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In this article, we have features and offer you ONLYOFFICE coupon codes and promo codes and get the instant discount with the best ONLYOFFICE coupon codes, and ONLYOFFICE Discount Coupons that are suitable for your selected plan of ONLYOFFICE.

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FAQs About ONLYOFFICE Discount Coupons: More ONLYOFFICE Discount Codes


OnlyOffice is an open-source cloud platform that works much in the same way as Open365. It is for the small and mid-sized businesses looking to manage the business through the cloud platform.

🔥 Is ONLYOFFICE Better Than WPS Office?

OnlyOffice offers a cheap subscription as compared to the WPS. It offers live chat and documentation. Also, it is a cloud platform that makes business process management robust.

🏆 Which App Integrates with ONLYOFFICE?

ONLYOFFICE integrates with various SaaS platforms such as NextCloud, Owncloud, Confluence, Alfresco, Sharepoint, Liferay and HumHub, and many others.

💲 How many users can be added during the trial period?

You can add as many users to the portal during the trial period. After the trial period is over, you can choose the desired membership plan.

🤔 What integrations are available for OnlyOffice?

Ans - OnlyOffice allows its Document Editors to be integrated with other document management systems with the help of different plugins like Alfresco Module Package, Connector for Confluence, Connector for HumHub, Connector for Liferay, SharePoint OnlyOffice Integration Plugin, OwnCloud Integration App, etc. These integrations allow you to quickly access the various editing functions through the management system already being used, making OnlyOffice highly efficient in its functions.

🧐 What are OnlyOffice pricing details?

Ans - OnlyOffice has different plans to suit different users. The introductory plan price for a month starts at $75 with an additional $5 for every extra user. You can also avail a one-year membership at $900 with an additional $3 per user per month. They also have an extended duration plan catering for three years which can be availed at $2700 with an additional $2 for every user charged monthly.

😮 How to Download OnlyOffice?

Ans - Considering that different users have access to a different technology. OnlyOffice allows you to download the free and paid versions directly from its website. They have clear links leading to the different editions based on usage. Using the dropdown tabs, you can find the various apps that you need, the server integration packages, etc. making sure that you find what you need in absolutely no time.

🙄 Is OnlyOffice Discount Coupons really works?

Ans - Yes OnlyOffice Discount Coupons works, what you have to do is just go to our website and find the coupon section, where you will see lots of verified coupons for the product.

🎊 What is OnlyOffice?

Ans - Ascensio System SIA, with headquarters in Riga, Latvia is the developer behind ONLYOFFICE. Onlyoffice is a free office suite software. Some of the features of OnlyOffice include online document editors, a platform for document management, corporate communication, project management tools, and Mail management tools. OnlyOffice is available as an installation to be deployed on private networks, or a SaaS module. A private online portal provides access to users.

🎡 ONLYOFFICE is free?

No working with ONLYOFFICE is not free. You will have to pay to enjoy its benefits. However, we here have many promo and discount codes for you that can help you get hefty discounts. All you have to do is use these codes.

🗾 What do you mean by ONLYOFFICE document server?

It is an office suite that is online that comprises editors and viewers for presentations, spreadsheets, and texts. It is entirely compatible with Office Open XML formats like pptx, xlsv, Docx, and in real-time enables collaborative editing.

🌠 Can you call ONLYOFFICE open-source software?

Yes, ONLYOFFICE is open-source software, and you can make use of it whenever you want without worrying about anything.

🌌 Can ONLYOFFICE be used in different internal commercial organizations as well?

Yes, since it is open-source software, you can easily use it. There won't be any additional limitations as well. It can be freely used both on intranet-based servers and the internet. If you find any difficulties, you can quickly contact their support team from here.

🎇 Can I use ONLYOFFICE source code for my website or application?

Yes, any developer can easily use the source codes of ONLYOFFICE. However, they must be published under their license only.

🛖 Can someone change or remove the ONLYOFFICE logo on their own?

No, there is no way that you can change or remove their logo. ONLYOFFICE does not allow that.

In this post, we have shared the ONLYOFFICE  coupon code & ONLYOFFICE Discount Coupons 2021 which is a platform for cloud-based software for your business.

