[Updated 2020 February] Best VPNs For Apple TV With Pros & Cons

best vpns for apple tv

In this post, you will get the best VPNs for Apple TV, so that you can have hassle-free and secure browsing session on Apple TV.

Apple TV

Apple TV, a digital media player by the company Apple Inc. is linked with various popular TVs to provide the viewers access to all popular TV shows, sports and movies through streaming channels.

Apple TV gives you access to broadcast networks like Vevo, Youtube, TV Everywhere, Showtime Anytime, NHL.tv, MLB.tv and NBA League Pass. They stream the content received from other digital sources. But this entertainment source has restrictions on usage outside US. So to watch the content of Apple TV, all over the world outside US a quality VPN is required for Apple TV.

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How to watch Apple TV outside US?

Due to censorship issues in US, this product might not be accessible in countries other than US. This results in some TV shows, sports, news and movies getting limited for the audience in US only. Some shows are not only blocked in certain geographical locations but the access to website is also denied for these areas. People living in the African and Asian countries can’t watch the majority shows available.

Consumers outside US though can avail all the content provided by Apple TV with the help of a VPN. A quality VPN provides high internet speed and various servers in the US.

With the help of a good quality VPN, you can enjoy all the programming offered by Apple TV. Though there are various TV channels and streaming services offering wide range of content but geographical restrictions and limitations prevent users from getting access to these services. Those people who desire to get this quality content that are popular in America, can get over these restrictions through using VPNs for Apple TV.


Why Apple TV?

Apple TV integrates wide range of content from various sources and offers you an entertainment source in form of a digital media player. Through researches people’s interest in entertaining services has been identified in favor of these streaming channels. Apple TV amalgamates content of various streaming channels and gives you convenient way to access all with just one Apple TV account. Rather than having separate account for every channel and browsing for your favorite shows on different channels, Apple TV offers you a single platform for all requirements.

Though Apple TV is amazing platform for entertainment, it also has some inconvenience. If the country you are residing in has severe censorship, some addons may not be available to you. In that situation you can use a good VPN and by changing the geographical location the server will provide you the content on your screen.


Necessary characteristics for quality VPNs for Apple TV

A reliable VPN is one which encrypts the data being transferred as such so that the connection is secure and private and also you can watch your content uninterrupted. Some apps might not provide high level of security owing to weak coding. The VPNs provided in the list below will give you secure connection keeping high level of encryption so that your data does not get leaked to unknown cybercriminals.

The quickest VPN should be opted for watching movies in HD, as they decelerate net connection. While travelling through the net the data gets encrypted and decrypted which also slows down the internet connection. Since the information in travelling such long distances internet speed decreases. VPN should provide their users escape from this services slow traffic speed and provide fine speeds for the streaming onto their connection. This thus should provide uninterrupted services without any buffering.


Features provided by VPN

Following are the features provided by VPN


  • By subscribing to VPN one can eliminate the geographical boundaries and can get access of content provided by different channels all over the world.
  • VPN allows you to stream your show without any interference. It prevents the data from getting hacked and thus you can browse without any fear.
  • VPN keeps your data secure and private preventing any leakage.
  • By having a VPN subscription you can hide your current location without any issues and you can also demarcate a location if you want one.


Finding the best VPNs for Apple TV

In the year 2006, Apple Inc. designed one of the best digital media player in form of Apple TV. Owing to the facilities provided by Apple TV, it stands on 4th position according to its active users number. Till July 2017, Apple TV holds 21.3 million users. It is lagging behind by media players like Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.


The only question now remains is that why to opt for Apple TV when there is same content available on other websites?

The reason being Apple TV is one such digital media player which gives you access to different channels content with just one account. Also with Apple TV you don’t have to browse different websites in search of your show or a movie.

Apple TV provides you with amazing features but it needs protection as well and this safety and security can be available by usage of VPN.


Pointers to keep in mind while choosing VPN


  • It gives you access all over the world.
  • It does not interrupt in speed and gives unlimited bandwidth.
  • There is no logging policy for usage.
  • It offers you various tunneling protocols.


A VPN thus gives you this amazing access for using Apple TV around the world. It removes geographical restrictions on watching American programs and shows which are not available in general to outer world. Just find a VPN which gives you highest speed accessible for streaming and high encryption of data for secure and private connection and then you are all ready to enjoy your favorite shows.

Best VPNs for Apple TV: [Updated 2020 February] Best VPNs For Apple TV With Pros & Cons

Following are the VPN suggested for the best functioning of your Apple TV so that you can watch your shows safely without any restrictions.


