GoToWebinar FeaturesūüĒ•- What Are The Advantages Of GoToWebinar?

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Do you need a reliable platform that allows you to easily host online events?

If so, then GoToWebinar is the perfect solution for your needs. With an intuitive user interface and powerful features, it’s no surprise that GoToWebinar has become the go-to choice for hosting webinars – and for good reason!

In this blog post, we’ll dive into what makes this platform so great.

From engaging presentation tools to customizable registration pages, and everything in between, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with GoToWebinar and make your events a success. Let’s get started!

What Are The GoToWebinar Features In 2024?


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In this part, we will talk about the various features of the GoToWebinar, and the collaboration tools of the GoToWebinar are:

    1. GoToRoom:                         

GoToRoom allows the le to brainstorm their minds and build progressively. It will enable you to do hassle-free integrations.

    2. GoToMeeting:                      

GoToMeeting enables you to resolve all the problems of distance, and it contains the ability to turn a boring conference into a fun one, incredibly. 

    3. GoToStage:                         

GoToStage assists you in keeping your interest in the video quality and the content provided because people enter the conference excitedly and leave vice versa.

    4. Employ activity      

The employee activity of GoToWebinar is easy to see, and you can check the profiles of your attendees and view them. Also, the reports are available in the “my report” section. It is very consumer-friendly and easy to use.

When you are hosting¬†the webinar, you can’t see or hear the participants, but the participants have the facility to test and submit their queries when the live session is going on.

It also has a time-tracking integration facility that allows you to track the activity of your employees. You can quickly review their work and monitor their activities.

You do not need to waste your time installing other following tasks as GoToWebinar allows you data via the dashboard. 

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    5. File sharing

GoToWebinar cannot share files through it. But if you want to share the file, you can just copy-paste the link easily into the chat and share. However, it allows you to share your screen to present the content. And it comes with various other options like recording, drawing tools, etc.

    6. Quality of audio and video

When you are video conferencing, audio, and video play a vital role. So, that’s why GoToWebinar offers you a quality video and audio feature. Its audio quality is eleven percent more effective than the average other software.

Commonly, the goto webinar has the best audio and video quality than the others. When you join the meeting, you can have access to the meeting’s audio and video capability through the internet.¬†

    7. Supporting browsers

The supported browsers for GoToWebinar are: 

Operating system: Windows 7- Windows 10 Mac OS * 10.9 {Mavericks} – mac OS Big Sur 11.

Web browser: Google Chrome v52 or newer Apple Safari v10 or unique Microsoft Edge v87 or more unused.

Hardware: minimum RAM of 2 GB and more is recommended.

Android device: Android OS 5 Lollipop or newer.

    8. Multistreaming

GoToWebinar offers you a subscription and too with no extra cost. It provides you with the best multi-stream technology. It also gives you up to six streams and a quality of 640*480p each.

GoToWebinar allows you to see and share up to twenty-five web cameras in a go. The webinar is very simple and easy to see and operate. Because reaching out to a vast audience is what we aim for, at first. And goto webinar offers you to stream multiple.

    9. Recording

If you want to record the session, then GoToWebinar allows recording the sessions live. You can just click the recording button on the windows and start your recording very reliably.

And you can also stop whenever you want to. GoToWebinar also offers you the feature of “auto-recording,” which you can enable from your settings itself.¬†


    10. Customizing forms

You can easily use autopilot to customize your data in GoToWebinar. You can customize your leads and essential customers. You can reach your consumers through webinars and invite guests and conclude surveys, and everything.

You can customize a full-fledged report according to your need.

    11. Speech-to-text analysis

You can enhance your registrations when you are about to start your webinar. GoToWebinar allows you to send and receive text messages at any time. It will enable you to manage the text speeches in a format series.

And it also has the capability and multiple subscribers in your account. If there is an emergency, it has the emergency feature to send messages and alerts the participants with ease. It allows you to send messages individually as well as in groups.

Whether the number is small or huge, it offers you another facility of personalized messages in which you can merge the names as well. 

    12. Attendance Tracking

GoToWebinar allows you to keep a record of the attendees. And it will enable you to see the attendee’s report when the conference is over.

So that you can have a better idea of the attendee’s time and with further details as well, you can also track the event through source tracking. By that, you can be aware of when your attendees are attending the conferences.

    13. Interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards allow you to see the computer screen, which is directly displayed on the board of a classroom. The presenter and the attendees can be able to see the board with the help of a digital projector.

GoToWebinar has its original whiteboard available in its application only. It allows you to make your screen work as a whiteboard. But it doesn’t allow you to do multiple draws at a single time.

You can also highlight the screen whenever you need to highlight some particular content.

GoToWebinar features

    14. Task Management

GoToWebinar allows you to manage projects simultaneously. It has a task management system that will enable you to track and assign the work to the employees you think suits best for the position. You can review the projects that are done and set the projects that are undone.

It also has a system that allows you to manage the money you have spent on a particular project. As an organizer, you can work on your upcoming webinars and view them in a single set of series.

It allows you to have the capability of tracking your participants and also allows you to invite others, via the application itself, within a go.

    15. Reports and Statistics

GoToWebinar allows you to have a report that shows you the time of the session when it started and ended. It will enable you to track statistics and reports of the arranged webinar.

For example, the general information includes the webinar title, webinar ID, webinar start date, webinar end date, webinar start time, webinar end time, number of registrants, number of duration, number of links, and number of invitations opened. 

Attendance metrics: percentage rate of the attendees, the average number of attentiveness, the interest rate of attendees, 

Question responses: number of polls, number of people who responded to the polls, number of asked queries. 

Survey response: number of surveys that are submitted, the response rate of the surveys taken, 

Attendance profile: time of the session, the number of total attendees, and the rate of attendance.

    16. Event management 

By using the internet, you can manage your software and that too remotely. GoToWebinar allows you to plan the entire process, from the start to the end.

You can schedule events that are virtual and can customize your dashboards. It saves your time by managing all the aspects of the webinar hosted and automatically creates the profile. You can easily communicate with the registrants and participants. 

    17. Presentation tools

The presentation tools in GoToWebinar are: 

The webcam can allow you to share messages face to face within the natural light. You can convey messages to the audience while they can see your face. You should first check your webcam whether the light is bright and clear or not.

Polls, GoToWebinar, allows you to build polls and also allows you to discuss questions with your audience. 

    18. Calendar management 

GoToWebinar allows you to manage the calendar automatically. You can easily add an event and also update and edit an event in the application itself. 

    19. Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring shows high-level statistics of the drawing session. Concluding all the data within itself, and can generate a report of all the data that you have added. The comprehensive platform of GoToWebinar is excellent and enhances your quality of work.

It gives you exceptional results as per your need. It has a moderating tool that manages the monitoring of the audience. 

GoToWebinar features

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Conclusion- What Are The GoToWebinar Features 2024?

GoToWebinar provides one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly webinar platforms on the market. It has all of the features that you need to deliver a successful webinar, from scheduling tools to email marketing integrations.

Plus, it’s easy to use and offers great customer support. If you’re looking for a webinar platform that will make it easy to host successful events, GoToWebinar is a great option.

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