ONLYOFFICE Personal is a free website that includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation provider. It can be called the cheap alternative to Microsoft Office.

I will dive deep into its features and offer you the ONLYOFFICE discount coupon codes and promo codes.

Bottom Line Upfront 

OnlyOffice, stylized as ONLYOFFICE, is a free software office suite developed by Ascensio System SIA, a company headquartered in Riga, Latvia. It features online document editors, platform for document management, corporate communication, mail and project management tools. I highly recommended OnlyOffice must try get free 180-day trial for ONLYOFFICE Cloud Service



Best Buy ONLYOFFICE Coupon Codes & Discount Codes 2021



OnlyOffice is an open-source cloud platform that works much in the same way as Open365. ONLYOFFICE Personal consists of three parts, which work together as an MS Office alternative, but individually as individual programs.


It is fully designed for the following purposes: project management, document management, ONLYOFFICE CRM, community, mail, and time calendar.

With it, this platform also works with Microsoft Office in a collaborative way. You can add documents, spreadsheets, presentations much in the same way as Google Docs.



Lev Bannov is the founder of ONLYOFFICE, ONLYOFFICE is a project developed by experienced IT experts from Ascensio System SIA, a leading IT company with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Originally ONLYOFFICE was designed for internal team collaboration.

All the trends I named earlier — AI, security, blockchain — will definitely be developing in 2021. For example, Ethereum 2.0 creators have understood their past mistakes (I mean expensive transactions), so I believe they’ll fix that soon.

I’m also ready to predict that people will be choosing cloud software and rejecting tools that aren’t available in the cloud. I think it’s only natural.

ONLYOFFICE Coupon Code With Features:

Let’s check out the features of OnlyOffice here…


  • Online Office Suite
  • Compatible with all formats
  • Deal with multiple files in a single tab
  • ONLYOFFICE Collaboration Tool: Connect to your team
  • End-to-end Document Encryption
  • Easily add third-party plugins and videos to your project
  • Project Management Toolset
  • Document Management Features
  • Mail Server Functionality
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
  • CRM system
  • It can be deployed on any server.



ONLYOFFICE offers a secure online office suite highly compatible with MS Office formats. Connect it to your web platform for document editing and collaboration.

💰  Price

$ 75

😍  Pros

Unlimited storage space for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations

😩  Cons

Uploads must not be larger than 100 MB per file.


OnlyOffice is an interesting and competitive office suite. With the clean interface and clear and sleek design, it makes OnlyOffice360 reasonably good to compete with Microsoft Office.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Pricing For ONLYOFFICE coupon & Promo Codes:


The best part about ONLYOFFICE is that it works according to the pay-as-per pricing.

You can get a free trial of their desktop editors. If you have 1-2 active users, it may cost differently.

The pricing for ONLYOFFICE Coupon Code & ONLYOFFICE Promo Code is given below:

Plan (number of users) 1-Month 1-Year 3-Year
1-2 $10 $72 $144
3-5 $20 $144 $288
6-10 $40 $288 $576
11-20 $75 $540 $1080
21-30 $125 $900 $1800
31-50 $200 $1440 $2880

If you have above 50 users, you can contact their sales team. Before starting, you can try their 180-Day Free Trial.

Is ONLYOFFICE Discount Code Free?

ONLYOFFICE is completely free to use for 180-days. You can connect and operate with your team using the ONLYOFFICE CRM and Office360.

After 180-days, you can get the ONLYOFFICE Coupon codes and save about 30% with a discount now.

 OnlyOffice Alternatives 

1. LibreOffice


LibreOffice is a free product and is developed by the document foundation. It works well as any other office suite and is available on all operating systems. It’s handy software, and once you start using it, there’s no going back to others. The Office Suite includes a writer, in which you can write your productivity and edit it, just as you write and edit in Microsoft Word. 

It comes with features like draw, math, base, and impress. You can edit diagrams and graphics, edit the formula, manage your data, and present a presentation just as you do in Microsoft office applications. That is why it is an excellent alternative of OnlyOffice to opt for. 


The LibreOffice costs you nothing. It is free software with compatible applications, which are independently developed. 

