Bookkeeper Launch Review 2022: Is Bookkeeper Launch Legit?

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Value for Money
Payment Options


  • Lifetime access to the courses
  • Multiple payment options available
  • Provides flexibility to complete courses
  • Quick Video Lessons
  • You can even get email access
  • Pro and Premier plans available
  • Good customer support
  • Facebook Support Group with over 6000 members
  • Question and Answer Session with Professionals each week
  • Attorney Access


  • Pricing is bit high
  • Takes time to experience, hence clients walk in late too.
  • You will have to earn your financial freedom.

Bookkeeper is the only program that formally teaches you how to maintain your bookkeeping business and set it up from scratch. Its main aim is to teach you how to grow your business healthily.

Price:$ 199

Looking for an unbiased article on Bookkeeper Launch Review? I have got you covered. Here I have shared my detailed insights about Bookkeeper Launch and everything you must know about this program.

Do you want to start your own bookkeeping business, but you don’t know how to get started?

It’s really hard to find a good training program that teaches you everything you need to know about running a successful small business.

Bookkeeper Launch is the only solution for people who are just starting and looking for an easy way in. In this course, I’ll teach you exactly what it takes to run a successful bookkeeping business from scratch. No more confusion or frustration!

Bottom Line UpfrontAre you looking for a way to start your own bookkeeping business?

Bookkeeper Launch is the only program that formally teaches you how to maintain a successful bookkeeping business and set it up from scratch.

Its main aim is to teach you how to grow your business healthily. It teaches you all about the necessary skills you should know to make your business bloom. It gives little tips and tricks which go a long way.

Bookkeeper Featured On

You can learn everything there is about starting, running, and maintaining a successful bookkeeping business company with this course! And if that isn’t enough, we’ll also show you some of our favorite tools for making life easier in the office – like invoicing software or time tracking apps!

Click here now for more information on Bookkeeper Launch!

Bookkeeper is the only program that formally teaches you how to maintain a successful bookkeeping business and set it up from scratch. Its main aim is to teach you how to grow your business healthily.

It teaches you all about the necessary skills you should know to make your business bloom. It gives little tips and tricks which go a long way. 

The course doesn’t restrict you to certain timings. You can complete it at your leisure. So the course can last three to six months. And you can get your first client, just after this. 

You are honored with a Certificate of Completion after you have cleared all the course barriers. 

The course has amazing ratings and reviews and a satisfying aspect of the course is that it provides a 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with what you are learning in the first month of your training. 

Bookkeeper Business Launch Review

I will also be answering all your questions related to Bookkeepers. You might have questions like:

– What does a bookkeeper do?
– Do bookkeepers have to be certified?
– What are the qualifications for a bookkeeper?
– How much does it cost to hire a bookkeeper?
– How much do bookkeepers make?
– What is the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper?
– What type of job is a bookkeeper?
– How much does it cost to become a bookkeeper?

Content Outline

Who Is Ben Robinson?

Bookkeeper Launch was launched in 2015, by Ben Robinson. His basic agenda was to help people to get a digital job, where they could enjoy the 3Fs. Freedom, Family, and Finance.

He teaches people bookkeeping skills which allow them to work from home and earn enough, while you are still having your family time. 

Ben Robinson

He was keen on teaching other people who needed help to work from home. So he started teaching his friend Kelly, now Chief Operating Manager, and later on established this empire.

He wanted to do good for society. After only five years of being established, Bookkeeper Launch now has a family of about 8000 candidates. They strive to enlarge this family with time. 

The people at Bookkeeper Launch have a set of Beliefs. And they strictly stand by these beliefs. And strive to make these beliefs come true. They believe that;

  • You should get acquired with 21st-century technology. 
  • You should strive for being simple and clear. 
  • Your job and earnings should always be under your control. 
  • Your work should make you feel adventurous as well as responsible.

Bookkeeper Launch is one of a kind program, which not only focuses on the benefit of your future clients but also on your overall growth as an individual.

