PageOptimizer Pro Review 2023: Is It The Best Advanced On-Page SEO Tool?

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Page Optimizer Pro Review


PageOptimizer Pro is for anyone who wants to improve their search engine rankings by publishing material on the web. The majority of consumers report seeing quick ranking gains after employing POP on their target web pages.  The first priority of POP is to improve page optimization.

Out of 10


  • Features that help to optimize content
  • Examine the keyword competition in depth.
  • This is a fantastic resource for content creators.
  • POP efficiency using a Chrome addon.


  • Link building isn’t helped by it.
  • It is sometimes difficult to determine page optimization scores.


Price: $ 22

Are you also in search of PageOptimizer Pro Review? If yes then this article consists of all that you need. Let’s go through this.

You have probably wondered how to get your site ranked high on Google as a website owner. And perhaps you have wondered why your competitors are ranking higher than you?

You can improve your rankings if you have the know-how! The tool is called PageOptimizer Pro.

PageOptimizer Pro Review: What Is PageOptimizer Pro SEO Tool?

Designed for smaller SEO agencies, copywriters, and other marketing professionals who want to compete with the larger agencies, Page Optimizer Pro is a fantastic on-page SEO tool.

Thanks to Kyle Roof, this tool is available for free download. As a prominent member of the SEO industry, Kyle speaks at many international conferences, including DNX Global, DMSS, SEO Rockstars, the Chiang Mai SEO Conference, and many others.

Kyle has tested more than 300 aspects of Google’s search algorithm, where he has discovered it is possible to over-optimize and under-optimized web pages simultaneously!

PageOptimizer Pro - PageOptimizer Pro Review

He has been testing the strengths of different SEO signals for several years now. Can an H1 tag outperform two H2 tags? Do keywords in the Meta Title have the same power as keywords in the body text? What about keywords in HTML and CSS?

He can state with high certainty (probability) which signals prevail after conducting all those tests. After continual testing, he was able to discover a pattern that could be applied to websites.

 Although some of these signals change with time (because Google releases updates frequently), some of them remain strong over time.

By discovering these factors, he built a tool for measuring them against the competition. PageOptimizer PRO was the result.

What is this SEO tool not able to do?

Please hold on! Just a moment! The PageOptimizer PRO isn’t a magic wand. There’s no doubt that you want to know how to rank higher than your competitors. After all, who doesn’t?

To rank higher, you need to optimize your page for the factors listed in POP (PageOptimizer Pro). However, you still need to understand how SEO works and how to choose the best competitors.

It is not a magic wand, a crystal ball, or a copy of Google Rankbrain. To measure off-page signals such as backlinks, you’ll need to use other tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, etc.

Taking an online course makes sense if you are new to SEO and want to learn more.

How Does This Tool Evaluate SEO Factors and Signals?

In Page Optimizer Pro, the strongest signals are identified where the keywords occur and compared with those coming from the competitors. It is your responsibility to select the competitors.

As well as analyzing the keywords that you enter, otherwise known as “Exact Match Keywords,” the tool checks for variations, as well as related search terms.

For example, Google will highlight keywords such as SEO services or digital marketing agencies in bold when you search for “SEO Agency.”. Here are some variations.

On Page SEO Checker - PageOptimizer Pro Review

An LSI keyword is a term that naturally arises in a conversation about an issue. Whenever you mention search engine optimization, you will probably use words like online, marketing, website, ranking, Google, etc. These are known as LSI terms.

The following places on the page are checked for the exact keywords and related keywords.

  1. The URL contains
  2. The title of the page (also known as the Meta Title, which you see in search engines)
  3. The H1 through the H4 subheads separately.
  4. Together, the subheadings H2 and H3, H2 and H4, and H4 and H6).
  5. Alternate text for the images (ALT)
  6. Paragraph text (the text you see on the readable page):
  7. Keywords that contain a link to another page (anchor text)
  8. Bold keywords 
  9. Italicized keywords (words in italics)
  10. Use HTML tags in the Header and Body of the page.
  11. Word count per page.

