CoachGlue Review 2024 : Is It the Best PLR Content Solution for Coaches?

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CouchGlue Review


CoachGlue is a popular platform offering high-quality Private Label Rights (PLR) content specifically tailored for coaches and business mentors.One should consider CoachGlue for its exceptional content quality, time-saving templates, and the ability to elevate coaching businesses.

Out of 10


  • Coachglue can create courses for you.
  • Coachglue can handle all the blogs relevant to your coaching business.
  • Coachglue offers different bundles with distinct specificity.


  • You cannot get any bundles for free.


Price: $ 97

Looking for a detailed CoachGlue Review? I have got you covered. Keep reading…

CoachGlue is an amazing tool that helps coaches get their businesses running smoothly.

I’ve been using it for a while now, and I just had to tell you guys about it.

From creating awesome coaching materials to organizing my client information, CoachGlue has been a game-changer for me.

In this review, I’ll take you through my personal experience with CoachGlue, show you how it’s made my coaching life a lot easier, and help you decide if it’s the right fit for you.

So, let’s dive in and see what CoachGlue is all about!

Bottom Line Upfront: Do you want to be your own coach?

CoachGlue is the easy-to-use online training platform that helps people create their online business with time saving features and a focus on customer experience.

customer review

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to work from home, but doesn’t know where to start. With CoachGlue, you’ll have all the tools necessary for success at your fingertips!

You can finally take control of your life and make it what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Get started with CoachGlue to building an amazing future today!

About CoachGlue 

Coachglue VIP Membership

Aspect Details about CoachGlue
What It Is A platform offering tools and resources for coaches to create, market, and manage their coaching business.
Main Features  Customizable Coaching Forms & Templates, Program & Course Building Tools, Marketing Materials
Benefits Saves time in content creation, Enhances client engagement, and Streamlines business operations.
Ideal For Life coaches, business coaches, health coaches, and other professionals in the coaching industry.
User Experience Intuitive and user-friendly, it is designed for coaches who want efficient business management.
Pricing Various pricing plans, including monthly and yearly subscriptions, with different features included in each.
Customer Support Provides support through email, webinars, and a comprehensive knowledge base.
Community Aspect Access to a community of like-minded coaches for networking and idea sharing.

Coachglue specializes in providing you with your courses, group coaching plans, blog posts, workshops, and planners to help you build a flourishing and hustle-free business.

They will provide you with all the resources for your coaching company to make it prosperous and stress-free.

Best CoachGlue Courses & Programs:

Here are the top CoachGlue programs and services:

1. Done-for-you journals:-

You would surely like to have your chain of journals so that you can use them in numerous ways to thrive in your business. Coachglue can do that for you.

They have various journal prompts that are effective, heart-touching, and constructive. You can have your journals in two formats: Word and Canvas.

You can opt for one according to your suitability.

2. Done-for-you planners:-

Coachglue can help you provide free and paid training that might surprise both your current and new clients.

Coachglue offers a done-for-you coaching content package that is entirely customized, well-written, and of high quality.

You can provide quality content to your clients, and that too, without adding extra hours of work to your schedule. 

CoachGlue features

4. Done-for-you courses:-

Creating and planning a course and then launching it online is a hell of a lot of work. You need to write the content, and plan everything.

Coachglue done-for-you

It could give you some dark circles. But why worry when there’s Coach Glue to assist you? Coach glue can create the whole course for you.

From planning to execution, Coach Glue will take care of everything. You don’t need to write anything, and it’s just a matter of copy and paste.

Also, Coach Glue understands that you want a course that is fun, easy, and interactive. 

5. Done-for-you video scripts:-

Coachglue offers workbooks and video scripts that can help you in selling your brand-new product.

Video Script Packages

The package includes a workbook that you can use to sell a product, and if you want to record a video and use it alongside the workbook, then CoachGlue will provide you with the video script.

You don’t need to disrupt your sleeping schedule. Coachglue will write an effective video script for you, following which you can make a perfect video that will lead to a greater number of sales. 

6. Done-for-you blog posts:-

It’s very obvious that your blogs need to be effective, up-to-date, and well-written if you want to expand your coaching business, but what if you don’t like writing blogs or don’t have time to do that?

It is where this package is required. It can write all the blogs and fresh content for you. It will provide you with relief from some extra hours of work.

What Can You Do with Coachglue Products?

