the DreamHost panel is hosted on independent servers and does not use any bandwidth on the webserver.

🔷Is it possible to build a website without having it hosted?

To summarise, you can create a website without hosting. However, I would not suggest it if you are a novice, as configuring your machine to act as a hosting server may be very technical.

🗯What is comfortable hosting with DreamHost?

DreamPress is the controlled WordPress hosting service offered by DreamHost. It's a flexible service that enables consumers to handle their WordPress websites with straightforward pricing and the added benefits of server resilience, caching, and memory. This contrasts with a traditional VPS service, which retains the databases on a single storage server.

⭕️Is EIG the owner of DreamHost?

DreamHost is a privately held firm, while the Endurance International Group owns Bluehost (EIG). Both companies were established in 1996 and hence had a wealth of experience. Apart from web hosting, DreamHost has various other offerings, including cloud networking and cloud storage.

♻️Can I host my website on WordPress?

In general, you do not need WordPress-specific hosting to launch a popular WordPress account. Indeed, several businesses target WordPress users with their standard shared hosting plans. Nonetheless, these bundles also have helpful functionality that can make the website work better over time.

🤩What does the term sharing hosting mean?

Shared Hosting is a form of web hosting in which a few websites are hosted on the same physical server. Numerous apps share services on a shared cloud, which reduces costs. Each user is assigned a portion of a server to store with their website data. Hundreds of users may be accommodated on shared servers.

🧬How are you using DreamHost?

Let's take a step-by-step approach to build the website. Purchase a hosting plan. Get Familiar With Your DreamHost Control Panel. Purchase a domain name. Log in to Your New WordPress Website and Customize It. Add an SSL Certificate to Your .

🎗What is the procedure for deactivating my DreamHost account?

Follow these simple measures to terminate your DreamHost account – Log into your DreamHost dashboard. Pick billing from the left-hand menu, followed by Manage Account. To close an account, click the big red Close Account tab.

🧩How do I register a domain name with DreamHost?

Here are the steps as to how you can register a domain name with DreamHost – In the upper left corner, click 'Manage Domains.' This will open the Manage Domains tab, which will display all of the domain names registered under your Dreamhost account. Following that, press the button Add Hosting to a Domain / Subdomain (underneath the Manage Domains header). That's all, and you are good to go.

👍 What happens if I pay for something that isn't due yet?

If you pay for something that hasn't been renewed yet (such yearly hosting or domain registration), the payment shows up as a positive credit on your account until the item's renewal date.

🤷‍♂️ What's the best way to handle up-front fees like domain registrations?

If you're buying something that requires payment upfront (like a new domain registration or renewal), you'll have to pay with a credit card. This is due to the fact that the payment is processed instantly, and the request is subsequently forwarded to the registrar on your behalf.

🙋‍♀️ Is it possible to try out DreamHost's services before committing signing up?

There is no demo account available at this time. DreamHost, on the other hand, gives a 97-day money-back guarantee on any Shared web hosting plan purchased using a credit card. If you decide DreamHost isn't right for you, you may cancel during the first 97 days and get a full refund.

💥 Is it possible to register without a domain name?

Yes, indeed. If you want to start with a temporary domain, you can add a free dreamhosters.com subdomain.

🪵 With DreamHost, what types of websites can I host?

Any DreamHost hosting plan can be used for any purpose, whether commercial or private, non-profit or governmental. DreamHost will host your site as long as all of your content is legal in the United States.

🐾 To my support ticket, I'd want to submit a screenshot. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it?

Only when submitting a ticket using the DreamHost interface may attachments be uploaded. You can attach an attachment to a ticket when you create it. The attachment is taken from regular email submissions with attachments to support.

🎼 What is the technical support response time?

The support team makes every effort to respond to all emails within 24 hours. The majority of questions are answered in much less time.

🤩 What are DreamHost's technical support hours?

DreamHost offers service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Live Chat is available 7 days a week from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time.

✔️ Is there a phone number for DreamHost or technical assistance that I may call?

For technical help, DreamHost does not have a phone number. Any contact should be made via the methods outlined in the following article:

➰ Is the account inclusive of callbacks?

Support is primarily provided for free via email and LiveChat. Requests for callbacks are accessible, but they are not included in the hosting package.

🔷 Is there a CDN solution available from DreamHost?

No, but DreamHost is a Cloudflare partner. The Cloudflare CDN may be accessed by enabling their services in your DreamHost panel.

🗯 On DreamCompute, what operating systems can I install?

You can choose from a variety of Linux distributions at DreamHost. CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu are among them.

⭕️ Is email included with DreamCompute?

Any Shared, VPS, DreamPress, or Dedicated hosting plan comes with free email hosting. Because DreamCompute/DreamObjects-only plans do not include email, you can purchase an inexpensive email add-on plan.

♻️ What is the maximum number of domains I can host?

The number of domains you can host on shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans is unlimited. DreamPress and Shared Starter hosting are the two services that are limited to a single domain. Because DreamPress is a specialized solution for a single WordPress site, this is the case.

🐾 Is it possible to merely host a subdomain?

Yes, indeed. Simply enter the parent domain and then the subdomain in the panel. You'll be able to see the subdomain's IP address after that.

🤙 Is it possible to recover my site if I remove hosting from the domain by accident?

Perhaps. The site files are not automatically erased when the domain is removed whether it was hosted on a Shared Server, VPS, or Dedicated Server. You can restore the site by setting the domain to Fully Hosted again and pointing it to the former FTP account and directory. When a domain is removed from DreamPress, DreamPress servers are instantly erased, and the data on those servers cannot be recovered.

So today I will be sharing a Dreamhost promo code, Dreamhost coupon code, & discount that will help you to get a discount to $97 and 1 free domain.

In short, you will be paying only $22 for one year of unlimited web hosting and 1 free domain.

And you can never rely on any site which can go away in a few days. Dreamhost is one of the most popular hosting websites available in this market.

It has been awarded as the best web hosting service award many times. It’s one of the largest and established web hosting companies. They are also one of the longest supporters of open source and community built software.

Dreamhost was started in 1997 and the first time when I used Dreamhost was in 2013. Dreamhost is one of those hosting companies which are known for their good work and adding value to the whole industry.


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Bottom Line Up Front 

Award Winning Web Hosting? Yes, but more importantly, we make sure our customer’s websites load fast, stay secure & are up 100% of the time.

