Tactical Arbitrage Review 2022: (Top 5 Features & Pricing) Is This Amazon Tool Worth It?

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Users Feedback
Value for money
Ease Of Use
Customer Service


  • The low-cost plan lets you try the program
  • It minimizes the time spent in searches
  • It integrates other stores as well
  • It has a very good reputation with users
  • More than 100 pricing resources are accessible with membership
  • Ease of use
  • The customer support is really good
  • It is totally value for money


  • Not all plans have the product searches
  • A Little Bit Expensive

Tactical Arbitrage helps you source profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA. Discover 1000's of products to sell for a profit.

Price:$ 90

Today we have featured an article on Tactical Arbitrage Review 2022. This article covers detailed insights, pros, and cons, and more about Tactical Arbitrage.

Are you selling products like furniture, antiques or vintage?

Are you looking to get started on Amazon FBA and are confused about how to find products that will be profitable?

Solutions: Tactical Arbitrage has the most comprehensive list of 100’s of products. You can also ask questions on our Facebook group.

Get the knowledge to make more money by discovering and posting new items on Amazon Marketplace. Feel free to leave comments here so we know what products you have found!

Tactical Arbitrage helps you source profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA. Discover 1000’s of products to sell for a profit. Get a 1 WEEK TRIAL today!

Amazon, as we all know, is one of the best e-commerce platforms in today’s time. It has the ability to work with various products in the market, which makes it super famous.

Sellers on this platform try hard to get a wide range of items for selling and also beat their competitors. One such tool that has empowered them to attain this is Tactical Arbitrage. 


If you are a seller using the Amazon platform, Tactical Arbitrage will let you realize the effective and quality leads you can be working with. It also helps in finding both products as well as leads on Amazon as quickly as possible.

With tactical arbitrage, you can source a wide and numerous variety of products on Amazon. All in all, Tactical Arbitrage basically widens the seller’s profit margin on Amazon.

Bottom Line Upfront| Tactical Arbitrage is the ultimate tool that can make the entire process of selling your items through Amazon a lot more effective, efficient and easy because it can avail your various products that other retailers sell at a cheaper rate. Thus, it creates numerous opportunities for you and is definitely a game-changer. Try Tactical Arbitrage Now.


Content Outline

Who is The Man Behind Tactical Arbitrage


Alex Moss is the owner and developer of the software Tactical Arbitration, and I’ve found them to be the most customer-centric software company I’ve come across. He is always looking for feedback and personally answers inquiries on the Facebook group Tactical Arbitration in a very friendly manner.

His aim with Tactical Arbitrage is to help people escape the 9 to 5 and to build a successful business in Amazon arbitrage or wholesale from wherever they are in the world. I love to share his experiences and enjoy seeing people grow in this exciting industry.

Fulfillment By Amazon can be extremely profitable when done right and armed with the proper knowledge and tools. His team and he listens to the community and work daily on making Tactical Arbitrage the premium, and best value sourcing tool in the market, so those who use it can take action with confidence in all of their purchasing decisions.

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Is Tactical Arbitrage worth it?

What Is Tactical Arbitrage?

To begin with, Tactical Arbitrage is basically an act in which the price of a particular product gets sourced from other retailers. It is then sold at higher prices in other markets.

This way you can earn profits. The sellers on the Amazon marketplace or retail get to earn their profit by comparing the prices of their products in the third party retailer or the brick and mortar store prior to buying them in Amazon at competitive prices. This can be down for other online platforms as well.

Tactical Arbitrage review- Sourcing products for FBA
Tactical Arbitrage Sourcing products for FBA

NOTE: Use of the Tactical Arbitrage platform requires an active Amazon Professional Seller account to correctly conduct successful product searches.

Created by the owner of Visual Magic Production Ltd, Alex Mox, the software was first released in the year 2015. Since then Tactical Arbitrage has been regularly updated and the last update was released in July 2019.

Tactical Arbitrage is helpful in searching the low-cost wholesale products that can be resold in order to earn profits.

tactical arbitrage review

This way the tool helps in making the right decisions by providing you with data regarding different products and also suggests their recommended pricing for re-selling.

