GoToWebinar Review 2024– Is It The Best Webinar Software? In Depth Review

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Gotowebinar starter


GoToWebinar offers you a platform that allows you to do complex work with different types of webinars you can host for the conferences.It allows you to host online meetings with your consumers, pals, and so on.

Out of 10


  • Share specific education.
  • Very simple to use and for implementation.
  • The price is reasonable. 
  • Reminds the participants through emails.
  • A very reliable platform, specifically for those who are unfamiliar with online stuff.
  • GoToWebinar is on demand.
  • Easy registration procedure.


  • Needs multiple intermediate features.
  • Does not have audio controls.
  • It does not allow the presenter to mute the participants.
  • The question and answer panel needs updating.


Price: $ 49

Are you looking to capitalize on the latest Webinar technology?

If so, GoToWebinar is a great tool for getting started. Not only will it help you conduct comprehensive webinars quickly and efficiently, but it also provides dynamic features that will help boost attendee engagement.

In this review, we’ll explore what GoToWebinar review has to offer and cover topics such as cost efficiency, time-saving tools, accessibility options, and more.

With its robust features and powerful management capabilities, GoToWebinar is an excellent choice for delivering engaging webinars with ease!

gotowebinar review

Main Differences Between GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting 

1. GoToWebinar is designed specifically for hosting webinars, allowing presenters to broadcast to a large audience with the intention of education, product demonstrations, or marketing. In contrast, GoToMeeting is focused on facilitating online meetings, making it ideal for smaller groups to collaborate in real time, discuss projects, and share information.

2. GoToWebinar can support large numbers of participants, often ranging from 100 to several thousand attendees, depending on the subscription plan. Meanwhile, GoToMeeting is intended for smaller, more interactive sessions, typically supporting up to 250 participants in its most common plans.

3. GoToWebinar offers features like polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, and registration pages designed to engage a wide audience and generate leads. On the other hand, GoToMeeting provides tools for collaboration among participants, such as screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and meeting recording, focusing on productivity and interaction within a team.

Overview of GoToWebinar👌

GoToWebinar is a leading webinar platform designed to facilitate large-scale online events, such as educational sessions, marketing presentations, and product demonstrations. It enables hosts to easily schedule, manage, and deliver engaging webinars to audiences worldwide.

As an organization, one needs to work remotely as much as possible. Organizations need the best tool to connect as well as to reach out as much as possible to their audience. You can connect with anyone and everyone through the online platform of GoToWebinar.

It allows you to host online meetings with your consumers, pals, and so on. The best feature of the GoToWebinar is that you can have a trial pack without even directly jumping to the subscription plan. In the  GoToWebinar, you can enjoy top-notch services in the trial pack.

If you liked it, you could move ahead with the subscription plan, and if not, then just let your trial plan expire. 

A webinar enables you to host a particular organization or a company that will share their content with you, whether it is video PowerPoint presentations or any other content with your target audience, and your audience will be able to locate it anywhere.

GoToWebinar allows you to create or host significant events anytime and also enables you to deliver and monitor more than one thousand participants at a time.

It is a perfect software that assists you and helps you reach several audiences, concluding multiple states.

GoTowebinar Features


1. Interactive Engagement Tools:

GoToWebinar’s array of engagement tools, such as polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions, allows hosts to interact with their audience in real time. This interaction not only keeps the audience engaged but also provides immediate feedback, making webinars more interactive and personal.

2. Customizable Branding:

The platform enables users to tailor the look and feel of their webinar spaces and communications to align with their brand identity. This feature is crucial for maintaining brand consistency and professionalism across all touchpoints with the audience.

3. Automated Webinars:

For users looking to maximize their reach without the constraint of time zones or schedules, GoToWebinar’s automated webinars are a game-changer. This feature allows the scheduling of pre-recorded sessions that run automatically, ensuring content delivery at convenient times for a global audience.

4. Webcast Mode:

Ideal for users needing to broadcast to large audiences, the webcast mode ensures stable streaming to up to 2,000 participants. This scalability is essential for large-scale events, product launches, or educational seminars, where reaching a broad audience is key.

5. Recording and Playback:

The ability to record live sessions and offer them for playback adds tremendous value for both presenters and attendees. Users can access the content on-demand, enhancing the learning experience and extending the life of the webinar content.

6. Analytics and Reporting:

Understanding audience behavior and engagement is critical for webinar hosts. GoToWebinar provides comprehensive analytics, offering insights into attendance rates, participant engagement, and overall webinar performance, enabling users to refine and improve future webinars.

7. Integration with Marketing Tools:

The seamless integration with CRM and email marketing tools streamlines lead generation and nurturing processes. This feature is particularly beneficial for users looking to automate their marketing workflows and enhance the efficiency of their campaigns.