Unbeatable WordPress Hosting, WordPress hosting at DreamHost makes it easy to build Contact DreamHost for web hosting, domain registration,

I highy recommended DreamHost Buy and register domain names online with Dreamhost.

DreamHost Promo Code, Coupon Code, And DreamHost Discount Code 2022

DreamHost Hosting-Coupon

Features of DreamHost Hosting

  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • One-Click Google apps Integration
  • Custom cPanel
  • 1 Free domain (Top level)
  • Free who.is a guard for one year
  • Free $75 Adwords coupon
  • Latest MySQL and PHPmyadmin

DreamHost-DreamHost Hosting Promo Code

DreamHost Coupon Getting Started DreamHost WordPress Unlimited

In general, I like the DreamHost interface: It’s simple, well-presented, and makes it easy to get started on my test site.

Instead of following the path of HostGator or iPage with pretty icons on the screen, DreamHost on the left side of the screen offers a tree with menu options.

It’s easy to find billing information, manage domains, and view the configuration of VPS and dedicated servers.

I had no trouble finding security options or the market for third-party applications.

DreamHost now offers the creator of remixer sites that let you immediately start building your website.

I was actually very surprised by how quick and attentive customer service was – they addressed my problem in detail and specificity, and resolved it seamlessly. Thanks!

You will not have to wait much longer to approve your Dreamhost account than before.

It’s a great addition. Remixer contains dozens of topics that you can edit with its simple drag-and-drop feature.

It was easy to add photos (my or gallery without DreamHost rights), text, and videos.

You also have the option to install third-party applications such as concrete5, Joomla, MediaWiki, Piwigo, and of course WordPress in your account.


DreamHost Coupon

DreamHost is one of the industry’s oldest and most well-known hosting companies, and one of only three hosts officially recommended by WordPress.

With their custom dashboard, 1-click installs, automatic updates, and friendly support team, they make web hosting simple.

They’re giving Affiliatebay readers an exclusive discount of up to 67 percent and a free domain. Get a free domain and up to 67 percent off DreamHost web hosting when you use our DreamHost coupon code.

DreamHost Security Features

Security is certainly the top priority for every small or big business.

Thus, DreamHost assures its customer added security and valuable encryption. It takes care of your private information very well.

DreamHost protects your private information in WhoIs lookup by looking at the proxy information.

Your site gets encrypted and HTTPS prefixed SSL certificate for free with every web hosting plan.

This certificate gets renewed after every 90 days. It is important for e-commerce businesses as it makes it reliable for the customer to indulge in online transactions.


The most notable feature of DreamHost is that it has CloudFare integration with the website.

This feature also comes up for free. CloudFare helps your site to protect against DDoS attacks and malware optimizing your site speed and improving its security.

All these security features come up with each hosting plan which gets cheaper with DreamHost coupon codes.


DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting provider and domain name registrar. It is owned by New Dream Network, LLC, founded in 1996 by Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil, undergraduate students at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, and registered in 1997 by Michael Rodriguez.

💰  Price

$ 13.75

😍  Pros

One of the great features of dream hosting is its good uptime.

😩  Cons

Dream hosts charge you a little more money in comparison to other websites.


Dreamhost is a little bit on the expensive side but they worth every single penny. You can trust them all together, and they are reliable also. They offer you an incredible money-back guarantee if you face any difficulty regarding downtime and other stuff.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Is DreamHost Easy To Use?

Yes, absolutely. Almost everything is easily accessible and functional in the DreamHost.

Starting from the creation of websites to choosing the domain plans and using the DreamHost coupon codes is all easily visible.

After you have created the account, you get access to all the tools and functions in the cPanel. I was even more impressed with its sleek interface and the site layout.

Everything from the hosting plans and pricing to the support team and other resources is easily available.

DreamHost’s cPanel has an intuitive interface and is a breeze to use. With cPanel, you have got your account’s reign in your hands.

As always, Dreamhost support (Jeff) was quick to respond and clear in the steps needed to resolve my issue. Very supportive and effective help.

Install 11 applications with just one click. These include WordPress, Zencart, and others.

You can upgrade your plan or your servers to VPS, dedicated, or cloud using the cPanel.

  • Looking to know more about Dreamhost hosting? Check out the Dreamhost Review with Pricing and know if it is better than others?

DreamHost Hosting Plans

I wouldn’t consider it on the cheaper side but the services it provides are worth your money and you wouldn’t feel looted.

You can make your hosting plans cheaper using the DreamHost promo codes which can save you money.

Shared Hosting

DreamHost Hosting-plans

Shared hosting customers have a treat in using DreamHost because you will get the cheapest shared hosting plan with a discount on DreamHost shared hosting.

It will cost you just $7.95 per month. You will get some premium features with your basic plan.

  • Free Domain registration for $20 for privacy.
  • High uptime and better performance are fairly attributed to SSD drives which are faster as well as more optimized than the usual hard drives.
  • 1-click installation of 11 applications
  • Let’s Encrypt or Comodo SSL certificates guarding your website against the threat.
  • Create and manage multiple email accounts with just a single domain. Besides this, your email gets the perks of autoresponders, spam protection, and webmail.
  • Unlimited Disk storage and Bandwidth and unlimited domain hosting.

DreamHost Hosting-plans

VPS Hosting

VPS servers are my all-time favorite and when it comes to DreamHost, it gets even better.

The VPS servers here are scalable and flexible in their approach.

There are four hosting plans available for your VPS server. Choose the one which suits your requirements.

The cheapest plan would cost you around $15 per month while the most expensive one is $200 per month.


If you are using the DreamHost promo codes, you can get your hosting done at $13.75 per month with the Basic VPS while the Enterprise VPS worth $110 per month.

  • Fully Managed cPanel which maintains and keeps your website updated.
  • 100% uptime due to excellent VPS servers.
  • High-speed SSD drives are 20x faster than the usual SATA hard drive. With SSD in use, the storage ranges from 30 GB to 240 GB.
  • 1 GB of RAM which can be scaled and updated anytime using the VPS cPanel
  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL certificates which guard all the data of your site as well as your customers.
  • MYSQL database
  • Unlimited email accounts as well as domain hosting.
  • Automatic software updates such as WordPress
  • 1-click installation of Apps
  • Schedule your Cron job management and perform any task without hassle.

