PhoneRescue Review 2024: Does It Work To Recover Data?

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This post is about PhoneRescue Review 2024.

Lost your precious data? Don’t worry we have amazing software that will get all your precious memories back! 

PhoneRescue Review 2024: How Well Does It Work To Recover Data?

Introduction | PhoneRescue Review

Deleted your files accidentally? Or Encrypted your files and cannot access it? No worries! You can now access your files and recover them using PhoneRescue. The software is compatible with both Android as well as iOS.

All data which is inaccessible, PhoneRescue can easily recover that data and save them with ease. It has successfully recovered data from 5700000 iOS and Android users. That is 5 crore 70 lakh users! This software will help you get back those important data and files in no time.

Even if you are new to the software world and do not have any technical knowledge, it’s okay. It has a very user-friendly interface that helps you in a step by step recovery of your precious data!

In this blog, I will help you understand how you can retrieve those files, how to operate the software, and what are its pros and cons.

Overview of PhoneRescue Review

PhoneRescue is a data recovery product of iMobie. The company specializes in software that helps people in various Data and OS related problems on your phone. The company has over 8 million happy customers and is continuously growing.

The best-selling and the most popular product by them is the PhoneRescue. It is an application compatible to work with both iOS as well as Android. It is a lifesaver when it comes to retrieving your important data.

The data to be retrieved can be of any form such as text, image, files, documents, etc. The company ensures it scavenges all deleted files to the byte. It ensures maximum efficiency when it comes to data recovery.

PhoneRescue is highly user friendly. You do not need any prior experience to use it. It is a boon for people who do not do very well with technology and have deleted their files by mistake. The files can be retrieved easily.

The procedure to perform is very straight-forward and easy. The user-friendly interface makes sure you can use the platform with a minimum amount of engagement from your side.

Why Choose PhoneRescue?

It is the software that ensures data recovery from your phone. PhoneRescue is compatible to work for both Android as well as iOS. PhoneRescue has to be the most elite software out there to bring your old photos.

PhoneRescue Features

When some data is too valuable to be lost this is the software to go to. The software claims it has the highest percentage of success in the industry. It offers you an easy and understandable workflow so that you can use the software easily.

The most important part is your phone does not need to be rooted for this software to work. You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge to perform tasks.

A person who has never performed data recovery or used any heavy software can easily use this software to recover data from your phone. There are no concerns about privacy. Whereas the software ensures only you can access those files which you have retrieved.

Review Solutions

The software also allows you to select which files you require and you can sort which files to retrieve. The software even unlocks your passcode if you have forgotten it. It can retrieve files from your iTunes or iCloud, etc. The software helps you retrieve files from corrupted backup as well.

General Features | PhoneRescue Review 

The topmost success rate

The company boasts its highest success rate when it comes to data recovery. Five Crore plus happy users of the software tell you that this software works. The efficiency of the product is really good and it ensures that your data is in capable hands.

Nearly all types of files can be retrieved

PhoneRescue can almost retrieve any kind of file. Various formats of files such as JPEG, JPG, MOV, etc can be retrieved by this software. The file can be a text, movie, document, etc. It is said to be the ONLY software that retrieves files of 31 types.

Simple to use

The type of procedure you need to follow in this software is very simple. The user interface is well designed. It also has a guiding wizard that helps you through the process. There are no technical requirements whatsoever. A layman can easily use this software to recover data.


Time is of the essence when it comes to tasks like these. Long scans can be overwhelming and frustrating for users. This software ensures lighting fast scans and previews to ensure the best customer experience.

NOTE: There are two variants of the software. One is the iOS compatible PhoneRescue software. Second is the Android compatible PhoneRescue Software. We will first start by reviewing the iOS compatible PhoneRescue Software.

PhoneRescue iOS 

PhoneRescue has to be the most concise iOS and iPhone data recovery software you can find. It has to be the most trustworthy software you could find. PhoneRescue is 100% reliable and has one of the highest recovery rates you can find in the market.

PhoneRescue for iOS

It ensures all your data gets retrieved. Everything important for you is being retrieved safely.

In just three steps you can perform the procedure without any hassle whatsoever. You find your lost files almost instantly.

Features of PhoneRescue 

  • Reliable

It has to be the most reliable software there is on the market. It has served the people for 5 years now. PhoneRescue brings you all the lost and deleted contacts, messages, pictures, etc from your phone in an instance. 

It is very secure and the software works very efficiently. It has served crores of people to save their data and now you can take this benefit to save yours.

  • Easy repairs

It can be excruciating when your iPhone blacks out on you. You can easily resolve this problem. PhoneRescue helps you recover data as well as fix your Operating system problems. The problems such as a White, blue, black screen or iPhone getting stuck is easily repairable via PhoneRescue.

The PhoneRescue can perform tasks such as removal of lock screen passcode as well as screen time passcode easily. By employing this method, you can access your iPhone and get complete access over the files.

  • Retrieve deleted data

PhoneRescue software has a one of a kind No Data Loss scanning technology wherein you can retrieve the data your deleted data without ever worrying about losing them forever. Due to this feature, the company boasts of having the best software for data recovery.