Coach Glue offers customizable products but distinguishes itself from typical PLR (Private Label Rights) sites. This distinction is primarily due to the usage rights of their products.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can and can’t do with Coach Glue’s products:

Permitted Uses:

✅Resell the content with personal use rights to clients.

✅Modify, add to, or remove parts of the content, or sell as is.

✅Incorporate your business branding, like logos, and redesign documents.

✅Utilize content on your website, blogs, newsletters, membership sites, and social media.

✅Offer as a freebie in exchange for email addresses.

✅Use as bonuses, upsells, or in packages with other products.

✅Repurpose into different media formats, including videos or audio.

✅Distribute offline in workshops or classes.


❌Cannot transfer the original editable source files to buyers.

❌Cannot allow clients to resell or give away the content they purchase.

❌Cannot upload Coach Glue content as Kindle books on Amazon, as it violates Amazon’s terms.

These guidelines ensure the preservation of the value and uniqueness of the original products.

VIP Membership Program by Coachglue

You get All Coach Glue, which was released last year as a VIP member. PLUS, you’ll receive ALL the upcoming Coaching Courses, Teach Your Tribe sets, and Planners/Workbooks.

A one-year VIP Club membership costs $997, or $525 in two installments. If you decide to stay for the first year, the second and subsequent years will cost $497.

Coachglue pricing

How can you get a CoachGlue VIP Membership FOR FREE?

Although CoachGlue’s VIP membership is a fantastic investment, I realize this might be a significant financial outlay for some users.

However, CoachGlue’s guide on How to get the VIP Program for FREE will teach you five ways to become a VIP member for free.

Build a webinar or seminar using the monthly community coaching app, add the workbook and planner, and sell only one position every month. Your annual VIP membership of CoachGlue is paid for with considerable profit.

Coachglue Review VIP

You can also build a subscription site with a library of CoachGlue’s materials that has been rebranded to meet your needs. There are several ways to obtain a complimentary VIP membership with CoachGlue, and CoachGlue will make things easy.

Top 4 Best CoachGlue Bundles: 

free coaching forms

1. Mindset bundle:-

You can generate and oversee your own mindset course or workshop using this bundle. It’s a bunch of three very crucial packages that will help you thrive in your business and earn profit.

The three packages included in this bundle are ‘Freedom journaling,’ ‘Mindset reset,’ and ‘From Dream to Do to Done.’ You can get all three packages for just $397. You can download it and use it instantly.

2. Course creation bundle:-

You can develop your course creation Bootcamp using this bundle. It offers you access to four incredibly amazing packages, and that too only for $297.

You can download it and use it instantly. It can take your business to another level.

3. Rock your content bundle:-

If you are occupied with other work concerning your business and don’t have time to create content, this bundle might help you.

It offers you access to three valuable packages for just $97, and it will create all the required content for your coaching business and will help in achieve great success.

4. Coaching bundle:-

This package offers access to seven great packages at just $297. It will assist you in leading your own boot camp for the coaching business.

Seven packages in one bundle at just $297, isn’t it a great deal? Well, I am sure that it is.

CoachGlue Forms

CoachGlue Review

Seventeen forms are included in the New Client Kit.

These forms are there so that you would not have to spend more time on paperwork, and you can focus on what you are passionate about.

You will get all those seventeen forms in the form of a doc so that you can easily edit it and customize it with your logo or name. 

Done-For-You coaching Forms

Let’s check out these forms. 

1. Welcome letter:-

It is for the warm and hearty welcome of the new clients so that you can build better professional relations together.

2. Payment arrangements form:-

It’s a form regarding detailed agreements for payment schedules and processes to avoid any further confusion or misconception.

3. Coaching success guidelines:-

This form is used to depict clear guidelines for your session so that your sessions can be effective and beneficial.

4. Coaching Agreement:-

It is to substantiate both your and your customer’s expectations.

5. Ongoing recall form:-

This form will allow your clients to assess themselves before every session so that you can get an idea of what’s important to discuss before the next session.

6. Client call notes:-

It is used to keep track of ongoing sessions and an agreed-upon action step following that. 

7. How coaching works:-

It provides your clients with a brief overview of the coaching class so that both you and your client can understand each other’s expectations clearly. 

8. How to hold me Accountable:-

Your clients can use this form to tell you how to respond to a particular situation. 

9. Business Goals worksheet:-

This worksheet provides a great tool for you and your client to transform your goals into actions. 

10. Client invoice:-

It will keep track of the number of transactions done, how many are left, and how much capital is obtained.