Excellent Availability

The availability of the website is an integral part of the web hosting experience.

If your site goes down, customers can no longer find them or access your products or services.

For these tests, I use a website monitoring tool to track the availability of my website for a 14-day period.

Every fifteen minutes, the tool jams my website and sends me an email if it does not contact the site for at least a minute.

The data showed that DreamHost is incredibly stable. In fact, of the web hosting services I’ve tested, only a handful have dropped zero times.

I was actually very surprised by how quick and attentive customer service was – they addressed my problem in detail and specificity, and resolved it seamlessly. Thanks!

You can count on DreamHost to be a solid foundation for your website.

Reseller Host

If you want to start in the web hosting business, but do not want to worry about infrastructure issues, the reseller is the answer.

Unfortunately, DreamHost does not offer independent reseller packages.

You can resell your own server space, but only if you add other domains to yours.

For more information, visit the Dreamhost Distributors FAQ page.

If you really want to try the reseller service, I recommend Hostwinds, the category option in the category.

Starting at $ 6.99 a month, Hostwind packages offer unlimited email, storage, and data transfer options.

The offer includes dedicated VPS and Linux packages as well as shared hosting limited to Linux.


The servers have the same amount of RAM and memory that Hostwinds provides directly, which is not always the case.

With Hostwinds, you can also apply your own brand to the servers you rent and provide 24×7 technical support.


Should I go with the ‘Starter’ or ‘Unlimited’ Hosting Plan?

DreamHost’s Starter and Unlimited shared hosting plans are both excellent choices, and our discount code applies to both.

They both include a free domain name, an SSL certificate, and unlimited traffic (bandwidth).

The most basic Starter plan is intended for use with a single website domain name. Email is also not included.

That is why, if at all possible, we recommend going with the Unlimited plan. It’s not much more expensive and gives you a lot more flexibility. You can simply register another domain if you come up with a new online business idea.

Who is DreamHost Best For?

DreamHost is an excellent choice for most website owners due to its low cost and high quality. This may appear broad but bear with me.

DreamHost is the most comprehensive web hosting service for small and large businesses working on a variety of projects. This is due to its high enough performance speed, customer support, and dependable uptime for the majority of website owners.

Whether you’re a blogger or a website developer, DreamHost will provide solid and dependable hosting at a reasonable price.

DreamHost makes it simple for users to customize their control panel because it supports SSDs and high-level technology.

DreamHost understands that your website is your future, so it is the best choice for most website owners looking for extra support and high-quality performance, from beginners to tech-savvy users.

Is DreamHost willing to issue refunds?

Yes. DreamHost’s refund policy is generous, with a 97-day money-back guarantee. You will receive a full refund if you open a shared hosting account and cancel within the first 97 days. This is true even if you use a DreamHost coupon code or promo code. You can use our DreamHost deal with complete confidence.

Is WordPress hosting available from DreamHost?

All of DreamHost’s plans are appropriate for hosting WordPress websites. However, if you require additional assistance and support, you should consider their managed WordPress hosting. This is known as DreamPress. We have a DreamPress discount code that you can use to get the best deal.

DreamHost Happy Hosting

You’re sharing a server room with other users on a virtual server. Other customers may not have your files but you do share the same resources.

This suggests that if another website on the same server receives a high volume of traffic and consumes a significant amount of CPU power, the site will run slower as a result.

Although DreamHost makes an effort to ensure that no location on a shared server causes downtime for other pages, there is still a risk due to the shared hosting model.

DreamHost cPanel

DreamHost does not give cPanel. Other than that, DreamHost manages the blogs, directories, email, and billing from a custom-built panel.

The majority of activities that can be accomplished through cPanel can also be accomplished through the DreamHost panel.

Many consumers considered the DreamHost control panel to be more elegant and user-friendly than cPanel.

Additionally, the DreamHost panel is hosted on its site and consumes no bandwidth on your web server.

You can access your DreamHost control panel using the following URL from here – https://panel.dreamhost.com Please keep in mind that you can always import all of your previous data onto your DreamHost panel.

Dedicated Servers

If you own a website with high traffic and thousands of unique visitors every day, it’s time to switch from the VPS server to a dedicated one.

These servers are quite expensive but are worth their price.

Reduce your page load time, increase your performance, and rank higher among your competitors with the Dreamhost dedicated servers.

  • It is installed with a RAID1 storage drive which makes it less vulnerable to the loss of data.
  • Supports Linux OS
  • 100% Uptime guarantee
  • Moreover, you can also make a profitable business out of your dedicated hosting server. A reseller hosting plan is best suggested for web designers who wish to sell multiple domains and design the website.
  • Starting with $169 per month, it gives its competitor the run for the money. You can choose CPU cores, RAM, and storage accordingly.
  • It has 4 and 12 CPU cores while the RAM is expandable from 4GB to 64 GB.

DreamHost WordPress Hosting

With the plethora of choices for web hosting providers for the most popular CMS platform WordPress, it becomes quite difficult to reckon with the best hosting provider.

If you are looking to host WordPress using DreamHost, you have made the right choice.

DreamHost Managed WordPress hosting is a one-stop solution for all types of users; Bloggers, E-commerce, designers, and developers.

  • 1-click installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • WordPress tools for server caching, automatic backups, and high optimization using CDN
  • Customized cPanel with an intuitive interface.

DreamHost Hosting-plans

I found its pricing plan quite attractive as compared to its counterparts.

If you are a newbie, a starter pack worth $7.95 per month (shared hosting) is quite suitable whereas the Basic, Plus, and Advanced plan has cloud servers with DreamPress.

Even the costliest plan will cost you merely $30 per month with DreamHost discount coupons.

DreamHost, like a number of its competitors, offers WordPress hosting in three flavors: WordPress Basic, DreamPass, and VPS WordPress. DreamPress is the default option with managed WordPress hosting, a service that gives your website white-glove treatment by automatically upgrading the popular content management system software, generating daily backups, and offering WordPress-specific security.

The WordPress Basic plan (beginning at $4.95 per month or $3.95 for a three-year commitment) includes 50GB of SSD storage, purchasable email similar to Shared Webhosting, unlimited monthly data transfers, and a range of free WordPress themes.

Starting at $12.00 per month, the DreamPress starter package includes 30GB of SSD storage, unlimited email and monthly data transfers, and support for up to 100,000 monthly visitors.