8. Mobile Access:

In today’s mobile-first world, GoToWebinar’s mobile accessibility ensures that participants can join webinars from any device, enhancing convenience and increasing potential attendance.

9. HD Video Conferencing:

High-definition video quality is a must-have for professional presentations. This feature ensures that webinars are delivered with clear visual and audio quality, contributing to a more engaging and effective presentation.

10. Secure and Reliable:

Security and reliability are top priorities for webinar hosts and attendees alike. GoToWebinar’s commitment to robust security measures and reliable infrastructure gives users peace of mind that their data is protected and that webinars will run smoothly.

GoTowebinar Types

gotowebinar types

1. Live Webinars

  • Description: Live webinars are real-time events where the host presents directly to the audience. This format allows for immediate interaction through Q&A sessions, polls, and live chats, making it ideal for engaging with attendees and fostering a dynamic environment.
  • Best For: Product demonstrations, interactive training sessions, live discussions, and marketing presentations where real-time engagement is crucial.

2. Automated Webinars

  • Description: Automated webinars are pre-recorded sessions that can be scheduled to play at specified times. This type allows attendees to register and view the webinar as if it were live but without the host needing to be present during the showing.
  • Best For Delivering evergreen content, tutorials, or courses that do not require real-time interaction, ensuring your content reaches the audience regardless of scheduling constraints.

3. Webcast Mode

  • Description: The webcast mode is designed for broadcasting to very large audiences, with the capability to support thousands of attendees. This format is less interactive than live webinars but is excellent for reaching a broad audience with minimal bandwidth concerns.
  • Best For: Large-scale announcements, keynote speeches, and presentations where the primary goal is information dissemination rather than interaction.

4. On-Demand Webinars

  • Description: On-demand webinars allow attendees to access and view the webinar content at their convenience immediately after registration or later. This format is generated from recordings of live or automated webinars.
  • Best For Providing flexible access to content such as training modules, product information, or educational lectures, catering to audiences across different time zones or schedules.

Quick setup of GoTowebinar

gotowebinar setup

Looking at all the given features, you must understand that GoToWebinar is the best application to interact with your audience if you want to enhance the work quality of your business and make it a priority to do quality business.

GoToWebinar offers you a platform that allows you to do complex work with different types of webinars you can host for conferences.

GoToWebinar can manage your webinars accordingly and can hold different kinds of functionality.

In comparison to the other webinar hosting applications, GoToWebinar suits you best for your work. It is best for engaging the audience in a thoughtful conversation or discussion.

You can briefly understand your audience and whatever point they are trying to make so that out of all the issues, you can pin out one that is best for you. It is very easy to set it up and use it. If you want to communicate best with your employees, you can use GoToWebinar for it.

You can share videos and share presentations with many people at a time. It furthermore serves well for inward demonstrations as well. I will give you a quick review and a quick roundabout of how you can efficiently perform with GoToWebinar. 

1. Select your webinar topic. 

Please select the topic of your webinar first because it will allow you to share beneficial ideas to your audience. Ideas that will motivate your people and work.

2. Assign the date and time.

Assign your time when you want to host a webinar and work according to it. Schedule a specific time that suits all of the attendee’s time zones.

3. Traditionalize your brand.

Select a specific logo that best suits your trend. Present a logo that shows your brand motive completely. 

4. Hashtag.

Establish a hashtag for your webinar so that it can boost your work and give you a great start. By using a hashtag, it will make it an easier way to enhance your work probability.

5. Send your invitations.

Send invitations by sharing your hashtag with people sharing it on your websites and posting about your work. To ensure that you reach people.

6. Content.

Make sure that you use content that is adequate for your webinar, including the websites, links, videos, and additional data.

7. Host webinar.

 Host a webinar and generate leads after you have finished the webinar. Don’t forget to record the data you have shared and check your attendees after the webinar.  Ask your attendees if they have any questions to ask.

GoToWebinar users

How does a GoTowebinar presentation work?

GoToWebinar’s presentation tools are crafted for interactive and impactful sessions.

They offer high-definition video streaming for clear visual presentations, advanced screen sharing for live demonstrations, and interactive drawing tools for real-time emphasis on crucial points.

These functionalities allow presenters to engage effectively with their audience, ensuring a dynamic and immersive webinar experience.

GoToWebinar stands out for its ease in setting up and running webinars, making it ideal for presentations and seminars. It offers a unified audio experience without the need for separate headphones, simulating an in-person meeting atmosphere.

The platform’s screen-sharing capability enhances video conferencing, allowing for engaging interactions with up to 1000 participants.

It caters well to both newcomers and seasoned online professionals, supporting various operating systems and mobile devices, and is available in multiple languages, highlighting its versatility as a top webinar solution.

Use GoTowebinar App from Mobile Devices

gotowebinar mobile

Attendees must use the GoToWebinar app on Android or iOS to join webinars from mobile, enhancing the viewing experience with features like zooming on webcams or slides.