It also helps you with information on how you can get the best ROI (Return on Investment) for your business.

Product Search

Tactical Arbitrage’s Product Search is one of its most important online arbitrage tools.

Product Search looks for profitable products to resell on Amazon by scouring vendor websites. You can choose from hundreds of websites in Tactical Arbitrage, including Walmart.com, Target.com, and others. Advanced users can create searches for websites that aren’t included in the app.

You can define all of the parameters you want to match before performing the search, including categories, subcategories, overall expected earnings, and much more.

You’ll see results like the ones in the image below after you’ve specified your parameters and done a search. All of the critical data elements you need to make a sourcing selection are included in the results. It includes information such as sales rank, reviews, net profit, return on investment, and more. It’s all on one screen, so it’s simple to see.

Reverse Search

Another useful online arbitrage tool is Reverse Search. You can use Reverse Search to search against all of the 1000+ websites that are compatible with Tactical Arbitrage by uploading a specific set of ASINs, categories, or keywords.

You may, for example, search for “Toys” and get results from all of the domains that contain items from this category or phrase. You can obtain numerous matches for the same item from different stores, allowing you to purchase from the best-priced stores. This tool is especially useful if you’re looking for the greatest potential price on something you want to resell.

This function can also be combined with another one called Tactical Edge to locate more profitable things to sell. You can do a reverse search on another seller’s storefront to see if you can uncover where they are currently selling profitable products.

Tactical ArbitrageMultiple Income Streams

In addition to being a powerful sourcing tool, we’ve decided to keep expanding the software’s capabilities. There are numerous ways to profit from Tactical Arbitrage, with new and powerful features being added on a regular basis.

Features such as the ability to run multiple scans at once in our Search Manager, Saved Data folders that can be updated with a single click, Advanced Image Matching, and useful data points such as average rank and price, and estimated sales, to name a few.

Online arbitrage is the practise of sourcing products from retail suppliers and then profitably selling them on the Amazon FBA platform.

Tactical Arbitrage offers over 1000 easily searchable online retail sites to scan their many thousands of categories, as well as the ability to add your own unique sites. Advanced algorithms calculate Amazon fees, source discounts, cashbacks, and shipping costs as quickly as possible to ensure your profit and ROI are as accurate as possible. Tactical Arbitrage provides numerous benefits in terms of providing quick and accurate results.

Top Features Of Tactical Arbitrage

Let us go ahead and get into the details of the top features of Tactical Arbitrage in this review. 

Top Features Of Tactical Arbitrage

  • Offers Online Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage is perfect for all those business holders who wish to earn profits on Amazon by buying as well as selling the products.

You can achieve this by either purchasing it from the other retailers offering the same product at a lower cost and then selling it on Amazon for earning a profit. The sellers can also buy things from one marketplace on Amazon and then sell them to another right on Amazon again.

Tactical Arbitrage makes this process super easy; it can source for the retailers that are selling the products at much lower costs, where you can purchase and then sell it for earning the profit. The entire process becomes a cakewalk with the help of Tactical Arbitrage. 


  • Feature To Filter All The Data

The feature lets you view only the results you wish to work with and not the entire aggregate result list. To put it in perspective, you might want to target a particular return level that proves to be suitable for the time and effort you put in.

You can easily set a filter on the search results on the basis of the price you wish. This way, you get to see only those stores that have similar products to offer, but in the price range, you opt for.

With this, you can realize the profitable return even after you factor in the cost that you will incur in the preparation and shipping of the products before you hand them to your clients.

  • Feature To Search The Wholesalers

The feature offers you a file that has details of the inventories of a plethora of wholesalers from whom you can purchase and sell the products at a pretty good amount as well as earn profits.

Wholesalers tend to sell the products at a comparatively lower cost than the retailer, but the condition is to buy a particular quantity.

Overall, if you wish to get an improved-level or higher margin of profit, it is best to source the products from the retailers. 