DreamPress allows you to install whatever plug-in you want; Pagely and WP Engine, on the other hand, limit you to a small number of plug-ins that could slow down your site. DreamHost just added staging to its WordPress capabilities, allowing you to test new site features without affecting your live pages.

DreamHost Offerings 

DreamHost features a few web hosting products that are suitable for the majority of users. The following is an in-depth look at the many web hosting services DreamHost offers:

Hosting for WordPress

WordPress hosting is by far the most popular service provided by DreamHost to its customers. WordPress hosting is popular for a reason, and DreamHost specially customized most of their tools and technology for WordPress compatibility. With strong features, add-ons, and 24/7 support, DreamHost WordPress hosting will fully transform your website.

Your website will benefit from a number of crucial benefits if you choose WordPress hosting, including:

  • Privacy protection is provided for free.
  • With annual plans, you get a free domain.
  • Email hosting is provided for free.
  • Control panel that is both advanced and simple to use
  • SSL certificate for free
  • Backups that are carried out automatically

VPS Hosting VPS Hosting

Another popular hosting option that DreamHost expertly controls and monitors is virtual private server (VPS) hosting. With the large range of tools and services available on DreamHost’s VPS, your website will be the safest it can be with performance and security upgrades.

Individual resources that only your website can use are key features DreamHost offers with VPS hosting.

The following are the basic characteristics:

  • Reseller and sub-accounts for client and contractor website access 20x quicker SSDs ranging from 30GB to 240GB Scalable 1GB RAM
  • MySQL databases are limitless.

Advanced features include:

  • Updates to the software are performed automatically.
  • Password security
  • Logs from raw files are accessible.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that are unique

Building a Website

Overall, we enjoy DreamHost’s user interface—straightforward it’s and well-organized, and it made setting up my test site a breeze. Instead of using adorable, screen-cluttering symbols like HostGator or iPage,

DreamHost uses a tree of menu options on the left side of the screen. It’s simple to access billing information, manage domains, and view VPS and dedicated server settings. The security options and the third-party app marketplace were both easy to find.

The WP website builder is now available on DreamHost, allowing you to get started on your site right away. You won’t have to wait as long for your Dreamhost account to get approved as you once did. It’s a wonderful addition.

WP Website Builder includes dozens of themes that you may customize with its drag-and-drop capabilities. We found adding photographs (my own or from DreamHost’s royalty-free gallery), text, and video to be refreshingly simple. You can also use your account to install third-party apps like concrete5, Joomla, MediaWiki, Piwigo, and, of course, WordPress.


Dreamhost Support System: They are awesome

I would also consider the customer support system as one of the essential factors for a product review.

The customer support team of DreamHost is really helpful but it lacks call support.

Live chat and email are fairly responsive and helpful. You can request a call back anytime but it would cost you extra.

In the control panel, you can submit your ticket by selecting your issue.

As always, Dreamhost support (Jeff) was quick to respond and clear in the steps needed to resolve my issue. Very supportive and effective help.

The average response time is 24 hours. Moreover, a deep Knowledge base provides all the articles in different categories.

You can also get the expert’s view by using the forum help.

The forum community gives useful advice as well as is available almost all the time with responsive answers.

DreamHost scans your system and tells you about your system status.

You can figure out what needs repairing and what doesn’t.

With a 97-day money-back guarantee, it also gives you the perk of DreamHost discounts on web hosting plans.


E-marketing And E-commerce

DreamHost offers the free ZenCart, which you can access via the one-click configuration menu.

With this open-source online shopping cart software, users can quickly see their products for sale.

It is also compatible with Woo Commerce.

With $ 100 in Google AdWords, DreamHost lets you track traffic and site analytics through Chartbeat.

This is different from most other services, which usually focus on Google Analytics only.

Security And Other Features

DreamHost offers spam protection in your email, but no malware protection.

Aside from that, I like to pay attention to other aspects of website security.

The control panel has an easy-to-find link to edit the .htaccess file to control access to the site or set a password.

For parts of the site that should not be indexed by the search engines, you can block the spiders.

You can configure regular tasks (automated batch jobs) to schedule tasks and monitor processes on the site.


DreamHost also offers free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, an indispensable supplement to selling products online.

If you’re a developer or software development team, you’ll appreciate the fact that DreamHost comes with Subversion, which you can use to manage your source code files.

Most web hosting providers limit themselves to all applications listed in their software market.

Version control tools such as Subversion rarely reach these markets.

So it’s good to see if you can configure your own repository.

Of course, this requires that you not only use the git repositories for your code.

What happens if you do not really want a website or a blog, just a place to store your files?

DreamHost also offers DreamObjects cloud storage packages, starting at 95 cents per month for 40GB and up to 20 cents for $ 299.95 per month.

Some useful official helpful videos from Dreamhost

These videos will help you to decide why you should opt for Dreamhost hosting.

How to make your site faster and safe: DreamHost + Cloudflare

WordPress Security

DreamHost Wins PCMag Award for Best Web Hosting Service

Setting Up A Domain And FTP On Dreamhost

Credits: Learn By The Drop

Free WordPress Site Migration

Until recently, DreamHost did not provide free site migration. However, their WordPress and shared hosting options now feature a free site migration option. Furthermore, there will be no downtime during the relocation.

There is, however, a little snag. Only WordPress sites are eligible for free migration. If you use another CMS (Wix, Weebly, etc. ), you’ll still have to pay a $99.00 one-time cost.

This is great news for WordPress users, but not so much for others.

Pros & Cons of DreamHost

Pros Of  DreamHost 

1) Good uptime – one of the great features of dream hosting is its good uptime.

Dream host delivers 99.73% uptime.

They are so confident and unique that they will provide an extra day of service for every hour of downtime if your site experiences them.

2) User-friendly – another thing about dream host is that its user-friendly interface. In this department, the dream host excels.

Without any great support best Uptime cannot be achieved.

If you face difficulty regarding hosting within 5 minutes, you will be connected to a live chat agent, and after some time you can get you will definitely get a response to your query. Their service is available 24*7.


3) Fast service – dream host provides fast services than any other his competitors.

Its page hosting time did not let us down. It’s approximately 21% faster than the average other web hosts.

4) Money back guarantee – dream host offers you a money-back guarantee of 97 days for any other hosting plan.

Dream host also gives credit one day service for every hour of interrupted services.

