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Ecwid helps you in building an online store in just five minutes. That’s why we have featured Ecwid so that you have no problem to build an online store.

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FAQs About Ecwid Coupon Codes

🧐 If I click Generate, does the previous code still work? Do I now have two codes?

You can have several discount coupons in your store simultaneously. All of them will be available in your store and could be used by your customers. However, each customer can apply on one coupon for one order. Code of created coupon can't be changed, but you can change the conditions of coupon usage of its availability. Therefore, when you click the Generate link you create code for new coupons. All existing coupons will not be affected.

🤔 What if I need 100 single-use coupons/codes to send in a mailshot?

Currently, Ecwid allows to add coupons manually. Coupons generating in bulk or coupons import are not available in Ecwid yet. If you consider that this functionality should be added in Ecwid

🙄 How do I get it to my customers?

Discount coupon codes are issued by store owners and can be distributed to customers in any way the provider finds convenient (for example, through the mail, site news, or advertisements on other sites). You can also place a banner on your site that will inform your customers about the discount that they get if they apply discount coupon.

🏆 How do discount coupons work?

Discount coupons are the codes provided to the customers that can be entered at the time of checkout to get a specific discount on their total bill or order. These codes help to convert more sales. When you create a discount coupon, your cart page will automatically show the coupon field which can be accessed by the customer by clicking on the Redeem Your Coupon link.

💥 Are there setup or transaction fees?

Ecwid does not charge any transactional or setup fees for any of their plans. Ecwid offers four different plans for the customer to choose from and all of these plans have different thresholds in terms of the quantity of the product. You can choose from any of the four plans depending on your need and the subscription charges that you pay include everything.

🎉 How do I set up a storefront on Facebook with an Ecwid shopping cart?

You can integrate your Facebook Store with Ecwid by following steps: Log in to your Ecwid account and go to the Facebook tab and click on Connect Facebook page. Choose the Facebook Business page you want to integrate with Ecwid and click save. This will automatically integrate your Facebook store with the app. You can only integrate a single Facebook Business page with the platform.

✅ Do you charge bandwidth or storage fees?

Ecwid provides four different plans for different users, depending on their requirements and size. These plans are Free Plan, Venture Plan, Business Plan and Unlimited Plan. All of these plans have varying limitations and features. Ecwid, along with no transaction fees, does not charge any bandwidth or storage fees. All of the Ecwid plans include unlimited storage access and unlimited bandwidth.

💲 How much does Ecwid cost?

Ecwid is priced differently for different plans according to the size and need of the customer. All of these plans does not charge any transaction fee whatsoever and are priced as followed: 1) Free plan: Free plan available with lifetime validity without any hidden charges. 2) Venture plan: This plan costs $700 for a month if paid monthly and $560 per month if paid annually. 3) Business plan: Business plan costs $1500 per month when paid monthly and $1200 per month when paid annually. 4) Unlimited Plan: Unlimited plan is priced at $5000 per month if paid monthly and $4000 per month if paid annually.

⚡ What currency will I be billed in with Ecwid?

Ecwid offers different plans for different requirements. These plans are Free plan, Venture plan, Business plan, and Unlimited plan. All of these plans are priced differently and provides different limits to the feature. Regardless of the plan chosen, Ecwid does not charge any transaction fees. All of these plans are charged in US Dollars by Ecwid and can be paid online with no registration or transaction fees.

🏆 Can I use my own domain name or an existing site?

Yes, Ecwid allows you to add the Ecwid store to an already existing website working on your own domain name. Ecwid provides exceptional service in integrating with already existing businesses to help their customers. Ecwid supports multiple online platforms for integration and provides step by step instruction for the customers to integrate their Blogger, Sparkle, Ghost, 22Slides, Adobe Muse, DoodleKit, Github, Google Gadget and HubSpot among many others.

🔥 Why should you choose Ecwid?

Ecwid is a platform which allows you to seamlessly integrate with your own social network, website, marketplaces, or mobile apps saving you a lot of time and efforts. Ecwid allows you to customize your storefront, organize products, make payments, track or manage orders, among others. Ecwid secures all the transactions through the same level of security as the banks use and are also Level 1 PCI compliant.

👉 How can I accept payments for my app using Ecwid?

Ecwid supports many different kinds of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, Bitcoin, among others. When a customer is at the checkout page of your website, they can choose from different payment methods as shown. By default, the only payment option name is shown in the payment application page. To customize it, you have to display different payment options available under the payment option name.