Tactical Arbitrage - Wholesalers

  • Can Give You A Tactical Edge Over The Rivals

On Amazon, you will find a plethora of entrepreneurs whose business is all about buying and reselling the products.

This is exactly why you require a tool that can give you an extra edge over your rivals. Tactical Arbitrage is a wonderful tool that offers innumerable data points for analyzing and opting from.

It is created with advanced-level algorithms that gets you the list of those products that will be suitable for you. This way, you can get greater profits when buying and reselling on Amazon. 

  • Offers Reverse Lookup Feature

Reverse Lookup Feature involves picking up the product from Amazon and then searching it up with other retailers or Amazon marketplaces.

You can do this by scanning a product’s barcode that you come across on Amazon, and with this feature, look for the other marketplaces that sell it at competitive and lower prices.

You can buy products from this point and then resell them for earning profits.

Tactical Arbitrage - Reverse Lookup

  • Library Search

Tactical arbitrage is designed with search algorithms that can help you in searching for products that include various books and a plethora of other items and get to you with things suitable for you to work with.

This search result list has all those products that are particular to what you wish to work with.

Tactical Arbitrage - Library Search

  • Flip Feature

With the help of this feature, users can source the products that are sold at a cheap price in one Amazon Marketplace and then resell them to the other marketplace in order to bag a profit.

You might have observed that product prices like that of the books or many other products vary when checking them in different Amazon Marketplaces.


This way, the entrepreneur can take benefit and earn profits from the arbitrage opportunity and resell those products between the prices set.

To put that in perspective, you might come across a particular product that might be sold for $5 in a particular marketplace and $8 in the other. You can purchase the product from the former one and then sell it in the latter market with the price not exceeding $8.

Tactical Arbitrage More Features

Large Store Database: Tactical Arbitrage has a database of over 1000 stores in which you can search, including eBay, Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, and others. This enables you to find the best opportunities all over the internet.

ROI Calculator: If you decide to resell a product on Amazon, you can calculate your return on investment for any product you find. This feature, however, isn’t unique and can be found in a variety of arbitrage tools, including the free AMZScout FBA Calculator.

Wholesale Search: Import and scan wholesale manifests to find profitable products to sell on Amazon through wholesale search.

Access to Valuable Data: Access to Critical Information: View critical information about Amazon products, such as estimated sales, competitor inventory levels, and more.

Reverse Search: Found a successful Amazon seller and want to know where you can purchase their items? Tactical Arbitrage will show you all of the places where you can buy their items if you enter their seller ID. You can also lookup Amazon ASINs to see where the best prices are for specific products.

Identify the best books to buy and flip on Amazon with Amazon Flips.

Support: Get in touch with their user community and get help via email or chat.

Video Tutorials: Watch a variety of video tutorials to learn how to use Tactical Arbitrage. Tactical Arbitrage is a good tool for finding items to resell on Amazon because it has all of these features.

Reasons That Makes Sourcing Better With The Tactical Arbitrage

In general, you can achieve top-tier results when you use Tactical Arbitrage for sourcing the arbitrage on Amazon as it offers over 1000 online retail sites that are easily searched.

It is designed with such algorithms that can do the calculation part and also make your operation easy. Keep reading ahead to know other reasons that make this tool so popular.

  • Sourcing The Products For Amazon FBA

The metrics users get by sourcing with the Tactical Arbitrage are pretty easy to access. You can view as well as analyze multiple points of data that will prove as a guide as to what you should buy and what you should not.

  • Dynamic Analysis Of Data

When you choose to work with Tactical Arbitrage, you are offered a historical buy box, unlike the other types of tools online for the purpose of sourcing.

This way, you get the capacity of planning the operations in a way that can get you increased profit levels.

Tactical Arbitrage - Dynamic Data Analysis

  • Offer You A Tactical Edge

You can look at the inventory data of numerous retailers from a highly beneficial viewpoint.

The extra data you are provided with is inclusive of the competitor’s stock level, and a lot more matching product listing can be contained on Amazon’s FBA platform. 