Bookkeeper User Feedback

Bookkeeper Launch Review 2022 | (formerly Bookkeeper Business Launch)

Let’s start by understanding what bookkeeping is. So, Bookkeeping is a position where you are supposed to take care of all the book revised data of an institution, industry, or any business for that matter.

Start your Virtual Bookkeeper Business

You are supposed to keep their financial transactions organized, which includes their sales, receipts, and their purchases. 

The job is pretty easy as the technology now takes major steps to take off the load of the humans.

If you are worried that you don’t have any bookkeeping business experience and won’t be fit for this job. You are wrong. Anyone can do this job. The organization, multi-tasking, hard work, and a positive thought process is all you need to be a part of this program.  

So, the course is divided into four major parts to hone your skills in that particular area. 

The division being:

  • Skills
  • Clients
  • Clients(Advanced)
  • Systems

1. Skills

Bookkeeper Launch Course Day 1 - 15

This part deals with the basics of the entire work order. It gives you knowledge of how you can take care of your client’s balance sheets, cash statements, etc. You will be taught to use various booking software like LastPass and Quickbooks.

You will start with the management of these records and will learn how to keep accounts clean and easily readable. 

Bookkeeper User Review

2. Clients

In this phase, you will learn about how to get clients. How to foster a healthy relationship with your client? Or, how to create a trusting environment? These questions will be answered here.

It also includes how you can know your target audience and what is the appropriate fee you can charge for the services you provide.

You can meet other bookkeepers here and talk to them about their experiences. This will be a great platform to increase your networks. 

Bookkeeper Launch Client Leader

3. Clients (Advanced)

This is an extended version of the previous part. It is more of a self-marketing course and teaches you how you can build a great online identity and how you can keep your website all nice and intact to attract customers to you.

Bookkeeper Launch Client Money

It gives a brief idea of how you have to take lead on your job and show the clients what you are capable of. You get to pitch yourself most formally and intriguingly and walking into your website is more like showing your first look to the clients and it has to be spot on. 

4. Systems

This part of the course covers the legality part. You can legally be declared as a bookkeeper. It’s an overall journey to put you in the game.

It covers how to do your taxes, and how to obtain all your necessary licensing and your permits to practice as a bookkeeper smoothly.

Bookkeeper Launch System

And another added benefit is that the creator of Bookkeeper, Ben Robinson, has added an attorney to his team, who helps you students with all the legalization or law-related questions you have.

So, practically Bookkeeper Launch is just like any other coaching class but only customizes to your comfort. Bookkeeper Launch takes care of your lessons and your benefits all online. 

Your mentors at Bookkeeping

Who Is Bookkeeper Launch For?

Bookkeeper Launch can work for anyone ready to build their business and work from their home. The course offers flexibility and freedom of creating their schedule while they make an income.

You do not need to be great at mathematics or have any sort of bookkeeping experience to run the business. The Bookkeeper Launch course also doesn’t require you to be a techno-nerd. 

This course is not for you if you are not ready to put in the real effort or do not have enough time to invest in the course.


Why Bookkeeper Launch?

This course is a key to success for anyone ready to commit to hard work. It teaches the basics of how you can work from home and expand your business online.

The course offers more flexibility in terms of business and hence is appreciated highly for this virtue. 

And to be a part of this course, you don’t have to be a maths wizard or a total tech-savvy person. It is absolutely for the basics. All you need to bring to this class is determination and hard work and boom you can get yourself a new life. 

The course offers open time frames and you can adjust your classes according to your schedule. Even if you are a full-time worker or a parent. This course won’t be a burden like a chorus.

You get lifetime access to this course. So even if you get an unexpected obstacle, you can press pause on learning and always come back here later. 

The course is not limited to the United States of America or the United Kingdom. Business and trade are prevalent everywhere, and so is this course. 