In this Ecwid is an e-commerce platform for small businesses. It was started in 2009 to empower small businesses to effortlessly add online stores to their prevailing websites. Ecwid helps you in building an online store in just five minutes.

First, let’s check out the Ecwid Coupon Codes & Ecwid Promo Codes 2021 bringing in more discounts and offers and then explore this software.

Bottom Line Up Front | Add A Store To Your Site For Free. See Why 900,000+ Sellers Use Ecwid! Seamless Upgrades. Always Free Plan. Mirror On Multiple Sites. Free Social Network App. Payment Gateway Support. Lightning Fast. Existing Site Integration. Types: Mobile, Social, Plugin. …I highly recommended, Ecwid check out now.


What exactly is Ecwid?

It is a program that will allow you to make your online shop. It’s a software as a service (SaaS) application, which means you do not actually own the software and you don’t have to pay a monthly charge to make use of it. Ecwid operates by providing you with a ‘widget’ that you can use on other websites. Hence the name Ecwid: ‘E-commerce Widget’ is the abbreviation.

Is it easier to use Shopify or Ecwid?

Though Ecwid is a better option for adding online selling features to an existing website, Shopify is undoubtedly the better choice for users who want to create an entirely new, fully-featured online store.

 Is it safe to buy from Ecwid?

Your knowledge, as well as that of your customers, is entirely secure in Ecwid. Please read our article to learn more about how we protect your customers’ data. Nonetheless, we suggest that you clearly show your customers that your website and online store are secure so that they feel comfortable purchasing from you.

How To Grab Ecwid Coupon Codes & Ecwid Promo Codes?

  • Hop on the website by clicking the discount icon above
  • Go thru the website features and other functionality in details
  • Go to Pricing to know the various plans
  • Click on Sign Up to the chosen plan
  • Enter your email address to get access to the free account
  • If you directly want to opt for the subscription, then opt for that particular option and fill in your personal and banking details to complete the transaction.
  • Don’t forget to enter the Ecwid coupon codes before the final checkout.


About Ecwid

Starting an online business was never so easy and effortless before. Thanks to e-commerce platforms like Ecwid which help small businesses to have their successful online presence in today’s market.

Ecwid is the leading preference for small business dealers to simply establish their online store and start selling fast. If you want to install Ecwid, then no need to discard your present website as Ecwid can be added to any online platform virtually.


You have full freedom to function in any number of stores comprising your social media channels, website, or mobile apps. Presently, Edwic has worked with more than one million merchants, and served more than 175 nations, and is available in more than 50 languages.

It is rated as the number one Facebook e-commerce app.

Edwic’s CEO, Ruslan Fazlyev, co-founded X-Cart, the world’s original PHP e-commerce platform in the year 2000.

Sell-Online-in-India-with-Ecwids-Shopping-Cart-An-Ecommerce-Solution (1)

X-cart turned to be a big hit among the dealers and Ruslan understood that the merchants had their websites but did not have a strong source to sell their product online. He wanted to solve the issue of the small businessman, and that is why Ecwid was born.

Situated in San Diego, California, and Ulyanovsk, Russia, Ecwid is the most popular “add-on store builder” for SMBs. With lots of new sites being created every year, it is all set to help a new upsurge of small businesses fetch stores online around the world.


Ecwid Coupon Codes & Ecwid Promo Codes Along With Features

You can start selling for free thru Ecwid in just 5 minutes. The choice is yours, whether you want to sell on Instagram, add a shopping cart to WordPress, open a Facebook Store, or add e-commerce to Weebly, Wix, Joomla, or any site builder.

You can start selling on your present website also by just installing this software.

It is as easy as adding a YouTube video to your website. Just open your website or social media page Embed your Ecwid store into your website, and your platform is ready to sell on your Edwin online store.


  • Sell Anywhere: With Ecwid, you can sell online anywhere, may it be your website, social media page, marketplaces, or on a mobile phone. You can sell on eBay, Google Shopping and as well as personally with the mobile point of sale app.



  • Social Commerce: Ecwid is the #1 Facebook e-commerce platform with over 40,000 suppliers. It easily integrated with Wix, Weebly, Joomla, WordPress, and other well-known platforms.


  • Mobile Responsive Design: Your online store looks perfect on any screen size may it be your mobile, tablet, or laptop. It automatically adapts to bring in the best possible view of the product.



  • Global Reach: Trade worldwide with multi-currency support, more than 40 worldwide payment choices, real-time distribution incorporation, and support for 50 dialects.