Tactical Arbitrage - Tactical edge


  • Several Sourcing Cites

If you are an entrepreneur, this business type needs you to be well-informed about the price that is charged for a particular product by as many retailers as possible.

Tactical Arbitrage is highly recommended as it can access the information from numerous sourcing sites. It is inclusive of the sites from numerous countries from the world’s seven continents.

The tool lets you work with about the 1000 sites in the world, making it an assuring and amazing experience. 

Tactical Arbitrage - Sourcing List

  • Excellent Support And Training

Considering the aspect of training the users about the function, the tool is definitely the best. It is because of the intensive investment in the various instruments that the users and beginners get for reaping the most out of this platform.

You can opt to learn from the videos that are made available. Though there is a humongous level of data to cover, this ensures that the users get the best when they opt for working with the platform for the purpose of sourcing.

The support that is offered by the experienced users helps in guiding the newbies and others who probably are stuck when trying to get the best out of the platform.


  • Numerous Income Streams

The tool presents the entrepreneurs with a plethora of ways with which they can be earning by investing in the platform.

This is possible via a plethora of features that are added as the platform goes through various updates almost every week. 

Tactical Arbitrage Works For You If…

  1. You are a seller who utilizes the Amazon Online Platform.
  2. You are a beginner in the online selling business.
  3. The Amazon FBA sellers need to automate the entire process in what they get the process for sell on Amazon. 
  4. The Amazon FBA sellers need to build the outsourced teams that will enable them to get a plethora of products for selling on Amazon in a profitable manner.
  5. The Amazon FBA sellers who on a full-time basis wish to partake in the Arbitrage.


Online Arbitrage · Online Arbitrage is the art of sourcing products from retail suppliers and then selling on the Amazon FBA platform for profit.

💰  Price

$ 90

😍  Pros

Online Arbitrage makes you money when you buy items at a significantly lower price compared to what you will sell them for on a different marketplace.

😩  Cons

A Little Bit Expensive


Tactical Arbitrage helps you source profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA. Discover 1000's of products to sell for a profit.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Pricing Plans at Tactical Arbitrage Review

The pricing plans of Tactical Arbitrage are divided into five parts. They give you the option of paying for your preferred plan on a Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly basis. The five plans are:

  • Flip Pack
  • Wholesale Pack
  • Online Arbitrage
  • Online Arbitrage + Wholesale
  • Full Suite


1. Flip Pack

In addition to the above features, the Flip Pack also gives you access to a section for doing searches in the Library to flip new and used books. Its cost is:

  • Weekly Plan – $14.95
  • Monthly Plan – $49
  • Yearly Plan – $479
  • Wholesale Plan

This plan is useful for searching for products that can be sold at a decent profit. The cost is:

  • Weekly Plan – $18.95
  • Monthly Plan – $69.00
  • Yearly Plan – $649


2. Online Arbitrage Plan

With this plan, the sellers can flip the products to search the one which will fetch them a good profit.

The users of this plan also get to use the Tactical Arbitrage reverse search feature, which means the users can search by Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN).

These numbers consist of an alphanumeric code of 10 characters. You can use these numbers to look for products at low prices to resell them.

Whenever the information of a product is uploaded on the inventory, ASINs are automatically generated. 

The cost of this plan is:

  • Weekly Plan – $24.95
  • Monthly Plan – $89
  • Yearly Plan – $849

3. Online Arbitrage + Warehouse Plan 

This plan is an extension of the Online Arbitrage plan so it is a step ahead as it also permits the searching of exhibits of wholesalers to search for beneficial products. The cost of this plan is:

  • Weekly Plan – $29.95
  • Monthly Plan – $109
  • Yearly Plan – $999

4. Full Suite Plan

This plan covers all kinds of search offered by Tactical Arbitrage, to flip and sell. With this plan, Online Arbitrage, Library, and Warehouse searches are very easy to perform. The cost of this plan is:

  • Weekly Plan – $34.95
  • Monthly Plan – $119
  • Yearly Plan – $1099

How To Use Tactical Arbitrage Step By Step Guide?