Bookkeeper Launch Student Reviews From Facebook

Bookkeeper User Feedbacks


Here are a few pointers which will tell you what Bookkeeper launcher is going to help you learn:

  • Skills to know the software you will be using
  • Maintaining records and data
  • How to make clients
  • How to keep your clients
  • Making your identity via your personalized website
  • Attracting clients to your website
  • How to network

Pros of Bookkeeper Launch 

  • You get lifetime access to the course
  • Complete access to their personalized library
  • Online course adds and works according to your flexibility
  • Various Payment options are available
  • Can be completed in under 10 weeks
  • Support calls each week to understand your take on what you learn
  • Email access to Student Welfare Team
  • Access to their Facebook Student Community
  • Attorney Access
  • Flexibility to take your course anywhere with internet access.

Cons of Bookkeeper Launch Program

  • You will have to earn your financial freedom. 
  • Takes time to experience, hence clients walk in late too. 

If you think about it, everything has merits and demerits. Just like the Bookkeeper Launch Program. 


Bookkeeper Launch Courses Review: Are They Any Good?  

Bookkeepers, the brand offers various courses. Courses relating to how you can take care of your data and cybersecurity.

Or courses about optimizing and growing your business. Although, this review is specified only to the Bookkeeper Launch Course.

This is the main deal when it comes to learning about your job. Let’s find out what are the various skill sets you will acquire and how much it will cost and try finding answers for the main question- How effective it is? 

This course has two main divisions:

  • Bookkeeper Launch Pro
  • Bookkeeper Launch Premier

You can choose one of the two programs according to your choice. Down below is a description of the difference between the two courses. 

Bookkeeper Business Launch Pro and Premier

1. Bookkeeper Launch PRO

PRO version of the Launch Program allows you access to content that is worth 58 hours. This is a program that takes care of all your requirements when you start your job.

Bookkeeper Launch Course Foundation Intro

It will start with the absolute basics of the program and the things you want to understand. Overall it covers these topics:

  • Foundation Of Bookkeeping
  • How to be Efficient
  • Starting and Registering your Business
  • How to price your Services
  • Marketing
  • Attaining Clients
  • Growth

2. Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER

This program is created for you if you are planning to do a bookkeeping business as a full-time approach. Here, you get all the advantages and services that the Bookkeeper Launch PRO provides, along with a few additional benefits like the Group Coaching Sessions.

Bookkeeper Launch Financial Statements

These eight sessions are held for you in an audience of successful online bookkeepers, who will tell you all about their field.

They give lectures and explain to you what it’s like to be out in the real world. The lecturers take up your doubts and explain every answer in detail. This is a more modern approach to traditional schooling. 

Bookkeeper Facebook Review

Unique Features that Bookkeeper Launch Program Provides (for both PRO and PREMIER):

  • Question and Answer Session with Professionals each week
  • Facebook Support Group with over 6000 members
  • Legal Consultation and Access to an Attorney
  • Constant Email Support

Bookkeeper Launch Course Content: 

Here is what you get inside the Bookkeeper Launch course:

Unit 1

The first section of the course teaches you about bookkeeping business. Ben goes over the primary responsibilities and how her day typically looks.

Unit 2

The first module, known as Basics of Bookkeeping, focuses on 18 key topics such as the foundations of bookkeeping and fundamental elements, assets, liability and equity, accounting equation, credit and debit accounts, and more. This module also includes quizzes to help you solidify your ideas. 

Module 2 focuses on financial statements, journals, and ledgers. The following topics are addressed in this module: balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, ledger posting, bookkeeping cycle, and more.

Professional ethics are covered in the third module of Unit 2. Here you’ll study bookkeeping’s legal issues and regulations as well as business entities and the uniform commercial code.

Unit 3

This unit comprises five modules and is called the Building Blocks. This module explains how to use Xero and QuickBooks and how to handle records, accounts receivable, fixed assets, accounts payable, payroll liabilities, credit liabilities, loans, equity, income statement information, statement of cash flows data, and much more.

