Best Golf Affiliate Programs for July 2024 Paying High Commissions to Affiliates

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In this post, we have shared the Best Golf Affiliate Programs July 2024 which offer high commissions to the affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is becoming a very popular and successful way to make good cash and fill up pockets. The comforting thing about the Affiliate Program or marketing is that it’s very easy to understand and use.

Golf is one of the wealthiest game and it is an absolute hobby of the creamy layer of society. They spend a lot of money to maintain this hobby. Golf affiliated program expands its reach from clothing to Golf accessories. There are also some professional golfers who teach golf online through videos and have their own websites. This is where the Golf affiliate programs or marketing benefits the most. Here are some websites enlisted which offers golf affiliate programs.

List Of Best Golf Affiliate Programs July 2024

1. Proozy


Proozy is an online retail store that provides all kinds of sports clothes that are comfortable while playing and maintains the sporting environment. The Proozy also promises to supply its customers with the brand products and quality of clothes with Proozy discounts and new offers. Proozy takes pride in offering great brands for best prices possible.

One of the best of Proozy is golf wear, which ensures quality in affordable prices. You can find almost all kinds of polo T-shirts on Proozy and comfy shorts which will make movement easy while playing. Activity gives you more positive vibes if you are dressed according to it, same happens in sport, that’s where Proozy comes in to solve all the problems by providing clothes for all sizes, for man, for woman, body fit, loose, colors etc.

The Proozy store also provides Golf Affiliated Programs for those who want to earn extra income. Joining this program is free and very easy through the Shareasale affiliate network, you don’t have to sweat for that. In the affiliate program with Proozy, you can earn 6.75% commission per sale, it also provides access to official content and text links and daily newsletter promotions with exclusive deals.


2. Sweet Spot Shot Videos

Sweet Spot Shot Videos, this website is created by Geoff Greig. He’s a PGA professional who’ve taught over 15,000 lessons. This library of Sweet Spot Shot Videos includes 4 hours of Geoff Greig’s best Swing Tuning Tips, Consistency Grooving Exercises, his three bestselling E-books, and 8 Bonus Video Lessons on power and effective practice habits.


Sweet Spot Shot Videos simply helps you to improve the quality of your game. It helps every golfers dream to strike the ball on the spot of club face. This website also provides Golf affiliate programs for the members and the Affiliate Commission 50% on all course sale.


3. ProTee United

ProTee United is a Dutch based golf company which is specialized in developing, manufacturing and globally distributing the Indoor Golf Simulator products for commercial, professional, entertainment, and private use. At this point of time ProTee Golf Simulator is the most advanced, affordable and trusted 3D Golf Simulator system available on the market. ProTee ensures that a Golf Simulator, manufactured by them is uniquely designed to provide its customer with an ultimate Indoor experience of the 3D Golf Simulation at an affordable and reasonable price.

You can improve your shots with an indoor golf simulator which allows you to use your own golf clubs, you can also play a complete round of golf. With indoor golf simulator you can have your comfort be it in-home or office. You can adjust the view of the golf course according to you. ProTee United also provides affiliated programs and the affiliate commission is 10% on all qualifying revenue. A full size golf simulator can cost up to $34,000.00


4. Golf Simulator Store

Golf Simulator Store is an online store where you can purchase, one of the uniquely designed Golf simulators swing analyzers and accessories. It provides worldwide delivery and secure payment methods. You can also explore the collection of DIY packages that Golf Simulators Store provides with turnkey systems, simulation software, impact screens, and more.

Fascinating thing about this golf simulator is it also surprises its customers with special deals, promotions, online auction and bumper discounts from time to time. The Store allows you to play over 120,000 courses with their own clubs in an amazing, high-definition and virtual environment. It also promises the comfort level of its customers. Golf Simulator Store also provides Golf Affiliated programs and the Affiliate Commissions you can earn is 10.00% commission rate



5. Global Golf

Global Golf was launched in 2006 and since then it continues to grow with an exponential speed as a golf equipment retailer Global Golf is a big online store offering golf equipment. What makes them special in the market is they’ve trained and trusted PGA Professional who knows every trick of the game. They’re the reliable golf shop where you feel utterly comfortable while interacting with the staff about your queries.

Global Golf is one of the very few golf retailers that contains in-house designs, development, and Internet marketing talent. Global Golf holds a reputed position in the market as leading e-commerce experts, which also owns golf clubs globally. Provides its customer with the best equipment which makes them a regular customer. To provide its customers with the best quality Global Golf deals with top manufacturers like Taylor Made, Titleist, Callaway and others.

At Global Golf their main purpose is to help their customers like and enjoy the game of golf. Global Golf is a Google Trusted Store and has thousands of 5-star reviews. Global Golf also provides an affiliate program, you can sign up for free and you can earn up to 8% as an affiliate commission.


6. Adams Golf

Adams Golf was founded in the spring of 1979 by a salesman named Gary Adams. This online golfing product supplier offers almost all the important products and accessories at reasonable prices. Ranging from complete sets to hybrids, Adams Golf has all that you think you need for an extraordinary on-field experience. Adams golf ensures the comfortable environment of their customers while playing golf.

They provide top quality products, maintaining the balance between brand name and product price. Adams Golf affiliate programs is very beneficial for those associates who want to earn passive income by promoting its products. The affiliate commission is tentative and is given according to your performance. Sign is very easy, you’ll have to sign up with


7. Golf shoes plus

Golf Shoes Plus has been in business since 1991 and is the online store based in Fort Myers. As the name suggests Golf Shoes Plus supplies shoes for men, women, and juniors. They have top brands like FootJoy, Sketchers, Nike, Adidas, Ecco, Golf Stream, Puma, Oregon Mudders, Oakley, Callaway, Ashworth, and Dawgs they all are available in multiple sizes colors and widths.

Golf Shoes Plus maintains the latest innovation in golf shoes ensuring the comfort of the customers. It has become a well-reputed company recognized for its golfing foot wares. Golf Shoes Plus also provides affiliate programs in which you have to drive people to Golf Shoes Plus’s websites and you can earn a commission for that. Affiliate Commission is vague and depends on the work quality.


8. Callaway

Callaway is a website solely based on golf-related products. It was founded in 1982 and since then it holds a very renowned position in the market and serving its customers with the best products and services. Callaway supplies its customers with clubs, balls, bags, apparel, footwear, bags and golf accessories all over the world.

Callaway always gives preference to the comfort of the customers as well as it also maintains the quality and brand of the product and services. It is one of the leading brands of the golf industry serving in the market for the past 30 years. Callaway designs its products in a very innovative way. As Callaway is leading in the market it also gives golf affiliated programs for the interested affiliates. Callaway Golf consists of four powerful brands — Callaway, Odyssey, Toulon Design and OGIO.

Unlike other websites who keep on varying the affiliate program’s commission, Callaway has earned a prestige to have one of the honest partnership in this business. The process to sign up with Callaway’s golf affiliate programs, you just need to fill an application form. Callaway guarantees you up to 6% commissions on purchases.



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Final Thought: Best Golf Affiliate Programs Paying High Commissions

Several prominent online income earners have accepted the fact that a big amount of their bags are filled with affiliate programs or marketing. It is very necessary to know that choosing an affiliate program wisely is a very important decision and if you want to earn good cash through affiliate marketing by promoting and advertising others product or services.

Golf affiliate programs are doing really well in the market. In case you’re thinking of investing your time in affiliate program and searching for where to start. Golf affiliate program is your go!

 Hope you too take the benefit of these Golf Affiliate Programs July 2024.
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