If you have decided to use Tactical Arbitrage for the purpose of buying as well as reselling your items on Amazon, you need to keep in mind the following things in order to make sure that you can reap the most out of the platform. 

Online Arbitrage

1. You need to increase the number of searches to the maximum level. It is important to keep searching for the items each and every hour of a day and every day in the week in order to get the most out of Tactical Arbitrage. 

2. Get access for conducting the selling in as broad a field as it could be. This way, you will be able to get much more benefits in reselling in the categories that are restricted as the competition there is pretty limited because of fewer people able to do the business there.

3. Get into the dealing of replenishable items like different types of soaps and creams. This way, you can achieve much improved profits and can get high benefits if you are successful in finding a retailer or place that can supply them consistently at a great price. 


4. Look up at the bestsellers that are able to attain success in what they are doing and try to imitate them. 

5. Increase the product variety that you will be dealing in. This strategy type makes it necessary to go the risky way by expanding to the various products that probably or eventually will be brought by the buyers visiting Amazon. It is best to opt for this trip if you are someone who isn’t on a strict budget. 

6. Increase the rate of sending different products for selling on Amazon. This way, your presence gets boosted, and thus, you have higher chances of your product getting sold on the platform.



7. Keep an eye on those products that are out of stock on Amazon. It is best to source the products that aren’t in stock on Amazon. This way, you get a chance of becoming a rare retailer. This is because the buyers will get to see only the products you have to sell in their result section when they search for that particular product in their search box. 

8. Make sure to make the most out of the Google trends in order to ace the game. You should not be dealing in those products which are not in demand as they can clog your capital and will drag down the business operations. When you use Google Trends, you will get to view those products that are famous, in high demand, and are purchased in humongous volumes. 


9. Make sure you utilize the opportunity of getting the coupon codes, gift cards, and cashback sites as you can get discounts for increasing the profit margin. 

10. Go to the rare stores. This can be achieved by using Tactical Arbitrage as the tool that can provide you with product details from over 500 websites across the globe. These stores charge the lowest price for the specific products that you can buy as well as resell on Amazon for earning a profit. 

11. You can use the discount cards and cashback sites for salvaging the cost you will be charged when purchasing the products. 

12. Create your team of assistants that will help you in achieving the goals in reselling the items on Amazon. 

All the tips mentioned above will enable the individual dealing in selling the items on Amazon for achieving the best results.


They are effective and efficient in doing that and can give you a cutting edge over the rivals. The next tip is to use the trial period that lets you test what Tactical Arbitrage has to offer to you. 

The trial period that is provided by the tool is offered at the discounted rates, and thus, you can save much more money while you make money if you use this option.

You do not have to jump directly to a particular package, and they pay for it while you are still exploring the platform for sourcing as well as reselling the products and items on Amazon.

Is The Platform Worth It?

Just like the most notable and best arbitrage tools on Amazon, the Tactical Arbitrage will empower you in realizing numerous benefits like:

  1. Getting access to reselling the products even in the categories that are restricted will be of immense profit as you will get to reap great profits in the areas without much competition. 
  2. You will also get to work with the best preparation centers for products. 
  3. You will get to work with super-effective software for automated sourcing. 

When you compare the Tactical Arbitrage with other arbitrage software types, then you should be considering the following:


  • The Supported Retailers That Are Available

Just like the majority of other software, Tactical Arbitrage is supported by numerous retailers that can just be enough for you in order to work in various countries.

  • Training Capability

The platform has a training section designed for bringing the users to get synced with the usability that their functions have to provide.

There are various social media groups that offer support on getting the best out of the sourcing on Tactical Arbitrage for the products to resell on Amazon. 


  • Filtering Capability

Tactical Arbitrage software lets you filter your results that you get from the search so that you can get only those that you can be working with.

For example, if you are filtering things according to the returns that you want to earn. Set the minimum return level that you wish to be working with. 

  • Wholesale Listings

Tactical Arbitrage lets you access the list of stocks that different wholesalers deal with. Then you can decide whether you should be buying them as they can be pretty low but then you have to buy a specific quantity in order to gain an advantage from it. 