There are a lot of demonstrations in this course that demonstrate how each idea works.

Unit 4

There are three modules in this unit, each called “Prepare, Review, and Present.” This course discusses the balance sheet, cash flow statement, income, and financial statement preparation.

The four lessons in this sequence will teach you everything there is to know about the bookkeeping business. You’ll master all of the skills needed for a bookkeeping business, from accounting and tax preparation to invoicing and client relationship management.

These four units are jam-packed with information that has been broken down into modules so that it’s simple to learn one at a time. Even better, you have access to six additional units extending your bookkeeping knowledge even further.

These six components include:

  • Seven modules of To Infinity and Beyond
  • Ten modules of Business and Marketing
  • 1 module of Practical and Tactical
  • Four modules of Bookkeeping Practicals
  • Eight modules of Bonus Training
  • Three modules of Bootcamp Coaching

You can find a lot of helpful tools and resources on their website after you pay for Bookkeeper Business Launch. The following are some examples:

  • All of the program’s features, quizzes, case studies, and other resources are available to you.
  • Resource library
  • Extra features such as Clients Advanced, LinkedIn for Bookkeepers, and Hacks and Facts
  • Join an exclusive online community.
  • Unlimited access and updates

If you purchase the Bookkeeper Business Launch Premium, you will also have access to all of the following features::

  • Everything that Bookkeeper Business Pro has to offer
  • Coaching sessions
  • Open mic sessions
  • Live recordings
  • Consultations with bookkeeping pros, and more


What Services Do Bookkeepers Provide?

You record all the financial transactions of your client in the software which you will be learning about.

  • Classification of the financial records you have stored
  • You check the accuracy of the transactions made by your client and make sure there are no glitches in the same. 
  • You are expected to produce a statement of the client’s finances. 
  • And talk to your clients about their financial statements and take their say. 

This doesn’t seem very difficult now, does it?

Bookkeeper Launch Pricing: How Much Does Bookkeeper Launch Cost?

Bookkeeper Launch is one of a kind program and currently the only one which formally educates you about your tasks at hand. It not only educates but sets up your business and also, most importantly legalizes you as a Bookkeeper. 

Since it is the only one in the field you don’t get to compare this course to other brands. However, the investment you make here is pretty convenient to a middle-class person, with all the added amenities the course provides. 

So, the original cost of Bookkeeper Launch PRO is $1,999. 

And the original price for Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER is $2,999. 

You have to make monthly payments for both the courses so, 

For Bookkeeper Launch PRO you pay, $199 per month over twelve months

And for Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER you pay $299 per month over twelve months. 

Bookkeeper Launch Pricing

Although during the sale period, the costs may decrease accordingly. If you access the course now, you can buy the course at 300$ off, which is a great sum, to be honest. 

If you are a beginner, I would suggest you rather buy the Bookkeeper Launch PRO than the Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER, because both the programs almost have the same skeleton. However, with premier, you get more accountability and additional coaching to help you succeed more rapidly and efficiently.

You could always upgrade later if you are willing to dive in deeper. But for now, if you are a total new bee, at least get on to understanding the basics, you can opt for specialization after you are completely confident with what you are doing. 

If you are not satisfied with what Bookkeeper Launch has to provide you with, you get an advantage to avail 100% money-back guarantee, within the first 30 days of your subscription. No questions asked.

Now, this is a good way to let you take some risks. If you don’t like what you are doing, at least you can save on that money. 

Certified people from this course, averagely earn 32,000$-41,000$ per month. So if you think about the big picture. The investment is worth the return. This investment is not only for the money though.

You are investing money in yourself when you pay for this course. Because then you get access to so much knowledge and experience which would have been difficult to acquire somewhere else. 

Is buying a Bookkeeper Launcher worth it? This question can only be answered by you. Are you serious enough to pursue this career?

If it is yes, the Bookkeeper Launch Course is one of the best ways to get to where you are planning to go. Whatever road you choose is going to be difficult.