5) Unlimited bandwidth – many websites promise you to provide unlimited bandwidth but mostly don’t fulfill this problem.

6) Award Winning Hosting – DreamHost has received the PCMag Readers’ Choice Award for best business hosting. Readers rated them highly for dependability and technical support.

7) Money Back Guarantee – DreamHost provides a 97-day money-back guarantee. That means you can cancel your account and receive a full refund within 97 days of signing up.

8) Free Domain and Privacy – Each DreamHost plan includes one free domain name registration as well as domain privacy, which prevents your contact information from being made public on the internet.

9) No Setup Fee for Monthly Billing – With any DreamHost plan, you can choose to pay on a month-to-month basis without incurring a setup fee.

But dream host indeed offers you unlimited bandwidth and data transfer facilities. But this feature has some exceptions like:

  • Copyright content to which you do not hold usage.
  • A site created primarily to drive traffic to another site.
  • File upload, backup, share distribution sites

10) Environment-friendly – web host websites take so many resources to get their work done.

But in this category dream host is doing something different. They are committed to reducing their impact on the environment. Dream host is a carbon-neutral website since 2007.

They do this by purchasing carbon offsets. They have been neutralized the effect of approximately 29,297 tons of greenhouse gases.

Apart from this, they use energy-efficient technology in their office. They use an advanced lighting control system with sensors. They also have evaporated cooling plants that use a combination of municipal water. Not only this they also provide recycling bins in every office.


Cons of DreamHost 

1) Expensive –  dream hosts charge you a little more money in comparison to other websites.

Other website charges five bucks a month for a one-year service bit dream host starts at 7.95$ only when you pay at least three years of services.

But if you pay for one-year services they will charge you about 9.95$ per month.

2) Delayed back up– dream host registration is instant, but its provisioning process takes hours.

New customer accounts need to be verified before activation. So factor that into your new launch plans if you are trying to get up and running ASAP.

3) No cPanel– dream host has created their very own control panel to provide a streamlined version for nontechies.

Dreamhost Alternatives



Bluehost is among the former web hosting enterprises and is currently hosting more than two million websites all over the world. 

It offers inexhaustible SSD storage, a free SSL certificate, and endless bandwidth. It also provides a free domain for one year, unconditional parked domains and subdomains, permit backup of the website, and access to domain privacy. 

Bluehost-Web-Hosting-Domain-Bluehost-India (1)

Bluehost delivers a domain manager that keeps a record of all the updates, investments, transfers, and operations of all domains in one niche.

With its advanced features, Bluehost is an excellent alternative to Dreamhost.

Bluehost is one of the top 20 web hosting firms in the world.

It is operated by Endurance International Group and reportedly hosts over 2 million websites globally.

BlueHost provides outstanding hosting plans with SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and complimentary SSL certificates beginning at only $ 2.95 a month.

BlueHost has a 30-day money-back policy, which means that if you terminate your account and request a reimbursement within 30 days of your hosting order, you can get a refund.

Nevertheless, the money-back guarantee does not extend to most add-on devices, such as domains.


Bluehost’s popular plan involves Shared hosting, VPS, and Dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is designed for websites that have just started and will cost your pocket ₹199/mo. 

VPS will cost you ₹1159/mo and is great for thriving websites, and Dedicated hosting will cause expenditure of ₹4859/mo and is perfect for high traffic sites. 

2.A2 hosting:-


A2 Hosting is among the quickest website hosting platforms and provides excellent services regarding web hosting at very pocket-friendly prices.

Its streaking fast turbo servers offer twenty times faster website hosting and enhance your website loading speed and performance.


It provides free migration from other websites, SSD hosting, 24*7 customer support, a money-back guarantee, and 99.9% server uptime.

Some of the free services of A2 hosting include a free-of-cost SSL certificate and free Cloudflare CDN. It also provides a cPanel interface for better management of databases. 

Overall, A2 hosting is a very pocket-friendly alternative to Dreamhost. 

It provides up to 20 times faster web hosting with blazing fast turbo servers, significantly improving the website’s overall loading time and efficiency.

Apart from that, A2 Hosting is supported by a 24/7 guru crew, which is superior to that of most other hosting services in the sector.

You can get a complete refund if you terminate your hosting account within 30 days. I

f you cancel your subscription within 30 days from the payment date, you can get a prorated credit, rounded up to the nearest whole month of operation.

There will be no refunds for unused months of operation.


A2 hosting offers four types of hosting and hence four plans named Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and

Dedicated Hosting and their respective costs are $2.99/mo, $18.99/mo, $4.99/mo, and $99.59/mo.



SiteGround offers unmatched features at very reasonable prices. It is one of the prominent web hosting companies which started in 2004, and since then it is offering amazing features to the clients.

SiteGround provides unlimited databases and emails, backups on request, cPanel and SSH access, 24*7 customer support, and a money-back guarantee for thirty days.


Some of the free features offered by SiteGround are free domain name for one year, free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN, free auto daily backups, and a free website builder. 

SiteGround, with such extraordinary features, is surely a good alternative to Dreamhost.


SiteGround offers three basic plans. The first one is the StartUp plan which will cost you $6.99/mo, the second one is the Growbig plan

which will cause an expenditure of $9.99/mo, and the third one is the GoGeek plan which has a pricing of $14.99/mo.



HostGator is among the leading web hosting platforms. It offers numerous commodities to customers such as domain registration, different hostings like shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated hosting at very reasonable prices. 

It offers unlimited bandwidth and SSD space, Free website building tools, easy-to-use panels, 99.9% uptimes, money-back guarantee for 45 days. 


HostGator also extends free of cost domain transfer, MySQL transfer, script transfer and website transfer, infinite subdomains, email and FTP accounts, and 4,500 free to employ templates. 

With all the above accentuates, HostGator is an outstanding alternative to Dreamhost for sure. 

HostGator provides monthly hosting options, which means that if you’re only getting started and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars upfront (instead of hosting services like Bluehost), you can pick pooled hosting from HostGator’s monthly plans.

Additionally, it offers unmetered bandwidth, which ensures that you would not be paid based on the volume of storage space or bandwidth used.

Additionally, you’ll get complimentary SSL certificates for any of HostGator’s hosting plans since each hosting program contains a complimentary SSL certificate that protects

the website domains by encrypting messages between the server and website users. SSL certificates protect the site by showing a padlock icon in the address bar, and they are also one of Google’s primary ranking variables.