It gives you complete access to the data. It gives you 100% of the data that was deleted on your iPhone. With the preview option, you can browse through the files you want to retrieve and accordingly back them up.

Later, you can use them as per your liking. You also have an option to extract them into your pc with your preferred format. What all can be recovered from your iOS device?

Following are the apps from which you can retrieve data:

  • Photos
  • Your text messages
  • Phonebook contacts
  • The call history 
  • Your voicemail
  • Calendar details
  • Safari Data
  • Videos
  • Music files
  • Books
  • Memos
  • The app data

You can save your data in the following conditions:

  • Deleted by error
  • Cannot remember the passcode
  • Broken screen
  • Damaged device

No iCloud or Itunes Backup is available.

  • Retrieve files from damaged or encrypted backups

The ForceRestore technology developed by software technology, you can easily retrieve images, apps, videos in a heartbeat. It can retrieve all the data from iTunes backups. If the iTunes backup is corrupt or has damage it still can restore your files in an instance.

You have a chance to choose what you want to recover. Select the files you want to recover and go forward accordingly. It can easily backup all the files you have lost in your backup. It can be a photo, live photo, burst, or panorama.

Content can also be an image that you have clicked from a third-party app that can be restored efficiently. After the scanning, you can use the preview and select and recover them with a no loss in their quality.

Some work data apps or social media app data are important even if it is for pleasure or business. So the PhoneRescue Software has made it a point to retrieve these files as well to bring them back.

It can recover game data and progress, the images and videos that you edited in an app, even the settings and preferences of the particular app. This data can be safely recovered via the help of PhoneRescue.

Even if you do not have an iTunes backup it can restore pictures, videos, messages, attachments, safari data, etc.

  • Retrieve your files from iCloud

Even if you have not altered any settings, iCloud backups all your important files. It generally backs up your data daily without even you realizing it. If there are no iTunes backups then you can opt for iCloud as your backup partner.

Advantages of ios app

Why do you need PhoneRescue to retrieve files from iCloud?

When you restore the files from iCloud, you need to restore all the files that are present in your backup. You may not have enough space to restore all the files that are present in the backup. This can lead to the deletion of important files that you needed.

Here comes in PhoneRescue. PhoneRescue allows you to preview every file that is present in the backup and choose which files you ultimately want to restore. You can restore these items on your iPhone or iPad.

The most important part when it comes to data recovery is privacy. PhoneRescue understands this. Therefore it has a 256-bit SSL encryption to make sure your files, photos, documents are safe. It never registers your Apple ID or its password in its system.

The read-only type data recovery ensures your data remains private. You are the only person who is allowed access to your data.

  • Retrieve your iPhone from the dead

PhoneRescue has compressed this amazing feature as well in its package. It not only saves your data but your phone as well. It can revive your iOS system from your iPhone and bring it back to life. This procedure is done with an assurance that your files remain safe.

PhoneRescue can solve almost any kind of iOS problem such as screen stuck, getting frozen on the White apple logo, black screen, etc.

Now you can repair your phone without any costly repair charges. No need for any excruciating and complex rebooting procedures as well. You are assured to repair your phone at home in a few minutes.

No need for factory reset. Many times people recommend you to factory reset your phone when your iOS crashes. This may be helpful but deletes all your data. You can save both your iPhone as well as the data if you employ the simple steps mentioned in PhoneRescue.

  • Disables screen lock on iPhone and iPad

This software safely unlocks your phone by disabling the screen lock so that you can access your data effectively. The software can help you irrespective of the type of password you have set. This software unlocks your phone while keeping the internal data safe.

Even if your iPhone has too many failed attempts this software can help you. With its advanced algorithm, it can unlock your iPhone in a very simple way. People with no technological experience can easily follow these steps.

Even if you have a 4 or 6 digit passcode, a face ID, or a touch ID it does not matter. This software will help you gain access to your phone. You can retrieve your screen time code and Restriction passcode as well. It is compatible with the latest iOS13 as well as macOS Catalina.

PhoneRescue Android 

imobie phonerescue for android

Features of PhoneRescue

  • Most effective

It is the most effective data recovery software in the market. PhoneRescue has the highest success rate than any other software. It can restore any kind of file such as text, photos, videos, etc.

Also, It is the only software that transfers its restored files on the phone itself. It can retrieve lost and hidden data as well. No need for root.

  • It can recover data from any android smartphone

It has a specific technology for each of the Android manufacturers with this it ensures the highest data recovery you possible.

Also, It is very easy to delete an important file in one click. PhoneRescue helps you retrieve them with ease. You can restore those data as if they were never deleted from your phone. You can be assured of never misplacing or losing your files.

They always have a way back on your phone. Find files you have no clue existed. There are many photos and videos which are buried deep in those folders waiting to be discovered.

These files may be from your Whatsapp or a very old photo you clicked. These can be retrieved without any root. You can also access hidden files via this software.

  • Disables your password

The password is there for protection against unauthorized people using your phone. What if you forget your password? The software unlocks your phone to give you access to the passcode.