At least the Bookkeeper Lunch Program sorts out various ways for you and gives you added benefits along the way. Helps you with every problem you face. It is just a paid service to look after your growth. 

Levels of courses at

Bookkeeper Launch Success Stories

Here are some of the success stories for Bookkeeper Launch:

Bookkeeper Success Stories 2 Bookkeeper Success Stories 3 Bookkeeper Success Stories 4 Bookkeeper Success Stories


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FAQs About Bookkeeper Launch

Is it okay if I don’t have an office space?

Yes, it’s completely fine if you don’t have an office space. You can work from your dining table too. No worries at all. And besides, your clients will look at you and your office via your website. So you should rather be worried about having an amazing website rather than an office.

How long will it take for me to complete my course?

Completion, of course, is all under your hands. It all depends on your pace and capabilities. But here is a heads up, the starting weeks go on quickly taking only 2-3 hours of your week, but later you might need up to 5 hours per week. And later on, when you start working you might need as many as 10 hours each week to keep running smoothly.

Will I get any homework if I take the course?

Yes, Bookkeeper Launch does make you do homework to make sure you practice what you are taught and for you to get familiar with the working of the entire Bookkeeping Business.

Why should I choose to be a Bookkeeper?

The job provides various benefits to be very honest, You get the flexibility of the hours you work, You can work with one or more clients, Good Pay, Stability in Work.

What is Bookkeeper Launch?

Bookkeeper launch is a top-to-bottom course to learn bookkeeping and turn it into a profitable business. They will teach you to build a successful bookkeeping business from scratch.

Is Bookkeeper Launch Right For YOU?

Bookkeeper is the right choice for you since you will get work stability and flexibility. You will get good pay and you can even work from home. You can work part-time as well as full time.

How Many of Bookkeeper Launch’s Students Have Started Successful Businesses?

A lot of students have started their bookkeeping business and have been successful with the help of this Business Launch. You can read the reviews and comments on the number of students as proof of what value this course offers to you.

About How Long Does It Take to Complete Each Module?

You will need at least 10 hours per week to complete the modules. Each module may take you 2.5-5 hours to complete. You will also be given home assignments so that you can excel in your business.

I Want to Go Fast: Can I Complete the Course in Less Than 10 Weeks?

Yes. You will be given full flexibility to complete your course and start the business.

What is the best thing about being an online Bookkeeper?

Managing time can be a major challenge when it comes to playing the role of a Bookkeeper. You need to wear various hats all at the same time and manage your entire clientele without any scope of mistake. To meet the deadlines, it becomes crucial to manage your work well.

What is the biggest challenge in the role of a Bookkeeper?

Yes. You will be given full flexibility to complete your course and start the business.

What is a typical day for a Bookkeeper?

On a usual day, you will find a Bookkeeper maintaining the financial records and communicating with their clients to get exact information. This implies both balancing as well as updating the bank accounts of the clients for ensuring that all the deposits and payments are reported accurately.

Is virtual bookkeeping legit?

Bookkeeping is a very crucial job. The first bookkeepers are from over many years ago. You can do it at home, too! You can do this without having to go to work every day.

Is bookkeeper business launch free?

This is a paid course on how to become a bookkeeper and how you can start your own accounting business. Ben Robinson, who owns an accounting firm himself and has been a CPA for many years, created this course.

How much should a bookkeeper charge per hour?

It will cost around $40/hr to hire a bookkeeper. But it can be more or less depending on the type of work they do. Basic bookkeeping costs start at about $33/hr, but if the job is more complicated then it will cost more money.

Is there a future in bookkeeping?

Technology is changing how bookkeepers do their jobs. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology will change the way that they work.

Is bookkeeping still a good career?

If you want to know what bookkeeping is like, it is best if you start small. You can also consider yourself a good candidate for bookkeeping if you are looking for a job with low commitment and decent pay.

Is it worth becoming a certified bookkeeper?