  • Accessibility Of The Amazon To Amazon Flips

Great software for arbitrage should let you get the items and products that you can both buy as well as resell within Amazon.

  • Reverse Product Search

The feature lets you pick the product you wish to deal with from Amazon and then look for it in a reverse manner.

This way, you get the retailer who sells at comparatively lower prices. This way, you get an opportunity to both buying a product from a realized retailer as well as selling it on Amazon at a competitive price. For getting this done, you need to scan the barcode of a certain product on Amazon.

Can you make money with arbitrage?

You can make money if you buy something from a store. This is called retail arbitrage. If you have the right profit margins, it is a good way to make money. You buy things at one store and sell them at another store for more money than what you bought them for.

What is tactical arbitrage used for?

Tactical Arbitrage is a website that shows you the price of Amazon’s Buy Box and the rank of the product. You can also see products that are selling well, so you can buy them too.

Is online arbitrage legal?

Can you still do online arbitrage? Well, the rules for online arbitrage haven’t changed a lot these years. As long as you sell valid products and follow Amazon policies, it’s legal and you can do it. If you keep invoices, it can protect your business from all possible problems.

Can you make a living off retail arbitrage?

Yes, you can make big margins on the products you sell and it is a tested method to make a little extra cash on the side. But retail arbitrage is not a long-term strategy to build a business that can be sold for profit.

How much can you make with arbitrage?

You can make a few hundred to $2,000 per month selling your products on Amazon. This does not mean that retail arbitrage is easy. It’s very competitive and difficult to scale.

How much money can you make doing online arbitrage?

The amount of money you can make from selling a property varies, but it can be $100 to $50,000 per month. The seller might not be able to get the profit if they fail.

How much do you need to start retail arbitrage?

Retail arbitrage is a good way to make money if you have less than $200. You don’t need to buy lots of your product from a supplier, because it will be cheaper if your product doesn’t sell. Retail arbitrage is a great way to make money quickly.

What is Amazon Tactical Arbitrage?

Tactical Arbitrage checks Amazon in real time and helps you find products that are selling for less than the average 30-90 days sales price. You can also search by category and set parameters like sales rank and return on investment after fees.

How does Tactical Arbitrage work?

Tactical Arbitrage helps Amazon sellers find the products that are most profitable to resell. They do this by searching 3rd party websites for a product and comparing their prices to Amazon’s price, looking for opportunities to buy low and sell high.

How do I cancel my Tactical Arbitrage?

You can cancel your subscription to the Tactical Arbitrage service at any time. To do this, either go to the Your Profile page when you are logged in and click on the Cancel link, or go to the Accounts tab in Settings and click on Cancel Subscription.

Does Tactical Arbitrage work for eBay?

One way I find books to sell on eBay and Amazon is by doing online arbitrage. That means buying a book at one store for a low price, then selling it at another store for more. This can be done through this company called Tactical Arbitrage. They have an app that you can use to search for new and used books with just a few clicks, which you can set and forget about it while you make money!

What is Tactical Arbitrage library search?

Library Search is a website we have on our Tactical Arbitrage software, and it has three different ways to search. We can type in codes or keywords, but with that we are not sure if they will find what we want. The other way is to select a product category on the company’s website. This way you know what you are looking for before going into Library Search.

Is arbitrage allowed on Amazon?

Retail arbitrage is allowed on Amazon. That means that you can buy products in stores and then sell them for a higher price online. Some people think that retail arbitrage violates Amazon’s policies, but it does not.

Is Tactical arbitrage legit?

The answer is yes. Tactical Arbitrage does work. I’ve used it to find books online for more than 2 years on Amazon.

What can you arbitrage?

This is a way to profit. A trader buys something at one price in one market and then sells it for more in another market. You may also make a risk-free profit this way.

How does Amazon arbitrage work?

