Article Forge Review 2023: Is This AI Content Generator Any Good? Is It Better Than Jarvis?

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Article Forge Review


Article Forge is a tool that allows you to create content. You can develop content for putting on the website's blogging section, which is a huge benefit of this tool. Otherwise, we'd have to rely on a content writer, which is a costly choice for us. For a fraction of the cost, Article Forge employs artificial intelligence to create unique content with the same quality as a human. It surely helps to save a lot of time.

Out of 10


  • Engage with readers on several platforms like WordPress.
  • No content spinner and binary choices.
  • Works quick and is the cheapest method to write like human.
  • Get access to a Free Trial and know it's worthness.
  • Its smart tools produce a really optimized piece and high-quality posts.


  • Not adhering to the stated keywords is a disadvantage.
  • Sometimes it take more time than the expectations.


Price: $ 57

This whole data is based on Article Forge Review so that you can know more about the same.

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There are ways to streamline the process of creating content, which requires a lot of time and money.

You can easily create tons of articles using an automatic writer like Article Forge. Do you know how much it will cost? How will it affect your ranking? Is it a replacement for human writers?

For more information on these and other questions, read this Article Forge review.

Article Forge Review: What Is Article Forge?

The website article forge is a web-based content generator that focuses on written content. Original articles of varying lengths are created using writing software that passes Copyscape checks.

They can then be edited, exported in a variety of formats, or uploaded directly to WordPress. WordAI is also integrated into Article Forge.

Article Forge - Article Forge Review

 In the next section of Article Forge Review, we go into more detail about its features.

Article Forge Review: Best Features

Using Article Forge, you will be able to produce original articles based on the keywords you provide. This part of our review analyzes Article Forge’s main features.

1. Article Creator:

To use the article creator, simply choose the main keyword and the sub keywords. By understanding the article’s intent, artificial intelligence can tailor its writing accordingly.

With the help of the program, you can generate several keyword suggestions that can be entered correctly for better results.

Article Forge creates pieces that have a natural flow of ideas between paragraphs. It also has a very organic writing style. As expected, the results were not perfect, but more on that later.

The program also allows you to combine articles for volume, but it just adds them to the same document separately. To make them fully fluid, you must edit them.

2. Keyword Interlinking:

Your choice of keywords can automatically be interlinked to URLs in the Article Forge text writer. You do not have to select these for article creation, but if you do, they will appear more often.

If you plan article content, you can choose whether to link the URLs to all instances of each keyword or only to the first instance. Additionally, you can decide if the titles interlink.

The URLs can also be replaced with placeholders.

3. Post Scheduler:

When you have completed the article generator, it is time to post. WordPress blogs can be added to the web app’s WP section to schedule posts for upload.

The URLs you want to include can either be specific URLs or multiple websites associated with one username. The process can then be simplified by setting a default blog.

Post schedulers are useful and prevent you from exporting articles. In any case, WordPress is the best option for more advanced uploads.

4. WordAI Integration:

Though it does not include native article rewriter software, Article Forge is integrated with a piece of automated content generation software called WordAI.

Your WordAI account and API key will be needed to connect the two platforms.

When WordAI is activated, it can create ten variations of each article you generate using Article Forge. By increasing your content selection, it will be easier to pick pieces that are right for you.

5. Bulk Article Generator:

It’s easy to create multiple articles using Article Forge’s bulk article generator. Each article can have an unlimited number of words per month, but bulk articles are limited to 200,000 words.

Article Forge offers very generous essay writing services, as you can see. You can still buy more words for 25 cents a 1,000 if you run out.

There are four article lengths available: very short (~50 words), short (~250 words), medium (~500 words), and long (~750 words).

The program doesn’t strictly enforce word counts, however. The medium option, for example, produced articles ranging between 418 and 577 words. It produced articles between 597 and 822 words for 750.

6. Affiliate Program:

You will automatically be given an affiliate link when you sign up for Article Forge.

You can use it for articles, videos, etc. 25% of payments are yours if someone signs up through this link. Renewing subscribers are also included!

Article Forge Affiliate Program

The software even shows you how many signups and clicks your link receives each day with a graph. There is also a media pack available if you wish to promote the service on your site.

Article Forge Review: Pricing Plans

It keeps things simple at the company. You can choose between different Article Forge plans.