Express VPN

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal

It is a 5 star rated VPN for the unblocking. ExpressVPN gives you high speed, top quality security and quick installation. It offers facilities like SSL tunnel security, unlimited bandwidth and server switching, etc. The VPN is easily accessible from variety of devices. It ensures high quality 256 bit encryption and will easily give you access to Apple TV, allowing you to watch the content at high speed without interruptions.

ExpressVPN has 100+ servers in 94 countries and it gives you attractive tariffs and packages. It provides you 30 days money back guarantee and has 24X7 support by email and chat.

Nord VPN

This 4.9 rated VPN provides you with double encryption keeping your data safe and secure. It protects your data while browsing online and give you uninterrupted connection with less buffering. Its easy installation and usage service makes it unique, it does not feed any of your data and the kill switch can be used for convenience in operation.

Giving unlimited speed and bandwidth they are compatible with OSES and can be used for maximum six connections making it highly adaptable for travellers. It has 600 servers in 52 countries and provides professional online support.


It is 4.9 rated VPN recommended highly for the tech freaks. It gives you secure connection preventing any leakage of data while being online. This will bypass all geo restrictions and government censorships allowing you access to wide networks on internet.

Your activity is secured by SHA-256-bit authentication and 256-bit AES encryption. It has 1000 servers in 60 countries and gives you 7 day money back guarantee.

CyberGhost Pro

This 4.9 rated VPN is most appropriate when you want the best quality with affordable price. It is one of the cheapest VPN available. It offers fast connection with anonymous safe browsing. CG also has double encryption making your activity private, secured and also anonymous. It has 900 servers around the world and provides a 30 day money back guarantee allowing you to give it a try.

Buffered VPN

This 4.8 rated VPN gives you the greatest security encryption. With this VPN you can surf online and watch live streaming fearlessly without any interruptions. This easy to download and install software is well supportive with different devices giving access on maximum 5 connections. It has servers in more than 37 countries around the world.



vypr vpn black friday deal

Offered by Golden Frog, an internet data storage provider this 4.8 rated VPN provides its users with fast server speeds and unlimited bandwidth, IP address and easy free server switching. It gives online security by keeping the data encrypted and are supportive with different platforms, portable devices and routers. Being based in US it benefits the customers with free shared IP addresses to watch their favorite American shows. It has 700+ servers placed in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


With 4.8 rating Private VPN is one of the good choice amongst available VPN. It is compatible with wide range of platforms like Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. Giving AES 2048-bit encryption and strong protocols, such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2 it has 52 server locations and gives thirty days money back guarantee.

Setting up and configuring VPN for unblocking Apple TV

After clearing the barrier of choosing the VPN, the next step is to understanding the available options of setting up VPNs for Apple TV. Following are the methods you can use to set up VPNs for Apple TV:

By using a wireless router running a VPN

First step is to choose a quality VPN router for your Apple TV and then set up the VPN on your router and connect it through your Apple device. To connect the Apple TV with wireless router you need to go to the general settings of your device > configure the Wi-Fi > select your Wi-Fi network > enter the password and the you just have to go to your Apple Tv browser, vist the YouTube site and get access to all Apple Tv shows and movies.

Connecting Apple TV on laptop through VPN

You can use your laptop having VPN service as Wi-Fi hotspot and connect it with Apple TV. While you download a VPN you have to enter a username a password which was mentioned during registration. Once downloaded connect to a US server. After the connection is established you just have to turn your laptop in Wi-Fi hotspot. Although for this your laptop must have a LAN/ Ethernet internet connection. Then just connect the Apple Tv with the created hotspot and start watching your Apple Tv shows and movies.

Using VPNs for Apple TV on a PC

After installing the VPN, if your PC has Windows OS go to Control Panel > Network and Internet option > change adapter settings option > choose OpenVPN connection > click on

TAPWIN32 Adaptor V9 > right click for properties > choose the sharing tab > check on allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection options. After following these steps restart your PC and all the Apple TV content will be available for you.

Conclusion: [Updated 2020 February] Best VPNs For Apple TV With Pros & Cons

Apple TV is a digital media player which receives various data and stream it to us via a supportive television. This entertainment device provide its users with wide range of music, movies and shows. It also permits transferring of data on multiple devices. It benefits the customers with possibility of connecting any of your device to TV and gives remote control access to the documents you create.

To improve the security of your browsing and removing geographical restrictions on the channels, these best VPNs for Apple TV is the best option.

Apple TV gives you huge platform for watching the content but its access is restricted in several countries. But by using VPN you can unblock the restrictions and get access to the data securely and at higher speed. By following certain series of steps you can share your VPN connection with Apple Tv.

In the list above you can find the best VPNs for Apple TV according to your preferences and needs. There are some VPN’s available for unblocking but they have less security level. So use VPN and keep watching your favorite shows.

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