If you are setting yourself apart from other bookkeepers, it might be worth your while to take certifications. That way you can charge more for your work and give better service.

Are bookkeepers in demand?

The number of jobs for bookkeepers is expected to be lower than the number of jobs for accountants, but they will open more often. There will be 188,500 openings per year.

How much do virtual bookkeepers make?

Most Virtual Bookkeeper salaries are between $32,500 and $43,500. But people working at their job at the top of the range make up to $51,500 a year.

How much is bookkeeping launch?

The pricing for Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Launch PRO is $1,999 and for Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER is $2,999. You have the option to make monthly payments for both the courses, so for Bookkeeper Launch PRO it will cost $199 per month over twelve months and for Bookkeeper Launch PREMIER you pay $299 per month over.

How much do virtual bookkeepers make?

Most Virtual Bookkeeper salaries are between $32,500 and $43,500. But people working at their job at the top of the range make up to $51,500 a year.

How difficult is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is not hard. You can do it on the job, through self-study, or with a formal college degree program. Many companies need the services of bookkeepers so they can free up their time for other things.

Is the Certified bookkeeper exam difficult?

The bookkeeping certification exam can be difficult. It is not as hard as the CPA test, but it is still difficult. People should prepare for this test so they can do well.

Can you be a bookkeeper without a degree?

The bookkeeping certification exam can be difficult. It is not as hard as the CPA test, but it is still difficult. People should prepare for this test so they can do well.

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Is Bookkeeper Launch Any Good?

Features: Bookkeeper Launch will teach you how to create a bookkeeping business and take care of everything in the process.

You will learn everything about the bookkeeping business, such as how to start a new business with the help of Bookkeeper Launch, how to deduct expenses from income, set up accounting manually and automatically or with an integrated system, make sure that your bookkeeping is secure, and learn how to deal with errors

Advantages: You learn from a professional’s perspective. You can grow your bookkeeping business, expand your organization, and become independent from outside sources.

Benefits: You learn about money management skills that will help you run a successful bookkeeping business from day one.

Bookkeeper Launch Review Conclusion 2022: Is Bookkeeper Business Launch Accredited?

Bookkeeper Launch seems to be a decent deal. They provide various services in the fees you pay for your course.

Besides, the learning exposure that the brand provides is pretty large too. You get in contact with other bookkeepers and people who are already in business, which is great networking to build your client list.

And the best part of the course is you don’t need to have any qualifications to be a part of this course. All you have to be is a hard worker with determination, and the rest is just taught to you. 

Bookkeepers Launch Reviews From Students:

Bookkeeper Launch Facebook Review

I like how this course thinks more about clients and the client’s needs. For example, they assumed that many of their students would be work from home parents and hence they have provided with enough flexibility to attend your classes at your leisure and in accordance. You won’t find this trait easily.

Other than these comments, I think this course is great for you if you are trying to make a change in your life.

The bonuses that the course provides, like access to their library and their Facebook Community, do make a huge difference as these traits add up to your confidence.

All in all, I hope you enjoy being a bookkeeper and that you liked this review about Bookkeeper Launch.

If you want to learn more about Bookkeeper you can check out their about us page. You can reach out to the Bookkeeper Launch team via their contact us page, and read their latest blogs posts here.

Bookkeeper Launch On Facebook:

Here are some posts from Bookkeeper’s Facebook page:

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76 thoughts on “Bookkeeper Launch Review 2022: Is Bookkeeper Launch Legit?”

  1. I’m not sure why you would ever hire a bookkeeper, and consequently this is probably the worst idea of all time. I hired one and it took me so much longer than any of my colleagues to get anywhere. I had more problems because they were too expensive for what I needed them for. They had such high prices that it took me months to get rid of them after cancelling my service contract with them! Beware of hiring these (bookkeepers).

  2. BL makes it EASY to work productively from anywhere as an accountant, create a life of liberty, be in control of your timetable and help various other entrepreneur.