HostGator delivers three plans labeled Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan, and their respective prices are $2.75/mo*, $3.95/mo*, and $5.95/mo*.

The Hatchling Plan assigns only one domain, Baby Plan offers limitless Domain, and the Business Plan offers unlimited Domain and numerous other adv features.

5. WPX Hosting:

One of the great hosting sites for getting started with WordPress is WPX Hosting. If you’re looking for a hosting platform that’s quick, dependable, and stable, look no further than WPX hosting.

It’s also one of the most robust DreamHost alternatives you can use in 2021 to host the WordPress pages since it has a slew of helpful features such as lightning-fast customer service (which responds within 30 seconds),

free SSL licenses, and free site relocation. WPX hosting is the same Hosting that Bloggers Passion has been utilizing for over two years with no problems.

6. Hostinger:

There are several reasons to choose Hostinger’s hosting plans, including the fact that it provides utterly free capacity for its Premium and Business hosting plans.

The Hostinger hosting environment is cloud-based, designed for 3x WordPress speed, and utilizes SSD storage to provide lightning-fast website loading times and efficiency.

Not just that, Hosting is tailored for WordPress, which ensures that if you’re using WordPress, you’re in good hands since it has custom-built caching plugins that ensure your WordPress website loads as quickly as possible.

Hostinger has a 30-day money-back policy, which ensures that if you are dissatisfied with any of the hosting functionality or facilities offered by Hostinger, you can request a complete refund within 30 days of purchase.

DreamHost Hosting Real Customer Testimonial


I’m new to WordPress and building websites. I was getting an error and reached out to support. They were very quick at getting back to me with direction that was easy for a non-tech person to grasp. So friendly too! I was back on my way in no time. Very pleased!!!
DreamHost has great customer service! They are very knowledgeable and quick to respond. I have been using their services since 2007 and recommend them highly!
The DreamHost Support Team today has again exceeded expectations. During an investigation of an issue with our website they did more than just find the cause of the problem. They dug deeper to help us understand the underlying issue with our app. We greatly appreciate the excellent work of the DreamHost Support Team.

I recently bought a Domain from DreamHost and I needed to link my Zoho email to the DNS. Each time I had questions, and I had 5+, each of the Support Staff were quick to help guide me or resolve the issue themselves. Great service and amazing & very positive Customer demeanor–always positive and ready to service my account & help in a way.

Highly recommend this Domain service. I’m guessing their other services are just the same. You’ll be happy to gain their Support Team as a partner with your website!

In my first experience with DreamHost professional service I received back by email within only a few hours a response to the question I asked informing me that DreamHost had taken action to address a firewall issue that they thought would solve the problem I had adding and editing content to my website, and as it turned out the problem was indeed solved! Bravo, and thank you Denise!
DreamHost’s tech support is superb: both before and after I’d signed on with them when I asked them a question I got a clear and thorough answer within hours. That said, I didn’t have to ask many questions, because their online help pages are so good. Each page answers a single question (“How do I do X?”) clearly and concisely, and DreamHost has a vast number of such pages that cover not only common questions but also a lot of less typical situations as well (“If I’m using a different registrar but moving my web site to DreamHost…”). They make it easy. I’ve now moved my whole operation to DreamHost (domain registration, web hosting, e-mail) and it’s all working great. BTW, adding an SSL certificate (for HTTPS) was free and super easy.
The pro services team was extremely efficient and helpful. I never felt like my questions were silly. It took such a load off my shoulders to have them move my site and then when they discovered malware being able to have the same team take care of that made my life simple. I will definitely be using their services again when I have need them.
We were looking for managed WordPress hosting, including moving our site. The folks at DreamHost took care of everything so well, with really fast communication, and the site functioned well right out of the box. What a breath of fresh air!
I HAD THE BEST EXPERIENCE!!!!! I had a live chat with an agent called William S and I have never had such exceptional customer service in my life. He truly went over and above his role as an agent in regards to solving the troubles I was facing with the website. He over-delivered and he did it without me asking. I am not one to give reviews but he truly deserved it. If I could I would have tipped him for the time and stress he saved me and even that wouldn’t have been enough. Managing a website can be difficult sometimes and Willaim made it simple.

Facebook Real Customer Testimonials & Reviews


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Conclusion | DreamHost Hosting Promo Code 2022

Dreamhost is a little bit on the expensive side but they worth every single penny.

You can trust them all together, and they are reliable also.

They offer you an incredible money-back guarantee if you face any difficulty regarding downtime and other stuff.

They have exceptional backup support. If you are a fan of independence and simplicity, then a dream host is best for you.

I hope you like the DreamHost promo code and keep in touch with us as we are going to update and provide you with more DreamHost coupons. Show your love by sharing it on social media.

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$50 Off On Shared Hosting

Value for Money

Dreamhost is one of the most popular hosting website available in this market. It has been awarded as a best web hosting service award many times.

Price:$ 13.75
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  1. Dreamhost is great until you try to cancel. Their automated system won’t allow you to cancel and then they’ll try to charge you for closing your account. No wonder the prices are so low to begin with.

  2. Hello Sonia,

    It’s big business. I’ve been using them on various small websites for 9 years. You have been fantastic for someone who is not an internet expert. Plus, you only pay one annual fee for as many websites as you want (I’m sure you wouldn’t use this feature if your website had 50,000 hits per day). I have just started learning WordPress and once again they have been of great help to them. Also, I use them to manage my domain name as they don’t inundate it with additional fees and ads.

  3. Just awful. The only support available is “24/7 In-House Support” which in reality from Dreamhost means that you will receive an email reply to your question / problem within DAYS. And if your answer wasn’t entirely clear, wait a few days for another answer. This company lives in a kind of parallel universe where everything is extremely slow and inefficient. Literally the worst web hosting experience in many years.

  4. Hi Sonia,

    I love this service! I’m a newbie at setting up and updating websites, but DreamHost makes it easy for me. If you have a question about something, you will receive an answer with the answer within 24 hours. I recommend it to all of my friends and family who are starting a business and needing a website.

  5. I love this service! As a beginner, they made it very accessible and clearly showed each process step by step. They are clean and the WordPress setup works just fine.

    I didn’t have a problem. Glad I went with Dreamhost!

