Ghostealth Review 2024: Is It The Best Premium Proxy Provider?

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Ghostealth Review


If you're looking for a premium proxy service, go no further than Ghostealth, who provide one of the most secure and fast datacenter proxies available. They serve clients all around the globe and boast first-rate help desk staff.

Out of 10


  • Improve website performance
  • Process large amounts of data
  • Fast results due to quality
  • 500ms lightning fast response time
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Fast results due to quality


  • So yet, there have been no drawbacks discovered.


Price: $ 20

In this article, we are going to discuss all there is to know about Ghostealth Review 2024.

Finding a good proxy provider can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the technical jargon.

There are a lot of proxy providers out there, and it can be tough to figure out which one is right for you. Not all proxies are created equal – some are fast, while others are slow and unreliable.

Ghostealth is the perfect solution for you. Their premium proxies are lightning fast, reliable, and affordable.

Let us check out Ghostealth Review in a little more detail.

Ghostealth Review 2024: What Is Ghostealth?

Since its release in 2017, Ghostealth is a premium proxy provider. They offer datacenter proxies and Proxy-Scraper services. Their proxies are highly secure and available worldwide.

Ghostealth has been providing clients with access to proxies from remote datacenters. You can count on them to provide a proxy datacentre that is always up and trustworthy.

Ghostealth Review

Fast Internet access is standard on all servers, making them useful for a wide range of tasks.

  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • You may try it out for free.
  • Ultimate Privacy when Surfing

The proxies on Ghostealth are free to use. Each of these may be customized before being downloaded. Up to three thousand premium free proxies may be downloaded simultaneously at busy hours.

What Does Ghostealth Offer?

1. Ghostealth Datacenter Proxies:

Their datacenter proxy rotation works around the clock and is always accessible. They guarantee the quickest Internet connection for each of their servers, making them perfect for any application.

They are the ideal option for SEO monitoring, ad verification, brand protection, and much more due to their quick response time and limitless bandwidth.

Ghostealth provides an abundance of datacenter proxies. Their rotating proxy servers prioritize assured uptime, limitless bandwidth, and superior performance.

Ghostealth Datacenter Proxies

Utilizing their proxies, they do all this while remaining entirely anonymous on the Internet. Rotating datacenter proxies from Ghostealth are intended to perform a range of functions.

Among them are parsing, web scraping, pentesting, and emailing. This is ensured with the most significant degree of anonymity with cutting-edge technology and the highest-quality rotating datacenter proxies.

2. Rotating Proxies:

Their datacenter proxy system utilizes a rotating proxy mechanism. This implies that a new IP address is assigned to each request. This occurs in less than 500 milliseconds.

Rotating Proxies

3. Unlimited Bandwidth:

They want all clients to have access to the data volume they need. They constantly depend on infinite bandwidth as a result.

Unlimited Bandwidth

4. Multiple Whitelisted IPs:

They recognize that specific projects need simultaneous work from many locations. They give the ability to whitelist multiple IP addresses so that you may utilize their datacenter proxies from several places simultaneously.

Multiple Whitelisted IPs

Where Can I Use Ghostealth Datacenter Proxies?

Ghostealth Features

Sales Intelligence: Use Ghostealth proxy servers to gather, analyze, and get crucial information.

Email Protection: Use Ghostealth datacenter proxies to defend against email cyberattacks.

SEO Monitoring: Use Ghostealth datacenter proxies to defend against email cyberattacks.

Brand Protection: Utilize Ghostealth proxy servers to protect your items from counterfeiting.

Travel Fair Aggregation: Utilize Ghostealth proxies for web page scraping to create your trip pricing gathering system.

Sales Intelligence: Use Ghostealth proxy servers to gather, analyze, and get crucial information.

Price Monitoring: Keep up with the ever-changing markets and monitor millions of daily price fluctuations.

Market Research: Pass all queries via Ghostealth’s datacenter proxies to prevent the receiving website from seeing your IP address.

Ad Verification: Pass all queries via Ghostealth’s datacenter proxies to prevent the receiving website from seeing your IP address.

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Features of Ghostealth Datacenter Proxies

1. Higher Anonymity:

Having anonymity while using proxies in general is essential. These essential rotating datacenter proxies of Ghostealth are of the highest level, elite. While using Ghostealth’s proxies, it is hard to determine that you are browsing the website from your house.

2. Lower Reaction Time:

The rotating datacenter proxies of Ghostealth have a quick reaction time. This implies that you will obtain a response within milliseconds after using a proxy.

3. Longer Uptime:

Ghostealth’s rotating datacenter proxies are always accessible and dependable. As soon as it is determined that the proxy is no longer operational, it is instantly replaced.

4. Faster Download:

All of the rotating datacenter proxies provided by Ghostealth are quick. This signifies that after you connect to the proxy, you will have at least 100 MB of download space available. This guarantees a homepage loads in a matter of seconds.

Ghostealth Pricing & How To Buy Guide?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Ghostealth from here, and click on ‘Just Start.’

