4 Best Amazon Proxies In 2023 To Stay Safe From Hackers

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Here is List Of 4 Best Amazon Proxies in 2023 to stay Safe from Hackers

Shielding your IP and the real location is possible when you use proxies. Amazon proxies let you stay safe from hackers, and protect your IP address, the location from Amazon, and help in sidestepping the geographical restrictions.

Proxies are easy to use, and all the user needs to do is to use the proxy as per the internet settings. Take care of this during the initial setup process.

Once set up, proxies for Amazon help in rotating the IP address, and evading Amazon restrictions is effortless. The best Amazon proxies for you to grab great deals from Amazon are listed here.

Best Value

Smart Proxy is the third-largest provider of the proxy market and is lauded for its marketing efforts. Initially, the focus of Smart Proxy was on smaller clients, who cannot afford the giants in the market, but later it grew up to serve clients with sophisticated needs.


The first of its kind proxy service provider to offer insurance to its products is Oxylabs. Not only this, but the professional approach can be seen on its homepage that displays certifications.

1. Bright Data (formerly Luminati.io):

Bright Data has earned the reputation of being the leading proxy service provider with its impeccable services. This confident service provider calls itself, the ethical proxy service provider, and lets you find the proxy across the world.

The range of features and the robust dashboard of this largest proxy service are available for a whole range of services.


Residential Proxies:

Residential proxies of Bright Data are the strong suit of this service provider. With 72 million IPs, it is never complicated to find proxies for locations across the world. The residential proxies are from the real-time users of desktops and mobiles.

You can also choose to use the dedicated proxies. These never have to rotate IPs, but can trick the websites with ease. With Bright Data, there are no connection limits with any of these choices.

The residential proxies from Bright Data cover all protocols that include HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.

Bright Data - Residential Proxy

Datacenter Proxies:

Shared and dedicated proxies are available from the Datacenter Proxies of Bright Data. With 3000+ subnets and 77\0,000 addresses, the datacenter proxies can be found even in bizarre places, as they are stacked.

The proxy manager of Bright Data lets you rotate the private datacenter proxies which otherwise don’t rotate. Targeting them by city or country is possible too, as you have the access to more than 20,000 addresses spread across the globe.

Bright Data Review - Data Center Proxies

Mobile Proxies:

7 million IPs of Bright Data are great sources if you have targets that are complicated. For instance, Instagram has erudite needs. Like the proxies for residential and data center needs, mobile proxies too are available globally even in exotic places.

You can target any city across the various countries, and this also lets you select an even carrier and ASN. You have the privilege of the accessing the granular controls.

Using Bright Data:

Signing up with Bright Data is easy with Gmail as you are not required to enter any other details like a phone number. You can also sign up using your corporate email ID. The dashboard has instructions that make it easy to use this proxy service provider.

The array of functions let you set up your account, get to know the stats, and contact support. The actual usage is based on the plans and sub-users. The pricing is based on the plans you use, and is a credit-based pricing.

The pricing is always high compared with the other options in the market, but not without a reason. The customer support is through live chat support and with tickets, which you can access from the dashboard.

Usually, it takes not more than 5 minutes to get answers through the live chat. The ticket system can take time usually.


  •       Money-back guarantees available after the trial period.
  •       Robust proxy controls
  •       Huge pool of proxies
  •       Wide array of features
  •       Easy to use dashboard
  •       Extensive functions
  •       24/7 support


  •       High pricing
  •       Need time to get used and complicated to use
  •       KYC procedure is rigid.

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2. Smart Proxy:

Smart Proxy is the third-largest provider of the proxy market and is lauded for its marketing efforts. Initially, the focus of Smart Proxy was on smaller clients, who cannot afford the giants in the market, but later it grew up to serve clients with sophisticated needs.


Residential proxies:

Smart Proxy is one of the largest residential proxy providers with 40 million IPs, and you can find it offering services in most of the world’s cities. These proxies come in handy in tasks where location restrictions exist.

You need to however choose only from 8 available cities. When you buy the residential proxy plans from Smart Proxy, you get access to the 40 million IPs, and you have no connection limits. You get a gateway IP address that changes the proxies.

There are sticky sessions for 30 minutes, which means you can use the same IP for different tasks. HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported.