It requires tech knowledge to use this software. You can follow the easy steps and recover access to your phone.

  • Effortless recovery

Data recovery and screen locks can be a tough task. But with the help of PhoneRescue, you can retrieve the data and access to your phone with ease. The software has a step by step wizard and a straight workflow dynamics to help you use the software to its maximum ability.

How To Use PhoneRescue?

In my opinion, PhoneRescue is very easy to use. The developers have added step by step tutorials to help users. Following is the detailed procedure:

Step 1. After installing the program you need to connect the iPhone to another device to your PC via a USB. The software would detect the device simultaneously.

Step 2. After that click the recover button and select the forward button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3. You can choose the type of file you want to retrieve and then proceed further.

Step 4. After scanning you will see all the files deleted. You can then select the files you want to retrieve. Select the download button and you have your files back.

Note: Make sure you turn off the Find my device option. You should connect the device throughout the process.

Pros & Cons of PhoneRescue


  • Can retrieve data from your backup (iTunes or iCloud) without the iPhone working.
  • Brings higher quality of retrieved files.
  • You can retrieve data on your iPhone or your PC.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Less time-consuming.


  • The program detects more files then lost.
  • You can only check the compatibility of the software in the trial version.

Subscription Details | PhoneRescue Review 

price packages

Free trial

You can get a free trial with limited features. To fully explore the power of the software you need to buy the product. There is a 60 days money-back guarantee if the product does not work.

You can retrieve text messages, photos, videos, contacts, etc from your phone. If you start the process as soon as possible, there is a higher chance you can get back your files. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Premium plan

You can unlock all the features and services PhoneRescue has to offer. This package offers a 1-year license. There is a money-back guarantee as well if the program fails to retrieve your files.

Cost: $34.99/-

PhoneRescue Review: Is PhoneRescue Worth It?

PhoneRescue software is a wonderful tool. It has all the bells and whistles for data recovery. PhoneRescue gives you a solution to almost every kind of data recovery problem. It can retrieve passwords to repair your iOS!

But here comes the pricing of the product at $34.99. Honestly, when it’s your personal opinion as to how you look at the price tag.

If you have priceless data that contains your lifelong hard work or memories then I believe you would not think for a second and purchase this service.

Though, if you are just trying a software as a game it is a pretty expensive game. I think it is worth the price and people would find it priceless in some instances.

PhoneRescue Review: My Personal View

I think the software is boon for people who have lost their precious files. It has to be the most efficient software out there. The success rate of data recovery is phenomenal. iMobie has never disappointed with their products and they have knocked this one out of the park.

The software boasts having 31 types of files that it can retrieve. PhoneRescue can retrieve texts, photos, images, videos, documents, and whatnot. It is not just a data recovery software it also unlocks your iPhone. It can retrieve your data even if you have forgotten your password.

If your iPhone has crashed, it still works wonders by fixing your iOS problems. It does not need a factory reset to make your iPhone work. These functions truly make PhoneRescue a data recovery solution.

If you see the Android recovery program it also has the same functionality as that of the Apple counterpart. The main highlight point is that it does not require any kind of root to complete its function.

The software is practically compatible with all kinds of android manufactures. This makes the product a unique and effective tool for data recovery.

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FAQs | PhoneRescue Review 

💁‍♀️ Do you need root for Android Data Recovery?

The android data recovery does not need any root to function. It can easily recover your files without any hassle.

🙇‍♀️ Can PhoneRescue recover data from a locked phone?

It can. It has a feature of unlocking your iPhone and giving you access to your iPhone. This feature is very helpful when you forget your passcode.

👩‍🔧 Is it compatible with my MacOS?

It is compatible with macOS as well as Windows. As well works on the latest iPhone iOS 13 and the Catalina mac OS.

👍 Is PhoneRescue free?

It does have a free trial. You can check the compatibility of your software with your PC with these trials.


It is very safe to use. Also, It has a 256-bit SSL encryption ensuring the privacy of your files. It follows a ready only process so ensures maximum safety.

👉 Is PhoneRescue for Android safe?

Yes. PhoneResue for Android ensures safe restore of the lost files. It is 100% reliable.

🤟 Is PhoneRescue safe and legit?

Yes, PhoneRescue is safe and legit. It ensures the safety of the data stored and complete privacy of its user.

Conclusion | PhoneRescue Review 2024

It has to be the best software out there for data recovery. PhoneRescue gives you all the tools that you need for data recovery. It promises you the privacy of your files. You do not need any technical knowledge to operate it.

It gives you access to the phone by unlocking it. PhoneRescue retrieves select files from your backup. It can also retrieve files from your corrupted backup.

Seeing the upper features I must say I am more than impressed by the performance of the product. It is very easy to use and uses the latest technology. It is compatible with most of the latest OS systems.

Therefore, in conclusion, we can say the software does its purpose and more. It does data recovery and all the necessary steps to achieve data recovery. It is the best in the market. Therefore, you should try PhoneRescue to help recover those important files and memories.

I hope you get some value about PhoneResue in this PhoneRescue Review.

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