Go to the official website of Ghostealth

Step – 2: You will be asked to fill up some details. Fill them up and click on ‘Sign up.’

fill up details & Sign Up

Step – 3: This is what their excellent dashboard looks like.

Ghostealth Dashboard

I recommend you click on ‘Send Confirmation Email’ and confirm your email address first.

Then you can check out their 60-minute demo by clicking on ‘USE,’ or the best option is simply to choose one of their plans, click on ‘select’ and start using Ghostealth’s premium proxies.

Step – 4: Choose between weekly and monthly plans and click on checkout.

Choose Plans & CheckOut

Step – 5: Scroll down, fill up all the details, check the box, and click on ‘Review order. Complete the payment and that is it. You are good to go. Enjoy Ghostealth premium proxies.

fill up all the details & enjoy

Ghostealth Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Ghostealth:


  • Improve website performance
  • Process large amounts of data
  • Fast results due to quality
  • Accurate results
  • Always reliable
  • Multiple use cases
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 500ms lightning fast response time
  • More than 10,000,000 servers 
  • 50,000+ pool size


  • None

Why Do I Recommend Ghostealth?

With a membership to Ghostealth’s proxy service, consumers have access to many opportunities. Ghostealth provides a solution that may be entirely tailored to meet your requirements.

The rotating datacenter proxies provided by Ghostealth may be simply incorporated into an existing project by downloading them manually via the dashboard or directly through a well-documented API.

Why Do I Recommend Ghostealth

Their company depends on unrestricted bandwidth. As much bandwidth as your project demands may be used.

By whitelisting numerous IP addresses, they also provide the ability to utilize proxies from various places simultaneously. For their rotating proxies, they prioritize full transparency and cutting-edge technology at all times.

1. Unlimited Bandwidth

Using Ghostealth rotating proxy servers requires bandwidth for every operation. With this in mind, their high-performance servers have been developed.

Each subscriber gets access to a limitless amount of bandwidth. Additionally, it is possible to monitor the precise quantity of your consumption at any moment on your dashboard, for instance, for statistical reasons related to your project.

Ghostealth’s rotating datacenter proxies allow you to avoid worrying about bandwidth use. Utilize just what is required to advance your initiatives.

2. Multiple IPs

Each of their clients may utilize Ghostealth’s rotating proxies from numerous places. Proxy authorization is based on IP address.

This implies that only you have access to and can operate with these rotating proxies. Ghostealth’s dynamic subscription approach lets you change your proxy use requirements anytime.

This option enables you to advance your projects more quickly, since several employees from various places may work on them simultaneously.

3. Rotating Proxies

In addition to its superior speed, Ghostealth’s rotating proxies are distinguished by the fact that you get a new, unique IP address with each request.

This means that you are entirely anonymous on the internet at all times and always have a high-speed and reliable connection. They provide you with IP addresses from up to one hundred different countries.

Their rotating datacenter proxies may be readily included with your current project. They enable you to maintain total anonymity on the internet and are always dependable and quick.

4. Developer-friendly API

The developer-friendly API makes it simple to integrate their proxies into an existing application. Their paperwork describes each step in depth.

Not only can you download proxies via an endpoint, but you can also add or delete your IP address using the API.

Developer-friendly API Features

The API layout of Ghostealth makes it simple to use their rotating proxies. Ghostealth’s proxies may be simply integrated into new or current projects.

5. Proxy-Plan-Configurator

The unique configurator provided by Ghostealth allows you to tailor the usage of their proxies to your specific project. Here, you may choose how long you’ll need the proxies and how many concurrent connections you’ll need.

Proxy-Plan-Configurator Features

The proxy configurator from Ghostealth elevates your current project by enabling you to customize your requirements.

FAQs About Ghostealth Review

Does Ghostealth offer a refund?

Typically, they do not. Only in rare instances do they provide refunds on all transactions (ToS). However, you may always request a trial to ensure that the proxies operate for your intended target.

What payment methods are accepted at Ghostealth?

Ghostealth accepts cryptocurrency and credit card payments.

Can I request a trial of Ghostealth proxies?

On their webpage, you may obtain a trial of their proxies. Simply register and follow the instructions. The trial request will be evaluated within twenty-four hours. If accepted, you may redeem your trial at any time and utilize their proxies for 60 minutes for free.

How big is the Ghostealth proxy pool?

The proxy pool consistently has more than 50,000 proxies. In the background, the proxy pool is continually updated. Therefore, old proxies are removed, and new ones are installed.

Does Ghostealth offer unlimited bandwidth?

Indeed, they do. They do not restrict the bandwidth of their service. You may use as much bandwidth as your duties need.

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Conclusion: Ghostealth Review 2024

Ghostealth is a premium proxy provider that offers both shared and private proxies. I was impressed with the speed and reliability of their proxies and the excellent customer service.

If you are looking for a high-quality proxy service, I highly recommend giving Ghostealth a try.

They offer proxies free for 60 minutes. Why not give it a try?

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