  • Monthly—$57 per month

From the writing AI to the blog auto poster, this plan includes all the features of Article Forge, plus full integration with WordAI.

  • Yearly—$27 per month, $324 billed annually

Article Forge Pricing

All Article Forge features are included in this plan, which cuts the monthly price in half. Before purchasing a plan, you can test the service for five days for free.

There is no charge for Article Forge, but billing information is required-a credit card or PayPal. 30-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Article Forge is sure that it will revolutionize how you generate and use content, so they want to make sure you have absolutely no risk when testing it out.

Furthermore, they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee in addition to our 5-day free trial. In the event that Article Forge fails to meet your expectations after creating fewer than ten articles, just contact us and we’ll give you a no-hassle, no-questions-asked refund!

What We Disliked In Article Forge?

Despite Article Forge’s sound tech, we found a few faults.

1. Issues With Context :

The language processing capabilities of Article Forge are generally great. However, upon closer inspection, we observed that its consistency and context can be inconsistent.

We generated an article about soda using a set of keywords, for example. As our primary keyword, we used the name of a popular brand. Article Forge wrote that it’s a great soda, but continued to state that it’s “not a good choice.”

The article stated that the list of wrestling moves would be made in another article, but no list was available. There were also instances when it mislabeled or jumbled other lists.

Granted, they could have easily been corrected with some human editing. It remains to be seen if Article Forge can do more with finer details.

2. Omits Keywords :

The main keyword is prioritized by Article Forge, which makes sense. However, sub-keywords are sometimes ignored entirely. 

The main keyword seems to dictate the entire direction of the article from our testing. A sub-keyword won’t be implemented organically if it cannot find a way to do so.

It takes some experimentation and good keyword research to get the most out of the content generator tool.

Why do We Recommend Article Forge?

People who are looking for original content based on keywords should check out Article Forge. This program writes in a natural manner.

In addition, the output is not scraped from online databases wholesale, so it is original.

Why do We Recommend Article Forge

However, it is not a program you can simply turn on and forget about. Getting the final product to your liking will require you to review the output and tweak finer details.

Article Forge Review: Alternatives

Consider other AI content writers if Article Forge isn’t quite what you’re looking for or if you’d like to shop around a little more.

To get you started, here are a few comparisons of Article Forge’s main competitors.

1. Article Forge vs Kafkai :

There is a cheaper basic monthly plan with Kafkai than with Article Forge.

Although Article Forge limits the number of articles, it can be more cost-effective long term.

The Kafkai platform combats this with more natural and detailed content that requires less input from you.

2. Article Forge vs WordAI:

The parent company of both Article Forge and WordAi is Cortx. Therefore, their pricing and billing are similar.

The main difference between WordAI and Article Forge is that WordAI is a tool for rewriting articles, while Article Forge is a service that writes articles.

They complement each other, as we mentioned above in the integration section. You should use Article Forge for developing new content. You should pick WordAI if you want to rewrite content that already exists.

Both can yield the best results, of course.

3. Article Forge vs SEO Content Machine :

The cheapest option is SEO Content Machine. Quantity vs focus is the main difference between the two. Although SEO Content Machine scrapes a lot of content, you have to go through and rework it to make it readable and ranked.

In contrast, Article Forge gathers less information, but it produces more focused content and requires fewer revisions.

Media scraper for SEO Content Machine looks at hundreds of images and videos from media sites. You can also insert images and videos into Article Forge, but its features are quite limited.

FAQ on Article Forge Review:

Is Article Forge worth it?

Certainly. You can create original, coherent writing with the program. While WordAI integration and WordPress uploader help streamline the process, you will need to do some work on your part.

Is Article Forge better than a human editor?

Articles are created in less than a minute using the software. However, it still needs human review since it has a hard time formatting and contextualizing the information. Rather than replacing your human resources completely, consider it a supplement.

Is Article Forge good for SEO?

The content produced by Article Forge focuses on the keywords you provide. Researching a cluster of related keywords will get you some quick, good articles. Check out our detailed Article Forge review above for a complete overview of the tool's features.

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Conclusion: Article Forge Review 2023

You should make up your mind about Article Forge Review after reading our articles.

A great way to create focused, short articles is to use Article Forge. Although there are very limited options for images and videos, they are still a welcome addition.

The tool will save you time and effort, even if you have to refine the articles. Moreover, you can rewrite articles using the WordAI integration and upload them using the WordPress scheduler.

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