An Example To Optimize: 

Although POP is an online tool, you can export an XLS file that you can store anywhere. Alternatively, you can have this written or improved by a copywriter.

There is a keyword (or keyphrase) at the top of the spreadsheet.

You can see below the highlighted keyword variations. This is the URL you wish to optimize and the variants of the keyword that Google suggests are related to your keyword. There is also a list of factors affecting SEO.

Understanding The 3 colors:

The image below shows how POP highlights specific cells with three different colors. The green ones don’t need optimization, whereas the purple ones are over-optimized, and the orange ones require some improvement.

How Should You Go About It?

Optimizing Exact Keywords from top to bottom is Kyle’s suggestion. You will see the fastest results when you optimize from top to bottom.

The majority of people optimize their “exact keywords” too much and their variations too little.

Tips for using POP:

  1. Before you write your content, you can use the tool! You will see how many words you need, as well as what your page should look like (e.g., 2500 words, 3 H2s, 5 H3s, 12 images, 1 video, 3 bullets, etc.).
  2. During optimization, rerun the tool multiple times. Don’t expect to complete the task in one go. Variations and LSI terms can also be affected by adding exact match words.
  3. Utilize your backlink tool to combine this data with the number of backlinks you may need.
  4. Wait for 2 to 3 weeks before adjusting any other factor if you are ranking on the first page.

Who Is PageOptimizer Pro For?

Page Optimizer Pro is a must in this digital age. Who cannot benefit from it?

Almost every business has to post content online at some point; this creates a lot of competition and oversaturation. As a result, it is harder to create search engine-friendly content. 

For this reason, I believe it is useful for anyone who produces online content. In particular, Page Optimizer Pro can help you:

PageOptimizer Pro Features - PageOptimizer Pro Review

  1. SEO professionals 
  2. Copywriters
  3. Digital marketers 
  4. Freelancers
  5. Agencies 
  6. Bloggers and content writers

Page Optimizer Pro is most beneficial for these main targets. As I said, it can benefit a lot more people than just this. 

Simply put, if you produce content online, you must optimize it! You will need Page Optimizer Pro if you want it optimized.

PageOptimizer Pro Review: Pricing

Separate pricing plans exist for single users and agencies. 

The following are the features of the single-user plan:

PageOptimizer Pro Pricing

  1. Unlimited ($39/month)
  2. Premium ($30/month)
  3. Basic ($22/month)

The following are the features of the agency plans: 

  1. 1-5 subscription accounts ($78/month)
  2. 6-10 subscription accounts ($89/month)
  3. 11-20 subscription accounts ($99/month)

Regardless of which plan you choose, you will have access to:

  1. Monthly reports are unlimited
  2. Domains are unlimited 
  3. Reports in PDF format with your branding 
  4. Recommendations for exact keywords 
  5. Recommendations for optimizing schemas 
  6. Support for 61 languages
  7. Searching for competitors automatically
  8. More than you can imagine!

There are a variety of amazing features included in every plan that provides a deep analysis of your content. The trial period lasts for 7 days, but you can cancel it at any time. 

It is a good idea to use the free trial of PageOptimizer Pro before committing to it.

PageOptimizer Pro Review: Pros & Cons

We will have a look at the basic pros and cons of POP to know it more closely.


  1. Features that optimize content well 
  2. Analyze detailed keyword competition
  3. This is a great tool for content writers
  4. Chrome extension for efficient POP


  1. It is sometimes difficult to determine page optimization scores
  2. Link building isn’t helped by it

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Conclusion: PageOptimizer Pro Review 2023

PageOptimizer Pro is one of my favorite tools, as you may have noticed. It has some shortcomings and technical problems, however. But this software can change the game when it comes to content optimization. Content writers and copywriters will especially benefit from it.

In addition to making the content search engine friendly, it also helps you stand out from the crowd, which is something we often overlook as writers. 

The tool is also helpful for digital marketers and SEO agencies. It is well worth the time to try PageOptimizer Pro!

Fortunately, the paid packages aren’t too steep, and individuals can use them to boost the content of their websites.

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