  • Full Security: All the payment and transaction data are completely secure as everything is transmitted through HTTPS secure protocols used by big banks. Ecwid is also a PCI DSS authenticated Level 1 Service Provider which is the gold standard for e-commerce solutions globally.



  • It is also powered by Amazon web services.


  • Your Mobile App: Your clients can buy anything from their smartphone with your own dedicated local store app. They can also utilize advanced features like ApplePay.


  • Free Plan: If you have any doubts, before taking a chance, do go for the free trial. Edwic will charge nothing for it, no setup cost, or transaction cost. You don’t need any credit card to try the software.


  • There are four plans built as per your requirement. You can try any one of them before paying the subscription amount.

Ecwid-Reviews-Read-Customer-Service-Reviews-of-ecwid-com (1)


  • Other Support: Their qualified staff will not only assist you after buying the plan but will also offer you suggestions on which plan is best for you. Their presales chat option is open for you when you need it. the customer care staff is available via live chat, phone, and email.


  • They also offer various professional services so as to maintain your store’s success.


  • Online, In-Store, And On-The-Go: Ecwid store coordinates with many POS systems like Clover, Vend, and Square POS. Receives payments on the go with your phone or tablet at road fairs, marketplaces, trade fairs, or at residences with PayPal Here and Square.



  • Great Customer Experience: It adds seamless customer experience by offering a variety of options at the customer’s end like easy checkout, language detection, save favorite products, customer address book, and smart shipping calculator.


  • Complete Store Management: You can track your inventory anytime whether you sell online or offline. You can also sell digital products, manage product options, take payments, and increase sales, and define shopping options.



Ecwid is the leading preference for small business dealers to simply establish their online store and start selling fast.

💰   Price

$ 9.60

😍   Pros

Multichannel selling – extensive tools for selling and managing sales across multiple stores.

😩   Cons

Ecwid is great for small businesses, but can’t support a lot of growth


There is no installing of any software as it is a cloud-based service. The whole selling experience is flawless due to the blazing fast speed, full security, and automatic updates.



Pricing Plan for Ecwid Discount Codes & Pomo Code

Find the most suitable plan for you and get the best out of it. don’t forget to add the Ecwid coupon codes to avail the discount.


Ecwid alternative platforms

Are you looking to find an alternative e-Commerce platform that offers you more features than Ecwid? Here is the list of 4 companies to choose from :



You are trying to sell your products on an online platform or your website, but your company’s size is small, and you can’t afford to pay the extra cost of $15 like Ecwid. Then Woocommerce is the platform for you. 

Woocommerce is a popular WordPress customizable ECommerce plugin. It is an open-source platform available in GitHub to people worldwide.           

You can customize it according to your likes, add more features, sell anything in the platform from digital contents, downloads, and products.    


It has more than 400 extensions, apt for developers. Comes with several REST APIs for everything from the detail of the products to payment gateway and shipping.        

You can add an unlimited number of products, Images, customization, and it comes with integrated tools. 

Pricing :

  • Woocommerce is an open-source platform available Globally in Github. 
  • Hence it’s available at no cost to everyone. 



Shopify is another e-Commerce alternative you could choose. If you are not a pro at coding, you need not worry; Shopify has got you covered. 

Shopify lets you set up a simple online store that you could use even with zero knowledge in coding.

 The user interface is straightforward and crystal clear; it’s a no-brainer for beginners to start up with. 

Shopify is the only platform that comes with a built-in integrated payment gateway Shopify like Razor, Gpay, or PayPal.


 Shopify allows you to customize your templates, themes, add more products, manage products, payment, and shipping.

Shopify has more than 2000 Plugins for its users to choose from its app store if they need more than the standard integrated tools available. 

Pricing :

  • Shopify offers a 14-day free trial if you’re skeptical it would work out for you. 
  • Shopify lite – This lets you add your eCommerce Facebook page at $9/month.
  • Basic Shopify – it comes at $29/month.
  • Shopify – it’s for medium-sized growing businesses at $79/month.
  • Advanced Shopify – designed for big businesses at $299/month.


OverviewBigcommerce is a vast eCommerce platform with SaaS which encourages customers of all sizes of businesses. 

It provides flexible access to build your page, items, and templates. It’s user-friendly, with its own social media community that helps other users with any problem they have in improving their site. 

Users can add any payment methods they want accordingly to increase their sales. Their chat customer support is a beneficial and immediate response; they resolve your issues at once. 