Arbitrage is when you buy something at a store to then sell it for more money. You want to find something that is cheaper and sell it on Amazen. For example, if the Walmart near your house has 10 pencils on sale for 50% off, you could buy them for $5 and then sell them on Amazon for $10.

What is tactical Arbitrage flip pack?

Flip Pack lets you find products to sell that are available in Amazon Marketplaces. You can search for deals and buy them. You might also want to try the Arbitrage option, which lets you search hundreds of retailers, not just one marketplace like Flip Pack.

Tactical Arbitrage Real Customer Review & Testimonials?


“Tactical Arbitrage has helped us create a life changing income for our family. We were able to travel for 2 months solid while TA worked in the background finding products for us.”


Have been using Tactical Arbitrage for several years now and can say that it’s not just a great product but a great company. Great customer service, constant product development and community interaction. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Alex once before and he’s a great guy with a great philosophy on running a company.

Best tool for Amz Seller. Great Community. Unwavering support by the product team! If you ever wanted to get started selling on Amazon this is the best tool

  • Tactical Arbitrage assists you in locating and sourcing various products that you may purchase for a low price and resell on Amazon, whereas Jungle Scout is a tool that informs you of which items are doing well on Amazon.
  • For maximum use of their services, Tactical Arbitrage requires a connection to your Amazon Seller Account, whilst Jungle Scout does not.
  • Tactical Arbitrage is entirely web-based, whereas Jungle Scout also includes a Chrome Extension.

Support for Tactical Arbitrage vs Jungle Scout

Alex Moss, the founder of Tactical Arbitrage, places a strong priority on support. He is quite active in the Tactical Arbitrage community Facebook group, along with a busy community of users, so you’ll find someone there to help you with most concerns. He also has a wide selection of on-site video courses. Additionally, the website includes a support form that you can use to request assistance on a variety of topics.

Tips for identifying the right products for Amazon arbitrage

If you’re seeking for a simple, low-risk way to become an Amazon third-party seller, you’ve come to the perfect place. One of the simplest methods to sell on Amazon is through arbitrage, and we’ve made it even easier with our top eight suggestions for choosing the perfect products for Amazon arbitrage.

It appears to be too simple to be true, and it is in some ways. It takes a lot more than a good deal to identify the perfect products for Amazon arbitrage.

For example, those pencils at Walmart may be on sale because they didn’t sell well; existing Amazon sellers may already be offering them for $5; or brand limitations may prevent you from selling them at all.

So, how can you make sure you’re picking the appropriate Amazon arbitrage products?

1. Invest in the proper equipment.

You want to learn everything there is to know about your future product, so you’ll need the correct tools for the job. This includes the following:

Amazon.com provides a wealth of product-related information, including current sellers, prices, customer reviews, and stock levels.

App to scan Amazon sellers
You can scan a product’s barcode with an Amazon seller scanner app to get more detailed information about it, such as performance, FBA prices, sales rank, and weight.

2. Price comparison

The first piece of information you want to compare is the price of the product. You’re looking for something that you can get from a store for less money than you can get it from Amazon. This usually occurs when a retailer offers a discount, clearance, or multi-buy deal on a certain item.

Typically, a good return on investment is obtained by either locating a significantly reduced item or purchasing smaller discounted things in quantity.

3. Look for any limitations.

The next step is to make sure you’re allowed to sell the item on Amazon. Selling things on Amazon is subject to two types of restrictions:

Outright prohibition

Some products are either restricted by Amazon or by the manufacturer for resale.


Some products, referred to as Amazon restricted categories or gated items, require Amazon clearance before being offered.

4. Toss the competition out the window.

Because it’s likely that someone else is selling this item on Amazon, you should check your competition towards the top of the search results. The following are the most important variables to consider:

Is the RRP being offered, or have they matched the price you’ve found? Is it possible to get Amazon Prime 2-day delivery? Are they rated highly for customer service and delivery timeframes in consumer reviews? Is it already available for purchase on Amazon?

Examine this data to see if you can undercut other sellers on pricing as well as other factors like customer service and shipping. Always remember that your possible competitors can drop their prices to match yours, so look for a differentiator.

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