  3. Being a bookkeeper can be a demanding job and difficult without the right knowledge about how to operate it smoothly. Bookkeeper Launch has all the information you need from start-ups, customer management, invoicing, payrolls, taxation and much more. This program teaches you everything required to take care of your books in an easy way without having to go through countless hours studying boring manuals on accounting.

  4. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of bookkeeping or you’ll be left drowning in bills. Start your journey into business success with Bookkeeper Launch!

    A program that teaches everything from marketing, all the way to maintaining a healthy company (and so much more)! It also gives little tips and tricks such as which kinds of articles and reviews are best for advertising on different sites, how often should you post them, etc.

  5. Bookkeeper Launch will be the only program you ever need to know about bookkeeping. With this training course packed with key tips and tricks, your business will grow eagerly as a flower. Take care of your business with our practical knowledge and passion.

  6. With bookkeeper I learned how to create a profitable bookkeeping business and also gained the skills needed to be successful in any industry.

  7. You’ll get to meet other people in the same field and learn from them. The course is affordable, which means you don’t need to take out loans or spend a lot of money upfront.

  8. You can start a profitable bookkeeping business. It’s easy to learn and apply the skills taught in this course.

  9. I was able to work with many different types of businesses. There are no qualifications required for the course.

  10. Now I can work from home and create my own schedule. No experience necessary, just a willingness to learn.

  11. Fast and convenient. Bookkeeper Launch has made learning bookkeeping a piece of cake! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an informative, accurate course on the subject that’s structured well.

  12. I often struggled with bookkeeping and so I found that Bookkeeper Launch had exactly the sort of information I needed. The program is easy to understand, it is structured in segments which are short but effective so you won’t have to waste hours wading through pages and pages of content- a relief because time is something we all don’t have enough of!

    I like the fact that there’s loads of really helpful practical tools as well as little tips which help make your business grow stronger. Plus, it’s backed by an experienced team from within the industry that provide real life insights into what works in practice when putting theory into action- they’re not just some nerdy bunch sitting behind their screens spouting stale nonsense!

  13. Every business needs its own set of books, and this is the only resource I’ve found to help guide you on how to maintain that level of professionalism. This bookkeeper launch has really been a revelation ever since it came out with its first edition, but now in its newest series, they have transferred all that knowledge into an easily accessible package. If investing wasn’t enough for you yet, take these two simple steps – download their free e-booklet and obtain the information you need. Your bookkeeping will thank you!

  14. Bookkeeper Launch is such a wonderful opportunity. Learning about it before the college semester begins will save me from wasting money and time not knowing what this business entails. I’m also very excited to learn because there are no other courses on this subject matter that I would trust more than one from Bookkeeper Launch to prepare me and teach everything needed for running a business.

  15. I cannot tell you how many launches I have attended for this launch, and not enough of them actually proved to yield the returns that they promised. Investing in Bookkeeper Launch is a steal compared to the amount of money I would pay an accountant or bookkeeping franchise. The best thing about it? They will personally teach you everything without going bankrupt in the process!

  16. The Bookkeeper’s Launch feels like an exhaustive, uninspiring obligation. It turns out to be much more than that. It has vital lessons about money–tips on when and where to put it, how to remember it existed at all when your brain is trying hard not to think about it. Who knew what experts had in their heads? And they did say financial freedom was earned, not gifted….There word contradict and hence they are all messed!

  17. I had no idea what I was doing when it came to bookkeeping, business or marketing. I bought this course because it looked professional and the website said the mentors were experts in their fields. Once I got underway with my training, everything just clicked for me!

  18. I am always looking for new and better ways to make money. Recently, I came across the Bookkeeper Launch program. It was a refreshing change of pace from everything else I’ve tried before–I liked that it was detailed, but not too long-winded; informative but not intimidatingly thorough. Needless to say, this is packed with all the info you need (plus more!) so without a doubt, it’s an awesome investment if you’re serious about running your own bookkeeping business.

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