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In this post, we have featured the best buy BitDefender Coupon Codes & discounts 2020. Get the Black Friday Activation Code 2020 and start using Total Security plus package.

BitDefender is a great provider of services like antivirus, VPN and considered as the Global leader in CyberSecurity.

Bitdefender is a Romanian company based in Bucharest that develops, publishes and sells security solutions in almost 200 countries.

Best Buy BitDefender Coupon & Promo Codes 2020

BitDefender coupon codes


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BitDefender Coupon Codes 2020: About BitDefender

Bitdefender brand, founded in November 2011, follows the AVX (AntiVirus eXpert) brand, which originated in Romania and has been on the market since 1996.

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Between 1996 and 2001, AVX became a globally available product that offered intelligent updates without user intervention.

This also included a browser that monitored and scanned all downloads.

Bitdefender today offers a full range of anti-virus security solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes and needs. This also includes the BitDefender VPN and Total Security Systems.

Products of BitDefender:

BitDefender Security Products

Bitdefender offers are available for the following products: solutions for single users and small businesses, products for the protection of Windows and security applications for Windows computers.

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These include the following packages:

– Antivirus Plus
– Internet Security
– Family Pack
– Total Security

Quick Features of BitDefender:

Bitdefender Internet Security is a multi-package that reliably protects you against all threats from the Internet.

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 In this overview, we have put together the most important features.

  • Virus real-time protection with scan function
  • Multi-Level Protection Against Ransomware.
  • Adaptable Firewall
  • Fast Connection and Unlimited Traffic
  • Extensive Coverage using Multiple locations
  • BitDefender Chrome Extension

How Much Does BitDefender Cost?

With the Bitdefender discount, you can save up to 50% on all these products.

BitDefender antivirus download

Note that in order to use the VPN of BitDefender, you must have a total security system.

BitDefender Total Security with the Bitdefender VPN costs $84.98. BitDefender Total Security discount can save up to 50% on your plans.

The Internet Security package with BitDefender Premium VPN would cost $79.97. You can save up to 60% using Bitdefender promo codes and total security coupon codes.

BitDefender premium VPN coupons are largely available where you can save $36 yearly using the discount coupons.

Pros and Cons of BitDefender:


  • Definition database always up to date through regular updates
  • Applications can also be purchased and used individually
  • Easily accessible customer service
  • Also available for Windows and MacOS
  • 30 days free trial version


  • Scans take longer time than usual
  • Makes computer slower sometimes

FAQs {Frequently Asked Questions}:

✅ Does BitDefender Offer Free Trial?

Yes. BitDefender offers a 30-day free trial without paying upfront. You need to fill in the credit card details. You can download the free version in the download section.

🔥 How To Install BitDefender?

BitDefender is fairly easy to install. You can get the products in the My Devices section. You can add your first device by clicking the 'Install Protection.' Add the software to the system and install BitDefender.

👉 How Can I Unsitall BitDefender?

To Uninstall the BitDefender from your system. Go to the control panel. Click on remove the program and uninstall BitDefender from your system.

🏆 How To Temporarily Disable BitDefender?

Open the BitDefender dashboard and choose antivirus under settings. In the shield tab, click on the switch next to the BitDefender shield to either switch off permanently or temporarily.

⚡ Is BitDefender Total Security Any Good?

BitDefender Total Security is said to offer the most versatile protection. It offers five versions of the total security and is available for Windows and Mac. It offers 50% Discount on Total Security system.

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Conclusion: BitDefender Coupon Codes & Discount 2020

Bitdefender is indeed too cheap and is competitive enough in the features. It can help protect your system against malware and virus.

Using the VPN is another plus with server locations and total encryption.

Use the BitDefender Coupon Codes to get huge discounts on their security systems.

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