Polls capture full-screen attention, but interaction is limited to Q&A without public chat.

Hosts can’t start webinars via mobile but can manage Q&A and monitor engagement. Additionally, sharing the phone screen is possible, which is ideal for product demos.

This setup emphasizes attendee engagement and host control, with a focus on delivering a focused and interactive webinar experience.

GoTowebinar Integrations

Gotowebinar Integrations

GoToWebinar integrates seamlessly with a variety of tools, including CRM systems like Salesforce, marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, and productivity tools via Zapier.

This integration enhances workflow efficiency by automating tasks, enabling data sync for better lead management, and facilitating personalized follow-up campaigns.

It provides users with the flexibility and control needed to streamline webinar setup, execution, and analysis directly within the systems they use daily, optimizing overall webinar management and audience engagement strategies.


GoToWebinar offers you secure meetings that are end-to-end encrypted. You can screen share the data and have control over the data you transmit. GoToWebinars security controls are encrypted and offer you the best privacy. 

GoToWebinar offers you the feature of meeting locks. This can help you with the participation of attendees. You do not need to enter unwelcome attendees in your meeting. 

It offers you video security so that your connections are secured, and it uses an SRTP with AES-128-HMAC-SHA1-based protocol.

It also offers you passcode-protected security. So, only the people who have the passcode can enter the meeting, and the ones who do not have the passcode can not enter the meeting. 

GoToWebinar offers you the facility of participant removal. Suppose you see someone in the meeting whom you do not recognize. You can easily remove the participants from the summit.


How much does GoTowebinar Cost?

gotowebinar pricing

Plan Price (Annually) Participants Included Discount Ideal For
Lite $49 per organizer 250 Save 17% Smaller organizations or individuals
Standard $99 per organizer 500 Save 23% Mid-sized businesses or larger groups
Pro (MOST POPULAR!) $199 per organizer 1,000 Save 20% Larger businesses or organizations
Enterprise $399 per organizer Up to 3,000 Save 20% Large enterprises or organizations

Pros and Cons of GoToWebinar 🙌

Pros Cons
  • Share specific education.
  • Needs multiple intermediate features.
  • It is very simple to use and implement.
  • Doesn’t have any modern conceptions. 
  • The price is reasonable. 
  • Does not have audio controls.
  • Reminds the participants through emails.
  • It is not reliable.
  • It is a very reliable platform, specifically for those who are unfamiliar with online stuff.
  • It does not allow the presenter to mute the participants.
  • GoToWebinar is in demand.
  • The question and answer panel needs updating.
  • Easy registration procedure.
  • Sometimes, the app lags.

Customer support at GoToWebinar Review🤔

When it comes to customer support, GoToWebinar will not let you down. It is very easy to use and when it comes to setting the glitches up. It also has a chat option so that you can ask your queries.

The customer support system of GoToWebinar offers you a contact number in case you need to contact them for any information.

According to 

“It is extremely susceptible to arranging, contracting, circulating, and modifying webinars. All the essential equipment is accessible. You can attach handouts to the webinar, which is very useful, and the polling feature is also great.”

Quick Links

FAQs | GoToWebinar Review

👏Do you need a webinar account to attend a webinar?

If you want to attend a go-to webinar session, it is not necessary to have a GoToWebinar account. Without even having an account, you can hear the session. You can attend as a guest in the session with the link provided to you. You can join the webinar by clicking on the confirmation link of the session.

🤷What is a Go To Webinar?

GoToWebinar is a platform for businesses and sole proprietors, helping them create and deliver online and video conferences with their customers, colleagues, stockholders, and so on

💸 Is Go to Webinar free?

Sign up for a free trial of GoToWebinar and enjoy access to all of our top-notch features. We will notify you before your trial expires, and you can decide to subscribe to a paid plan or let your trial expire.

🔑How can I go to GoToWebinar?

Joining a webinar is free and easy to attend, with these three simple steps. Register. Register for the webinar by clicking on the link in the email invite. Join. At the time of the webinar, click the join link in the confirmation email or your calendar invite. Watch.

⚙️How do I contact my webinar organizer?

If you are having trouble joining a webinar or have questions and comments about the webinar, please reach out to the webinar organizer. Your organizer's email can be found in any of the webinar communication emails (Confirmation email, Reminder email, Registration page, etc.). The email is listed after the Please send your questions, comments, and feedback to the line.

Wrapping up of GoToWebinar review

Overall, GoToWebinar is a great tool for hosting webinars. It has features that allow you to do just about everything you need to make your webinar a success.

The ease of use and affordability make it a great option for small businesses or individual entrepreneurs who want to host a professional webinar without breaking the bank.

Have you used GoToWebinar? What did you think?

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