  6. Hello Sonia,

    INCREDIBLE service. I even canceled my plan and they still helped me IMMEDIATELY access it so I could migrate my site to another host. Very good customer service. I wish they had a plan that better suited my needs. I will always be a customer.

  7. 10/10 because I know very little about IT and WP. DreamHost always helped by regaining access to the dashboard after crashing, forgetting my password, or filling out a plugin. After over six months of experience with them and WP, I really don’t have anything negative to say. Although I am learning….

  8. Hello Sonia,

    Twice in two years I needed help and both times the answers came in about 10 to 12 hours. I have mixed feelings that I can get help from other vendors over the phone within an hour. Yes, I understand that phone support costs more, but I’ve seen so many reviews that calling a real person would likely have solved the problem. I love Dreamhost, but unless I can reach someone on the phone right away, I won’t be using it for important things.

  9. I love this host so much, I can’t recommend it enough. I picked DreamHost out of a line-up alongside other providers and the thing that stuck out for me was how amazingly all their customer service staff were ready to answer any question you threw at them. It’s just one of those companies where you don’t worry about your site going down or not being reliable. They also offer free migrations which is awesome as migrating is too easy! Thanks for providing dreamhost promo code

  10. Dreamhost is the perfect place to build your website. With their free automated migrations, it’s totally painless and their easy-to-navigate dashboard provides everything you need to get started. Dreamhost makes sure your website runs smoothly even when you can’t be there which means security is never compromised, either. The navigation in this site goes hand-in-hand with its reliability; just click on “features” if that’s what you’re curious about or head straight to “upgrades.” I found my hosting package in seconds and saw how much time I save each month without having to worry about an outages–talk about peace of mind! Trust Me, This Hosting Service Provides

  11. I’ve had my account for less than a year, but what I can say is that it’s quick and responsive. Unlike most companies, Dreamhost has the ability to migrate your site without all of the hassle. The downtime is almost non-existent compared to other hosting services out there.

  12. “Dreamhost is like digital mother-in-law”. The product has been around for a while and user satisfaction it at the top of their priority list. Providing fast, secure, always up websites without the hassle, Dreamhost saves time and money. As seen on 1.5 Million website! Free Automated Migrations: because who wants to deal with all that, Thanks for providing dreamhost promo code

  13. Dreamhost provides an affordable solution for your business. The price ranges vary depending on the type of service you want to offer, but what they lack in money, they make up for with reliability! Dreamhost is reliable and dependable – if you are after variety, this might not be right for you.

  14. The best hosting provider I’ve ever used. Their support is exceptional and they’re never too big to answer your questions. After trying their 1-click WordPress plugin and seeing the difference, I can’t go back!

  15. My experience with DreamHost has been phenomenal. Their customer service team is always my go-to for assistance and they’re quick to answer any of my questions. My old hosting company constantly crashed and my website would be down for days before I found out – it was awful. Dreamhost lets me know when there’s an issue so that I can protect people who visit the site from harmful traffic before my visitors do too much damage!

  16. I love hosting my website on Dreamhost! The quality of the service is impeccable and their automated migrations are hands-down the best I’ve seen. It’s affordable, too!

  17. Dreamhost is for you if you need a quality site hosting service. Product description: The last hosting service you’ll ever need! Dreamhost offers 24/7 customer support as well as 3 cPanel slots which makes it perfect for those with multiple sites or clients so you don’t have to worry about one crashing another. I also love that it has free automated migration because no matter what we change we always end up losing data that would take hours to recover otherwise. None of my sites has been down in over a year and all my monthly payments are made automatically through Paypal–all it takes

  18. Dreamhost is really good! I used some other hosts in the past and was always having issues with downtime. Dreamhost has a 99.9% uptime which means that my site is always online, so I am making more sales because of it.

  19. It’s hard to be sure that you’re getting the best service, with so many hosting options out there. But I’m happy to tell you, Dreamhost is unbeatable. The technicians are local and speak English (you can call them during your pizza party!) Reliable means no downtime – you’ll always have access to your site. With blazing speeds for loading pages from our India server, visitors have plenty of time to enjoy your beautifully-designed website or that special article they came by looking for. You’ll love being able to handle it all yourself with their free domain registration & CDN package – just take a deep breath and know that everything will go smoothly! Thanks for providing dreamhost promo code

  20. You see, I knew this hosting company could be good. They aren’t just for big companies and you don’t have to spend a million dollars in order to get an affordable hosting plan. When it comes to what we need, we all know we want the best service without breaking the bank. With Dreamhost’s plans and features, not only can you afford it but they actually provide something that is both usable and has all of your needs met without any compromises!

  21. After experiencing terrible issues with GoDaddy for this blog, I found myself searching the web for alternatives. Luckily I came across Dreamhost and it’s been an amazing experience ever since! The customer service is consistently prompt and extremely helpful―you could always see that they truly care about their customers’ happiness. And though there was a bit of upkeep to get the site integrated into the server side of things, everything ran smoothly. It has really eased my mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, not only does Dreamhost provide me with all the necessary resources but will walk me through what needs to be done step-by-step if something happens without my knowledge or expertise. Honestly, there isn’t a single downside to this company that I’ve experienced thus far.

  22. I have been using Dreamhost for a year now, and they’ve never disappointed me. They offer great web hosting services to cover all of your needs from shared plans to specialized WP plans. If you’re looking for quality service with quick Indian servers, look no further than DreamHost! Thanks for providing dreamhost Coupon code

  23. I have a had a great experience with the customer service department. I felt they were very knowledgeable and responded quickly to questions. The whole process of setting up my website was easy enough for someone who has made websites before, but it may be a little bit more complicated for those unfamiliar with html or languages along those lines. I would give Dreamhost 4.5 stars from 5 starts!

  24. Dreamhost is the best hosting service I’ve ever used. It’s so affordable and comes with free domain. The India server is blazing fast, ensuring I never have slowdowns while browsing on my site. There are also plenty of free options to choose from -truly an amazing value for all sized companies! Thanks for providing dreamhost Disocunt code

  25. If you’re setting up a business, blog, or personal website, then DON’T host it on your old desktop! You need to get hosting with one of the best companies out there. It’s worth the investment. And Dreamhost is affordable! Their India server really added to their speed rating–you know how most web hosts can’t keep up? But not this company. They also offer free site migration if you sign up for their shared plan- so switching from another service is super easy! Plan prices start at $5 per month which includes hosting + domain registration for 1 year FREE!!! The customer service people are AMAZING too–I had an issue with my computer and they were very helpful over [email protected]

  26. My site is hosted on the Dreamhost server. I love that they offer blazing fast speeds thanks to their India servers. My host was intuitive, simple and easy for me to figure out how best to customize my hosting plan quickly with their wonderful support staff! Choose this company!”

