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In this article, we have featured the Website Hosting Statistics 2024. Hosting services are one of the pillars upon which the current digital revolution is built.

The Internet is the new gasoline for businesses. Just as oil was needed in generations past to power our society, so too will it be with internet access; without this necessary resource, we cannot go about doing any kind of work or producing anything meaningful on a large scale (even if you’re not online).

It’s no longer enough simply having your own website- nowadays companies must invest heavily into digital marketing channels like social media and mobile ecosystems if they want their message heard amongst all others out there”.

Today, it’s not just a starting point – but also an integral part of your business. When compared to before its transformation from a hostelry site;

this represents incredible progress in improving customer service and increasing profits for all parties involved: whether you’re the company itself or another large corporation looking at expanding into new markets via online sales channels like eCommerce websites (or even freelancers).

The importance can’t be understated how important having fast load times on our sites are nowadays- especially since many consumers use their smartphones instead of furnishing desktop computers when conducting thorough research about products/services offered by various companies

Website Hosting Statistics

Website Hosting Statistics

1.  The Internet has been one of the most important innovations in human history. It is utilized by practically every person on earth for a wide variety of reasons, including personal professional educational social etcetera- all thanks to this little invention called “the Web.” (The stats) show how many websites there are today with their various statistics such as monthly visits or pages viewed per visitee; these numbers can give you some insight into what types/genres tend busiest days may be more popular than others depending upon your interests!

2. As of the third quarter of 2020, there were over 370 million domains registered across all top-level domains (Verisign). However, this number includes only those under one roof. Even though many people host their website themselves or have a hosting service provider like Google CloudStaging do so for them; these web hosts still contribute to registering new domain names on behalf of users by providing easy access to update content through its control panel which can also be used when taking over another person’s site without any hassle whatsoever

3. By 2021, the global market for web hosting services is expected to grow at an annualized rate of 18% over the next five years. This growth will be due in large part because of COVID-19 – a pandemic that caused many countries around the world including America(to experience increased demand). By 2025 it’s forecasted that total revenue could reach 321 billion dollars whereas today they’re only worth 102 billion!

4. The shared web hosting category is on a steady rise and in 2019, it reached its highest market share ever at 37.64%. This achievement was due to strong adoption rates among small businesses who have been making more purchases from medium-sized companies over time which led them toward investing heavily into these services as well!

5. The web hosting market is becoming more and less competitive with each passing day. The top ten companies control a majority of it, which has led many people to wonder if they are being mistreated by this inflationary trend (Web Hosting Insider 2017).

6. GoDaddy has been holding the number one spot for years now, with an 11.64% market share in 2021 alone! They are followed by Google Cloud Platform at 4%. And finally, 1&1 also has a lot to offer – their numbers show them being fourth place out of all online hosts surveyed here on HostAdvice’s Global Survey FrontPage Report 2015.

7. The United States has more domains than any other country in terms of how many are hosted. With 107,346685 total domain names for this market alone- it’s easy to see why they hold the top spot as far as number one goes when considering worldwide statistics on internet usage! Canada comes second with 15 5217 6222 while China takes home yet another victory by way ahead at 28 913 029.

8. More than 70 percent of the world’s population will have access to mobile connectivity by the year 2023. (Cisco, 2020). In 2020, the mobile market share was responsible for 52.1% of the entire market, whilst the desktop market share was responsible for 44.2%. (TechJury, 2021).

9. Additionally, as of March 2021, the United States has 51.14 percent of the global market share for web hosting services. Germany is a distant second with 11.65%, followed by the United Kingdom with 4.19%, Japan with 3.33%, France with 3.31%, the Netherlands with 3.07%, Canada with 2.59%, China with 2.47%, Russia with 2.13%, and Italy with 1.41%. (HostAdvice, 2021).

10. The size of the global market for shared hosting has increased at a consistent rate over the past five years, reaching a total of $14.05 billion in 2015, $15.53 billion in 2016, $17.07 billion in 2017, $18.67 billion in 2018, and $20.29 billion in 2019. It was anticipated that by the year 2020, it will reach $22 billion (Microsoft, 2017).

11. At the same time, the global market for cloud computing has recorded a similar trend over the course of the past five years: in 2015, the market was valued at $72.1 billion,and  in 2016, it was valued at $85.96 billion, in 2017, it was valued at $101.21 billion, and in 2019, it will be valued at $136.22 billion. It was anticipated that by the year 2020, it will reach $156.4 billion (Hosting Tribunal, 2020).

12. Just in the United States, Scala Hosting, GoDaddy has a market share of 22.51% in the web hosting industry. On the other side, 1&1 is the most successful hosting service provider in Germany, holding a market share of 26.77%. Aliyun, located in China, holds 33.94 percent of the market share, while Host Europe, located in the United Kingdom, holds 11.73 percent and XServer, located in Japan, holds 14.49 percent (HostAdvice, 2021).

13. More than 60 web hosting businesses, such as BlueHost, HostGator, SiteBuilder,, BuyDomains, iPage, FatCow, and HostMonster, are powered by Endurance International Group (EIG) (ReviewHell, 2020).

14. GoDaddy Group controls 6.6% of the market share for the global brand, followed by Amazon (5.9%), Endurance Group (4.9%), OVH (4.2%), and Google. OVH holds the fourth-highest market share at 4.2%. (Hosting Tribunal, 2020).

15. In addition, there are 245,800,660 domains registered in countries whose identities are unknown, while 4,561,634 domains are concealed (Domain Name Stat, 2021).

17. Every week, an estimated 900,000 new domains are registered on average (HostSorter, 2020). In addition, the Google Cloud Platform was responsible for 98.67% of Wix’s new customer acquisitions. Other top gainers include OVH with 65.38 percent of new customers coming from In2net, Google Cloud Platform with 57.98 percent of new customers coming from GoDaddy, HostGator with 53.85 percent of new customers coming from BlueHost, and BlueHost with 50 percent of new customers coming from HostGator (HostAdvice, 2021).

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Conclusion: Website Hosting Statistics 2024

When you first start out on your digital journey, the most critical item that you’ll purchase is a web hosting option for your website.

There are now literally dozens of different hosting options to choose from to help support modern businesses.

If you intend to make the shift into the digital world, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate web hosting solution in place before you make the move.

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