Smart Proxy Residential

Datacenter Proxies:

With mostly basic and occasionally unusual features, the datacentre proxies of Smart Proxy offer rotating, backconnected, and shared proxies. When you buy a plan, the pool of IP addresses is for you, which is the alluring feature of Smart Proxy.

You get charged based on the usage, which implies, this is a great way to enjoy proxies without spending a fortune.

Smart Proxy Datacenter

Using Smart Proxy:

Signing up requires an email address and password. The dashboard has the necessary functions and easy to use. There are tutorials and guidance tools available for beginners. You can upgrade the plans whenever required. Use the convenient filter to make use of the gateway you need. You can get in touch with customer support through live chat and email. They are really fast when it comes to answering your queries.


  •       Average pricing
  •       24/7 and faster customer support
  •       Covers global cities
  •       Reliable proxies
  •       Easy to use for newbies


  •       No SOCKS5 protocol
  •       More functions required

3. OxyLabs:

The first of its kind proxy service provider to offer insurance to its products is Oxylabs. Not only this, but the professional approach can be seen on its homepage that displays certifications.

The second-largest company when it comes to proxy service focuses more on business intelligence, market research, and ad verification, rather than proxy targets like instagram or sneakers, which usually people go for. But that does not mean you cannot enjoy these.

The company caters to these needs if you ask for it. If you are looking for enterprise-level support or reliable proxies, this is where you need to look into.


Residential proxies:

More than 100 million residential proxies of Oxylabs imply it can cover almost all the cities of the world. The impressive list of supported cities is a real treasure. You can filter the residential proxies based on the country, city, and ASN.

You can choose to rotate the IPs and can do it from anywhere, with a request to 30 minutes. The sticky session is for 10 minutes. The proxies are available from the ISPs, and you don’t have to rotate them.

These come from the US, and the only drawback is that there is SOCKS5 protocol. These proxies can do well with machine learning, and get high tech treatment.

Partner Up - With Proxy - Experts - Oxylabs

Datacenter Proxies:

There is no shortcoming when it comes to the datacentre proxies of Oxylabs. Infinite concurrent connections mean that the large-scale extraction tasks too can be performed with ease with the Oxylabs.

As the company deals with large enterprises, you can find the deep pool of proxies you can avail from Oxylabs, and there are more than 2 million datacentre IPs you can use. You can also be happy with the 7850 subnets they come from.

With every 1000 IPs, you can get even 1000 subnets, and the good news is that they are not shared. This means they are dedicated for your use. They cover more than 80 cities of the world, and with these mammoth advantages, it is never easy to block you.

Scraping tools:

The real-Time crawler is the web scraping tool offered by Oxylabs. The role of this tool is to simplify the proxies and turn them into service. Enter the subject for scraping or crawling and the tool gets it back to you in JSON format or HTML format.

When it doesn’t work, you never have to pay. The assurance of delivery is 100%, thanks to the anti-captcha mechanism. It is a perfect choice when you deal with challenging e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Using Oxylabs:

Start using Oxylabs as usual, by signing up and filling the registration form. You can choose one of the two cheapest residential plans, which are the only ones to let you carry on with self-service. Else you need to get in touch with the account manager.

The second option is for the people who want proxies for business reasons. You need to fill in the business email, industry, and contact number. After logging in, the Oxylabs dashboard is where you get into it.

It has many subsections and lets you create sub-users, track usage, and whitelist IPs. It is a great dashboard that assures ease of use. Like Bright Data, the pricing of Oxylabs is above the average too.

But you need to consider the range of features you get from both these proxy service providers. When you look into the thousands of dedicated IPs, you will conclude the service from Oxylabs to be affordable.

You get a client-dedicated account manager who comes to your rescue through call or email. The account manager from Oxylabs guarantees professional and smooth functioning.


  •       Flexible and reliable service
  •       Superior customer support
  •       Available across the globe
  •       Premium performance
  •       Powerful dashboard


  •       Threshold is high entry

4. Zyte (Crawlera):

Crawlera claims to be the smartest proxy network, and in fact, it is. The reason is it does not bring you the best IPs. But the moderate ones from the datacenter proxies and put in their effort and make them the best.

They ensure their management layer works on the IPs they rent from the other providers to bring out the magic. The majority of the web scraping complexities are taken care of by Crawlera.