11. Confidentiality Agreement:-

This will maintain confidentiality between you and your client.

12. Code of ethics:-

It will ensure that your clients can feel comfortable and optimistic about working with you.

13. How to prepare for a coaching session:-

It will provide your client with guidance to prepare for your coaching session.

14. Intake form:-

It will help you attain some primary information about your client so that you can come prepared for what to talk about.

15. Referral request:-

When you have a vacancy for a new client, this referral request can be customized and sent to your existing clients.

CoachGlue Pros and Cons: 

Here’s what I like about CoachGlue-

  • Coachglue creates courses for you.
  • It handles all the blogs relevant to your coaching business.
  • It also offers different bundles with distinct specificity.

Here’s what I don’t like about CoachGlue-

  • You cannot get any bundles for free.

CoachGlue PLR

CoachGlue provides a diverse range of PLR (Private Label Rights) content across multiple categories and formats, catering especially to the needs of coaches and entrepreneurs. Here’s a breakdown of their offerings:

PLR Categories:

  • Live Event Management: Tools and content for running successful live events.
  • Facebook: Strategies and content for Facebook marketing.
  • Amazon and Kindle: Insights and materials for leveraging Amazon and Kindle platforms.
  • Email Automation: Resources for setting up and optimizing email marketing campaigns.
  • Blogging: Guides and content for effective blogging strategies.
  • Social Networking: Materials focused on various social networking platforms.
  • Passive Income Streams: Strategies for creating and maintaining passive income sources.
  • Webinars: Tools and content for conducting impactful webinars.

PLR Formats and Types:

  • Website and WordPress Plugins: Plugins designed for enhancing website and WordPress functionalities.
  • “Done for You” Products: Ready-to-use products that can be easily integrated into coaching programs.
  • Software: Tailored software solutions for various coaching needs.
  • Training and Coaching Packages: Comprehensive packages for training and coaching sessions.
  • Ready-to-Use Training Content: Pre-prepared training materials for immediate use.
  • Customizable Forms: Forms that can be personalized and used for various coaching activities.
  • PLR Bundles (“Business in a Box”): Comprehensive bundles covering multiple aspects of setting up and running a business.

CoachGlue Pricing Plans: How Much Does CoachGlue Cost? 

You can get different bundles at different costs and pricing as they have distinct packages that are rated based on features. You can get the mindset bundle at $397 with three packages included.

Coachglue membership program

A course creation bundle will cost you $297 for four packages.

A bundle named Rock your Content can cause you an expenditure of $97, and last but not least, a Coaching bundle with seven packages will cost you $297.

Coachglue VIP

CoachGlue VIP pass gives access to tons of copy-paste possessions, and it includes six Done-for-you courses, which are valued at $297 each.

Who Can Use CoachGlue?

CoachGlue is primarily designed for business coaches, life coaches, consultants, trainers, and other professionals in the coaching industry.

It’s particularly useful for those who need ready-made content and tools to support their coaching practice, save time on content creation, and focus more on coaching and growing their business.

Additionally, entrepreneurs looking to offer coaching services, workshops, or training sessions can also benefit from CoachGlue’s resources. The customizable nature of their products allows for a wide range of applications, catering to various coaching styles and client needs.

Quick Links:

FAQs About CoachGlue Review:

👀Does CoachGlue Offer Customized Forms?

Yes, CoachGlue provides a variety of customized forms that can be edited and tailored to fit specific coaching needs.

❓What Does CoachGlue Do?

CoachGlue specializes in providing done-for-you content, courses, workshops, and tools for coaches and entrepreneurs in the coaching industry.

🧐How Can I Use This Package to Coach My Clients?

CoachGlue's packages are designed to be versatile, allowing coaches to use them for one-on-one sessions, group coaching, workshops, or online courses.

✅Why Does CoachGlue Get You So Close to the Finish Line?

CoachGlue's content and resources aim to significantly reduce the workload for coaches, bringing them closer to completing their coaching programs or business setup

Conclusion- CoachGlue Review 2024: Best PLR Life Coaching Program? 

Coachglue provides you with all the resources you need to focus on what you are passionate about and saves you time from content creation and planning your courses.

If you want a bigger reach in the coaching business, then CoachGlue might be a perfect choice for you. It can save you time, relieve you from the unnecessary workload, and assist you in growing your coaching business.

Coachglue offers so much, and that too, at very minimal pricing. I hope you will make the right decision. All the best!

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