  27. Dreamhost is more than just an “Affordable Web Hosting” company. Dreamhost has some of the best customer service out there, loads faster than your average host thanks to their blazing fast India server, have a migration team that’s ready to move your site for free, and are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Site builders will love Dreamhost because of all the features they offer – you get FREE domain registration, SSL certificates for security & CDN support! Thanks for providing dreamhost Coupon code

  28. Dreamhost is the best hosting you will find, because it’s fast and easy. I would recommend Dreamhost to anyone who pays for web hosting. We all know that DreamHost always comes through when we need them most. They’ve really stepped up their game in the last few years, changing prices while still maintaining quality! Here are 6 reasons why YOU should seriously consider choosing DreamHost as your provider! 1) Free Domain : If you want a really great host but aren’t ready to fork over the cash yet, then this is definitely for you! It offers free domain or 50% off with annual plan purchase or w/credit card subscription–pretty cool, huh. Thanks for providing dreamhost promo code

  29. Dreamhost has been a great hosting I’ve been using to host my website for over 3 years now. In all of that time, it never slowed or crashed. One thing I really like about the service is how easy their site is to use and navigate through, not too many other hosts can say the same! Thanks for providing dreamhost promo code

  30. I first heard about this company through a friend of mine who was passionate about their product. I’ve had the worst experience with website hosting companies in my entire life, but thankfully Dreamhost is here to save the day (and night). It’s super affordable and super easy to set up. You can literally be done within 20 minutes or less. Plus they have 24/7 customer service so you’ll never be on your own!

  31. Dreamhost delivers an outstanding hosting service, and I can’t recommend them enough to anyone looking for a reliable host. They provide quick speeds and never seem to be experiencing downtime like some other hosts we’ve tried. If we could give them more than five stars, we would! Dreamhost delivers an outstanding hosting service it’s easy to use interface gives you everything you need in one place. It offers tons of conveniences for managing your website, including seamless integration with WordPress builder or free Wix design templates if HTML or CSS isn’t your thing! This company is amazing and I wouldn’t want any web person near my site without this great provider’s security plan in place, Thanks for providing dreamhost Coupon code

  32. You might find yourself scrolling for hours on various hosting websites trying to find the right plan. All of your needs are answered with Dreamhost’s reputable services. They offer WP service – which you can’t go wrong with because it has quite a few introductory features that will help you set up your website quickly and easily, no matter what industry or niche. Not only that but it is easy-to-use interface make this an attractive buy. They also have plenty of tutorials on how to do everything from setting up forms to adding plugins without any problems at all!

  33. Dreamhost is the only host I’ve found that has all of these great features. It has an intuitive interface and amazing customer support who are always willing to help when needed, unlike hosts I’ve had in the past. The support team is also really helpful when you want to move domains or start building a blog, too!

  34. There are some hosting services that just don’t want to do right by their customers, while others work tirelessly to offer the best service possible. Dreamhost clearly falls into this second group because they offer customizable packages with high-quality service and 24/7 support. You can even make an accidental payment or create a new email any time of day without trouble! I’ve been using them for my own website for years now, still unsure of how I ever lived without them in my life before. Do you need reliable web hosting? Well then look no further than DreamHost’s great services that will give you everything you need! From the storage space to the bandwidth allocation available with each plan—we carry plans designed with both beginners.

  35. I’ve used Dreamhost for my website hosting needs. It was easy to set-up, I didn’t have to deal with any customer service, and it came at an affordable price point that really works. Usually when I steer clear of a product or service, it’s because the customer service sucks, but this place is staffed by knowledgeable people who seem to be only happy when they talk about their company. Plus you get good value out of your monthly fee since they charge annually or biannually instead of monthly so you don’t break the bank if things go south down the road (if you can even find these guys on Google).

  36. Dreamhost is wonderful. I can’t think of anything bad to say about it! It’s just so easy, and they do everything for you!

  37. Dreamhost has great hosting plans that are easy to use. I love that you can plan your website on their simple website builder, without needing any coding experience. Dreamhost has especially good customer service, even offering 24/7 chat support!

  38. I tried hosting three WordPress blogs on two other well-known services before moving to Dreamhost. Now my service is quieter, lets me edit the server directly, and I don’t have to worry about security. DreamHost can host anything you can dream up! And they’ll even take care of your backup so you won’t lose sleep over getting hacked or infected with malware. Thanks for providing dreamhost Discount code

  39. Dreamhost has been a go-to for my company’s hosting needs. We’re mostly a Drupal shop, but for something more scalable and fluid like WordPress sites, I can’t imagine any other host that does it better. I was nervous about leaving our hardworking engineer to handle the servers by himself without us there to reassure him he wasn’t going crazy or making costly mistakes, but after comparing our experience with DreamPress with their shared server solution it only took me one webinar where I could see how seamlessly they handled updates and back ending outages from afar before realizing that this is something we definitely want in partnership with them now. With DreamHost as your partner you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re covered by quality service, Thanks for providing dreamhost promo code

  40. I have never known anyone to not be able to use DreamPress. It is perfect for beginners who want a hassle-free but high-quality hosting service. You can’t stop it from happening, sometimes your site crashes. But I have yet to see the day where my sites went down without any prewarning because of this provider’s wonderful up time guarantee!

  41. You may be new to WordPress, an experienced developer who needs more robust tools, or a site owner looking for peace of mind. DreamHost has engineered this service with you in mind–a reliable solution that’s scalable and future-proof.

  42. Chances are, if you’re reading this and you don’t know how to launce an awesome WordPress site-you’re not alone. Yeah it can be a little complicated to set up and all that BUT IT’S SO WORTH IT! You look like a world-class web developer before we finish our tutorial course (which is only $200). Elissa started her Elissa’s Baking Company blog about six months ago and now gets 18,000 page views per month. She used the DreamPress service by DreamHost because they make it very easy to maintain your site with automatic updates, security patches, backups for disasters or admin mistakes–AND best of all its fully functional at any size and scale! Thanks for providing dreamhost discount code

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