Best Amazon Proxies - Zyte

Datacenter Proxies:

Crawlera offers datacenter proxy plans for the users, while residential IPs are meant for the enterprise plans. The latter is offered only when a customer specifically asks for it.

There is no clear picture of the total number of IPs, while the company says it offers across 12 countries and more than one thousand IPs. When asked for, other locations are brought in.

You get one 1 gateway address which rotates the IPs for you. Unless you opt for the cheapest plan, there are sticky sessions. There is a 12-second delay between each request.

Don’t ignore it, as the time limit goes up when you ignore it. When you see that these are not impressive, you will see the management of proxy features is great.

Residential Proxies:

You get residential IPs only as a paid add-on. You need to go for them with the enterprise plan, and Crawlera considers it fit to be for the unruly sites only.

How does it work?

When you use this proxy provider, it estimates the load and ban of the site and ensures you do not get blocked. It works on the request rate to ensure this. It stores a database of captchas and response codes, and ban types.

If it senses a block, it uses other IP addresses. If you use a cheaper plan, it discards the cookies, else, you do not have to store cookies in the crawler. The proxies do that for you.

Using Crawlera:

Login using your Google account, or you can also sign in to an account from scratch to use Crawlera. Another way to use the proxy provider is to use GitHub. You can enjoy a 14-day free trial when you sign up through this site.

However, your billing details should be entered to start with. When you choose the cheapest plan, you either get a ticket to get any questions answered by customer support. Or you need to get it cleared from the documentation.

You get replies through the ticket system in a business day. But, it does not work on weekends. For enterprise clients, however, the customer support is impressive.

You get a dedicated account manager when you choose to be an enterprise client, 24/7 customer support and get access to the engineers of Crawlera.

The pricing of Cralwera is impressive, as you pay only for the data you use. The pricing model is simple to understand, and everything is transparent.


  •       Scraping performance is good
  •        A free trial is awesome
  •       IP management is intelligent.
  •       No cost for failed requests


  •       Very few features for the cheap plans
  •       Use cases are very few
  •       When under load performance is low

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FAQs | Best Amazon Proxies

👏 What is a proxy server?

A proxy acts as a gateway between you and the internet. This server shields the end-user and the internet. They offer different levels of security, privacy, and functionality, which you need to consider when choosing a proxy server.A proxy server functions as a computer on the internet, which has its IP address. So, your IP address does not get involved here. This prevents anyone from knowing your exact location and can come in handy when using sites that have geographical restrictions.

👋 Why should you use a proxy server?

Proxy servers improve speed and save bandwidth. They improve the overall performance of the network. They do this by sending the saved copy of the popular sites you search for. When using the proxies, you can stop others from using the internet without your knowledge. The proxies help parents and organizations monitor the use of the internet. A proxy server is useful in denying access to certain sites. They give you data on time spent on cyberloafing. You can access restricted sites with the use of proxy servers. You can browse the world wide web privately. This is one of the popular reasons why anyone needs a proxy server. The security is high when using a proxy server, and if you deal with financial transactions online a lot, then never miss using a proxy server. Combining proxy with VPN lets big organizations give access to their employees to work from different locations.

🙌 Why should you use proxies for Amazon?

You ensure all your transactions with Amazon are a lot safer when using Amazon proxies. It is impossible to track your personal information. Your online activity will not show your private info kept on the server. Hackers can get a lot of data out of Amazon, as millions use it each day.

Conclusion | Best Amazon Proxies 2023

Using proxies in Amazon lets you evade restrictions about your location. Regardless of where you live you can shop in different versions of Amazon.

If you are into scraping the site to gather info on pricing, customer reviews, and brands, using a proxy is the only way to prevent getting banned from Amazon. The site has intelligent tools to stop scraping, and banning those who use bots to do the same.

There is no other best destination online than Amazon to get your needs for daily life, and more. When you have plenty of options to shop and gather info from Amazon through proxies nothing should stop you from using them.

Hope you have got a lot of ideas for using proxies for Amazon here and choosing the best one to cater to your specific needs.

You can overcome the obstacles of geographical restrictions and gather much information using these proxies. Analyze your needs, and examine the different plans to come up with the proxies for Amazon you need. 

Shielding your IP and the real location is possible when you use proxies. Amazon proxies let you stay safe from hackers, and protect your IP address, the location from Amazon, and help in sidestepping the geographical restrictions.

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