2. Google docs 


Google docs’ lets you write in its word processor, and you can convert your word document into a Google document; and while writing the document, it has the features to change font and size, adjustment of margins and colors. With Google documents, you can also allow access to your document to other people for collaboration. 

And you can have a conversation within the document with the collaborators because it allows you to edit, view, and comment on a particular document. You can translate your document into any language and email them as a picture to other people. It is highly recommended for personal or private use. 

You can download the document as PDF, HTML, WORD DOC, ZIP FILE, and RTF. 


Google docs are free until you want a standard version of the G Suite which starts from $5 per user.

3. Microsoft Office Suite 

Microsoft Office Suite Microsoft Office Suite 

Microsoft office suite comprises applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft office excels, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft office access, Microsoft office outlook, and Microsoft Office OneNote. 

With office, you can save the documents up to 7gn for free on your Microsoft drive and have full access to your documents. There is an application included in the office like publisher, project, office Visio and Lync. You are managing and publishing your projects along with keeping track and confronting meetings in time. 


  • The basic plan costs you rs115/per user/ per month
  • The standard plan costs you rs530/ per user/ per month
  • The premium plan costs you rs1153/ per user/ per month

4. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice offers you free services of applications like words, spreadsheets, presentations, data, and graphics. The apache foundation develops it. It has open-source licensing, and it is a free product that makes that easily accessible to use by every consumer.

If you do not want to spend your money, you must go for Apache OnlyOffice because it is free to use and easily accessible.  It can help you to manage your work efficiently with its leading quality. 

It is free and does not cost you a single penny. So, why not try it for free. 

5. WPS office

WPS office

The number of users has increased as time passes. Along with a PDF tool, it contains a writer, spreadsheets, and presentation under it. Its compatibility with Microsoft office is accessible, and it can run on any desktop. In the WPS office, you can protect your documents with passwords. 


The subscription models and versions of WPS Office are: 

WPS Office Free 

It is a free version.

WPS Premium 

It costs you US$29.99 per year/per user. 

WPS Home and Student

It costs you US$44.99 per year/per user. 

WPS License

It costs you US$44.99 per year. 

Pros And Cons:



  • No software download required
  • Simple, easy to use website
  • New files can be created online and existing ones can be uploaded
  • Files can be shared with everyone, including non-users
  • Shared files enable chat and co-editing
  • Word processing with automatic spell checking
  • Unlimited storage space for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • With file versioning, you can restore an older version of a file
  • With a search and filter tool, you can quickly and easily find files in your account
  • Multiple files can be downloaded from your account in the form of a ZIP file
  • Files can be downloaded from websites like Box, Zoho, and Dropbox


  • Must create a user account to use the suite
  • Uploads must not be larger than 100 MB per file.

ONLYOFFICE Vs. LibreOffice

ONLYOFFICE has the maximum MS Office and all other MS Office suites compatibility and is made for working with ppt, xlsx, Docx, etc.

Although LibreOffice opens on pptx, xlsv, and Docx, there are many issues. ONLYOFFICE is strictly made for MS office and its products.

LibreOffice’s model stresses ODFspecifications while ONLYOFFICE’s model corresponds to OOMXL specifications.

Also, LibreOffice is more for desktop editors working while ONLYOFFICE is more for collaborative works.

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What Customer Says About ONLYOFFICE Coupon Code:

What Customer Says About ONLYOFFICE Coupon Code:

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ONLYOFFICE Video Review:

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Conclusion: ONLYOFFICE Coupon Codes & Promo Codes 2021

OnlyOffice is an interesting and competitive office suite. With the clean interface and clear and sleek design, it makes OnlyOffice360 reasonably good to compete with Microsoft Office.

With features like the addition of plugin and the free version, it becomes an ideal choice to manage the documents online.

Try ONLYOFFICE coupon codes and start getting the benefits for this great tool. Here is your 40% saving link


Pricing Policy
Customer Support
Ease Of Use
Value For Money

OnlyOffice is an interesting and competitive office suite. With the clean interface and clear and sleek design, it makes OnlyOffice reasonably good to compete with Microsoft Office.

Price:$ 75
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