It provides an encrypted SSL certificate for your website and a best in class SEO rankings. 

Bigcommerce provides 600 variants of SKU(Stock keeping unit) and more integrated tools and plug-ins. It also offers various discounts and coupons, which roughly adds up to 70.

Pricing :

  • Bigcommerce offers a free trial period, and also it doesn’t have any transactional fees. 
  • The pricing of Bigcommerce and Shopify is neck to neck. 
  • Standard plan – $29.95
  • Plus Plan –  $79.95
  • Pro Plan –  $299.95 

4.Constant contact


Constant contact provides a Powerful eCommerce platform, whether you’re a developer, to create your website for blogging,

making your small start-up and trying to set up an e-mail campaign, trying to open an online store, and sell stuff off your website. You name it; Constant contact got it all. 


It provides a user-friendly interface and allows you to land your own Facebook page and social media platforms to attract buyers to your site, increasing the traffic. It also provides an A .

I powered automated website builder; you can create a professional-looking website within a few minutes. 

Pricing :

  • Constant Contact has a 60-day free trial and two paid plans
  • E-mail plan – $20/month 
  • E-mail Plus plan – $45/month.

5. Adobe Commerce

Magneto is the engine that drives this e-commerce site.

They will provide you with a variety of benefits to help you grow your company, including creating high-quality content for your shop, quick and automated maintenance of your websites, and the ability to concentrate on your customers’ interests.

It will assist you in producing the right content using current-day software without the assistance of a developer.

Digital Commerce

Adobe commerce gives you complete power over your business.

They’ll also handle the content using techniques including reusable dynamic blocks, in-line editing, and other features that can help you save time. With the help of Adobe commerce, you can create pages with videos, images, and other banners which will attract your customers.

6. PrestaShop:

It is one of the best platforms for people who want to start their online store. It will provide you with resources and services essential for the establishment of an online shop.

Prestashop is one of the most effective E-commerce solutions for growing and expanding your business. There are several themes, colors, and logos to choose from, all of which will add a professional touch to the business.

Create and devel

You will be able to monitor your progress and build positive relationships with your customers with the aid of this app.

The significant part of using this online marketplace is that you can market your stuff worldwide, and you can negotiate with people from all around the world. You can use different currencies and languages.

Ecwid Real Customer Review & Testimonials

Start with a free website and pay as you grow your business. Very easy to use and setting up your online shop is a breeze 😉
I TOTALLY LOVE Ecwid! I was searching for a website builder that was totally user friendly because I am not that tech savvy.
I was able to build my website quickly, add photos, descriptions and integrate it seamlessly with my SQUARE account and social media.
They also give you little tips here and there on how to build your business. The rest is up to you and the sky is the limit!

I absolutely love this ecommerce platform and would recommend it to anyone looking to lauch an online business!! I was able to have my store setup and ready to take sales in 10 mins. The site is easy for my customers to navigate through and I love the automated emails that are in the system.

Customer Service is the real value in ECWID. Support is always kind and patient, They try to listen and find solutions.

Very simple and practical, both on using the website or editing your own site. Both website and application are very nicely done. Really helpful for new users, as there are many guidelines. Offers a variety of billing plans, which other platforms don’t.

Ecwid is extremely easy to use and if there are issues, they immediately help you and it’s fixed.
Love Ecwic and definitely recommend them.

Simply, the best way to set up ‘shop’ online! Very easy to use! Upgrading to the business plan really helped around the holidays to keep inventory organized!

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Conclusion: Ecwid Coupon Codes, Promo & Discount 2021

Ecwid is a powerful e-commerce platform for small businesses adding multiple options to their online store. It offers selling on multiple websites and has customizable design schemes to perfectly match your online store.

There is no installing of any software as it is a cloud-based service. The whole selling experience is flawless due to the blazing fast speed, full security, and automatic updates. So, start selling now and grow your online market without spending too much.

I hope you will take the benefit from the Ecwid coupon codes. Don’t forget to share the Ecwid coupon codes & promo codes on social media.

What is Ecwid E-commerce?

Automated Google Shopping

Organic Reach on Facebook 2021 🔥

Start Selling on Facebook

Sell on Instagram with Product Tags

Pricing Policy
Customer Service
Ease Of Use
Value For Money

Verdict: Ecwid is the leading preference for small business dealers to simply establish their online store and start selling fast. If you want to install Ecwid, then no need to discard your present website as Ecwid can be added to any online platform virtually.

Price:$ 9.60
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